Glazer: Dancing on Carl Peterson’s Grave @ Arrowhead Stadium

It’s been a lifetime since I’ve been welcome at Arrowhead…

Carl Peterson and I were mortal enemies for the last l5 years, so my being invited there was rare to say the least. But now Peterson’s gone and I’m still alive and kicking. So my pal, former Chiefs running back Ted McKnight invited me to the kickoff Alumni Party at Arrowhead Saturday Night. I went. Ted felt it was time to mend fences. I’ve never had any issues with players or coaches, just Carl.

But when you get right down to it, who didn’t have a problem with Carl Peterson?

So I’m glad I went. I took the Mermaid, Debbie – she loves the Chiefs – and she looked great!

We had a ball. Saw so many of my running mates from the 90’s and before. One guy my age, who looks even younger than me, is Art Still. Man, he looks no older than 35 and is in fantastic shape. He’s almost too thin to have been a Hall of Fame (Chiefs) defensive end, but that’s exactly what he was.

Art and I were pals in Westport in the late 90’s through the mid 2000’s. A sweet person and a good friend, he got very family oriented in the 2000’s and well, I wasn’t, so we quite hanging out. He almost became a Stanford’s manager in comedy at one point.

Another one of my favorite Marty-Ball guys, Anthony Davis was there. He and I once dated the same gal who worked in Westport.  And maybe the best Chiefs tight end ever besides Tony G, Walter White, was the first Chief I went bar hopping with. Even went to Chapman’s with him. Yep, those were fun days but they’re gone now.

KMBC TV anchor Larry Moore was the master of ceremonies. We talked at length. He said Len Dawson wouldn’t be there.

"Lenny sure missed Bill Grigsby hosting these events," Moore said. "What a guy – what a character." 

Then Moore laughed and said, "It’s odd not having a Glazer in the news each week."

Also there was the "meanest man in pro football," Conrad Dobler. Dobler was never a Chief, he was a St. Louis Cardinal, but he lives in KC. Conrad and I did many radio shows back when he did sports talk on KCMO AM. Now he’s basically just a nice person who has nine leg operations but looks pretty darn good.

Then there were the Super Bowl Chiefs, Ed Lothamer, Ed Budde and more. Lothamer has been one of the most financially successful Chiefs, a multmillionaire for sure. Other players of note included Mark Collins, who has two super bowl rings with the Giants.

It was bitter sweet to see many of my heroes aging.

Maybe a tougher feeling of how long it had been since the Chiefs were a great team that ruled the NFL in my childhood with Hank Stram, Dawson, Otis Taylor and the rest of the crew. The 69/70 Chiefs Super Bowl team was no doubt one of the all-time best NFL (AFL at the time) teams that ever played. We even forget that they didn’t win their division in ’69.  They were the first wild card team to win a Super Bowl. Oakland won the division that year, we went on the road as an underdog and beat the Jets and Oakland. Then the Chiefs followed it up with a big win over the Vikings in Super Bowl Four.

I hope one day the Chiefs can regain that pride and organization. Time will tell.

In any case, it was nice to revisit the ONCE GREAT KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.

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29 Responses to Glazer: Dancing on Carl Peterson’s Grave @ Arrowhead Stadium

  1. harley says:

    my observations
    1. bad ass berkowitt is trying to move in on your girl. He tried to hook up with her
    on this site last week. Better be careful…the guys’ got cash from mommy and daddy
    and he’s moving in on mermaid fast.
    2. The pic of you with conrad dobler. You looked like you had a rough night of
    partying. Must have had fun but boy it takes a toll on the body. Those young girls
    can make you old really fast. But they do look goodl.
    3. Lothamer not one of the most successful financially. Montana/Dawson/
    and several others have done better. Lothamer i think works for his son in
    law. One former chiefs owns a bunch of restuarants…burger king? Dave Lindstrom?
    4. Anthony looks good…probably the best of all the chiefs. Havnet seen mcnight
    since he cut it off with the rich jewish girl. How’s he doing. But he’s a super guy.
    5. Glaze…get a good nites’re eyes look tired.
    6. Mermaid…. you’re with glaze and got your hands all over some other guy. Not good when you’re on a
    date with the king of sting.
    And I’m sure some of the old chiefs brought some young snatch.
    who had some top material?.
    I ‘ve been to ambassador functions before and they are fun. Havent been in a few years
    but hopefully the good days are around the corner…or lets just say that hopefully the
    start of training camp is right around the corner.

  2. mermaid says:

    That was weird…
    I didn’t notice my hand was on Art till I saw the picture. I think we were going to stand for the pic then didn’t and I think it was just a lean for support because we were up then down. I know it looks bad but I wasn’t just grabbing the guy!

  3. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Right This Time
    Glazer looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Love the old Chiefs, great teams. Hey Harley is right this time, for once, I would like to take Debbie out, man she is a dish, huh. Could you ask her to go out with me? I didn’t think you two were an item? Are you? Don’t want to step in but I like her type. Harley don’t be a jerk and say a bunch of crap about me now, I got ahold of some guy who is Debbies like friend who said he would have her give me a call. Hey if she isn’t interested no big deal. I’ll live. But we should meet Debbie for a drink or lunch or something. You seem very nice. Ask around about me, you will hear good things. I am not Harley ok. NO offense Harley.

  4. Hearne says:

    Oh, great!
    You guys trying to turn this into a dating site?

  5. Tiger Tail says:

    Oh Yeah It’s
    Hearne love it, online dating….with one girl noless. Well we have some we can add if you like. How about Maureen,Black Barbie, the Little Dick Bitch Girl, Maria, Jardines Owner Beana, Some of those Woodside hotties and Jones Pool? I would join.

  6. Packers Nation says:

    Lothamer Is Big Bucks
    Worked with him years back on construction project. Ed is very wealthy and has been for almost thirty years. He doesn’t work for anyone. Ed is worth several 100 million thats a fact. Glazer is correct I don’t know of any Chief including Joe, Lanier or even Montana who can match his wallet. So Mr. Harley your inside news is not correct, sorry. Ed is big and rich.

  7. Harlow says:

    Glazer looks uh? Damn Good!
    It’s been a couple decades since he and I were, well together, but from these and other photos, give the guy his props, very good looking and in some kind of shape. He “looks” like the former player, more than a few of those guys, hah. I keep reading about his hair on this site, really, if that ain’t the real deal, sign my husband up for whatever he does! Well done comedy man. I think you guys pour it on him so it will hurt his social life and the ladies will back away from him. Glazer does it the best to himself with his wild tales of dating so many woman. Craig we don’t like the fact you have slept with the “city” and part of LA, thats not as cool as you think. Just like men, we want our longterm man to not be a “Wilt Chamberlin.” That said, I can see why he still is playing the game. Enjoyed seeing some of these guys again.

  8. Ricky Richter says:

    Will They Play
    Yes but will they play in 011? Debbie I am sorry but man you got some big ones, are those real? I think they are?

  9. KU forever says:

    Only Harley Knows For Sure
    Harley will they play, you have the inside track?

  10. Comedy Guy says:

    Love the Chiefs, but, I heard a rumor that TJ Miller would be here next week, the movie star comedy guy. You have Nick Vatteroff listed, are they both in? Is Chong coming? Is Improv closing. I was there two weeks ago, I live up North, Saturday Night even, man less than 50 people in the room. Hey its a nice place, good food, but always kinda empty. Do you know?

  11. POOH MAN says:

    Improv Is Gone
    I am out at Zona, Improv had a one year free rent deal. It ends in a couple months, they are not doing well enough to pay rent so yeah it looks like they will close very soon, maybe two three months. Hey I hate to see it, love comedy but Legends is a haul for me, maybe Stanfords will open in a second spot near us in Mizzou?

  12. Comedy Guy says:

    Thanks for the Update
    Cool, hate to see them go.

  13. harley says:

    set him up with the mermaid…maureen….black strippers( of course when he takes her home to meet
    mommy, mommy will think she’s the new maid!)….the hotties at woodside.
    Give bad ass jew a chance….give him a break…obviously he’s not gettin’ none and you got too
    much to handle so spread the wealth (lol)!
    You two can team up and work the westport and power and light together…wow…thats one hell
    of a team…he’s your wingman and you’re the pilot (bad pun).
    Come on glaze…don’t hog all the girls for yourself. Give the man a hand (or a breast) just something
    ….it beats (pun) hanging at home…..glaze…give it up!
    And glaze…tell mermaid hello! iF i wasn’t taken i might want a shot at that too. Looks good in pics…
    but she might be a player in real life…can’t tell…but you can tell she’s high maintenance (but all of them are!).
    take care.
    And as far as the nfl i really could care less at this point. I love sex witgh my woman on sundays and
    with those noon games it breaks up the day. For me…a perfect sunday is doing it til 4…dinner than
    back to bed… doesn’t excite me much anmore…i could live without it. If they go back to work it
    shold be soon…too much dough involved and the owners know the downside if they don’t play.
    Just another example of a bunch of rich mother fuckers trying to break a union….and thats whats
    killing this nation…the rich grabbing for more and more and the rest of us left with the crumbs.

  14. Robertoe says:

    Mermaid is a sweetheart
    and she’s so culturally diverse. She can go from a pig party with me to a Chiefs party with the Glaze without missing a beat! You’d better act quick Bad Ass Berk, I predict an Art Still date is probably in the works pretty soon! I heard he really likes thigh rubs! 🙂

  15. harley says:

    is a pig party? I’ve been to luau’s but whats a pig party. In college that was where
    everyone in our frat was to bring a “pig” or the ugliest woman they could find to the
    party. Ugliest woman won a prize.

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    While in exile
    I got to see King Carl develop in Philadelphia. Craig, we are brothers in this deal. Look in the dictionary under arrogant and there is his picture.

    Saw his relationship with Vermeil here in KC as payback, showing Dick who the real boss was now. He always claimed his Philadelphia Stars could kick the Eagles ass. Then he had to move to Baltimore.

    Glad to see that part of the club change. Doubt they will ever be as KC friendly as when Lamar was alive.

    Harley, I hate to see these times when there is obviously more month than meds. When you read Glazer’s posts I bet you end up looking like a glazed donut. A legend in your own mind.

    Lanier and Bell would come to Volker Fountain and play touch in the summer. Still have the prints on my back where Lanier “touched” me after catching a pass.

    Here’s to a desire for sports to be relevant in this town again.

  17. Cowboy says:

    Good Post Orphan
    I agree with all you said. When Glazer got into it with Carl Peterson it was over who would run the Red Fridays for KC. Carl had turned away from the event cause it was a no-show at I think Barney Alice in the early 90’s. Glazer took over in like 93 or 94 and made it a huge deal in Westport with bands,DJ’s,comedy and film stars, even a few playmates. I only went to two of them cause I wasn’t here yet in 93 or 94. Great shows, Carl wanted to run the show, Glazer said no, Carl jumped his boat. Peterson had Glazer removed from all things Chiefs from then on. Glazer and Nigro did Outlaw Red Friday and kicked Carl’s butt, so Carl really hated the guy after that. At least thats my understanding of what took place. Now its history, Red Fridays are crap again.

    Love the old Chiefs and want this team to be like that one, maybe one day it will be.

  18. Robertoe says:

    response and advice
    Harley, My daughter got a micro pot bellied pig. Hence the ‘pig party’. Mermaid loved the party and the pig.
    I think we might have been at Mizzou about the same time. I was Stein Club (usually 6 nights a week), worked for Jimmy Syd Rollins building houses and townhomes back by the Phi Delt house. I was an SAE (President…Social Chairman). Yeah I remember those Stephens ‘pig parties’. I did date mostly Stephens gals though. Most werent pigs! tehehe

    Berk, let me give you some advice: “I got ahold of some guy who is Debbies like friend who said he would have her give me a call.” Wrong approach- both the public posts here (under the Glaze date, even!) and thinking Debbie’s gonna frigging call u. Shes got more class than this. You’re losing brownie points.

  19. HARLEY says:

    ole mizzou
    graduated in 84…freddie decordova…worked door at harpos….ended up dating all the
    stephones girls at tower hall…loved those women…rich…horses…and lots of free time
    and lots of dadddys money.
    SAE…knew lots of guys there…..loved columbia….
    and glaze get this…we were the original wedding crashers…back in the 80’s….as hard
    as it is to believe the movie was based on ME….HARLEY…..and my cohort who moved
    to san francisco……….we crashed every weddding in columbia…
    ran out of money so we dressed up and hit the wedddings.. my partner in crime moved to
    san fransisco and went hog wild do ing at and was the source of the wedding crashers

    So glaze…i too have ties to hollywood blockbusters…..
    Bad ass jew….good luck….i can get mermaids phone number….i still got it in my
    p.d. (pussy directory)…..if you need help call your fellow member of the tribe…
    would love to see you two hook up…..but don’t tell mom because mermaids a
    shiktza (non jew)….but thats okay….if i was you i’d just tag with glaze….he’s getting
    all the action in town….and he’s the king of sting.
    Maybe we all have lunch down at woodsie ande give each other shit and recount
    our hebrewschool days….where did you go…i went to BIAV…….
    love to all…and keep smiling…especially mermaid and maureen..


  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes I have Heard Good Things on Lifetime Fitness
    My buddy works out there and loves that place, says pool is very busy as well. So yeah I have heard that.

  21. mermaid says:


  22. mermaid says:

    Another thing Harley…
    You are admitting to being a Wedding crasher! Hey that might work on the big screen but in real life- Really how low can you go! That has got to be the biggest loser comment you have made EVER! Have you been to weddings? I’m a girl and I don’t exactly think they are fun. You would have to drink quite a bit to actually have a good time at a wedding. What did you do – walk around and go up to tables of strangers and start blabbing! Hit on girls- I bet that ended pretty quick once you actually had to talk to her and questions started flowing. Seriously if you didn’t make this up I would back track and say you did. Movie about you! What a joke! Because in real life it would never go down like the movie. It sounds to me like you were so cheap you did it for the free drinks. PERIOD. WOW.

  23. bschloz says:

    Jew Harley “The BlogFather”
    “Maybe we all have lunch down at woodsie ande give each other shit and recount
    our hebrewschool days….where did you go…i went to BIAV……. ” lmao classic

  24. Robertoe says:

    Show some class, gentlemen
    Ey carumba! I can see I need to dispense more posting etiquette around here.

    Wow. That’s a big assist from Harley, wasn’t it, Berk? Harley graciously offered to pull Mermaid’s phone number from his ‘pussy directory.’ Now you are really on her dating fast-track. Ha!

    I think part of the problem is Glaze dates gals from the whole societal spectrum. Mermaid is upper echelon. You have to treat her as such- with respect.. No public posting overtures and no classless lewd comments.

    Here’s what I’d propose. Most of us have been on set-ups, internet dates and such. Real romantic attraction is rare. She doesn’t want to agree to a full date with someone shes never met. This is a recipe for a bad evening most of the time. So let’s see if I can’t get her to go out for a drink sometime- a weeknight. Drinks. No dinner. She and I will be at the appointed spot she picks. The 3 of us can meet. Have fun and we’ll see how it goes with you and her. Then if there’s some clickage, maybe you can go out on real date mode as a subsequent step.

    I haven’t discussed this with Mermaid but I’ll bet I could sell her on this. Why? Because she knows I’m sincere and I’m working in her best interest -not mine or yours. Mermaid and I are on friendship mode. Its a nice budding relationship I think we both value.

    If you’re interested, drop me an email. OilisNotWell at Gmail.

    It should be fun! smirk.

  25. Kerouac says:

    “maybe the best Chiefs tight end ever besides Tony G, Walter White”

    – CUT, IT, OUT.

    walter white? The 215-225 lb.’TE’? Reality, WR in TE body – a really poor man’s Shannon Sharpe. Must have been a pass-receiving terror. Nope. Even John Mackey he was not. Played just 5 years, then P-O-O-F. Only 163 catches, 2396 yards for a 14.7 average & a mere 16 tds. Blocked as his frame would suggest: hardly.

    Probably a swell guy. NOT even close to being the 2nd best TE in Chiefs history (Tony Gonzalez) let alone the best- FRED ARBANAS.

    In 9 years, Arbanas 198 catches, 3101 yards for a 15.7 average, 34 tds – that he blocked like an All Pro OT was actually his greatest attribute however. Arbanas last 3 years were hit & miss due to age and injury. He was actually slated to move to OT full-time in 1968 because he blocked like granite (the late Reg Carolan/later two rookies Mickey McCarty & Morris Stroud were drafted to replace Fred – none ever did, Reg mostly due injury & limited upside, the latter two due lack of ability/consistency.) Fred finally was felled by injury against the Cowboys in 1970.)

    Arbanas was as great an pass-receiving TE as there was for most of his career (Ditka &, Mackey et al had nothing on one-eye Fred, a 6-time All Star/All Pro); white? Gesundheit. Zip, zero, zilch, nada.) This even more impressive the wide-open passing AFL because the Chiefs were more run-oriented; nonetheless Fred was named the starter on the AFL’s all-time team – best ever.)

    “The 69/70 Chiefs Super Bowl team was no doubt one of the all-time best NFL (AFL at the time) teams that ever played.”

    – agreed…those (including some ex-players) who say the 1971 team was better? PLEASE. They’re day-dreaming. WERE they ‘better’, they would’ve rolled over the Dolphins in the Christmas day playoff game, rather than laying an giant egg that signaled the end of the Chiefs run of success ’66-71. Up 10-0 and then Hank Stram did what he always did aft acquiring Jan Stenerud in 1967 – went into a shell, ‘play not to lose’ i.e., ‘get close enough’ for field goals in lieu tds. That day, Stenerud’s foot gave birth to Lin Elliott. THE END.

    There was a ‘DIRECT’ correlation between the yearly decline the offensive scoring aft 1966: from 448 to 408 to 371 to 359 to 272, then a minor bump up to 302 points 1971 that ‘greatest ever’? Chiefs team. Please. Then the bottom fell out post ’71. The Chiefs left so many wins & points on the field over the years it makes me sick. 1970 Otis Taylor caught all of 34 passes. 34? In 14 &!@# games? Conservatism & age finally cost Stram his job and the Chiefs their future; no more x2.

    And yet…

    “We even forget that they didn’t win their division in ’69.”

    – the 1969 Oakland Raiders as the Raiders same 1967 and 1968 were the greatest pro football team ever NOT to win a Superbowl. Aft we snuck out of Oakland January 4, 1970 with the win in the final AFL Championship game, no less Stram himself admitted “we beat one of the greatest teams in pro football today – ‘maybe’ ‘the greatest.'”

    This was much the same as Dolphins CB Tim Foley’s admission after the Dolphins ‘stole’ the Christmas Day 1971 game from the Chiefs. It wasn’t often repeated by the press, but Tim reportedly stated, “‘well, you know the truth is the ‘best team’ didn’t win today.” That comment no doubt thrilled Don ‘My Underwear is too Tight’ Shula. But it was true – same as the Chiefs ‘stealing one’, Raiders.


    go chiefs… directly to the cellar, AFC West.

  26. Robertoe says:

    Mermaid+ Bad Ass
    OK, Berk, I’ve communicated with Ms Debbie. She’d be game. She’s tweaked the parameters a little. I’ll bring a gal and Mermaid. So it’ll be like a double date. Debbie will pick the restaurant. She does want a weeknight dinner. We’ll split the check but you’re buying me wine for setting this up for you. Drop me a note.

  27. harley says:

    roberto…if the two of them get married i will toast you at the wedding…and
    we will dance the hora (jewish wedding dance).
    wow…this is exciting!
    Mermaid…you’ll find jewish guys treat their women like queens…they shower
    you with love and diamonds. They won’t make you cook…they all eat out.
    You’ll eat chinese food on christmas….and your babies will be circumsized…
    they love their moms….they know how to treat their ladies….when you have
    a headache and don’t want sex they go watch tv. When you grow old you’ll
    have a second home in palm desert. You’ll learn to love matzah balls and
    go to brisques. Youll learn hebrew (oh vey…its hard…funny looking letters)…
    you”ll convert to be a jew and learn to only shop at nordstroms and halls.
    This is a match made in heaven.
    Now don’t wear anything too seductive or sexy on the first date. Dress down
    a bit. You’re gorgeous and i’m sure when you meet his parentsthey’ll love you.
    Next is maureen. The hot one from woodside. If we could get her a jewish guy
    that would be a double whammy. Maureen seems perfect for a jew…she’s
    confident….probably never been in a kitchen…..and I’m sure she’s tired of
    the losers out there in the single world.
    Roberto….you get both these 2 hooked up with jewish guys and I’ll buy you a
    bottle of the best mogen david wine ever made…….
    la hayim….this is the best news I’ve heard in month.
    P>S> Mermaid…i was a regular at your suntan salon. Probably would have hooked
    up with you but we were both on different life paths. Good luck. Luv ya!

  28. harley says:

    wedding crashers
    just something fun and dumb we did when we were in our 20’s. Its was fun.
    Love weddings. Just was at a jewish/italian one at marriot. 800 people…
    had ravioli and hebrew national hot dogs.
    Weddings are incredible. . They make me so happy. I’ve stood up in 10 of them…
    so I knoew a good wedding when i see one.
    We would run out of money so wed dressup and go to weddings. Went to the
    mayors daughters wedding….was at a huge one at carriage club…but the most
    incredible one was a former royals players daughters wedding…we drank with
    willie wilson…brett….the entire team….it was really really fun and I did dance
    with my longtime sweetheart mrs. k ( now that lady could drink)/.
    Take care…and everyone be careful with this heat…..

  29. bschloz says:

    What…. No Gefilte Fish or Chopped Liver??
    “You’ll learn to love matzah balls and go to brisques.”
    Jew Harley…You’re on fire…funny

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