Glazer: The Real Casey Anthony Tragedy Lies Just Ahead

There’s no doubt – none – that the Casey Anthony case was a horrible tragedy…

The death of an innocent little girl – Caylee Anthony – because her mother was at best reckless or much worse. But we cannot bring her back, so we must accept the three years Casey Anthony did in county jail (which is a very bad place) as her punishment.

It may not be enough, but that’s it.

I covered the O.J. Simpson trial for HARD COPY. I knew Simpson, met Nicole and had some video on them that we used etc. I interviewed some people for that trial that were in prison, Bill Wasz who was the dealer, went to the Kardashian home, was at murder scene, saw the jury, the whole nine yards.

O.J. without a doubt was guilty. Zero chance he didn’t do it, none.

The unfair and sad news though is that what comes from these cases is not good for the rest of us.

It creates a public anger and a rush to make new TOUGHER LAWS. Like we don’t already have a billion of them. And many of the people who will later find themselves entangled in this new legal web/nightmare may not be guilty of anything.

For example, the O.J. led to this: If a woman says you did it – anything – you did it.

UNLESS YOU can prove you are NOT GUILTY, you are guilty.

Nationwide, the No. 1 arrest now (ahead of DUI) are fights between men and women. With men playing the role of the abusers. Likely more than half never really happened or are just boy/girl arguments. None-the-less, arrest, jail, fines and on and on is what most men in these disputes will get.

Unless they can prove they are innocent.

As for drunk driving, do I really have to go there? Likely again, way too many people who have had a couple drinks and can drive just fine are treated the same as the person who had 20 drinks and truly is a danger.

The blood/alcohol limit is too low now and how close you are to that magic number should be a big consideration.

But usually it isn’t.

Have you ever driven drunk in the last 10 or so years? Most of you likely have. Not on purpose, it just happened. After a game, a party, a dinner, a late meeting, etc….Now you’re branded a criminal and taken to JAIL.

The Casey Anthony case will likely lead to, "Where is Your Child" laws.

Laws that require you to report a missing child (under say, 16) to law enforcement within 24 hours.

So now, we’ll have thousands of moms and dads going to jail because daughter Cindy spent the night out, was on a date and didn’t come home. Or she left town. And on and on.

Maybe if the law is for babies and toddlers only it’d be OK to a certain extent.

But again, it will not change this case. This terrible tragedy. Or any others.

We continue to punish ourselves. We already have good laws in place. We need our police to be doing the big things not the small ones that make money for the city or state or government.

By the way, that’s what they are told to do. Cops need to be out looking to prevent crime, not doing DUI checkpoints over and over.

Be careful what you ask for. Ask Tommy Chong and Martha Stewart. Sure glad they got locked up. I feel a lot safer / better, don’t you? 

I mean, if not, boy would we ever be in trouble.


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39 Responses to Glazer: The Real Casey Anthony Tragedy Lies Just Ahead

  1. chuck says:

    Dead on the money Glaze.
    Get ready to give blood at your next traffic stop.

    Blood for chrissakes.

  2. bschloz says:

    “Look, I gave that rug a good yank and it came right off”

  3. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Genius Glazer
    Best point you ever made. We do have strong laws in place now, and you are right there are already too many laws that take our freedoms. Mostly the good people suffer not the bad. The bad people don’t give a damn, they do what they do. I think a child, a little child, yes if they go missing for more than a few hours of course you should contact police, but teenagers, NO. THEY are always up to something anyways. Hope everyone just lets this pass. It was terrible, but it is over.

  4. Harlow says:

    The Chong Case Was Insane
    He signed Bongs! So what! That was a nazi move and an embarassment to our legal system that he was arrested and sent to jail, awful, just a wrong move on a nice man. This young lady is a jerk and I hope she makes no money off killing her daughter, but she will, a book, a movie, playboy, you name it, that is almost a bigger sin.

  5. Toco Time says:

    Hope to See Her At Temptations
    Maybe she will become a traveling stripper. That fits this chick.

  6. Royals Fan says:

    You Have A Point
    The government always uses these cases to add to the “payment plans” they need, not to help us much. I get it. Still my God what an ugly story on this gal.

  7. Ted Tedderson says:

    Wow, best post you’ve ever made. Agree 100%. Rule of thumb – if a law is named after a kid, its probably a bad law.

  8. Weinberg says:

    You Got it Glazer
    Agree with Ted on this one. Good call.

  9. Kerouac says:

    “Likely again, way too many people who have had a couple drinks and can drive just fine”

    – yeah, let’s find out just ‘how many’ people can – and can’t – by having open testing on the roadways (Friday & Saturday nights would be perfect!) We’ll weed out the failures & peel the decimated/dead left in their wake the carnage.) And the knowledge someone “can drive just fine” is code for covert law-breaking i.e., just abide by those laws you like and disregard those that cramp your style / break your stride.

    “are treated the same as the person who had 20 drinks and truly is a danger. The blood/alcohol limit is too low now and how close you are to that magic number should be a big consideration. But usually it isn’t.”

    – ‘truly’ a danger: the acute compared the merely chronic – ‘lite’ drunks as twere. Yes, let’s make an even greater mockery things than is already the case (like the genius of making stock automobiles that can do 150-200 mph despite speed limits 75 mph – tops. Hey, another Buttwiper for the road barkeep!) An alkies wet dream: not satisfied just drink responsibly (‘oxymoron’s’ for ‘morons’), now we should pursue limitations against/ease up on drunk driving laws (“we don’t like those BAC numbers!”). Yes, dumb ’em down so the ‘responsible’ drunks can live/drive with ’em. Those that don’t drink & drive? Live a little or get off the road party pooper. Such utter BS.

    “Have you ever driven drunk in the last 10 or so years? Most of you likely have.”

    – I’ve never driven drunk in my life – never have/never will – PERIOD. Am none the worse having abstained & ‘missed out’ on all the ‘benefits’. I don’t consider respect for the law – all them – imposition; must be hell to live self-absorbed upon a proprietary pedestal.

    “Not on purpose, it just happened. After a game, a party, a dinner, a late meeting, etc….Now you’re branded a criminal and taken to JAIL.”

    – yes, **** ‘just happens’, anywhere/everywhere – no rhyme or reason. Branded a criminal? Not on purpose? If everybody takes an ‘inch’, before you know it you get America circa 2011; enjoy?

    “We continue to punish ourselves. We already have good laws in place. We need our police to be doing the big things not the small ones that make money for the city or state or government.”

    – ‘good laws’ being those we each – individually variable – agree with/chose to follow – those we don’t are not so good, right? ‘Good’ becomes subjective – personal preference only relevance.

  10. Man Hater says:

    She Is A looker, But A Killer
    Cute for a murderess.

  11. smartman says:

    Jack Knows Jack

    Given my preference I’d say fuck all the laws and the legal system, cops, lawyers, judges and run this fucking planet Darwin style for about 10 years so we can more efficiently thin the herd.

  12. Matt Moriarity says:

    Not a good idea
    “The blood/alcohol limit is too low now and how close you are to that magic number should be a big consideration.”

    I, for one, do not agree with any law or enforcement procedure that gives cops any more subjective power than absolutely necessary.

  13. harley says:

    what does that mean? Many great laws have been written after a tragedy. The Klass
    laws written in california (including 3 strikes) were great especially after polly’s death.
    Laws in kansas against predators and child murderers were written after tragedies.
    They don’t hurt the good people…they curtail the violence of the bad people,
    Problem is you associate the dui laws with the laws protecting children and
    minors. The laws written in florida and other states after the anthony verdict
    were written to try to prvent this situation from happening again.
    Yes…some laws were far reaching….yes some may sound irrational…but if it
    saves just one child then it’s okay and worth the trouble.
    I never understood why people cried about tsa searches. when i get on a plane
    I want to get to my destination safe. I have nothing to hide. So I put up with the
    few inconveniences that i go thru to make sure noone blows up the fucking plane,
    Yes…we have laws that need to be enforced…and yes sometimes the enforcement
    is a little too much…but to protect us from the nuts out
    there makes them bearable.

  14. anti-glaze says:

    Quick! For 50 points, What seedy local felon seeked publicity and self-agrandizment, using a half-truth filled book “documenting” his felony crimes?

    For 50 more points, which local “personality”, who was and still is the father of this felon, led the charge for publicity for his son the felon?

    Which family deserves the most money and publicity for their crimes? (a) the KC family (b) the Florida family (c) they both should be shunned

  15. chuck says:

    Deteriorating respect for laws and law enforcement personell
    is a direct result of unenforceable drug, abortion and social engineering laws, in combination with the hypocrisy of the legislators who propose them.

    Kudos to our abstemious kcconfidential cognoscente who have led pristine, perfect lives (“Ward, the Beave spilled oatmeal on the carpet today, is this ‘End of Times’?).

    Guys like Matt Barttle, Elliot “Client 9” Spitzer, Anthony Wiener, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, Bill “didn’t inhale” Clinton, Ron “Iran Contra” Reagan, Rush “Oxycotin” Limbaugh, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Jesse “Jenna 6” Jackson, Bishop “Touching me in places that have to be pointed out on a teddy bear” Finn, Chris “Yeah I’m fuckin that 20 year old hottie and I’m married” Hansen, George “WMD” Bush, John “That ain’t my baby” Edwards, Arnold “Whats the big deal?” Scwarzenagger, Ted “I’m not gay” Haggard, Mark “How young was that page?” Foley, Jimmy “I have sinned” Swaggert, Lloyd “I just fucked America out of more blood and treasure than Jay fuckin Gould” Blankfein and a never ending litany of law makers, leaders, leches, losers and lushes that propose to set examples and guide us to propriety, are fuckin hypocrits.

    Hypocrits make laws, because, well, we are ALL hypocrits.

    Laws have more to do with power and personal prejudice, than protection and public safety.

    Only Forrest fuckin Gump is stupid enough to believe we can win the “War on Drugs”. Leislating morals for your neighbor’s beneit is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

    In this case, here is what we get. We have marginalized and criminalized our fellow citizens in EXACTLY the same way we did with prohibition (Insert definition of insanity).

    If you think abortion is wrong (Because, you know, you got Jesus on speed dial, and he tells ya whats right and wrong.), and, have the power to criminalize pregnant women with your opinion, then hey, fuck ’em, go to jail, pay a fine, hand ’em a bible and shake your head knowingly.

    Harley’s 3 Strike laws are a fuckin abomination. How much fuckin money do we really want to spend putting the “Homeless Dude With The Golden Voice” in jail for 20 fuckin years? Those laws destroy the flexability of the courts and populate the Prison Industrial Complex with people convicted of “Victimless” crimes.

    Prison Companies are now traded on the Big Board, and are a good solid investment. Thats a bad thing folks, imo.

    I understand how good these “3 Strike Laws” looked on paper. But, effecting same, in real time, is an unambiguated failure, a pernicious catch 22 that eats resources and sends cash to Wall Street fucks who have instututionalized 21st century slavery. Your ability to evade, or beat these laws, has a direct correlation to the strength of your bank account, and in no way relates to your character.

    No I am NOT soft on crime. I am for gunning down Plaza Flash mobs with real bullets. I support the death penalty. VIOLENT offendrs, murderers, rapists, all violent offenders should be incarcerated for far longer, and they could be, if we cleaned the prisons out, of non violent offenders.

    Glad I am, that there are such Ziggurats of propriety for unwashed plebes like me to look up to. Its great to have a goal, but when falling short of the morals, ethics and laws, created by draconian, star chamber fundemetalist fucks means doing 25 years for pot possession, I gotta bail on that shit.

    Fuck you for wanting my fuckin BLOOD at a traffic stop. That Orwellian horse shit is crazy. Fuckin crazy. Are we livin in a Terminator movie?

    While our lawmakers cover themsleves in “Tough on crime” glory, your neighbor, your cousin, your brother, you folks are breaking teh laws of the folks they just voted in. They are metaphorically riding dirty on the way to the voting booth.

    The “War on Drugs” jumped the shark the day it began. It has been, is now and always will be, an unwinnable war made on, and at the cost of, our own citizens. Say what you want out loud. Your own omniscient narrator, in your own head, knows better.

    I will give blood at the blood bank, not at a traffic stop.

  16. smartman says:

    Best post EVER! My brain just had multiple orgasms. I am humbled! Fucking genius.

  17. chuck says:


  18. Matilda Marsh says:

    Chuck rules!
    Hey, I’d have posted my comments sooner, but I had to go look up :

  19. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck You Are Smarter Than Even ME
    Glad you get it, laws are surely needed but as you so clearly explained many who want them in are those who break them most often: love the Jimmy Swagart comments….yep…clean as a whistle. Me I am honest about my life, not many are. PS..King of Sting is likely the most truthful crime book ever written, EVER. All the stories and facts were checked by press and law enforcement people. Yeah the dialouge like all books is from memory and shortening up the story…the events all happened, course these are from my eyes…the bad guys see it well different, huh. You must be one of those ‘tough guys’…wow. Alwasy tough to use fake names, huh.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Not Chuck the Fake Anti Guy
    I meant the mean part for fake boy Anti not you Chuck.

  21. smartman says:

    Holy Shit
    Leave it to fucking Glazer to take an absolute HAWKING-LY BRILLIANT post by Chuck, and not just simply bow in adoration and give thanks, but figure out a way to tie himself in.


    It’s OK if you wanna be an asshole 24/7 but in a moment of absolute human greatness, that far exceeds anything you would ever conjure or scribe some fucking reticence and humility PLEASE

    The inability to do that alone says more about you than any and everything you’ve ever done.

    Kinda like ripping a SBD at The Last Supper after Jesus says “Do this in remembrance of Me” and saying, “Who Farted?”


  22. Craig Glazer says:

    One it was not directed towards Chuck as I explained it was the comment above, which I explained. I like Chuck. Guess what HEARNE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE PAL. I would clean up my act real quick, I don’t cuss you out or say things like this and others to you. SMARTMOUTH, look as Hearne has explained you are the guy who used to own or run the Uptown before Larry Sells. Thats fine, you are older and very unhappy withe your life. Thats your deal. But you have been a player hatin punk to me almost always. I did nothing to you, don’t know you or care. Now you are getting real close to having me go out of my to have a word with you, DIG. Again, play nice, and I will. Enough said.

  23. smartman says:

    Wrong Again Craig
    I never owned, ran or even worked at The Uptown. A good friend and business associate of mine did.

    He does know Hearne and has for some time….. but HE ain’t ME.

    I’ve been in the real estate, home building and remodeling business since 1979.

  24. chuck says:

    Grace from confrontation.
    The prophets say, that confrontations and trials are the path to the grace of God.

    Be of good cheer fellas.

    Your closer than I am.


  25. anti-glaz says:

    Do more than two people posr here?
    When someone using the name “craig glazer” posts here, I am virtually certain that the person is Craig Glazer, the felon who manages a comedy club.

    When someone using the name “chuck” posts here, I am virtually certain it is Craig’s father Stan. I KNOW that it’s Stan at least most of the time, if not always.

    When I post here, I am completely certain that I am me.

    But when someone using ANY OTHER NAME posts here, I know that at least some of the time, and probably most of the time, and possibly ALL ot the time, its either Craig or Stan.

    So here is the question; Do more than three people ever post to this blog? Also, do more than four or five ever read it?

    I’M SO CONFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. chuck says:

    General Dru Zod has created many Bizzaro-anti-glazes to confuse us all.

    Just like Bizzaro Superman, Bizzaro-anti-glaze does everything opposite.

    A pederast who hits on little boys and shuns all contact with women, he is frequently seen driving a Mini van in a polyester mauve suit.

    When it speaks, it will invariably puke innane and absurd incongruities like, “When someone using the name “chuck” posts here, I am virtually certain it is Craig’s father Stan. I KNOW that it’s Stan at least most of the time, if not always.”

    You will NOT need a portable EKG machine to test for a flat response.

  27. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes You Are Right Shit Face Cliffy/Anti-Glaz
    Yes you are right everyone is me and or Stan, nobody reads this site but you and me, all the others are fake people we invented. Or they are not jealous low life punks like you who couldn’t carry my left sock, beat me at anything or stand up tall ever,,,thats why you use a fake name and are as always the lowly coward. Kinda like the ones I saw today on Tiger Woods story about his media conference this week, every comment was like yours, he’s a loser, he’s gay, he’s everything but one of the best golfers of alltime. So I get it, low life people like you who do use 9 names or more on this site sit around and just hate, me, Woods,Sheen,anyone who matters and we all do, you don’t.

    You wasted your life doing dope and accomplishing nothing, he I did plenty of dope, but I also didn’t sit in the basement and feel sorry for myself and mad at the world like you do. You are the kinda guy who shoots up schools and or post offices huh. Or blows up mail boxes and ROTC spots at KU, sound familier now. Again as always I am so darn easy to find…again cowards hide and write little lies and cat calls, brave men like me stand up and out front….and baby, that includes you Smartman and I know this wasn’t you, yeah I am and always was a brave mother fucker. So yeah all the comments are me and Stan and oh yeah Chuck, thats it, the 250,000 readers on this site(thats the number) monthly don’t exist, they are all me and Stan and Chuck. Happy now low life punk coward, basement dweller open the window let the crack smoke out, Dan.

  28. harley says:

    glaze…everyone cool down…
    this site if for entertainment purposes. Personal attacks (unless first attacked) are reallystupid.
    I will attakc someone if they come after me. I post writings based on what is written or said..
    based on facts and stats….and if a person who writes a story on here is wrong…they deserve
    to be admonished for their writings.
    If you put yourself out as a public figure like glaze does…you should expect to be attacked.
    Unfortunately, you have many many enemies in the community. They absoultluey hate you.
    All you defenders can’t change that. Your father has many enemies. You scream about how great
    you are…and that puts you and your family up for public insults. Pretty simple glaze…if you can’t
    take the heat on here…don’t write any more stories. Many times your facts and info are wrong and
    i will point them out. So will other readers. But if you take it personally its time to stop writing.
    You and hearne put yourself out there in the public with often controversial posts. So when you do
    that expect people who hate you to come back and go after you personally.
    I think of this site as a train wreck. You and hearne write some good posts but many are mundane
    and without facts. So I will bring those incorrect facts up.
    When you tell people how cool and great you are…when you tell people the magnificent things
    you’ve done….when you brag about some movie thats yet to be made and how many people you
    know….you’re putting yourself on the stage for the type of attacks that i just read.
    As I alwasy said…if you can’t take the heat ….get out of the kitchen.
    I have admired you and your never say die attitude. You’re a survivor and i’ve said this
    many many times. Ive also castigated and had fun with your stories…nothing to take personally
    because you’re setting the stage for these comments.
    Truth is you have many many people who dislike you and your family. You and your family have
    done many things wrong which you openily admit. won’t go into any further details but if you’d
    rather not take these personal hits move on and quit writing these stories.
    Lets all have some fun…discuss topics…jab each other a little….be the brunt of some joking and
    funny commjents…but threatening bodily harm is way too much. calm down…don’t take this
    too seriously.
    Even bad ass jew and I exchange barbs…i laugh at some he’s thrown my way…i delighted in some
    I’ve thrown his…but i’d never beat up another jew because most of them can’t fight worth a damn.
    stay cool….control anger….this is all for the 10 or 12 people who read this site frequently.

  29. anti-glaz says:

    but craig glazy
    Don’t you hide your coke stash in your left sock?

  30. Cowboy says:

    Not Glazers Lawyer But…
    I don’t know why I got this job, boy, and I am a real person, who did some decent radio in KC, gone and well maybe forgotten now. Glazer has the right to get a little pissed when you comment people call him those kinds of names with no real reason but hate and or jealousy. Glazer does not attack these people unless attacked, from what I have seen. I only know what I know, Craig is somewhat of an ego driven person, but so are most people in the entertainment world, like Dare, Mankow, Miller, all have their egos. Almost everyone I know in the biz has done plenty of weed and coke and more. I have never seen Glazer in the studio or in public ever act out of control. So give him that much. Harley has a point Glazer, when these guys hit below the belt, DO NOT RESPOND, THEY WILL GO AWAY, you feed them by getting pissed off. They don’t attack Hearne that way cause he isn’t a “man about town” quite like your butt. So just let it go and most of it will likely stop. You don’t have to be right every time, nobody is, nobody.

    I don’t know who or how many read this site, but I know many who comment to me about it from KC. So it is popular from what I know. But not everyone reads it, not everyone reads the Star or listens to Dare. Just the way it is. Love you, Love your show, now where did that come from? Let it go Glazer.

  31. anti-glaze says:

    Glazer; you sure know how to make your enemies’ points!
    Glazer — >from four comments above “….sit around and just hate, me, Woods,Sheen,anyone who matters and we all do, you don’t.”

    Of all the people to group with, Glazer, you pick Woods when you could have picked Phil Mickelson, Sheen when you could have picked virtually ANYONE who is less of a sicko – train wreck …… Shows who you respect craigo, and WHY. These are your choices for malfeasants who “matter”. Thank “chuck” for all the lessons-to-live-by, but give yourself credit for paying close attention.

    Aren’t you the same guy who said recently you’d like to be different person to honor your lovely mother’s memory?
    But true to form, you honor dad, and the only things dead about him are his ethics, which reached their point of diminishing returns at conception.

    Oh well, go ahead and change comedy to strip, and invite moma-baby’s dead for your highest grossing act.

  32. chuck says:

    Glaze-check out the comment above–
    the anti-glaze.

    Cowboy is dead on.

    You should NEVER respond to this shit.

    Here is why my friend.

    His commentary is a good thing.

    The old adage about ANY publicity at all, good or bad, is a good thing, is true.

    Your detractors, with pejorative comments, are just as important as your supporters with complimentary comments.

    It is part and parcel of the crucible born by those in the public eye, and it is to be expected, and appreciated.

    Seriously, read the comment above.

    The guy fuckin LOVES YOU!!!

    His comments are predictable, and should be manipulated for your “Brand”, not responded to EVER!

    Your a bad muther fucker—bad muther fuckers don’t say shit. They act. They shoot, swing, they kill when it is called for.

    I have run my mouth a ton, but NEVER before a REAL fight of ANY kind.


  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Point
    Agreed thanks Chuck

  34. chuck says:


  35. anti-stan says:

    Old adages and older scoundrels
    “Chuck” says —> “The old adage about ANY publicity at all, good or bad, is a good thing, is true.”

    I just learned something from you “Stan”, sorry, I mean “chuck”; no really;

    I saw an article about you in the paper when I was about 9 years old…. I had aleady been exposed to your little JDs……

    You were talking about bringing a hockey team to KC but admitted to having no money. Being so young, I was quite impressed by you in the KC Times….

    My dad, who had the general half-amused, half disgusted opinion of you that virtually the entire Jewish community had, showed me how the reporter was making fun of you by using your own words, which was his reaction to your obvious attempts to use him as an unwitting conduit to free publicity. Dad suggested that you didn’t, in all likelihood, realize you were the one duped, not the reporter, and you actually were CONSTITUTIONALLY UNABLE to realize it, because your reverence to that foolish old adage …….

    My dad gave me this lesson with no ill-will towards you; whether it had been you or someone else, it was just an ongoing class in “What it Takes to be a Mensch”. Maybe I learned a little, maybe I didn’t, but you never gave Son-1, or Son-2 and Son-3, such a chance.

    That publicity, and most of the other that you have gotten in your “career” of self aggrandizment, really didn’t get you so much… You, at your age, must realize that you had the brains to “matter” as Son-1 puts it, but you blew your chance and settled for mediocracy.

    Why don’t you sit with Sons-1,2, and 3, and explain to him that it is too late for you, but with their creator-endowed modest talents, they still has twenty years or so to change the world for the better, at least a little.

    So what did you teach me? That even a guy born with some cleverness can live a lifetime adhearing to an “old adage”, which is old, but not really an adage, and unwittingly pass it on to offspring, who accept it without question.

  36. Craig Glazer says:

    Not Bad Anti-Glazer
    Now thats ok, you had some points and usd no real foul language so ok. Of course Chuck is not Stan, sadly my dad can’t write that well, neither can I. Stan does not read this site ever, he is 78 and in his own world now of retirement and his dog and boat, thats ok. But your points are well taken.

  37. anti-anti-rezalg says:

    At last something truly interesting from C Glaz
    Leaving aside the Chuck- Stan connection, your “But your points are well taken.” statement is interesting. If it is heartfelt and not just a tactic (and the best one I’ve seen out of you at that) then your audience out here, at least your detractors, are interested in a follow-up question; Why did you identify with tiger woods, whose spectacular fall from grace left him nowhere near the top of the role model list, where he had resided for so long, and inspired a lot of people who needed such an inspiration, and with Charlie sheen, who will no longer be known for his comic skills as much as his sexual deviance and drug abuse?

    Of all the entertainment-celebrities in the world, you picked two huge moneymakers who, more than anyone else in the past several years, had set back the concept of civility more than any other entertainers. These two losers had nowhere near the negative impact of a Stalin, a Hitler, or an Osama, but few would identify with them above all others when given a choice.

    Hey Craig, this is not a rhetorical question; why did you pick them instead of people with decent morals?

    I’m actually not trying to be hostile; I’d love to hear your insight…..

  38. Craig Glazer says:

    The Answer To Woods and Sheen
    First off these are celebrities I don’t know and have never met. I admire Woods cause he is the man who today made GOLF, well GOLF. He may never recover. I don’t see him as a bad man, I see him as a great young star who had little guidance about life from his parents outside golf. He cheated on his wife, that was the crime, that is not a crime. Most married men do it, they just don’t have his profile. I was married it was hard, I got divorced after five years, so I wouldnt cheat. She was a beautiful,wonderful girl. But I don’t like to see people run into the ground for an error in judgement that in the end hurts them more than anyone else, yes including his very very rich pretty young wife. She will be just fine, guess what, she was likely sick of him too.

    As for Sheen I think he has top notch talent and has proved it. He used his ‘stardom’ to flaunt the rules. Sounded like me years back, no I didn’t have his national fame or money but alot of what he had I had. Again I see him as an underbog against the machine. Charlie really for the most part only hurts Charlie. Yes his wife or wives and kids get in the middle, but guess what those women knew who he was whent they married his “fame and wallet”…believe me they knew and oh yeah drank, drugged right with him. He took tons of crap from the media. His drug use nearly overlooked and it was over the top. But like Robert Downy Jr. who I did know, he likely will come back. Sheen needs that. I don’t like hearing he is rude and an asshole to others in public like waiters and regular folks around him that would make me not like him.

    I just hate seeing people being “God Fearing” and finger pointing when most do the same things, just nobody cares or wants to know about those people. Again Sheen is not a good role model, Woods, well in ways he could be, he is more closer to a decent guy, who just was, much like a priest, repressed and just let loose. His Dad should have warned him against early marraige when you are a billionaire and only 28 years old. Women will be “everywhere” wanting your butt. He just hadn’t ever been that guy before the fame, money and body by roids and workouts(which is fine) he started that golf trend. Most young golfers do Test and HGH, they don’t test the PGA much.

  39. harley says:

    stop guys…this is getting too personal
    lighten up. Lets get back to topics like hotties/pools/football/sports/dating/pussy…..if i wanted
    to read about all you guys and your “holier than thou” shit I’d watch the 700 club.
    this is for entertainment purposes.
    and stan can’t write like that….he’s 78 ….igve him a break…..he’s lead a tough life….
    in between his sons and their problems the guy tried to carve out a niche for his
    life. Don’t attack an old man….let him rest…..the show is over for himl……let
    him live his life…….the problems of his sons have nothing to do with him.
    Let the man alone…..never met the guy but he’s deserving of respect for something!

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