Glazer: Johnny Dare Co-Host Carrie Coogan to Leave Top-Rated A.M. Show

Good-bye Norma Jean, though we hardly knew you at all…

You had the grace to hold yourself, while those around you crawled. And I knew I would have loved you, but I was just a kid – the candle burned out long before THE LEGEND EVER DID.

So it is that Kansas City’s No. 1 radio personality Johnny Dare announced this morning that co-host Carrie Coogan is leaving the show on 98.9 FM The Rock.

"Carrie Coogan and I are like brother and sister, we really are," Dare says. "She will always be welcome back if she chooses. Carrie is moving home to Denver to take care of her ill mother as well as be involved in nonprofit organizations back home. She came to Kansas City to be a TV News Show personality (which she was on Fox 4). And she’s been a wonderful addition to the program for six great years. I love her – we all do – and we’ll miss her deeply." 

Dare really is saddened by Coogan’s leaving, but the show must go on.

Especially when you host one of the top rated shows in the nation like Dare’s.

So who will replace this lovely lady? Coogan will stay on until mid August, then it’s game on.

Dare will have many guest co hosts that may include on air personalities like Tanna Guthrie (already on the air at Entercom on The Point). Or maybe Nikki from Jack FM . Or Shorty, who is with the new Alice‘s morning show.

But it’s more likely he’ll seek out someone totally different.

Katie Horner’s name came up and she may get a shot.

Dare always uses Fox 4 anchor Susan Hiland when Coogan is out sick or on vacation.

Then there’s the obvious choice, HOLLY STARR.

Holly has been a guest co host a few times. And of course, there’s always.the girl Johnny asked me to put on for a try out….CHOCOLATE BECKY. Yes, the grrrl from the "Lil dick bitch" song. Christ!

Johnny would prefer to find someone who’s a real person, not a radio personality, like he did with Coogan.

Speaking of which, it’s no secret Coogan was not a fan of mine.

However, I always thought of her as a very nice girl. She even sat by my mother’s bed as she was in her final days at Hospice and read to her. That was more than kind. I am just too bad a boy for Carrie.

Wonder why Dare wasn’t?

Yes, there were rumors of Dare and Coogan being more than on-air co stars – like MOONLIGHTING with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard. None of that was true, but  it made for great radio friction.

They were like day and night; Carrie the sweet, kind, the voice of reason. Johnny was the biker, rocker, long haired, bad boy. It was a great match. The show’s ratings were and remain tops. She’ll be missed by everyone, yes even me. Deep down I think Coogan likes me – who wouldn’t?

So the race is on for who will be the next morning radio Queen with the King, Johnny Dare.

I think the pay is pretty darn good.

Pssssssst! I volunteered to co host, but Dare said I couldn’t read the news each day cause I was in it too much.

What’s that supposed to mean?

All the best Carrie Coogan, you’re a great person and we love you. Even me. And you believe in the Big Guy, so God Bless.

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35 Responses to Glazer: Johnny Dare Co-Host Carrie Coogan to Leave Top-Rated A.M. Show

  1. tiffiny says:

    I love You Carrie
    I love her. She is so wonderful. I will miss her so much, got a tear in my eye. Have a great life Coogan. Really. KC loves you.

  2. Radio Man says:

    Hate To See ya Go
    Carrie we all enjoyed you So Much. Johnny please hire Holly Starr, yes, man is she a hot babe.

  3. Gary Murder says:

    Little Dick Bitch
    Johnny sorry to see Coogan leave. I know you like her. Hey Little Dick Bitch is the funniest thing I have heard on radio in like fifteen years. If you have that Ghetto girl on, Cholate Becky I will listen to every second of it, who would not. Funny brother. Best to Carrie.

  4. downtown davey says:

    Shocked About Coogan
    Thought she would be here forever. Sorry to hear it, all the best. Yeah, Little Dick Bitch is a gas. Bring on the Ghetto Lady.

  5. Man Hater says:

    Bring On Holly Starr
    I hear the sweet music now. Johnny and Holly. She is so pretty.

  6. Better Man says:

    Never Got Over Murphy
    No offense Coogan is cool, but I enjoyed Murph. Any chance she comes back?

  7. Pissed Off says:

    How About CPJ
    I miss that nut, where is he? He killed me. Get him back.

  8. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Liked Working With Coogan
    Enjoyed her very much, all the best Carrie.

  9. KU Forever says:

    Coogan Move To Kansas We Love You
    Come work over here lady.

  10. Monkey Man says:

    Hire A Black Girl
    It would be so cool Dare and you would get lots of black listeners.

  11. Nick Manning says:

    Bring back Murphy.

  12. Kellys Man says:

    I Say She Deserves Better
    Coogan good move girl. Dare is a low life, trailor park punk. He doesn’t deserve you on his show. Likely you were run off by him and his crime crew Glazer. He is not loyal to Kellys or anyone else. We used to like Johnny but he turned on us when he got rich and he and Glazer and T-Bone and Phone Snake likely hang out in bars out south now. All bastards Carrie. Screw them.

  13. Angels Rock Bar Lover says:

    He Stabbed Us in The Back Too
    Oh yeah, you cross Johnny once in his mind and thats all it takes. He pissed on our bar at P&L he is not welcome back, or anyone from 98.9 except Coogan. We will give you a going party for free Carrie.

  14. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Dare Was Right
    Kellys and Rock Bar are the Trailor park ones, not Dare. Johnny I live in OP, graduated college, am a real “white boy” I just think your show is so damn funny. I will badly miss Carrie, but I know you will pick the right lady/girl/hottie/school teacher to follow her. My favorite person on the show of course is brother Glazer. The black chick is a scream. Love you, love the show Johnny!

  15. Ricky Richter says:

    Bring on The Chocolate
    Thats funny right there. Hey I used to listen when Larry was on all the time. Now I listen for Little Dick Bitch girl. Yeah she needs to be on the show. For the long run I like Holly Starr though.

  16. Tiger Tail says:

    OMG Bitch
    She needs an entire CD. More songs, bitch! Yeah I gotta say Holly Starr though for the fulltime job.

  17. Packers Nation says:

    She Left Cause You Broke Her Heart Johnny
    I think what she is saying is true. But we all know she was in love with your biker butt. Guess you just ain’t the marrying kind. Rock on both of you and may your trails cross again. Dare learn more about football my team won the superbowl.

  18. Cowboy says:

    Radio Is Tough
    Sweet story Craig, I knew you had it in you. Yes doing radio is a MF. Johnny you are one of the best. It comes with lots of headaches and love/hate from listeners. I’d have to say Dare has few haters. Now Glazer on the other hand, hey he has skin thicker than iron I say. In real life he is a damn nice guy, helps friends and family we know that, but his character well, thats another story, but makes great radio. Coogan will be fine and so will Johnny Dare. Keep up the fine work.

  19. Jack Bat says:

    Coogan Is Tops
    Listen every day guys. So damn funny and fun. You start me off to work at 6AM. I will miss Carrie a ton. You two were a fantastic pair. I like Murphy, but Coogan makes or made more sense in time. Trust me I will be listening, BITCH.

  20. harley says:

    Nice woman…huge heart
    It seems more and more common for people in their 40/50’s to make life moves
    to take care of their family. A good friend of mine just quit her great job to go
    take care of her mom and dad. Its happening to a lot of people these days as
    parents get older and need the care and time of a loved one.
    She’s giving up a lot but this woman (who i never met) obviously has her
    priorities in the right place.
    As far as holly star taking over, I doubt it. . She’s not the type to do this show on a
    regular basis.
    As far as bad ass jew the question is did you get a date? Diid you hook upwith the
    mermaid. You tried to get lined up with her and I wanted to know how things worked
    out. Of course mermaid loves the bad boys and you’re probably a upscale guy with
    no past record so I’m interested to see if mermaid realized that the bad guys are
    really a waste of time when it comes to long term affairs.
    I’m back in town and hope to see many readers/disciples/folowers tonight as
    wecelebrate anna’s 40th birthday.

  21. Pathetic says:

    Queen of Morning Radio?
    Dare may be kind but a queen. So he needs a gay guy. I like Kattie Horner myself.

  22. Super Man says:

    Radio Is Huge In KC
    In other cities radio is nearly dead, but in KC it is still a big deal, like 610,810,101 the Fox,103 Hot Jams the only real black station, but no doubt 98.9 is the biggest. Dare will be fine no matter who he picks when Carrie leaves. It’s a shame though, she must have made a nice buck there and thats hard to find in this poor entertainment economy, I wish her well. Holly Starr is my pick.

  23. Cool Tool says:

    Dare Rules
    Johnny I’d listen to you if you had NO partner, or cohost. You are so damn funny. You got great guests. My favorites are the comedians and movie stars that you bring in, we love it. I liked Coogan, but you will continue on as the guy for years to come. We wish her good things in the future.

  24. Black Barbie says:

    I Am Not Mad At You Johnny
    I could do the job for some nice money or a new car or house. I will let the money Craig ripped me off on for that song go. He is a bitch like that song say he is. Does he really put money in his bed? My momma heard the show and said he staches cash in the bed. I might go get some one night when he asleep. Tell him that and maybe he will come bring me some money. But call me if you want me to help you out.

  25. Man Hole says:

    Woke Up to This Shocker Today
    Man I just enjoyed the hell out of Coogan. I remember when Johnny was going to go down the lake on I think a ski boat or runner, she was so worried, it was sweet. I always thought those two would end up together. Sad to see her go. Cheers Carrie.

  26. Adolf Oliver Bush says:

    Bunny Love
    Bring Bunny Love in for the win!

  27. Hounds Of Noise says:

    Little Dick Bitch Girl
    Johnny please, please have that girl on one week, how funny. I can’t wait. Sorry about Carrie she is a peach.

  28. Steveo says:

    Chuck must be out of town, he didn’t weigh in on Black Barbi
    Where’s our Chuck?
    How can you ignore the scenario that Black Barbie just invented, of her scrounging thru Craig’s mattress while he snores, looking for cash in the mattress?
    Would that be before or after she “tug on his hair”.

    Johnny–here’s a fundraiser for you: mud wrassling between Black Barbie and Chocolate Becky.
    And for heaven’s sake, Craig, please tell us when this will be on the Rock, because I don’t listen to that station, but I sure as hell would for THAT event.

  29. Tiger Tail says:

    Black Barbie is The Queen
    I have seen her at Temptations. Man oh man, she is simply beautiful. Glazer thats one you might have kept dude. She has a tatoo on her back near her butt that say “Queen of Sting” so she musta been deep into the Glazer at some point. Love to hear her on radio. I listen to t he show almost every morning. Little Dick Bitch is on my speeddial, beat parody song ever.

  30. Woodside Pal says:

    Holly Starr is Tops
    Wow hate a hot body. Oh yeah and a pretty girl.

  31. Maureen says:

    No Black Girls
    Hey Johnny I dated Craig, worked with your friend, and have met Black Barbie. Yes she is very nice looking but still ghetto. I was Craig’s best girl for almost a year. I would enjoy being on your show and telling you “all about it.” Don’t worry Glazer I still love ya.

  32. Bag Man says:

    Dare Why Does Anyone Care
    I am always amazed at why people care what the hell you do. Guess its just me.

  33. Super Dongman says:

    What about…
    “Super Dongman” being the new co-host??? Not written by “Super Dongman”

  34. c bonney says:

    I keep up with your column on K.C. and was sorry to read about your mother’s passing. She was probably the age I am now when we met and I remember thinking she was so beautiful – with such a great heart…she was always so kind to me. What a beauty she was, those eyes! And I realize now what a great mom she was – she loved her boys but stood back and allowed you all to set your own course. A gracious lady with such a heart of gold – I know you miss her and I just wanted to extend my sympathies.

  35. slick rick says:

    It’s a no brainer
    Holly Starr hands down. Johnny- it will take you from the #1 morning show to the ONLY show in town

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