Today: Infamous Red Light Cam @ 39th & S.W. Trafficway Claims Another Victim…Me

I never should have read Crime and Punishment….

Then again, I was in high school and had little choice. The Dostoevsky classic wrestles with lead character Raskolnikov‘s belief that some people are above the law and have the right to commit crimes.

Hey, what god-fearing American motorist hasn’t come to terms with that concept as they race along 10 mph over the speed limit. There’s a word for it; scofflaw…a person who flouts the law, rules, conventions & accepted practices.

But here’s a downside to playing Raskolnikov…

As I was reminded when I opened a letter the other day advising I "did fail to stop for a red traffic signal"  at 39th & Southwest Trafficway and owed Kansas City 100 bucks.

Hold it right there!

Ever since that infamous red light camera went in two years back, I’ve been ultra careful going thru that intersection. Who hasn’t? Even two Sundays back when a task force of smoking hot, bikini-wearing babes danced about the traffic median hustling R-rated car washes.

How could I possibly have run a light at that intersection?

So I looked at the pics that accompanied the notice. And there I was in the first photo perched in the far right lane preparing to turn right. In the next pic – like 2 seconds later – I had started my right turn.

Right turn on red, right? Was it legal there? I checked – it was.

Relieved, I called the photo enforcement folks in Phoenix to lodge my protest.

All for naught. Because when directed to an online video of my infraction, I saw that I had merely slowed – but failed to stop – before making my turn.


I didn’t know Big Brother was keeping an eye out for Right Turn Fanatics as well as Red Light Runners.

"A full stop is when you stop moving," explained the Arizona red light ranger. "The cameras also monitor right turns and they monitor speed."

Meaning, speeders as well as red light runners can be nailed to the crosses as well?

Yes, provided the city authorizes it, the Phoenician explained.

A Kansas City Police spokeswoman was unable to confirm if speeders were being monitored as well. And Kansas City Public Works spokesman Dennis Gagnon could not be reached for this column.

So here’s the bottom line for red light cam intersections for the time being:

Watch out for red light hotties and be sure and come to a full stop before turning right on red.

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17 Responses to Today: Infamous Red Light Cam @ 39th & S.W. Trafficway Claims Another Victim…Me

  1. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Hmmmm….A photo of you in your Fiat.
    I would have never seen that one coming!

  2. dg says:

    Technically, I thought you were required to be on the side road, just prior to 39th street in order to make a right turn there no? The signage indicates that’s the only right turn allowed onto 39th street.

  3. sean says:

    Going north! Going south you take the side street

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    What Next?
    Gee all this to protect us, thanks. It’s unreal. We are almost a police state now. Sad.

  5. bschloz says:

    City Hall
    I got that exact same ticket 71 Hwy S. turning right on on Gregory.
    Cost of doing business (bastids)

    Funny there is not a Police Officer in the City who would ever write that ticket (bastids)

  6. Curt says:

    Probably because of that Gay Fiat you are driving
    I’d rather has a daughter in a whore house than a son driving that pile.

  7. Rainbow Man says:

    yes sean.. he wasn’t going to Missie B’s
    Going south you have that nice cutoff on 38th… scoot right through near Rentjes… going north… hmm… but those pedestrians look like they started plenty early Hearne… I feel for ya… Well at least you were driving the opposite direction of Missie B’s…. Couldn’t imagine the crap you would be getting then…

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Obviously, I didn’t either

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    This was going northbound. I was in the right turn lane. You’re thinking southbound.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    sean got it

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    I agree with you. They might pull you over and give you a caution if they don’t have anything better to do. But I rolled it pretty fast.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Are you hitting on me, Curt?

  13. Johnny S says:

    In all seriousness, I can not help but wonder; if the red light camera people started buying propoganda ads on your site, promoting the saftey of citizenship and how good these cameras work, would we ever see a story like this?

    There are companies out there making and marketing these cameras, and they have a full fledged ad budget dedicated to making it appear that the public supports these cameras. Maybe you should have your ad guy/gal call them and see if they want to buy an ad, or 20, of course if they do, you may have to pull this story, and replace it with a story similar the story today about the crossroadskc.

    You will have to say something like “Of course people complain about these cameras, and they may make our city look silly, but thier primary purpose is safety, and that makes it OK to trick people and make them pay fines, so for that reason alone (well, that reason, and also they buying ads here) it makes it ok to fuck people over and taske their money…. GOTCHA!!!!… kind of like your whore buddies running the crossroads tricking bands and customers but as long as they buy ads, everything is OK. eh?

  14. chuck says:

    Couple things…
    How bad does CURT hate Fiats? Jesus!

    “MRS CURT: “Honey!!! I just found out Jennifer got kicked out of Maple Woods and is a street walker on Independence Avenue!!”

    CURT: “Do they have those Guinea Fiats down there!?!?”

    MRS CURT: “Sure, there are tons of Guineas down there, its North East, who give a fuck, our little girl, our precious Jenny is a streetwalker!”

    CURT: “No goddamnit, the car!!! The Car!”

    MRS CURT: “Wake the fuck up! YES!! She is getting into cars all night long! She’s a fuckin STREETWALKER!!!”

    CURT: “You moron! A Fiat, a damned, hated, evil, FIAT is an Italian car!! Are there any Fiats down there?”

    MRS CURT: “You gotta turn off that fuckin Military channel NOW!! Were you watchin the Mussolini shit again last night?”

    CURT: “Yeah.”

    MRS CURT: “I’m makin spaghetti for dinner! You get your ass down to Independence Ave, and get our little girl. I strongly suggest you don’t yell any thing out the window about “Guineas” on the way.”

    CURT: “Ok.”

    MRS CURT: “Hurry up! I DVRed “Casino”, we are watching it tonight after dinner.”

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    They’re not buying ads here (yet!) but you’re about to catch the flip side of this story.

    Oh and don’t hold your breath for the red light cam ads.

  16. Johnny S says:

    Please do tell
    “”Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    02:22:47 PM – Fri. Jul 8. 2011

    They’re not buying ads here (yet!) but you’re about to catch the flip side of this story””

    I would love to hear the flip side….. thats journalism

  17. The Donger says:

    How is he driving…
    Did this pole smoker get a DUI in Prairie Village under a year ago?

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