Sounds Good: Matisyahu@Crossroads, Gomez@Crossroads, Sporting KC@LIVESTRONG

Okay guys.

I know you have your gripes about the Crossroads. From some of your comments after the Elvis Costello story, I’ve learned that the Crossroads venue is a horse pen. It makes KC look bad.

It has port-a-potties. Beers are pricey. Stretch is a douche.

Okay, I get it.

But it also has some really good music.

You know, sometimes you have to sacrifice a little comfort to catch a really killer show. And personally, I love outdoor shows in the summertime. It’s one of the things that gets me through the cold, dark Kansas winters…

Thursday, July 7th

Matisyahu at the Crossroads in KC

I know this is late notice, but if you can still make it out tonight, GO TO THIS SHOW!  Think about it: a Jewish, rasta, rapper/ reggae singer who is, like, 7 feet tall and has a huge beard.  He brings an unreal energy to his live show and infuses a spirituality into the vibe, but not in a religious-y way.  Seriously, super rad show, I’ve seen him three or so times and he never disappoints. 

I know you’re thinking that doesn’t really sound like your thing, but trust me, it is your thing.  Matisyahu is one of those guys that just translates so much better to the live show than he does to recordings.  So put on your pig sloppin’ boots, get out to the pit, and I promise, you won’t regret it. 

Friday, July 8th

Gomez at the Crossroads in KC

Gomez is sometimes lumped into the jam band category, but their sound is much more difficult to pigeon hole than that.  They are sometimes folk, psychedelic, rock, indie, blues, and other genres, and that is what’s kind of cool about Gomez.  Another thing that’s cool about them is that four of the band mates write songs, and three of them fill the role of lead singer on various tracks.  And oh yeah, their British.  

They’re currently touring on the recently released album, "Whatever’s On Your Mind," which received a rating of 7.3 from Paste Magazine – not too shabby.  "The music in their latest release, Whatever’s On Your Mind, stays on a pop path that’s decorated with tinges of folk, blues, electronic, and whatever else they feel like throwing in," writes Nathan Spicer.  "Traditional Gomez blends of the aforementioned genres create consistently compelling and entertaining textures. This blend is especially overt in intros, verses, bridges and outros."

Also, Mike Doughty, formerly of Soul Coughing is opening, so that should be cool. 

Saturday, July 9th

Sporting Kansas City at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

I know this isn’t a band, but it’s something you should do.  Trust me.  It’s worth it to just get out for one game and take in the atmosphere of the new stadium.  And the soccer game is at 6:30, early enough to still rock out the rest of your Saturday night. 

Plus Latino band Trio Aztlan will be playing before the game and DJ Mike Scott will be spinning after the game in the Members’ Club.  Get out early and come tailgate with me and Hearne.  I’ll even cook you a sausage. 

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13 Responses to Sounds Good: Matisyahu@Crossroads, Gomez@Crossroads, Sporting KC@LIVESTRONG

  1. Johnny S says:

    If they did not buy ads here, you would not say that.
    Dude, if crossraodskc was not bying ads on this site you would agree that there is no reason for the crossroadskc to exist. The Midland, Uptown and Voodoo lounge can handle all the shows which currently are held out in the 100 degree weather at the barn yard, where they are too cheap to install real bathrooms, where people freeze druing the early shows and sweat in heat of the summer. Elvis Costello thinks Kansas City is a joke. Lucinda Williams feels the same way.

    The only reason the promoter holds shows at that location is there is zero overhead, and they make more money by making people sweat. They do not care about fans, they only care about the money, they are whores, and if you only support them because they buy ads here then you are not much better.

    I apprececiate their ability to book bands, but it is a trick. They trick the bands and they trick the fans, we are all just tricks to these whores. Why dont they book bands into real venues? It would be so nice to see these acts you are talking about, but in mid July there is no reason (besides whores making money) to have these shows out in a glorified horse stable, saw dust and all, balzing 100 degree heat.

    Elvis Costello was sweating his ass off, it was an embarrassment for Kansas City, thanks crossroadskc, thanks stretch, thanks promoter douche…. thanks for making our city look like shit, and smell like shit. and ya know what?? It is not like this place in in the country, away from from water mains and sewers, this place is in a downtown location, and they dont have bathrooms? The city needs to shut that place down.

    Come on man, how many shows do you actually pay to see there? Tickets are not cheap. It is not cheap. Drinks are not cheap. It is a scam, they are ripping us off, and it is sad that you think that is ok. It is sad you support this place because they buy ads from you.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh no, poor Elvis was sweating….
    Are you kidding me Johnny S? It was an outdoor show in summertime. Think it was the first time Elvis ever did an outdoor show in the summer and didn’t know he’d be sweating? When I know it is 100 degrees outside, I generally choose not to wear a long black coat. His choice…and yes, I’m aware it is his standard wardrobe….but it is still his choice.

    I agree they could make improvements to venue, but all in all, it is infinitely better than any of the venues you listed — for summer shows. The Uptown’s aggressive security is ridiculous and the beer lines and prices are worse than Crossroads. The Midland is a wee bit to fancy schmancy for some of these shows. When I want to boogie down, this is the last place that comes to mind. I once saw Elvis Costello at The Midland and nearly fell asleep. Judging by the crowd at Crossroads during his show, he would have a hard time filling The Midland these days. And the Voodoo Lounge? Talk about overpriced! Not to mention the fact it is so far out of the way. Give me the Crossroads with downtown views, places to eat nearby (that aren’t a disgusting and overpriced craptastic casino buffet) any day of the week.

    I may not like the persona of Stretch, but I’ll be damned if I don’t appreciate the fact he saw a void and filled it.

  3. legendaryhog says:

    Wow, didn’t realize I was living in the land of giant pussie
    Holey shit! After reading some of these Crossroads comments, I have come to the realization that I live in the land of giant pussies. Seriously, no one likes a giant pussy. Ladies who have giant pussies don

  4. PB says:

    There is no inherent right to see a certain artist play live. If they come to your city, you simply decide if the cost of ticket, night of the week and yes, perhaps the venue itself suits you. Personally, I avoid the Sprint Center for concerts because I no longer care for arena shows. Crossroads certainly isn’t my favorite venue, but I’ve seen a shitload (Wilco, Levon Helm, Gov’t Mule, Drive By Truckers, etc.) of great shows there so I will continue to go if those kinds of acts come through there. I’ve also caught most of those same acts indoors so I actually appreciate and look forward to the different dynamic of an outdoor show. Quit try to making that craphole into some sort of indictment against Kansas City. It embarasses nobody except those so bent on criticizing it. Simple solution, don’t like Crossroads, don’t go.

  5. kcfred says:

    Pussy? Screw you. Sorry, after paying a gazillion bucks for a ticket, I figured I’d at least get a bathroom. Pussy? Oh, you must be one of the guys that couldn’t get into a porta potty go..right there. Yeah, public urination. Thats ok when your outside but not so great in a concert venue. Pussy? I’ve partied and been going to concerts before you were a puff out of of your dad’s loins. I’ve partied for three days in the mud trippin on acid and that was just 1969. Pussy? Come back when you’ve been to more than 1,500 shows in places all over the world you’ve never even heard of. This joint is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever been to. And yes I don’t give a flip if effing John and George reappeared and the put the Beatles back together, I’ll never step in that shit hole again. It’s an absolute embarassment to our city and those of you who are “ok” with this are just as bad. Pussy? Fuck off.

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t go, dude. Geez, talk about meaningless obsessions. There are plenty of outdoor venues where people are going to get rained on, be too hot, too cold – too this, too that.

    The City Market? Beaumont Backyard? Starlight? Sandstone? Livestrong?

    Stay home, drink your cheap beer and watch music videos and leave the tens of thousands of people who disagree with you to their means and devices.

    Do you know how many of these shows Kansas City would probably miss if Crossroads wasn’t open? Didn’t think so.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:


  8. chuck says:

    Swealtering hot miserble shows can be fun, if your young.

    Read this, it is so fuckin hilarious, and it all actually hapenned in 1974 at the Ozark Mountain Festival.

    It is the funniest Wikipedia article I have read in a long time. AND IT IS TRUE!

    I was there. 7 of us got on our Hogs and rode down there on Fri aft. JESUS WHAT A FUCKIN CROWD!! We were actually gonna buy tickets at the front gate. Shit, the only reason we got within miles of the gate, was because we were on our Harleys. I remember it being so fuckin hot. Ya know why? CAUSE IT WAS SO FUCKIN HOT!! Our bikes were really heating up, so Mark jumps the curb and runs his bike right square into the chain link fence on the North side of the fairground.

    OOPS! About 60 feet of the damn thing buckles and sways to the ground like limp celery, it was on! Our bikes went straight into the side of the fairgrounds and hordes of unwashed hoi polloi followed our small biker guidon into a three day hell.

    All we had was cash, drugs and warm beer. It was pretty funny, but not real comfortable. We tied a tarp we stole over the tops of our handlebars (Couple of assholes just HAD to have fuckin monkey bars, so the sun was not completely blotted out.) on Sat, cause people were really suffering from the heat.

    There were real nasty actual Hells Angels on the Fairgrounds tearing the shit outta there bikes in races and assaulting people, flora and fauna with tools, knives and base ball bats. That was a couple hundred yards to the west of where we were. We walked over there and determined not to go back. Grouchy fuckers those Hells Angels. Absolutely no sense of humor. Nuance is totally wasted on these assholes. Don’t tell ’em I said that.

    The bands were great, I got up close for “Jackie Blue” I think, I was vaguely ambulatory most of the weekend. Wolfman was cool.

    We were out of all the beer we could steal, or bum by early Sunday morning.

    I got fuckin priorities. We left in the middle of the night. That became a habit for me.

    I was 24. kcfred, if he was going to concerts in 1969 (The year I got fuckin drafted.), is almost as old as me and he is still going to outdoor concerts, in July.

    Dude, you gotta hang with Glaze. I for sure, at this age, no longer have that kinda juice.

    kcfred, don’t be pissed at the ‘Giant Pussy” comment, it was fuckin hilarious.


  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    You know, they have meds you can take that will calm you-down. Really.

  10. Johnny S says:

    Wow Hearne, you are being awfully defensive
    “”Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    02:15:44 PM – Fri. Jul 8. 2011

    If you don’t like it, don’t go, dude. Geez, talk about meaningless obsessions. There are plenty of outdoor venues where people are going to get rained on, be too hot, too cold – too this, too that.

    The City Market? Beaumont Backyard? Starlight? Sandstone? Livestrong?

    Stay home, drink your cheap beer and watch music videos and leave the tens of thousands of people who disagree with you to their means and devices.

    Do you know how many of these shows Kansas City would probably miss if Crossroads wasn’t open? Didn’t think so.”””

    WOW!!! Talk about “take you meds”…. take yours can calm down
    you are being awlfully defensive… tha tseems very odd…. could it be the money at risk?

    btw- you did not mention how many shows YOU PAY see there.
    If you are not paying then you are like the sports guy at the KCstar
    harping on people to attend Royals games, while he has never paid for a ticket.

    The simple fact is, the crossraodskc is a horse corral with no over head. It is a money grab, and trying to make it a personal thing, calling people pussy, telling them to stay home is lame. If the crossroads would fix the issues, there would not be any….

    AND FINALLY….Shows have been coming to Kansas City LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG before your money grubbing, ad buying buddies at the crossroadskc showed up…give that angle a rest…. now go take your meds and sell some more ads.

  11. RickM says:

    When did this start?
    Was it during the mud and rain at Woodstock? Is that when this mindset began that real fans need to suffer a bit to hear their favorite bands? That concerts become endurance tests where only the hardiest souls who’re able to withstand the elements and other indignities have the right to lord it over the rest of us that they and only they are true fans?

    I love outdoor shows and don’t expect guaranteed ideal conditions in attending them. Things happen and you adjust. But that’s just what they are: shows, entertainment. People who walk a picket line or attend a protest rally are making a statement with their bodies and need to anticipate the consequences. Concert-goers shouldn’t have to make that calculation, especially when it encourages cheapskate promoters to ignore the welfare of the crowd and adopt the stance that anyone who disagrees is a pussy.

  12. rbs9000 says:

    Other than the beer…
    It wasn’t a bad venue. The woodchips are a great idea. Who wants asphalt in the middle of the summer? The only complaint is they charged $5 for Miller Lite and the other big brands which is the same cost as the craft beers. Keep the craft beers $5 and lower the big boys to $4. On the other hand $5 for a beer isn

  13. Johnny S says:

    Great show tonight down at Knuckleheads, Jon Dee Graham always puts on a good show KC, further than usual, but a better venue than Daveys (but at least Davey has AC and roof and walls, even if the bathrooms are bascially porta potties ;)….. But Knucklehead has done great fixing up their venue……. maybe the crossroadskc should take note…and learn how to take care of customers

    The problems with crossroadskc are obvious. I am glad to see others finally speaking up about the many many issues there. For too long the money grubbing owner/promoter have been taking and guys like hearne have been giving false support by using cheap tactics like name calling people who dont like it. I laugh at hearne, and others, calling people pussies and telling them to stay home. That is so lame. I like to see shows, but the crossroadskc will not get another peeny until they clean up their pig pen.

    You douches can name call and use other 5th grade BS to try to shout down people who voice a legit opinion, but that wont fix the very real problems goling on at the crossroadskc. Call us whiners, call us pussies… do you think we give a shit? LOL, the problems with that shit hole are obvious but it seems people who get in free are blind to them.

    If you do not pay to get in, then you should not voice an opinion. Whne I gave them my money, I bought my right to voice an opinion that the crossrodskc place is a shithole…. how many shows have you PAID to see there? …if you have not paid up, then shut the fuck up.

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