Jack Goes Confidential:’HORRIBLE BOSSES’— So Wrong. So FUNNY!

Is this what THE HANGOVER 2 could’ve/should’ve been?

HORRIBLE BOSSES is on a laugh out loud level!  Let’s just say that if your boss is a slave driving, incompetent, crazy psycho HORRIBLE BOSSES is your kinda movie.

Even if your boss is sane, caring and warm, you may appreciate this raunch-filled comedy even more!

Best buddies Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are tortured almost daily in their respective workplaces. And the only thing that would make their daily grind more bearable would be to rid themselves from their tyrant employers for good—grind those intolerable S.O.B.’s into dust.

There’s slave-driving Kevin Spacey who’s all but promised Bateman a major promotion with executive VP stripes attached—only to pull it out from under him.

Sudeikis doesn’t fare much better. He loves his boss Donald Sutherland who has promised Sudeikis he will one day take over for him. But when the boss suddenly dies of a massive heart attack, Sudeikis loses out to Sutherland’s completely incapable cokehead son and nemesis Colin Ferrell.

And then there’s dental hygienist Charlie Day. Poor guy bears a heavy burden. He’s got to put up with his foul-mouthed boss—dentist Jennifer Aniston‘s—almost daily sexual advances which usually begin as soon as the patients are put to sleep in the chair.

Reversed sexual harassment that now threatens to sabotage his relationship with his fiance.

Quitting for our three heroes is out of the question. But how about a foolproof plan to rid themselves of their employers permanently? That’s when they find an executioner of sorts online….under some weird men-for-men listing no less. So far.So good.

When they finally meet the guy they find what he provides instead are golden showers for his clients.

Forget that one!

That’s when the boys track down hustling ex-con Jamie Foxx to implement the dirty deeds—only to find out after paying him big bucks that he will only act as advisor. So it’s all up to them!

What stands out though in this movie is Jennifer Aniston!

I guarantee you’ve NEVER seen her like this before. Raunchy, sexy, foul-mouthed and completely over the top.

After practically every one of her explicit outbursts I kept asking myself: "Did she REALLY just say that?"

Make no mistake, HORRIBLE BOSSES takes it to the R-rated limit!

Our full house, screening audience at AMC 30 in Olathe loved it. And there are plenty of scenes when you will hate yourself for laughing. But you will laugh!

Think of this 1 hour and 43minute long comedy as the flip-side of BRIDESMAIDS.

HORRIBLE BOSSES gives you the finger……. 3-1/2 out of 5 fingers to be specific.

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  1. Eric says:

    Can’t wait
    I haven’t been to a movie in a while but this looks like one to get out for!

  2. Nick Manning says:

    Anyone else wanted to masterbate to Jennifer Aniston in this movie? Man she was hot!

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