Glazer: Life After Lockout; Chiefs Need Backup QB & Wide Receiver

With the lock-out almost certain to end in the week or so, the NFL season will begin…

General managers will be signing draft picks and the Chiefs will be trying to fill two huge needs; a back up quarterback and veteran wide receiver.

We have none at this time.

Yes, we have D-Bowe and THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel. But both have issues, especially Bowe. Even though D-Bowe was an All Pro (as I said he would be and as was Matt) both players have not proven themselves to be consistent stars.

Bowe takes too many games off – he’s not there in the big games. And any good cornerback can – and has – shut him down. His final two games last season were horrible. Matt had a good year, is tough and wants to lead. But he still hasn’t shown much if any greatness.

Cassel will have to improve a ton this season to really be THE GUY.

The Chiefs will sign a name back-up quarterback this year. Likely a proven guy like Kerrie Collins. Collins, 37, is a top vet with deep playoff experience. He can start a game and win – he’s proven that. However his career is near an end.

Collins has had many bouts with the booze (and maybe other stuff) and was in Topeka doing rehab in the late 90’s. Other options include Donovan McNabb  (but he wants to start somewhere, likely Vikes), Matt Hasselbeck (the best choice but he also wants to start somewhere). Kevin Kolb from the Eagles will be traded, but he’s a sure starter and will require a number one draft pick and a ton of dough. So he’s probably a no go. Former Ram, Marc Bulger is also a top possibility for the Chiefs.

There are a few more but nothing great.

In the case of a wide out, there are many more choices available.  One that makes sense is the Panther’s Steve Smith. They want a 3rd rounder for him and he’s a possesion receiver – we don’t have one now.

Another option; who will take a chance with Plaxico Burress? We should. Look, almost all of these guys have issues. Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice and Santonio Holmes are the top vets.

A couple interesting other top choices include Baltimore’s T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Braylon Edwards (likely to resign with the Jets) and Santana Moss. Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are highly unlikely for the Chiefs. Chad and T.O are major headaches and likely too far past it.

So there are lots of choices. Who do you want?

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24 Responses to Glazer: Life After Lockout; Chiefs Need Backup QB & Wide Receiver

  1. KU forever says:

    Yes We Need Help
    This year is gonna be a tough one. The Chiefs play every top team in the league, so winning the division is not likely. I like the idea of Kevin Kolb, but seems Chiefs are stuck on Cassel. So yeah, Matt Hassleback or Collins,Bulger are likely. One of them. Wide Out, ANYONE THAT CAN CATCH and has experience. This is a very weak area for the Chiefs.

  2. harley says:

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    You know nothing about sports and i could go down this piece and
    rip to shreds but dont want to. YOu are not a sports coumnist….get back
    to p-u-s-s-y…..please….you’re the only columnist left…kind of like
    last columnist standing at kcc….so please..
    everyone enjoys your p-u-s-s-y stories where you are an expert
    extraordinaire….so focus on p-u-s-s-y and letthe people who
    know sports stickm to sports.
    Does Len Dawson do commentary about hotties at woodside?
    Do jack hairy do stories about big tits?
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    Does keitzman do work on b.j’s (oh sorry…missed that one)
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  3. Packers Nation says:

    Go Packers, World Champs
    Sorry KC brothers, hard to get excited about the Chiefs when you are a Packer fan. We will win it all again, barring injury. Chiefs will be lucky to win 7 or 8 with their road ahead. I think they are not very good, OVER RATED. I would take Matt if you can get him, and almost any of the wide receivers your corp is a joke.

  4. Cowboy says:

    This Needs to Be Matt’s Year
    We need to see if Cassel is the right guy, jury is out on this one. Boy sure would love Kevin Kolb here, but not likely.

  5. Downtown davey says:

    Harley Thanks But SHUT UP
    Harley for the love of God, what is with you? You found fault with this article? Like WHAT? Glazer is stating what is available and why. Guess what its true and correct. If there is something wrong explain, otherwise please put a lid on it Harley.

  6. Jack Bat says:

    I Like It Hearne
    Yeah, I agree Glazer’s stories on women,sex and out there things are a big hoot, but someone has to cover sports on this site. Glazer does a nice job. He is often correct, we all make some calls that ain’t so on the mark. Harley you have had your share. Pittsburgh is a shoe in for Super Bowl win, was way wrong. Glazer did break down the playoffs very well and picked the Packers to win it all. They did.

    I like what Greg Hall did, but he was more about radio guys not stories on who, what and why. Nick Wright talked about this same problem last week with the Chiefs and who they can get to fix it. I hope we got a couple guys who can. Go Chiefs.

  7. Toco Time says:

    Losing Interest In Our Teams
    I am almost done with the Chiefs if they aren’t a better team this year. Sick of them and the Royals

  8. Kerouac says:

    kcindy already has their backup qb – mutt ca$$el. Now they need to find a starter – and a new head coach, and a new gm, and…

    But – who cares about that/the Chiefs – let’s talk about Casey Anthony, Jeff ‘Krusty the Klown’ Ashton & the all the prosecution ‘cheerleaders’ posing as ‘commentators’ on HLN & TruTV, even now trying furiously wipe the egg off their collective faces…

  9. Radio Man says:

    Chiefs Rock
    You guys are way off, Chiefs will win 11 games and be even better.

  10. Doormat says:

    More Important
    Is Haley the right guy? I don’t see it myself? I think the wheels come off this season, unless the defense can bail them out. We have no offense, none, just one back and he can’t carry this poor offense alone. Chiefs only win 5 games this year.

  11. Honky Tonk Man says:

    I Love The Chiefs This Season
    Lets see what they have before everyone jumps their butts. I believe they will be better and sure some new guys need to be on the club to make that happen. I believe they will add those players as needed.

  12. PB says:

    Chiefs Will Be Fine
    Cassell is nothing if not durable so a veteran backup shouldn’t be a priority. I think Ricky Stanzi, the kid from Iowa will more than adequately fill that role. However, I do like Glazer’s idea about making a run at Plaxico. I think the drafting (reach?) of Jonathan Baldwin shows the Chiefs still have some reservations about Cassell, at least as far as his ability to get the bowl downfield is concerned and that’s why they passed on the more obvious need of a speedy WR. It’s pretty clear they want to load up the receiving corps with more sizeable receiving options like Bowe, Baldwin, Moeaki (and Burress?) along with RBs that can catch (Dexter, Charles) that can keep their very average-armed QB from having to attempt too many throws that he simply can’t make .

    The Chiefs should actually better this year than last although their record might not reflect it because of the tougher schedule. Having said that, last year’s easy Chiefs schedule aside, NFL schedules generally don’t live up to their preseason billing as there are seemingly always a handful of teams that flip-flop (good to bad and vice-versa) positions from year to year so I still look for this team to be in the playoff hunt until the end with an 8 or 9 win season. And on the heels of last year and with alot of youth on the roster, that would be a good thing for this franchise.

  13. chuck says:

    If we play a back-up QB, its over anyway.
    With that said, I like Kerry Collins (hic’…hic…’). There is a guy I can relate to.

    The boys over at Arrowhead Addict make a good case for NO free agents.

    Its a good read, and Lyle Graverson makes some good points.

    This year, will be SO TOUGH to gamble on. The lockout, a frantic, fucked, frenetic, free agency free for all will make the first 2 games in the regular season a toss up for ANY team, imo.

    Kevin Kolb will START!! NOT back up, Philly is already assured of a first AND a third round pick for Kolb, he ain’t comin here, unless its for Bar B Q.

    Vincent Jackson, S Holmes, S Rice will require Clark Glass, er…, Hunt to pony up some major cash, will NOT happen. Plaxico Burress, Mensa Member in good standing, would be a good fit, except he is such a thug piece of shit in the locker room.

    Did ya see the picture of the fuckin dumbass the day he got outta prison??? Musta been goin straight to a lil Wayne concert, flashin signs, saggin and baggin. Bilbo Baggins would be a better bet.

    Owens, had ACL surgery. Ocho is NOT interested in the NFL, he is only interested in creating a “Brand”. TJ housh was a BIG dissapointment last year, and we already have guys goin over the middle.

    PACKER NATION–I agree, the Packers are brutal. I mean brutal. The guard they got last year at #26, Brian Buluga was a top 10 pick, and played like it all year. The guy they got this year Sherrod is a monster at OT. The fuckin Packers are BRUTAL.

    One fly in the ointment Packer Nation—-the New Orleans Saints got Mark Ingram in the first round. REALLY big deal for Packers fans. The Saints had an unbelievable draft, and will be in teh NFC playoffs against the Packers. Even money.

  14. chuck says:

    By the way Glaze,
    The kid they drafted in the first round, should get a chance to take some heat off of Bowe.

    He was a stud in college, got some bad press for calling out his QB. There are sharp dissagreements over that episode and the outcome as related to his draft position.

    I have heard sports guys on the radio and on the internet making a good case that he is as good as AJ Green and Julio Jones.

    Chiefs win 9 games.

  15. Observer says:

    First off, I want whatever Radio Man is smokin’.
    Secondly, it doesn’t take a seasoned sports geek to be able to write that the Chiefs need a real QB and a wideout of note.
    Thirdly, in a year when the schedule WILL be brutal, consider that opposing defenses only need to cover 22 yards deep against the current roster. Unless the Chiefs buy or draft a “true” ability to stretch the field deeply, you’re going to see 8-man boxes all season long – sorry, Jamaal.
    Fourthly, any gut feeling we’re having about the Chiefs upside is far outweighed by the actual upside for two of the other division’s teams. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say we won’t event sniff the division lead after a few weeks play. Would I be happy if all our pieces fell into place in one magical year? Who wouldn’t? But … it ain’t happin’.

  16. chuck says:

    FYI – Kerry Collins just retired.

  17. smartman says:

    Sheeple Run Off Cliff
    The Chiefs luck will be stretched wider than an elephants vagina during birth to go 8-8. They’re goin’ down harder than Casey Anthony at a Crips party. The schedule this season is harder than a 16 year old jacked on Viagra in Jenna Jamesons bum.

    This team will not make a Superbowl appearance with Pioli-Haley-Cassel on the payroll and Clark Hunt signing the checks. We need more grunts and less cunts.

    I like Stanzi. Give him a year or two to watch and learn and he could be the answer at QB. This team is less complete than a zygote.

  18. Westport Patron says:

    Interesting Guys
    Yeah the Chiefs are an odd duck, could be good, could be bad, tough scheduale, time will tell. My vote is like yours 8-8 or worse. Haley has proven to be thus far an OK coach, this is his test season really if he wins more than 8, he is a good coach.

  19. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    How Do You Do It Glaze
    You can cause a controversy with a Chiefs story about back ups. Crazy my friend.

  20. Harlow says:

    “I Like Big Butts and I cannot Lie”
    I just like watching the guys asses on TV.

  21. Maureen says:

    Who Cares?
    Craig I will be at Woodside is its nice, where were you on Sunday? I was there. As for the Chiefs, I only care if some hot guy is taking me to a game, then pretend to understand, while I get drunk. I agree with Harlow, NICE BUTTS.

  22. bschloz says:

    Western Division Champs 2010
    I know I know we won the division because it rained super hard on opening night. …. also forgot we won the division because S.D. lost to the Bengals in Cincy….must of been super cold up there or some shit. Oh and that time S.D. lost to the Rams because they suck in domes…and they lost to Seattle because it was all grungey up there.
    Sorry but I like the vibe of Clark and Pioli ..even like Haley. Arrowhead doesn’t need much to make a big difference. Who is going to win the division? Raiders, Chargers?
    Haley goes all Martyball and we grind out 10 wins. That should pay some good odds +250?
    2011 Western Division Champs.

  23. Cool Tool says:

    bschloz is Correct
    Maybe, if the defense gets there. With last years D no way. It must be much better. Especially late in games, thats when they really were bad.

  24. Royals Fan says:

    Boring Sports In KC
    Our sports teams are so boring, yes I can’t wait for NFL, even if Chiefs are not good, its something fun to watch. Our Royals are in the toilet for years. As a fan, I am so disgusted with the teams lies. Other than Eric Hosmer, NOTHING. Not one pitcher. We are a joke we will lose 100 plus and next year the same.

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