Glazer: Woodside to Expand with Apartments, Shops Offices – Oh and Hotties!

It’s not just a rumor…

Woodside owner Blair Tanner says the club is an inch away from its dream of becoming the "it" place to live near the Plaza and Johnson County. The city is poised to green light Tanner’s plan to expand the Woodside Health & Tennis Club and surrounding area into a beautiful new mix of apartments, shops, offices and a ‘living life healthy and fun" Mecca.

Tanner’s plan, which I have seen, has spectacular apartments and a new outdoor pool area that is second to none. It’ll be a tad pricey for some, but well worth it to those that can afford it. Residents will also become a member of Kansas City’s hippest and most popular health,tennis and glam club.

Tanner and local co-owner David Freeland – with the help of general manager Chris Bell – have almost completely redone Woodside over the last three years. They just finished its new EARTH BAR, is a first in KC.

Blair lives in LA, so he’s brought this total health concept with him to Kansas City. It’s a mix of good tasting organic health drinks, old fashioned smoothies and an expanded menu.

Huge hit.


Woodside’s also added a Friday Happy Hour that begins at 3 PM and goes until 7PM with top name DJ’s. And Woodside has KC’s only busy everyday pools. Even weekdays now bring over 100 people during the summer. Weekends, including Fridays, bring in as many as 700 a shift.

"It’s nuts," says Jeff the Hawaiian bartender.  "It’s so much fun and we have such great looking, new, young members."

Besides adding 1,000 new members the past two years, the average age has tumbled to the mid 20’s.


Yep, I’m one of the only old guard guys left at the pool anymore. Besdies Billy Whitaker and Ted McKnight at times. I went to First Friday there yesterday – got there at 3 – around the time most pools are dying down.

And all five parking lots were FULL. Babes everywhere. And yep more women then men. Yikes!

I almost always spot a local or national celebrity there. Saturdays are full from noon until 6 PM as well. Yesterday the Mermaid, Debbie was on hand – showing off her nice body. Also hung with Fox 4 Movie Critic, Sean Edwards.

Good times.
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47 Responses to Glazer: Woodside to Expand with Apartments, Shops Offices – Oh and Hotties!

  1. Woodside Pal says:

    Debbie is Great
    Had no clue Debbie/Mermaid looked this good. A real sex pot.

  2. Plaza Power says:

    Woodside Kills Jones
    Jones is busy on Saturdays and some Sundays, not open weekdays. Its young and kinda a bit lower income.

  3. mermaid says:

    Some ideas for Woodside!
    Just got back from the Jones. Only thing that really trumps Woodside are the chairs and more waitresses to get drinks. When you have 15 to 20 people in line to get a drink you either need to open up another bar or get girls out there taking orders! If you are going to have DJ’s charge a towel fee 1.00 or get a cover and use the money for chairs. Always thought it was cute in Vegas where they have the little flags on the chairs which means “Get over here and get me a drink!” Drink sales could be double if it’s readily available all the time. No waiting. And 1 girl for 500 people is not good economics! But other than that Woodside “Good job”.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    Mermaid Good Point
    I manage two clubs in mid town. Mermaid is right, Woodside is too busy for the way its set up now, they could ring double with better service and two bars with food at pool instead of coming from nine miles away.

  5. Plastic Money says:

    Yes those are two Nice Lookin Women
    Glazer or whomever took photos, nice looking girls. Good work.

  6. Maureen says:

    Looking Sexy Glazer
    See you tomorrow at pool. Be hot.

  7. smartman says:

    Lesson of the Day
    The meek shall inherit the earth and thou douchebags shall liveth at Woodside.

    So sad are thee that define thy worth by provenance and membership. You are tools but not of the Lord. Your works shall crumble and vanish as if they never were, remember man that thou art dust and to dust thou shall return.

    Dress, you swine, with lipstick and toupee but porcine shall you remain.

    Your eternal despair shall have one thousand times one thousand greater depth than your shallow lives.

    Repent unto the Lord. He is your only salvation.

  8. Funny Man says:

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun
    All we want to do is have some fun, in the dirty little Kansas City Sun.

  9. Robertoe says:

    I’ve gotten to know Mermaid a little through this site and the xmas party at Jardines. We’ve socialized. I just want to concur on what Craig always says about her. Not only is she a real bombshell but she is exceptionally sweet. Shes always got a smile and laugh’s easily. What a great gal.

    Ditto on Maria.

    Thx Hearne! Maybe you could start an affiliated dating site.

    Also I’m gonna start sending Hearne pics from the Intercontinental pool. I’ve been a summer member there since the old Ritz and Fairmont days. The gals aren’t as young. The crowd isnt as oneupmanship. Its a great mix of outa towners and private members.

  10. bschloz says:

    Boil That Water
    So basically when the whistle blows for adult swim….Glaze and Mermaid have the whole pool to themselves?

  11. mermaid says:

    That is so nice of you. We are friends now which is really great. Well I have traveled the KC pool scene so I guess it’s time for the Intercontinental!

  12. mermaid says:

    That made me laugh! Good one.

  13. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Mermaid You Are So So Hot
    I would love to take you out Mermaid. Any chance? OK, I’m not Glazer, but I’m not bad and am educated, well to do and a gentleman.

  14. Toco Time says:

    Jones Is Good, but Not As Hot As Woodside
    Glazer I would come there, but right now, just afford it brother. You rockon though, I am with ya, sometimes.

  15. Rocky Road says:

    Looks Like Fun Guys
    So how much is it to join there? What do you get besides the pool side tan?

  16. KC Star LOVER says:

    Hearne Do You Belong There
    Likely not, He’s Kansas City Country Club Boy

  17. Black Barbie says:

    They Love Me At Woodside
    All the white men there stare at me when I walk by, ain’t cause I’m black neither. It’s a very nice place and I enjoy when I go. Craig don’t like me to bring my girls cause he doesn’t want too many black girls with him, I think. They got some good drinks and I really llke to eat by the pool, the CLUB sandwich is my favorite. Buy me a club sandwich and a pina coolada and I am your baby girl.

  18. chuck says:

    Black Barbie, of course, spells Pina Colada
    “Pina COOLADA”

    Fuckin perfect.

    I am 30 years too old to be in the same state as Woodside and couldn’t afford the tax on membership fees if I wasn’t, but I sure as hell got bank for a fuckin sandwich and a Pina “Coolada”!

    Black Barbie, I am hoppin the fence, bringing coin of the realm (All in coin.) and YOU are my “baby girl”!

    There is hope!! A Club Fuckin Sandwich!! A Mixed drink!!

    I am guessin a 20 box of Bud gets me into Pippa’s pants!


    You fuckin win.

    Its astonishing how attratctive you are.

    I’ll follow your career in Hollywood.

  19. B says:

    Lol. who is preaching?

  20. Royals Fan says:

    Who is The Cover Girl? The Dirty Blonde Haired One
    Nice figure on that younger gal getting ice? I think. Or is she posing? Either way, I like it in the morning.

  21. bschloz says:

    Cover Pose
    Either she has scoliosis or she is the best damn ice getter in the World.

    Chuck, dude just wear those jungle pants and sandals—you’ll feel right at home in the Earth Bar.
    Don’t short shoot yourself on the cost of BLT’s and Coolada’s—- > than Culver’s

  22. chuck says:

    seriously laughin my ass off!!

  23. Black Barbie says:

    My Mom Is Mad At You
    I never get up this early, but we doing BARBQ today, um hun, can’t wait. Mr. Chuck why you hatin on me. My mom read that and said you puttin me down? I do not put you down. Why you a hatin bitch.

  24. Maureen says:

    Rained Out
    So is Debbie my competition Craig? Come on, I am ten years her junior. Won’t make it to pool its too rainy, next Friday sounds good. Wait til you see my bathing suit, makes Debbie/Mermaids look conservative, mine is SICK.

  25. mermaid says:

    Chill were just friends. Have at it. No competition here. BTW why don’t you tone down chasing Craig and maybe he will be more interested in you.

  26. harley says:

    mermaid…take the bad ass jew up on his date request. The guys got some hutzpah
    for asking you out on kcc. Go baby…better than the guys you hung with at the salon.
    And besides…jews are great husbands/boyfriends. They treat you like a queen unlike
    the other guys you’ve been with. And he’s educated and he’s ready to jump on you
    like we all like to do with shicktzas. You’d make beuatiful kids together…and maybe he’d
    buy you another swimsuit. Sorry honey…that suits not right for you. You are hot but the
    suit needs to downplay the large tatas and more into your body’s contour. It might work in
    vegas with the european pools but at woodside its a bit too much. But…you still look good..
    maybe i ‘ll put you in my movie when they make one of me!
    Maureen…too rainy. I guess that means you hang inside. If you’re 10 years younger than
    mermaid that means you’re about 34-35. Post a pic…would love to see ya…but tone down
    on the displaying your large tatas…..And if you weere smart you’d give up looking for a good
    loyal loving man at woodside and head to the jewish community center. Thats where you find
    the one that will really show you the bling!
    Have fun…i’m in Dallas for a wedding….sorry glaze…the women here in the big D make your
    top chicks look like dogs…just too many southern hotties…but i’ve got a good one so
    i ain’t looking…but went to work out at the gy near the W here…wowwwwwwwww….glaze
    you’d never go to work in this town….

  27. harley says:

    BAD ASS JEW….no date on saturday nite?
    take glazes leftovers….or just follow him and get the ones he doesn’t or can’t get.
    Together you’d be a team…call yourselves “2 LIVE JEWS”….
    mman with all the hotties at woodside…plaza…sanfords…you'[re tagging this
    site on a saturday night.
    Just offer mermaid a free dinner and a hebe yentz and you’re in the money.
    Have fun…and remember…this site is for entertainent purposes only…you are
    one of my MOT…know what I mean….

  28. chuck says:

    Black Barbie
    What the fuck are you talkin about.

    I’m sayin your funny and hot.


  29. harley says:

    nice story glaze
    glad to see you’re back. Was a little worried you strayed off course.
    Keep the photos coming and the stories…..its what you do best…
    as far as maureen…post her pic and we’ll determine if she’s the one for
    you. If not…pass her off the bekuwitzzz….
    to all my fans/readers and disciples…i will return on the 4th…wish i could
    post some of my old harem….my girl might not like it and i’ m not trading
    her in for some floozie.

  30. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    I Don’t Need Your Help Harley
    I do just fine, I also think Debbie looks very nice in that suit and it stylish. More than OK for Woodside or anywhere but Mothers House. Mermaid how do I reach you at work? PS. Harley I doubt you have ONE photo of a beautiful girl, you are too busy posting on every hour! Hah, Hah,Hah, Got you!

  31. Craig Glazer says:

    Debbie Got the Most Looks
    Mermaid Debbie, your bathing attire was sexy and all the guys there were going nuts over you. Young guys too. They all thought you were about 28 years old. You were in the top three of the 700 people we saw there.

  32. Black Barbie says:

    OK Chuck Man
    I will let it go if you come down to Temptations say on Thursday Night, this week, I will dance for you, close, topless, smelling like the kind of sex all white men want but never git. Spend some time with Black Barbie and some money. If so I will be nicer too you Chuck. Are you cute? Do you know my old boyfriend Craig the cheater? Who won’t pay me for that song on Johnny Dare. The one he and Johnny are makin my money on. My Mamma will come after you too, for real.

  33. smartman says:

    Row Sef Esteam
    Damn. Black Barbie, you need some serious head shrinkin’ done. All white guys wanna do is tap your ass with their small girthless weiners to fulfill some kinda Jungle Love, Jackie Brown, slave owner fantasy. They’re interested in you pussy, but not YOU! You’re nothing but a vagina with legs and a weave to them. They’ll blow a load, or as you call it, Asti Spermanti, in about 42 seconds. And then what? They’re done and you’re still in Park. You need a real Jim Brown, Denzel Washington dark chocolate brother to keep you satisfied.

    Listen to Minister Farakahn. Get you a fine ebony skinned brother and stop diluting the gene pool. A strong black woman with child bearing hips like yourself doesn’t need to go cafe au lait. You hearin’ me sister?

    You never see a white bear sexin up with a black bear do ya? Keep it real and pure the way nature intended.

    All this inter-racial stuff is bad. Before long the Mexicans and Chinese will start hookin’ up and the damn kids will PAY YOU to let them WORK FOR YOU!

    Stay away from the Jews. They killed Jesus and have been paying for it ever since. Israel is the only damn country in the Middle East with no oil. How’s that for payback?

    Life is short girl. One day you wake up and you ain’t backin’ dat azz up on the pole, you’re tryin’ to squeeze in in between the counter and kitchen tryin’ to remember HI MAY I HELP YOU.

  34. Robertoe says:

    Mermaid’s new social director
    I don’t know Smartman, have you been to Brazil or Cuba? Lots of interracial blending there, all shades or brown and the prettiest women anywhere (Mermaid excluded) IMO.

    OK guys here’s the deal on Mermaid. Like she says, I’ve become a good friend. She’s bound 4 bigger so I’ve now been assigned gatekeeper/security/social director responsibilites. Any new overtures have to go through me. If you think you are worthy send emails to OilisnotWell@gmail,com. Put ‘Why I’m the guy 4 Mermaid’ as the subject. Supply a short essay and a photo. I’ll only pass along the witty creative quality. Good luck!

  35. white ken says:

    does chuck know craig?
    Hey Barbie,

    I hope chuck doesn’t know craig in the Biblical Sense…… “Chuck” is an acronym for “Stan”………

    Don’t wan t to be aa fly on that wall…… I’d fall of and die.

  36. chuck says:

    Thanks for the invite Barbie
    But I’m old and sedentary.

    smartman is right, 42 seconds would be a new world’s record for me. I would be out going through your refrigerator faster than a Japanese Bullet Train. If ya got pregnant, you would probably have a Zebra striped Flipper Baby, my genes are weak and deficient.

    I am going to stay home, and cry into my Activa, and think of you, and my spent youth.

    Not to mention, I don’t want any Tonton Macoute motherfuckers chasing me down and curb stompin my ass for being a bad lay.

    But I do think your hilarious and quite nice looking.

    P.S. I have never met Mr. Glaze

  37. Hearne Christopher says:


  38. Hearne Christopher says:

    Glaze took that shot…Glaze?

  39. smartman says:

    Cuba and Brazil. Bastions of human civilization, cultivators of freedom and great human achievement, aka cigars and THE BRAZILIAN that have deprived themselves of potential greatness with continual dilution of classic bloodlines and genetic traits.

    Black is BEAUTIFUL. Black and White is a cop car and Black and Brown means you’ve got serious colon problems and need to see a doctor.

  40. Black Barbie says:

    I ain’t never gonna have to say “Hi May I help You”..I have lots of men with money who want to marry me, see. I am too young, 22. So I will wait, my momma said and I agree, Craig will be back one day. He loved me, pretty sure. When I do have sex, men don’t leave, they want me to stay. I drive a nice car, take care of my momma and kids in my family even help my daddy. So if you don’t want my crew looking for you smartass, shut the fuck up.

  41. smartman says:

    Black Barbie Q
    Send your “crew” after me Black Barbie Q. I’m armed to the hilt at home and have a conceal carry permit. One of my crew is an ex Army Ranger and another spent 10 years in the Foreign Legion. We’d love to throwdown. Just say when and where. Most gang-bangers don’t like it when crackers with Close Quarters Combat training shoot back.

    Kiss-Kiss We Don’t Miss

    It’s ON!

  42. harley says:

    So sorry badass jew
    I was just trying to help you out. You post on this blog on a saturday night at 9pm and
    I felt sorry for you. No women on the biggest 3 day weekend of the year. At home on saturday
    on kcc? Are you serious? I put in some good words for you and
    you turned on me like a mad man. Would love to see you and mermaid hook up.
    And you asked mermaid out on kcc. Uh…hello. If you want to meet some quality women with
    class and upscale style it won’t be on kcc. I guarantee you that.
    However…i do wish you luck with mermaid. My comments on her suit were that she is very hot
    and stylish but the revealing swimsuit was a bit too much. I’ve spent about 20K with dr.bortnick and
    I consider myself a “breast afficionado” having seen his work “up close”. And i can tell you
    his nickname as the “master of mammaries” is for real. A little less exposure whould have made
    her even more sexy. I remember days at woodside where they had some hotties and every guy would
    drool over them. I suspect thats not changed. Especially with women like mermaid and even maureen.
    Mermaid…even after we’ve sparred verbally…seems like a good girl…a smart businesswoman…
    but as the song goes “she’s looking for love in all the wrong places”. Wearing a suit like that probably
    runs off some of the quality guys. No doubt she’s in great shape but she has some serious competition
    out there in kc because most of the guys are such blubbering idiots they don’t make the moves on
    women like mermaid. I’m sure she does fine!
    As far as maureen…would love to see her. She must be #1 in glazes book. and she knows how to
    create an image of beauty by describing her new suit as “sick”…i can only imagine what
    will happen when she show’s up at woodside.
    On the business side…the idea of expanding around woodside is absolutely brilliant. the
    plaza seems to want to run out the young professionals and what better way to caputre
    a huge cash cow than expanding on the idea of a total living environment.
    Dallas has several developements like this and I know in atlanta they did huge with
    It’s great to see and hear the old guarad is still working the “pit”…and that it’s still the
    fun place its alwasy been. Its just a little younger.
    I do work with Cecil VanTuyl and he’s investing millions into the plaza (of course he has
    billions)….and he’s usually been right about most of his business decisions.
    Most importantly it shows the economy is starting to rebound and money for lending is
    starting to flow again. I haven’t been to the new and improved woodside but it alwasy had
    the potential to be huge. The owners/managers have done an excellent job of positioning
    the club and changing their marketing plan. Great great job.
    And if they were smart they’d make glaze their p.r. guy. He’d make that place hop and with
    his ability to promote its be a huge success cause the guy knows how to make things happen.
    As far as hearne…i read great news that kcc is on fire. visitor counts are climbing and up
    50% so maybe the loss of hall isn’t so bad after all. Congrats. Even though we spar verbally
    it seems like things are picking up at kcc.
    everyone stay safe…be careful on the 4th and i hope to be back soon from our quick
    jaunt to the big D. Love to all….your favorite writer and spinmeister…harley.

  43. harley says:

    got a call friday that the state has new laws about dui’s. Used to be they could go back
    forever on duis and count them against you. Now…the new law says they can only go
    back 10 years. Huge…huge…especially for 40/50 year old people who might have
    gotten on 12 or 15 years ago.
    The law also changed license supspenstions. If you lost your license for a year
    you couldn’t drive period. Now after 45 days you can get permit to drive to
    work/and other essential trips….thats huge.
    I don’t know all the things about it…but i’m sure you know someone who can
    explain the etails. You’ve written often about the archaic laws in kansas
    so I’m sure the readers will want to know more because its really reduced
    the headaches of getting dui’s in kansas.
    They just started july 1….big news.

  44. Craig Glazer says:

    That Is Huge Harley
    Yes that is imortant. It’s been way over the top for too long. It seems every ten years or so there is a new “hot” button and the dui’s are one of them. I agree it needs to be much more fair.

  45. Craig Glazer says:

    The Over The Top Hate Mail Needs To End
    This site is mostly for entertainment news. All these extreme anger comments need to really end if you guys can. I think what was once in play or fun has gotten to be too mean. So Barbie and all you guys just let it go, nobody meant anyone any real harm. You guys don’t even really know each other. Just drop it and have a good summer.

  46. westwood resident says:

    Woodside development not going anywhere
    As a Westwood resident I can tell you there are many, many residents who believe this project will be an utter disaster for Westwood. We do not want 330 apartments, 4 story above ground parking garages, added taxes,blighted building shames,and traffic problems for itinerant renters.
    Mr Tanner is giving Youthfront millions of dollars for their property but basically zero for the Woodside property which the city owns ( a building in 40 years is not a good trade). tanner could have improved the pool and the poll bar this year but is playing games with the city until he gets his way.Why doesn’t he take his LA ways and leave town- we will not miss his glossy pictures and over-hyped presentations.

    Craig Glazer has been a shill for Woodside for years and his endorsement is worthless–stick to comedy for your Woodside promo is laughable.

  47. Rob Lane says:

    Westwood Could Use The Upgrade Resident
    I highly doubt Glazer is in any political move for Woodside. He simply shows that the place is moving upward and onward, as Westwood should. Tanner has made some nice improvements to the old club and made it relivant again. Word is these are expensive or upper income units at a very nice complex. Why wouldn’t you want to upgrade Westwood? Because you fear younger people? Why? There has been no problems to my knowledge at Woodside. It is a very well behaved institution with both families and singles of all ages. Had he not improved it likely the club would have gone under. Instead it is the talk of the town. You fault him for that? Why? He is clearly a sharp person who is not a kid at 30 something. There is class and quality in everything Tanner and Woodside have improved Get off the ‘hate’ game and allow your area to improve with marching times. Everything needs an upgrade even the Plaza and Westwood. As for Glazer he clearly is writing to entertain and not to get in YOUR business or Woodsides. Lets all be grown-ups not jealous haters. Seems fair, I grew up in your area in the 70’s.

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