Today: Marilyn Maye in Rehab, Plots Jardine’s Comeback & Karrin in November!

This time last week legendary Cowtown crooner Marilyn Maye was still down and out…

"I haven’t talked to Marilyn, she’s still in rehab," said Jardine’s owner Beena Brandsgard. "Because she lost a lot of her weight and strength."

A trio of kidney stones sidelined the singer the night before she was to perform a string of sold-out shows at Jardine’s for Father’s Day week last month.

The latest?

"She’s doing good," Brandsgard says. "So this is good news. She’s already got a call into New York to her piano players to figure out what days will work for the makeup dates. I’m very, very thrilled about this. Of course, I knew she would make it up to me, but this is very, very big. I mean, people have been calling left and right saying they’re praying for Marilyn."

Hey,  kidney stones are no fun, they’re worse when you’re 80-something.

"The kidney stone thing was very painful," Brandsgard says. ‘So you can imagine having three!"

Brandsgard will have to re-arrange the schedule for Maye’s makeup dates but is shooting for early September.

Meanwhile, back at the Kidney Stone Ranch, "Marilyn’s still in the rehab thing in the hospital," Brandsgard says. "They’re working on getting her strength back. But she’s really doing well. So hang onto your tickets to keep your priority seating.

"We’ll be calling everybody and at that time they can pick which show they want to come to. Ninety percent of the people have been holding onto their tickets."

And this just in…

Jardine’s has book jazz chanteuse Karrin Allyson to perform November 28 & 29  (and possibly the 30th)
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  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Glad to Hear She Is Well
    She is a nice lady, I was glad to hear she is doing so well.

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