Glazer: Never Heard of Today’s Top Comics? Take a Number!

People often come up and ask me, "Hey, got anyone big coming up at the comedy club?"

I always wonder if they even know who is big. Most people can only name a few comics that even do clubs. The really big acts like Lisa Lampanelli went on to theaters and the ones who were just good or so-so have left the business.

Now there’s an entire generation of new comics.

Yes, there are still some oldies but goodies. They still fill the rooms. At the top of the group are names like Ralphie May, Carlos Mencia (when he is not doing a theater), Pablo Francisco, Kevin Nealon, Lynne Koplitz, Caroline Rhea and a few more. Other big names like Tommy Chong have left the club scene as he has re-teamed with Cheech to make millions again in theaters like The Midland by AMC in KC (sold out, standing room only).

My relationships with some of the big names like Lewis Black (only big rooms, casinos, Vegas) brings them to our club once in a while. Tommy Chong, a very close friend, will do ONE comedy club this year – STANFORD AND SONS – in looks like August.

Since Leno and Letterman have faded, new feeders for comics are CHELSEA HANDLER, TOSH.0 & Comedy Central.

To that end, we use their top young people like TJ Miller (film star, "She’s Out of My League) Josh Wolf (Chelsea, head writer and now has show following hers), Nikki Glaser (from here, on her way up, ‘I AM COMIC"), Bryan Callen (just here, THE HANGOVERs), Eliza Schlesinger (got her own show on Comedy Central), Whitney Cummings (NBC show, and another she produces) and next week we have new comedy big time guy, Mo Mandel.

Mo is a regular on Chelsea. He’s handsome (that helps) young (29), and got the starring role on NBC’s FREE AGENT that starts this fall. We still have the vets like Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui with nine seasons on Reno..

Ah, the young have taken over again.

There is more talent in comedy today than I’ve ever seen before.

Chances are, you just never heard of most of ’em.

See them all at Stanford’s, the Midland, Amritsar and Sprint Center. Enjoy.

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14 Responses to Glazer: Never Heard of Today’s Top Comics? Take a Number!

  1. keeping it reaal leaves welts says:

    Tosh is one funny sumbitch
    I’ve got to believe the internet and comedy central has changed the game in stand up. Im no expert, but with all of the exposure from youtube and comedy central, people don’t want to spend money in this tight economy to sit packed like sardines in a comedy club. Any truth to that theory? I saw Larry the Cable guy at your westport joint about 7 years ago. Funny as hell but close quarters.

  2. jack p. says:

    GG TO KC?
    Hey Craig,
    Do you think Gilbert Gottfried will EVER play a KC date? I know that he usually sticks to east coast clubs but since he’s out pushing his new book (which incidentally is a good, funny read) he’s expanding westward.
    He’s doing the Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR on 7/7-9 and Wise Guys Comedy Club in Utah on 8/5-6.
    I’d love to see him here as I think that he’s one of the funniest guys around. Matter of fact he usually steals the Comedy Central roasts.
    Any good news for GG in KC?????

  3. KU Forever says:

    Interesting Information
    Craig you are right. When you ask me about big names I’m thinking Jeff Foxworthy or David Spade. I saw Foxworthy at Stanfords, must have been 20 years ago. Boy time flys, huh. With al bull you take, just wanted to say thank you for bringing comedy to this city. You and your family do a wonderful job with it, really.

  4. Toco Time says:

    Saw You Have Bobby Slayton is Sept.
    Hope you didn’t do that for Harley! I don’t know Slayton, is he real funny?

  5. Monkey Man says:

    Chelsea Is Hot
    Love the pictures Hearne or Craig.

  6. Rocky Road says:

    Ever Have Nick Swardson?
    I love this guy. Did he play your place ever?

  7. POOH MAN says:

    Handler Has Some Nice Boobs
    She don’t look that good anymore Glaze

  8. smartman says:

    Chelsea Handler
    They found 12 black guys inside Lisa Lampanelli’s vagina. They were all waitin’ to bang Chelsea Handler. At least the coal haulin bitch had the good sense to bang a white Jew E! executive first to launch her career. Her timing is awful. She has shit interviewing skills Her books are juvenile. She’s no Cloris Leachman, Carol Burnett or Betty White. Maybe she can be Lizzie Grubmans body double.

    When it comes to white ass I like Eliza she got the kinda butt to SUPERSIZE ya’…..but she’s bangin a hockey player. Only people that bang hockey players are homos and Canadians. Will probably have a run like Tia Leoni did.

    Whitney Cummings is the real deal. She should have a long and profitable career.Fuck E! and Comedy Central. She’s on the BIG BOX.

    Bill Burr is funnier than anyone that you named. Guys got Rolex timing and fucking MENSA quality observational takes.

    HEY JACK! You’re in the travel business. Why don’t YOU GO TO GILBERT?

  9. Jenifer B says:

    Very Funny Smartman
    Cracked me up.

  10. Pissed Off says:

    Nikki is a hottie
    Hope she is no relation to you guys.

  11. Joe Cornia says:

    Worked with Niki Nice Lady
    Did two shows at OP with her, very nice girl. Smart.

  12. bschloz says:

    Saw Gilbert G. At comedy club at Watts Mill ..can’t remember the name something like giggles or funny bone. Funny guy..maybe 5′ tall.

    Thought this was pretty good.

  13. Funny Man says:

    Love Stanfords Glazer
    I’m 45, been coming to your comedy since the late 80’s, saw Seinfeld and Foxworthy in Westport. You guys rule comedy, hope you choose the Plaza, I live in the condos by the Brush Creek, I could walk down.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Check the spelling of her last name. She is a KU girl though and got her start here in KC

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