Givenchy Menswear: What Not To Wear

Excuse me, House of Givenchy, but is Riccardo Tisci on crack?


Let’s just cut to the chase.


Tisci’s Fall 2011 Menswear Collection is for the inner-Goth. His mostly black collection includes a brigade of pale, sad model-boys in baggy shorts and black leggings.


Not exactly my cup of tea, but it could be worse—wait…it is worse.


Tisci’s big moment of genius was stamping his collection with the images of snarling, slobbery Rottweilers.




Now, Tisci’s Spring 2012 Menswear Collection is much more light-hearted. Tisci, known for his Gothic-esque collections, showcased a surprisingly fresh menswear line for Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week.


Tisci’s designs were almost all white, tree-leaf green, or sparkling with sequins. Skirts, shorts, and pants were printed with tropical rainforest motifs. Bright leaves, flowers, and tree frogs covered the garments from head to toe.


What the hell?


So Riccardo Tisci, I just have to ask…

How much hotter do you have to be to model at Givenchy?


And how much more do you get paid wear a kilt adorned with Hawaiian leaves, or a shirt that can accurately be described as a ‘Rottweiler-Plaid fusion’?


For more crazy menswear looks from Paris Fashion Week, check out this Huffington Post slideshow:

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