Caitlin: Paris 2012 – From Rottweilers to Tree Frogs – Tisci on Crack

Excuse me, House of Givenchy, but is Riccardo Tisci on crack?

Let’s just cut to the chase.

Tisci’s Fall 2011 Menswear Collection is for the inner-Goth. His mostly black collection includes a brigade of pale, sad model-boys in baggy shorts and black leggings.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but it could be worse—wait…it is worse.

Tisci’s big moment of genius was stamping his collection with the images of snarling, slobbery Rottweilers.


Now, Tisci’s Spring 2012 Menswear Collection is much more light-hearted. Tisci, known for his Gothic-esque collections, showcased a surprisingly fresh menswear line for Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week.

Tisci’s designs were almost all white, tree-leaf green, or sparkling with sequins. Skirts, shorts, and pants were printed with tropical rainforest motifs. Bright leaves, flowers, and tree frogs covered the garments from head to toe.

What the hell?

So Riccardo Tisci, I just have to ask…
How much hotter do you have to be to model at Givenchy?

And how much more do you get paid wear a kilt adorned with Hawaiian leaves, or a shirt that can accurately be described as a ‘Rottweiler-Plaid fusion’?

For more crazy looks from Paris Fashion Week check out
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12 Responses to Caitlin: Paris 2012 – From Rottweilers to Tree Frogs – Tisci on Crack

  1. Axel says:

    this is…..
    complete garbage.

    But its still better than that one guy who “writes” here…the one who says he used to be a “big shot” in town and now tries to tell everyone how great he is/was….in the glory days when he was banging chubby 6’s, hung out with b-listers, etc, and wrote a book about being the baddest man on the planet or something. Is that guy still begging for attention?

  2. steveo says:

    Hey, Craig models a fig leaf for Black Barbie
    and calls it fash-un.

    Then for Mermaid, since she’s into this sort of play, he straps the squirrel next to his schlong, and calls them The Twins.

    The rest of the bullpen just loves it when Craig slings the monkey, and junior around his neck, and squirts ’em with ketchup. It’s called Comedy Club Fusion Fashion. Very big in the Dot. Where everyone else shops at Cabela’s. Or in the free Tshirts they win from Johnny Dare.

  3. chuck says:

    What the fuck??? The new Photosynthesis Line?
    Is that guy separating bottle, paper and plastic in the shitter before he walks the runway? Is he gettin polintated later?

    Next year’s “Oil Spill” line should be great.


    Suge Fuckin Knight, and his shotgun would get the crap beat outta him in Leawood, Sunday morning at a fuckin cake sale in that suit.

    Chuck Norris gets his lunch handed to him by Gary Coleman in that suit.

    How bout them fuckin shoes?!?!?

    I guess a fuckin burgler could rob your house in the daytime, after hiding in the bushes in your front yard in that suit.

    Where do you wear something like that?

    OK, its der riguer for the executive staff at Suburban Lawn and Garden.

    I want to see a HUGE bumblebee land on dude.

    Some fuckin suit.

    Could ya sell cars in that fucker?


    You could wait tables at the “RainForrest Cafe” at Oak Park Mall.

    Ok, you will NEVER, I mean FUCKING NEVER get laid in that suit.

    If Glaze had to weat that suit the rest of his life, he may as well take his vows now and join the priesthood.

    Wow, some suit Caitlin.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Why Axel, to what do we owe such a gentlemanly, generous concession?

  5. Family Tree Nursery says:

    Chuck, you are awesome.
    You forgot one thing–it’s air conditioned. Great for this weekend…

  6. chuck says:

    Dude is a REAL clothshorse.
    Its so green. A horse eats the clothshorse.

    Nothing goes to waste.

  7. chuck says:

    I just realized that the guy in the Leaf Suit is NOT on the

    He is on the Red Carpet!!

    He is the star of that new movie, “Jack and the Gaystalk”.

  8. Mildred Pierce says:

    I saw Chuck in this suit at First Fridays last night
    Chuck, you rascal…
    that was you, dude. I know it. In front of Peregrine Honig’s custom-made underpants store, Birdie’s. I knew it was you because of the no hair, and the steely gaze…however did you keep a straight face?? You must have nerves of steel, Chuck.

    I always wondered where you hung out on First Fridays. Now I know. I just got a card about the exhibit at Late Show Gallery/1600 Cherry, next Friday. Where Barb McCreery has made skulls decorated with sequins and crystals and prayer beads. I’ll catch up with you there. 8ish? I’ll have feathers in my hair. I mean, who doesn’t love an art gallery run by a heroin addict, across the street from a giant white weiner gas tank. Hell, Craig Glazer takes Junior–just ties him up outside, to gaze at the weiner tank, while he ducks into the Late Show looking for girls with sexy tats.

    And, Chuck–final thanks for the French, in your posts yesterdays. De riguer. Nice. I bet you wear that suit when you are trying to sneak a clearance flat of French marigolds out to your truck from the Raytown Home Depot. The clerks are so dazed they think it’s a mirage. Merde…

  9. chuck says:

    I am totally busted.
    That fuckin suit chaffes in some pretty inconvenient places.

    Just yesterday, on my way to Anthropologie to pick up some scrunchies and a choker, I noticed that where the fig leaf is going up my ass, the material on my “suit” was wearing a little thin.

    Guys like me get roofied in suits like this on a regular basis. I wake up in the morning, the bed is mussed (Wish my “hair” was.) and theres roses on my coffee table (Right next to my copy of “Rainbow Boys”.)

    Oh well, see ya next Friday!!

  10. chuck says:

    White wiener gas tank metaphors…
    very nice…


  11. chuck says:

    Shit, I missed the Raytown Home Depot ref…

  12. Mildred Pierce says:

    Chuck, since the suit will be in the cleaners…
    just carry some French marigolds.
    Besides, it will repel those giant bumblebees that might still be stalking you.
    See ya then.

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