Today: Knuckleheads Saloon and Isle of Capri Hope to Dodge Flood Bullet

A story in yesterday’s newspaper warned that "nervous businesses" were braced for flooding…

Complete with an ominous disclaimer from one high profile potential victim located on the banks of the Missouri River.

"There was no word from the Isle of Capri about its Kansas City casino," the story said.

Well, hang onto your sandbags because all it took was a single phone call to get that elusive "word" on the prospects of the casino’s flood status.

"As far as we know, sir, it’s not going to affect us, there’s no flooding," says an Isle of Cari operator says. "You can tell the river’s up but we’re pretty high up here and it would have to get up really high to get to us."

Ditto, adds nearby neighbor Frank Hicks of Knuckleheads Saloon in the lower part of the East Bottoms.

"There’s nothing gonna happen here, trust me," Hicks says. "I’m not in the flood district. You know what? In ’93 when we had that flood, we didn’t get nuthin’ at all."

So it’s full steam ahead for Knucklehead’s David Allan Coe show Saturday night

"Come on down," Hicks says. "The only sandbagging I’m doing is when I play pool."

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