Glazer: Wake Up, Sam – The Kansas City Royals Totally Suck!

The Star’s Man Sam – Sam Mellinger – says the Royals newest youth movement (No. 9 million) is working.

Sam wrote a long story yesterday about how well it may work out for our soon-to-be division champs. All they need is two more pitchers (starters) and we’ve got the rest.

HUH? What!

Lets see, last I checked the Royals, having brought up nearly the entire Triple A team, were in dead last place with the worst record in the American League. Oh yeah, second worst in all of baseball. The Royals have a good shot at losing 100 games and almost surely 90-plus.

Oh, almost forgot – miracles do happen!

Coming to the rescue for the Royals is Eric Hosmer. Hosmer, after a nice start, has a .268 batting average and is still stuck on 5 homers with no timely hitting.

He looks more like the second coming of Alex Gordon than the next Derek Jeter.

The rest of the team –  oh, brother – there’s Mike Moussakas batting .263 with that one silly homer from nine years ago. And goofball pitcher Danny Duffy is 1-2 with a 4.61 ERA.

Yeah, the Royals are looking good, alright. What do I think?

With luck, within 5 years and buying a couple or 10 pitchers, they finish second and win 88 games.


Eric Hosmer was the talk of the league for about one day. He was the team’s likely All-Star. As usual we will have one. But that dubious title will go to Soria or Gordon now.

The only Royal who is having a truly nice year is Alex Gordon.

He’s always around .300 with fair power and a great outfielder. But he should be our fourth or fifth best player with these numbers. He also has 44 RBIs and likely will break 100 RBIs (when was the last decade that happened for a Royal?).

So yes, Alex is turning into a good solid everyday player after only 500 years of working to get there.

As for Billy Butler, well, Sam had a take on him too; he’s the "under appreciated" Billy Butler.

Here’s my take: Butler is, SO GOD DAMN BORING!

OK, so he hits right around .300 (on the nose). That’s about it though. He can’t field. He’s overweight. He’s got no power – none – just 6 homers. And he hits into more double plays than there are midtown DUI checkpoints.

Thus far, he’s good trade bait and that’s about it.

So like Sam says, be patient Royals fans. Within 5 years we will be AVERAGE.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Wake Up, Sam – The Kansas City Royals Totally Suck!

  1. Royals Fan says:

    I Hate to Agree But Yeah
    I’m not very impressed with the young guys either. Lots of smoke, not much reality. It looks like a long wait for a good ball club.

  2. Packer Nation says:

    Bring On The NFL
    Who cares about the Royals?

  3. Sports Guy says:

    Even You Can’t Get Comments On These Fools

  4. Dead Horse says:

    Please stop beating me.

  5. HARLEY says:

    Still hope…
    at the start of the season we saw a renewed vitality with the team. They started off strong.
    After going to 8 or 9 games I saw some great enthusiasm on the team and some potential
    for a good year. By good year, I meant a season where they were competitive.
    and they blasted out with a winning record.
    What happened? they jumbled up the team and the cohesion that I saw developing fell
    a part. So many different players shuttling in that they could not get into a groove
    as a team. Yost played checkers with the players..moving them so much they couldn’t
    get comfortable with their teammates and themselves not knowing where and when
    they were going to play.
    and most importantly they had so many really good prospects they had a logjam on the
    team trying to get the really good players up to the majors.
    They now sit with i think the 4th or 5th worst record in the majors. The cohesion and the
    fun the players showed in the first 20-25 games has faded. Many of those players are now
    gone…or injured…or replaced.
    At this time they needed pitching but the poor start by soria cost them 4 or 5 games…
    chen’s injury hurt…but the real problem was that as the season moved on I reazlized that
    the team wasn’t concerned with winning this year…that even wit h the good start they were
    satisfied with giving all their young talent a chance to play and see who was good enough
    to stay and not good enough to continue.
    This created a train wreck because the young players would come up and be so tense
    trying to manufacture wins that they failed to play well. Instead of creating a winning attitude
    first…the royals became a rotating team and the edge they had early was lost as the manager/
    gm jumbled up the lineup.
    I have been to at least 6 games since. Yost has pretty much eliminated the cohesion that i saw
    early in the season. I did predict the royals would have a good year…but that the season would
    restv oon how well they handled long losing streaks which everyone new was going to happen.
    Unforunately with a rotating roster it fell short. The younger players became so obsessed with trying
    to do too much at the plate and in the field that they lost their focus.
    This could be a very good ball club. But yost and moore must go. There needs to be a set lineup
    of players in the same positions for a long period of time. Yost
    is experimenting. I thought the experimenting was over…that they had the talent and recognized
    who was major league and who wasn’t
    Instead they are still trying t o determine who can play. It gets back to my comments last year
    where I said the problem with the royals was the inability to evaluate talent. They just don’t get
    it. Had they had the right personel people in place there would not be a round trup bus between
    omaha and kc on a regular basis.
    What could have been a btreatkthrough year now looks tough. But i am a huge baseball fan.
    Love baseball…in fact i’m headed to new york in several weeks and will deifinietly visit yankee
    and vmets stadium.
    My former client is the current/former/part time/temporary owner of the dodger and will
    head out there this summer also.
    Lets hope the royals turn it around. Lets hope that yost is gone at the end of the year.
    this rotating team is tough on these young guys…but we do have a great nucleus of
    big time talent…its just going to take someone with a special touch to bring them together…
    and it will happen….hopefully in the second half of the year.
    gtlass needs 2 starters….why he didn’t buy them we’ll never know…maybe there weren’t
    2 good pitchers in free agency available.
    But with a low payroll…the 2012 all star game coming here…glass needs a major
    wakeup call or this town will be asleep when the mlb all star game comes here….
    Glass can’t sell the team…..he dan only siphon off the big profits and thats what is killing
    this team.
    I know the daughter of ewing and muriel are getting pretty steamed over the situation.
    Talked with euwings daughter and thye admit the situation is a disgrace…especially as
    they prepare to enrapture the city with the new performing arts center (I was in it…
    it’s beyond words and description) ready to open this fall.

  6. A says:

    That’s some real deep analysis
    That is all

  7. Rocky Road says:

    Went to Four Games This Year
    Took my son to three games, we lost all of them. Not in a row, about one every two weeks. The Royals scored I think a total of five runs in all those loses. My cousin took me to a game in St. Louis, we lost that one too. Boy they are sure fun to watch grow. Right. I’ll now wait til next year to see them.

  8. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley You Win
    You are right, I was given everything. You have more money than me, Glazer and Hearne. They were handed everything. I think Glazer had that cush job in the joint, likely all a lie, his book is a lie, Hearne is a liar, we are all losers Harley only you are cool and you are also younger than everyone, better looking too. Wish I was you Harley. PS how can Hearne hire you, you are a fake person? PS, most of what you write is bullcrap and incorrect, just saying. Though everything on me, Glazer and Hearne is true. Good work

  9. Poojj says:

    Berkowitz you must
    get something to do other then being Mr. Glazer or having your nose right by his peach seed. Take some of that retirement money and go buy yourself something. Go have a good time. Mr. Glazer worked for his money. Mr. Christopher did not. Dont no about you. Could care less. If I was you Id change my name like the old Mayor. I think Sandy made him. Well excuse me Berk. I have to go make chocolate out of chicken shit.

  10. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Great Comeback Harley
    Again you use another name, why? Just be you whoever you are? Fake person. Oh, I am so hurt.

  11. Rainbow Man says:

    Here is what happened
    We were a couple out of first and they brought up Hosmer. In his first week he jacked two at Yankee Stadium. Then we went to the shitter. Obviously, the other guys could not handle his success.. They got tudes. Baby losers. Gordo is performing because he knows if he does not do it this year he will be back in Lincoln selling State Farm homeowners policies.
    As for the beyotches living on Ewing’s hard earned cabbage being aghast at the team performance… I would say who gives a rats ass what they think. If Ewing thought anyone in his family could handle owning the team… he would have left it to them…. Uh… not you.

  12. My Head Hurts from Harley Posts says:

    No wonder Harley’s girlfriend ignores him
    Harley is a BlatherHolic. He probably even opines in his sleep. Hope his girl wears earplugs, and that he lets her buy whatever she wants, because putting up with his righteous ass would be more than even a kept woman in Mission Hills could stand. Namedropping creep. Always lurking on the fringe. Fingerpointing. Just never doing.

    Dude, you said you are always right. And the Royals would have a good season. Well–ergo, you were wrong!

  13. KC Star LOVER says:

    Yeah I Too Feel Harley Is A Big Fake
    Well put sir. I don’t care for Hearne’s dislike for the Star, but this Harley guy is just a wacko smacko. He writes long, I mean long up and down hate mail on Craig Glazer, Kansas City, Hearne, This Website, later turns around and says the complete opposite.

    Hey he is entitled to his opinions. Who are those other people who are even more nuts than Harley? The “Glazer Hater Fan Club” Lord!

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