Glazer: To Be or Not to Be; Whether tis Nobler to Save Westport Or…


Like the Lone Ranger, should Stanford & Sons ride to the rescue of Westport?

A cloud of dust then – poof! – Stanford’s returns to Westport. With America’s Pub likely to go when its lease is up at year’s end, Stanford’s could come home.

America’s Pub’s space is almost too big, but we could make it work. When we did Johnny Dare’s we didn’t have a big enough space for comedy. Now there are plenty of empty spots. And the Pub very much makes sense.

It’s right next to where we were for 31 years. It’s on the corner, has a nice open space inside with already built bars. It needs a clean up, new tables and chairs, a better stage and lights. Throw in some wall decor and a few outdoor fixes and – walla! – Stanford & Sons Westport is back in play.

While there’s no doubt it would be great for Westport – there’s no comedy club in the Power & Light District and there are rumors a certain other local comedy club is about to go bye-bye – there are a couple issues.

Does Westport want us back? Remember, it was this very landlord who chose to not renew our lease in 2003.

And that was while Johnny Dare’s was big hit with a white bread audience only.

They didn’t renew our lease for two reasons. They had a radio station expanding that had first dibs. Wilkes Broadcasting is a bigger player than Stanford’s and a safer bet to get timely rent payments from in the long run. And so on. Wilkes did a very nice job of converting the old comedy club space into radio station offices.

The current landlord also was pissed about Stanford’s former dance club.


With a cancel clause if we did want to ever have a dance club. P.S. we don’t.

OP and Village West both have done well with no dance club or late night bar. Comedy and light food only – that’s who we are now.

So does Westport want us?

Uh, they should. With 1500 to 2000 early evening guests – and we do not do urban comedy anymore, that scene is dying – comedy is now mostly younger players from TV/Chelsea and so on. Which totally fits who Westport is trying to attract.

Yeah, it would be a boon to the area. Even Kelly’s likely can see that.

They would stand to get half those people hanging out before and/or after our shows. Like they used too. The restaurants in Westport would have at least a 20% plus revenue bump. The good ones even more – the new Westport Cafe and McCoy’s.

It would be a win win for everyone. Maybe even kinda fun….

But heres the big kicker: DO WE WANT TO GO BACK THERE?

Legends has been great to us; we love them. We get along great and are entering our 5th season here. We believe Legends is KC’s future for entertainment! We aren’t leaving. We need their permission to have a second spot within 50 miles. They may say OK. We think and hope they would.

But I’ve always wanted a Plaza location. And there’s a possible opening for a Stanford’s at the Board of Trade Building just off the main Plaza. We’ve looked at the space already and there’d be less headaches.

With the likelihood of the Improv closing, I like the idea of KC having two big time comedy clubs.

I actually hope the Improv stays, but the word is no. That they’ll close in a couple months. So again, as has often been the case, we will be KC’s only major comedy club.

Lastly, do we want to be back in Westport? We were treated poorly by many there, except Bill Nigro who I dearly love. There were some other good guys there like James Westphal of McCoy’s. We could mend fences with the Kellys. it’s the Hatfields and McCoys with both of us, but deep down, they ain’t so bad. We could let by gones be by gones.

My main problem is will Westport come back?

Will someone invest in the area so it can contend again? Us coming back and America’s Pub leaving would be huge. But unto itself, not quite enough. Just like Johnny Dare’s smash opening wasn’t enough.

it takes others like the Westport Cafe – more new spots.

In the meantime, we’re giving it serious consideration!
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37 Responses to Glazer: To Be or Not to Be; Whether tis Nobler to Save Westport Or…

  1. Tony Tubbs says:

    Capitol Idea
    Now that makes perfect sense. I love it. Westport needs you and we in midtown would love not to have to drive to Lengends. NO offense Glazer but I would go to comedy much more often if it were closer to me. I see maybe two shows a year out your way. Just too far for us townies.

  2. downtown davey says:

    Wish You Would Come Downtown
    If you don’t come to P&L I prefer the Plaza idea. Yes you guys could do alot for Westport, but I don’t like their future. I think they are too small minded to have you people back. Maybe I am wrong.

  3. TIAD says:

    I’m All Gooey Inside….
    So, will he or won’t he?

    I’m all gooey inside just waiting for his final answer.

    7 + 4 = seven plus four

  4. Ted Tedderson says:

    “We believe Legends is KC’s future for entertainment! ”

    LOL!! Yes, outlet malls in the middle of nowhere are the future! YEEE HAW!!

  5. Ted Tedderson says:

    And for the record, I’d love to see you guys back in Westport. Kick out America’s Pub. Turn Westport back into a safe, vibrant nightlife for all of us.

  6. Harlow says:

    Boy That Sounds Great
    I too live in midtown. Miss going to Stanfords. I have been to your new spot three times, Jim Jeffries is awesome. It’s a haul though. If you came back to Westport that would be so cool. Even the Plaza, but Westport needs you more. PS, new spot is dreamy. See ya.

  7. Monkey man says:

    So no black Acts Glazer
    You racist bitch, we made you rich punkass racist bitch. Now no blacks allowed, ok.

  8. d says:

    Sounds like a great idea to come back to Westport. Plaza would be interesting, too. Good luck!

  9. Yes please says:

    Make it happen
    I don’t live in Westport anymore but did for 7 years. I think it would be great for you to go back and to help bring Westport back.

  10. man Hole says:

    Love it!
    Baby come back, you can blame it all on me! Nah groovy idea, lets do it.

  11. Super Man says:

    Best idea ever, plaza or better yet Westport. WE’d love to see it happen.

  12. bschloz says:

    The King Of Beth Shalom
    Only if you promise to serve Flower Pot bread….Glaze you ought to do a sports bar/comedy …wifi + IPAD = Sportsbook.
    Surely you could get all of us jagoffs to come watch a game and see an act in the City.
    Ok Chuck how bout Stan and Glaze interviewing the new waitstaff for Stanford’s Westport…Act 1.

  13. smartman says:

    Do The Math
    1+1 does not = 2 in this case. Either or but not both. Waldo would be a better bet in terms of locale and proximity to the metro area demo of HOT POCKET MONEY.

    Word is Hollywood Casino is planning a scale to size showcase club that will feature some comedy acts.

    My attorney knows the AmPub council quite well. They ain’t goin’ down without a fight and will more than likely bring lots of negative national attention to this issue. Too bad Mayor Slyme-Bucket doesn’t have true mediating skills ’cause this issue on his watch could be a potential racial Waterloo.

    No justice, No peace. I’m marchin’ with the Soul Patrol on this one!

  14. Matt says:

    Trendlines should scare you Craig
    Check out Philly and other urban areas, the mob mentality being promulgated by Obama’s Class Warfare strategy for ’12 is something to fear. Urban life in most larger American cities could be about to change drastically as the economy and political posturing stirs up the underclass. Admit it Westport is now the “go to” area for the underclass.

  15. Stuart Bodker says:

    Westport NO/ Plaza,Waldo,Brookside Yes
    Craig while it is nice of you to want to go back to Westport again. Why? They didn’t support you or Dares. The landlord, well not too brght on this issue. They should pay Stanfords to come there. That entire building is based on three places. American’s Pub is not one of them. I can see the Plaza or Brookside, not Westport. Wasn’t once enough? Sometimes you just can’t go home again. The girl got too old, sorry.

  16. Cowboy says:

    Why Put a First Rate Place in a Second Rate Spot
    Stanford and Sons is an icon now. Been to Legends, very nice. Westport would be three steps back for you guys. Its not nice enough. If you can go to the Plaza, yes that makes sense. By the way they could use the evening business, its pretty thing there after 10 PM.

  17. Marc Dubowy says:

    In a Way Stan Made Westport
    Even though Kellys was a hit, they were pretty much unkown til Stan opened Stanford and Sons in the 70’s. It was Stanfords that made Westport of value and the beginning of the entertainment center of midtown. That was 40 years ago. Westport had its day. Why would you go help them. Didn’t they kind of kick you guys out? They were always small minded down there.

  18. Rainbow Man says:

    do it right
    Put in a sports bar wi-fi lobby area… and comedy restaurant in back. I would buy season tickets and take clients all the time. I am not dragging clients staying downtown out to V West. No way. That is a log cab ride.

  19. Toco Time says:

    Will at Least Some Hispanic Acts
    Love to see Mencia, Pablo and Gabe, funny guys. Even Paul Rodrigez. Sounds good.

  20. Royals Fan says:

    Where On The Plaza?
    I’d take the Plaza, they need a comedy club. Would help their dead nightlife. Westport still too uphill right now.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    The Kansas City Board of Trade building is just off the Plaza at 4800 Main. Kind of a destination location though. It would go in the — hang on to your memory caps — the old Buttonwood Tree!

  22. chuck says:

    Hamlet was the Brett Favre of his time,
    Psychotically, cognitively dissonant. Here, is your answer, buddy, those ain’t fuckin windmills.

    To go or Not To go, that is the question,
    wether it is noble in the wallet to suffer,
    the slings and arrows of flash mobs,
    or take up arms, against a sea of thugs,
    and by opposiing them, to die, to sleep,
    no more, and by a sleep to say we end,
    the heartache and a thousand natural shocks
    from automatic gun fire, the battering of sense,
    from big bass, hip hop——

    Well, I hope Willy helped out here.

    There is no hope, south of the wall for civilized men.

    Outta town, outta mind, bakc soon.

  23. Westport Patron says:

    Westport Not Ever Same Without Stanfords
    As much as I liked Johnny Dares, and I did, Westport fell hard after Stanfords left. The way I see it that was the death blow to Westport. If you guys come back the area will be energized. I think it not only will help, but it could be the hot button needed to move forward in midtown. Hope you choose Westport, the Plaza is already doing ok.

  24. Kellys Man says:

    Love Comedy without You
    Got nothing against comedy. Would be a good thing for Westport. You come back, but stay out of Kellys. Hang out with Nigro.

  25. harley says:

    after reading glazes lawyers comments…
    I’m sure glad this guy isn’t my lawyer. Writes worse than me and can’t
    express himself too well. Glaze…get a new lawyer. No wonder you keep
    losing legal battles. Where did this “lawyer” get his law degree?
    Phoenix University? This guy reminds me of the lawyer in “MY Cousin
    Vinny” who represented the 2 kids in the start of the trial.
    As far as business…the plaza location would be great. It’s stable.
    Has a huge base of business within 6 miles to draw from.
    You won’t have to worry about the trash and reputation of westport
    and it should be very successful. Good luck. But get some other
    “lawyer” to put the deal together that allows you the flexibility to do what
    you want to do with your business.
    As far as berkowtiz the jew from palm springs/desert we have a name
    for you….a phony player with no cash.
    As far as Maureen…all of us commenters on kcc have a name for
    you….”golddigger with no gold”. Seen your photo…you ain
    ‘t all you put yourself up to be. Lots of hotter chicks in this town
    and without the filthy mouth.

  26. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Anything From You Is Subject to “Insane Guy”
    So where was my ‘ugly’ picture? I did not say I was James Bond, just full head of hair and don’t need a cane. So I am not ‘rich’ bet I could buy and sell your old prune butt.

  27. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Odd Glazer Attacks No Person
    Other than his run ins with the Kellys which he explained, Glazer seems to only go after the losing of The Chiefs and Royals. I don’t see him naming individuals or calling people old,ugly,bald,fake,liars,durg dealers and so forth. His articles are about people, places and things. He even stood up for some Hollywood stars like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. He throws flowers to Dare and other media types in KC. The guy clearly loves his hometown, just gets down on the city when its clear they need a kick in the behind. He didn’t jump the Funk or really Kay Barnes much. So to be fair, its the hater comments that he responds to with anger only. Maybe he ain’t ‘such a bad guy.’

  28. Facebook Friend says:

    I Think The Plaza
    Saw this article hyped on facebook. You guys do a bang up job with comedy, no doubt, but Westport? Now? Craig and Jeff, didn’t you learn from your Johnny Dare’s days, that Westport isn’t any longer what it used to be? You want to put a square peg in a round hole? Why? Go to the Plaza or out of town with something new. What happened to Reno? That sounded good.

  29. Man Hater says:

    Great What Next?
    Oh now he’s the Lone Ranger. Wonderful

  30. Pissed Off says:

    Waldo/Brookside is The Future
    I would go to Brookside or Waldo before even the Plaza. Younger people, they go out on weeknights, love comedy. Plaza are older and don’t know who anyone is, too old. Westport is done.

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m with you. Waldo. Plus there are lots of options and it would really add to the mix in a very positive way.

  32. harley says:

    another silver spoon baby
    jew berkoswitz…you ever worked a day in your life…or did you get started with mommy
    and daddys money….inheritance like hearne….
    sure anyone could make money if it was given to them…but berkowitz your mommy
    and daddy gave you money…country club lifetstyle.
    Glaze…hearn….berkowitz…all given their lifestyles…daddy or mommy or grandpa/grandma
    gave them money to start their business ort not work for a living. If not for daddy
    money all youmight be working for $10 an hour at the hen house. Yeah…wish i had
    everything given to me…but it was not to be.
    Just owned and sold a big company…sold to phoenix investors…now own another company
    and started another that is skyrocketing. No daddy’s money…started from scratch…
    when i get in trouble daddy or grandpa or grandma or mommy never bailed me out.
    Self made….but sure do wish i had the life you guys lived…but berkowitz jew…you
    couldn’t buy me….you couldn’t pay your bills.
    While berkowitz and hearne were playing golf at countruy clubs…i was working..
    asphalt…busing tables…working summers…you guys were living on mammy and
    daddys dime.
    Hey…wish i was that lucky…but you can’t buy me now berkowitz….
    and for the recrod..
    1. I’m at least 4-5 years younger than glaze. He does look good for his age
    but so do I. I thing he graduated in 69 so he’s a year or two from 60…doesn’tmatter
    the guy’s got guts and a never say die attitude.
    2. as my man jerry mcguire said…”show me the money”….
    Hearne…hire me…i light up these phony balonies quicker than tony b. ever did. i CALL THEM AS
    SITE THRU THE ROOF…..and right now you really need to the help….
    Oh… nad chucky…i am jewish…barmitzvahed and the whole thing….just call ’em like i see em
    and i can spot a phony mother f*cker a mile away….

  33. mermaid says:

    Just say no..
    OMG do not go to Westport. Plaza would be very nice. The price would have to be pay dirt if you went to Westport. I just think it would be a step backward unless you did more black comedians which you never get at Legends then you could do both and keep them different enough. Whatever you do don’t juggle the comedians back and forth- it would be a small nightmare. Give this one a big thought and then make them beg for you to move there.

  34. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig just said the black comic thing wasn’t working.

    Besides, not sure Manor Square is looking to replace a black dance club with black comedy club. Remember, this is Westport. The place that flooded the streets with country music in the ’90s to try and run the African American crowd off!

  35. KC Star says:

    Harley You Are Hired
    WE hire you to write Hearnes old column, 100 g’s a year, car, insurance, expense account. So what is your name. Where do you live. How old are you. Are you white or black. What is your current employment. Are you on Welfare. Do you live in section 8 yet. Do you have a high school diploma. Are you on any illegal drugs. Are you single. Married. Gay. Please answer these questions for us. Thank you.

  36. keepin it real leaves welts says:

    harley is as crazy as an Arizona road lizard
    Normally I confine my character attacks to Hearne and Glazer, but Harley and Berkowitz keep asking for it like a roofied white chick in a short skirt at a Snoop Dogg concert. Berkie keeps jumping from Glazers ball sack just long enough to give us his bio and a touching story of his soiled white knight rescuing him from a group of hooligans.
    Harley is so fucking looney he praises Glazer in one comment, 20 minutes later he writes what a loser the guy is. Not for nothin, but it’s kind of womanish. i love you….I hate you….tell me a story about your adventures…….koo koo koo koo……
    They are both well off, well heeled, yadda yadda. Two fat kids measuring dicks and flicking boogers at each other.

  37. Cowboy says:

    Thats Funny Son
    Good post keepin it real

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