Today: Kansas City’s Hottest Outdoor Pickup Patio to Return!

The outdoor deck atop The Well in Waldo is the place to be on a breezy summer night at this stage of the game…

It’s Chill Chamber delivers the frostiest brewskies in town. The busses have gone to bed. And the odds of your getting drugged, mugged or bugged are slim to none.

You’re high in the sky and all is Well.

Which brings us to the mack daddy of outdoor party places past, Baja 600’s gone-but-not-forgotten patio overlooking Brush Creek.

For years it was the preeminent chick and dude magnet for trendy Plaza party types. Until, that is, Baja 600 bit the dust last summer with a going-away lawsuit from its landlord for back rent.

Now comes word that the space is poised to reopen…

Word on the street is that owners of upscale, Prairie Village burger joint BRGR Kitchen Bar are in talks to take it over.

What! And go head-to-head with Blanc Burger Bottles a block or two away?

Maybe not.

You may recall that BRGR has been kicking around some different concepts. Including Urban Table, a high end urban pantry, grocery store and wine bar set to open soon in Corinth near the original BRGR.

Stay tuned…


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7 Responses to Today: Kansas City’s Hottest Outdoor Pickup Patio to Return!

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    Meh….urban pantry wine bar?? I’ll give it 9 months, tops.
    A high end urban pantry has to be one of the dumber ideas I’ve heard lately. It’s right up there with the soon to open Heavenly Olive Oils and Vinegars in Zona Rosa — as if you can have the overhead and profit for an entire storefront driven by sales of oils and vinegars.

    More power to both of these proprietors (I wish them nothing but success on both counts) but if it sounds like a fad or a micro-niche, it probably is. Internet commerce has made these kinds of niche retailers virtually obsolete and nearly impossible to run profitably — unless, of course, their storefront is supplemented, if not surpassed, by online sales.

  2. gully says:

    Do you know the way to Prairie Village?
    It might make more than nine months. This is a strange part of the metro. You see large numbers of subarus and Volvos near Mission and Somerset (when you can get to/through Mission and Somerset, as well, of course, plenty of Lexae, Mercedes. Bmrs and Acuras.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Will they be serving
    fresh-caught “brown trout” from Brush Creek?

  4. Caroline says:

    Local = Good
    We were just talking about this since the Hursts went from being squatters at Baja 600 to even worse squatters who bounce payroll checks at Jack Gage.

    As long as it’s a local business, I wish it well.

  5. smartman says:

    Never Again
    Even if Glazer and Caligula were partners that spot will NEVER be as HOT as it was under the Parkway 600 banner in its’ heyday. You could pick up a chicky during happy hour, slide off to the hotel of your choice and still be home in time for dinner with the family. I knew it was all over when under some other moniker they started serving bok choi. Fucking bok choi?

    Last time I was there, ages ago, I had the honor of meeting Lenny Dawson Jr and Tony DiPardo.

    Lenny and I were chatting forever when he finally introduced himself. I said, yeah, well I’m Jan Stenerud….then Tony comes up and gives him the goombah hug and all. Nice guys…both of them. God Bless ya TD!

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    Parkway 600
    I am sounding Glazeresque… but I used to… well…. enjoy that place. But then I met my wife to be at …of all places .. Stanfords.

  7. mermaid says:

    It will work…
    Trust me whatever these guys open will work. They have been in the biz forever. They are restaurant geniuses.

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