Glazer: The True Meaning of Life & My Upcoming Dirt Nap with the Critters

Einstein said, "Life has no meaning" – we’re just animals racing around the planet until we die…

Kinda hard to argue with that one. We are smarter than most of the other animals, but in the end, most of what we do and accomplish is soon forgotten.

I was spending time this past with actor/comic Bryan Callen. He made an interesting comment as well. "Life is a footnote." 

I like that better.

At least there’s a little room for a speck of interest in what we’ve accomplished, right?

We were talking about all the things he was doing and had done. And as usual we went over the list of actor/comics we both knew and had stories on. I was impressed with Bryan’s hard work and achievements. His on stage performance was not only fun but almost educational, regarding comedy and acting.

He had fans that came back each night. All his shows were full or totally sold out. Tough to do this time of year.

We talked about working on a project together. That would be fun. He seems to be a very sincere person. Most of the people you meet in this business aren’t.

But the footnote thing rang true.

It’s kinda like maybe we should all quit working and go on a permanent vacation. It also means not much of what we do, if anything, much matters.


Know what? I’m pretty happy with my footnote. Hey, it could always be better, but I’ll take it.

Yep, a couple more big things to accomplish and then, Palm Desert here I come. Hope I hurry the hell up so I can still pick up the ladies in the card rooms at the casino and have a good enough body to grab a few looks before its lights out.

I love the hot weather there the most.

A footnote: in the end, all of our stuff gets lost or tossed. Unless you’re the President of the United States (then it goes into a library somewhere). With that in mind, I’m gonna have my little dog Junior buried with me so we can watch TV together. Him and my cat, Monkey.
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60 Responses to Glazer: The True Meaning of Life & My Upcoming Dirt Nap with the Critters

  1. Jack Bat says:

    What TV
    You’ll be dead and there is no heaven right?

  2. Steveo says:

    Aw, Craig’s in a mellow mood.
    Love the pic of Junior. I wonder if you asked him, if he would say he wants to be buried with you?…I’m just sayin…
    Craig, if life ends when there’s no more pussy, then we really should make a saint out of Jack Kevorkian, and reduce America’s population by 40%.

    Now I’m sure Harley will supply the exact stats on this–because: Harley’s always right. So I’m just setting this up like Ed McMahon for Johnny Carson. Oh, I forgot–we’re supposed to all act young and pretend we never watched Carson.

  3. Father Time says:

    Chuck, please: give us Craig’s Card Room pickup lines
    Cmon, Chuckles–
    Imagine if you will, how Craigsie Poo will pick up the dames in the card rooms of Palm Desert.

  4. Maureen says:

    Look AT Craig’s Big Brain
    Woodside this weekend, better be there. You’ll miss out.

  5. doesn't matter says:

    …was that? A column? What was it about? Craig’s going to die? When? His dog? Palm Springs? Coke? Chics? I long for the days he fucks everone in sight and then name names. THIS is what we can expect? meh. Have Mrs. Nelson’s sixth grade class write on something. It would be inherently much more entertaining than the 90 seconds I wasted reading that.

  6. harley says:

    head there now…the ratio of women to men is 20-1 (of course the women range
    from 60-80) but they have big big bucks and yud never have to worry about
    waitresses/meeting payroll/ etc the rest of your life.
    And you could use all those famous lines you’d use in kansas city the
    older mature women…
    “hey…they’re having a party at the CVS with depends on sale”
    “want to see my weiner (dog)”
    “honey you look hot….now grab your walker and lets get to bingo”
    “just make the check out to Craig Glazer…and add at least
    4 zeros to the amount”
    you’d be the biggest thing in palm desert since they renamed the
    main street for bob hope.
    Good luck….

  7. Cupid says:

    CG + BC = Kissing in a tree
    You love Bryan Callen. Every time you talk with him you get giddy and post an entry into your blog/diary about it. Cute!

  8. Woodside Pal says:

    Harley You Are The Old Man
    Palm Desert isn’t Palm Springs. Palm Desert is 20 miles further east and full of babes under 30. A rich mans paradise of casinos, golf, pools and nice restaruants. All the movie stars are moving out there baby. Nah, now Palm Springs while nice is yeah for the older set, no doubt. That will change with this area being the new Miami of the west, population in metro is 700,000 up from 75,000 in 95. Nice jump. Fun area.Harley get out more before you write stupid comments.

  9. Bitts says:

    Glazer You will never move out of this town. Yes you will end up dying here. Little fish in a little pond. No one cares about what you have done. You have no footnote. When your gone no one will remember you other than a very few family members.

  10. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Bitts I Beg To Differ
    Glaze has a book that online says its in 1765 libraries in the United States alone. Thats coverage brother. It’s likely he will go down in history with names like Jesse James, Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde,Wyatt Eurp and Butch and Sundance. He and Woodbeck ARE those guys. They have national press, well over 1000 stories on them nationwide. These guys were cover boys in LA Times and made the New York Times when Woodbeck died, its in the book King of Sting. It looks like Glaze will get his movie or TV series out of the book as well. Bitts you got to stay up on these things before you or cliffy or Harley attack my guy.

    In the end Glazer is likely right, what does matter, who knows? Let me state one more fact, he is way more important than you guys. Way more.

  11. Cliffy says:

    Woodside Pal … Palm Desert and Palm Springs are one and the same. I’ve spent time in both. 2010 Census shows the median age in Palm Desert is 51.5 with 31 percent of the population over the age of 65. For Palm Springs, median age is 49.6 with 25% of the population over 65. So, in reality, Palm Desert is slightly more elderly than Palm Springs. Craig can hang out at any of the condo complex clubhouses. He’ll look like a teenager compared to the regulars.

    Here’s the link.Oops, forgot. Can’t provide a hot link here on Hearne’s site.

    Thanks for the library information Craig … er, I mean … Berkowitz.

  12. Bitts says:

    Say your right about all the articles,books,movies etc. Then drive to lets say a Quick trip or bar in the fabulous city of Topeka. 60 miles from Kansas city. Ask the patrons of these places, Hey you ever here of Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, Wyatt Earp. How about Craig Glazer. Come on Berkowitz spare me.

  13. Ron Berkowitz says:

    White Trash Cliffy Pooh
    Its not Glazer, my name is Ron Berkowitz, we owned Indin’s on the Plaza, clothing store. Gone now. Went to school with Glazer. I travel more than just to the Ozarks like you and whtie trash friends. Palm Desert would be like Overland Park and Prairie Village, same area not the same. Palm Desert is very young now, malls, like the one with Yardhouse and OTC and tons more, very youthful, casino’s and hot hotels with manmade beaches of sand. I guess I am blind, the girls are hot, young and the place jumps. You haven’t been there pal. Cause you are likely a fag. Happy now. YOU are a loser hater. PS I’m sure Glazer is known in Topeka.

  14. Cliffy says:

    Sorry for the mistaken ID, Berkowitz, but It’s hard to tell you guys apart with your lips pressed so tightly to Glazer’s butt.

    Glazer, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp. What a laugh! How do you guys come up with this stuff?

  15. Harlow says:

    Glazer May Have A point Cliffy
    The guy might be in that group. Likely he won’t know cause it will be after he dies. I guess. Either way. Footnote, hat. I’m going to the pool since my life has no meaning.

  16. Thompson says:

    Do you think they no Mr. Glazer in Ponca City , Oklahoma. How about Waco, Texas. Berkowitz you must be doing the old reach around with Mr. Glazer. Dillinger, Jesse James, etc. etc. etc. were all very well known when they were still breathing, Harlow. They knew or heard of all the people in the “group” when they were still alive. What if it comes out that Mr. Glazer is a cross dresser. Will he still be in that group.

  17. chuck says:

    Couple things…
    Spent some quality time in Palm Desert in 2000 thru 2002. I am not sure about the city or state lines, but Palm Desert is different than Palm Springs. Not in a bad way, its just like people there think that they are two different cities. Once again, I am not interested enough to even look it up, but there is a different feel and the people that live there, at that time, think of themselves a separate. Got to get drunk at Indian Wells Golf Course in Palm Desert (I get drunk everywhere, as you all know.), had some great laughs. Indian Wells has that 60’s Rat Pack feel. It is SO FUCKIN COOL. In my mind, as I got drunker, I was hanging with Frank (You can get drunk and look over a wall at the first tee, and I heard that those fuckers tortured everyone who teed off there.) and Dean (Kinda like now, when I get drunk and hang with Mermaid in my mind. Who can explain love?).

    Glaze is introspective assholes!!

    I gotta believe, and I know its true, that the greatest of heros, like all of us, acknowledge mortality, and shuffling that mortal coil.

    Oct 25th, I will start my 62nd year. You guys are all so young, you can compartmentalize your recent youth, explain away your middle age, deny your approach to a half century, and, in some cases, flat out lie about putting on the 18th green.

    Glaze is fuckin hero. Once more into the fuckin breach motherfucker!! Fixes the hair, gulps down some ant acids, pimps the clothes, buffs the wheels, racks the pipes and heads out into a fuckin night that we left behind decades ago.

    He is our memory that will NOT fuckin give in. Booze, busts, barfights, bitches, bangers and “Bright as I was yesterday and tomorrow you fuckincocksuckers!!”

    But even the indefatigable, relentless, intransigent defiance of time, must see the end.

    My favorite line in Henry the 5th, is not in the “We Band Of Brothers Speech”, it is Henry, by himself, while his troops sleep in “Elysium”, before the battle, he begs God, on his knees, for “The day, my friends, and all things, stay for me.”

    All things Glaze, stay for you.

  18. HARLEY says:

    WOODSIDE PAL/jew berkowitz…..
    first learn to read….i’m at least 5 years younger than old man glazer….was in palm springs
    before many of you ever heard of it.
    Palm desert and palm springs are hardly different. Even the jew berkowitz with the failed
    business venture and probably a hooked nose and a bad hair piece along with a walker
    for a 60 year old man knows that.
    Palm springs and palm desert have and have always been considered part of the overall area.
    Palm desert may have some newer areas but essentially the area is considered one big
    area and even includes the area of riverside. My uncle’s management team ran 2 of the
    indian casinos for years…probablyu about the time you were hustling the street selling stolen
    You probably hang in palm springs because all the jews and gay people hang there.
    I presume you are a bad boy in the valley…another old creepy single loser who left kc
    with his tail between his legs when his family biz crashed…but I’m su
    re you’re an expert at everything.
    Woodside pal…another creepy old loseer who probably freaks out the young women
    who go to the pool.
    Spoke with some members at woodside and they mentioned the old men congregating around the
    pool and making them feel uneasy. Outside of the 2 girls without men(maureen and
    mermaid) most of the women there find you and the old guys creepy and unwatned.
    You constantly talk about the young girls there which makes me believe you have no
    significant other except your palm.
    Palm desert has always had some great hotels in fact i played the piano at the
    marriot with the gondolas and inside river to about 200 people…so I am very
    familiar with the area. Also,. withstood many sandstorms in the area and have attended
    at least 6 pga tournaments there. MY aunt was the head of the chamber of palm desert so
    don’t get startedabout the area.
    Now jew berkowitz…get back to your creepy ways….freak out the young girls….pretend you
    have something to offer them besides an empty pocketbook…because the truth is
    that among the guys with big money who live and visit the desert you,and woodside pal are nothing but
    shlubs and goniffs. You ‘d be the servants and slime paupers in palm springs/desert.
    The players in the desert spend more on dinner than you and the rest ofv your jew tribe
    make in a year.
    Phony mother fuckers…thats all you are…..big talkers with empty wallets….no cash…no puss…
    all you guys are just another street hustler in the desert…they make you look like the
    poor guys you are.
    The only hope you have is with some grandma who will listen to your “good old days” stories from
    the 60’s and 70’s…..only because she can’t hear you cause her hearing aid fell out.
    Get real….jew berkowitz….you’re a (as they say in hebrew) a minch!

  19. chuck says:

    No diss Harley, I’m a little toasted, but,
    Mensch is not pejoritive, it is a man of integrity.

    Chill out buddy.

    Lemme do some lifting for ya.

  20. Toco Time says:

    harley you are a Bit Over The Top Here
    Stop the hatin bro

  21. chuck says:

    I promise Glaze Dialogues, but I am too drunk now. 🙂
    Love you guys…:)

  22. bschloz says:

    less famous
    than Jesse James. more famous than Jerry from Continental Siding…less famous than Bonnie and Clyde ..More famous than Bob @ Blue Srings Ford. Glaze is turning into a good blogger….fun to read. Great comments. lol.

    My In-Laws used to have a condo at place called Chapparal in Palm Desert….lots of Seniors and Golf Carts. Play 9 holes and catch the early bird.

  23. Bitts says:

    Very funny
    Jerry from Continental Siding, Bob at Blue Springs Ford hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah That is good. Its accurate!

  24. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley you are a Bit Over The Top Here
    You know Harley and the other haters, Cliffy who I think IS EVERYONE ELSE, I never disliked you til now. Calling me a what”hooked nose Jew, with a loser business” First off Mr. Kansas City know it all who knows little. I did not own the clothing store on the Plaza, my parents, may they rest in peace did, it was a huge failure Harley 35 years worth. My family became, well we lived in Mission HIlls and belonged to Oakwood my entire life. So you figure it out. We closed when my Father passed away in the mid 80’s. I am semi-retired, real estate and stock investor til I got out in 2001. I don’t need to work anymore, if you can figure that out. I have a full head of hair, don’t use a walker and I am 57 years old. You have mentioned many times that you were older than, lets call him MISTER GLAZER. You have written many provable falsehoods, your age, your name how about his little one maybe you forgot: HEY GLAZER THEY ARE OPENING AN ENTERTAINMENT VENUE OUT SOUTH THAT WILL PUT YOU UNDER/WITH COMEDY AND FOOD. REMEMBER That one! Is that the came and gone Playhouse out south, with magic,comedy and food, already went bust Harley. You are a nut, a fool and a mean spirited unhappy old man. Craig Glazer is not a perfect man, but Harley he is a man, who stands up for himself and others.

    Why do I like Glazer. In many ways I don’t, know why I can’t be him. I have likely more money than him, the Jewish community treats me with high regard and respect. Heres why Harley:

    I was 15 standing in front of Beth Shalom waiting for my mom to pick me up from Hebrew School, which i hated. A car pulled up, they were drunk it was maybe 8 or 9 PM, some young guys, maybe 18 or so, called me, like you did, a jew, a little sheeny kike. One threw his beer can at me. I was not a big guy, but average in size. I flipped them off. The car came to a halt, two got out, came towards me. Other kids saw it and never made a move. They were on me in a blink. I was getting beat up. Suddenly they were off me, it wasn’t a teacher or a friend who stopped them. It was a guy who never really spoke to me or seemed to acknowledge me who jumped them and fought them for me, you got it, Craig Glazer. He fought them, I couldn’t. Nobody else helped, just him. They ran off as older people finally came. Craig was a banged up, but ok. He fought hard. I thanked him, he said nothing and walked off. You bad mouth this guy. Shame on you Harley, especially if you are a Jew. I have nothing more to say to you.

  25. Cliffy says:

    Thanks for the touching story, Berkowitz …
    Excerpts from his response to me (see above):

    “I travel more than just to the Ozarks like you and your white trash friends.”

    “You are likely a fag.”

    Gee Berkowitz. You really learned a lot from your childhood ordeals. Hypocrite.

    If I understand chuck (God bless him) correctly, he admires Glazer because of his defiance of Father Time. I might be able to as well if it weren’t for all the bravado and chest-thumping. He comes across as an attention-seeking buffoon.

    I merely suggested Glazer would be a good fit in Palm Springs/Palm Desert (they are interchangeable … there is no magic border that keeps the hotties in Palm Desert and the oldsters in Palm Springs) because he would truly look young compared to the older set. Additionally, with his fake hair and porn star-like facial hair he would fit in well with the rest of the flakes out there.

  26. Maureen says:

    I am impressed Berkowitz
    Thank you for sharing. I can see why people are down on Craig. On this site and on radio he does come off bragging and mister tough guy too important for us average bears. You people that hate him don’t know him, never met him likely. I dated him, liked him alot, he was kind mostly, know what he didn’t brag much, never talked about Hollywood or his book much, and we dated when it came out, I was at the Plaza Book signing with him. In some ways he’s even humble, til challenged. He is a man on a mission to God knows where. I think Chuck and BShlotz understand him best. Ron Berkowitz, that story brought a tear to my eye, really. Good call Ron.

  27. Thompson says:

    Berkowitz you must
    Be doing the reach around with Mr. Glazer. Maybe he is paying you. No way. More likely Berkowitz is Mr. Glazer. That is another trick he learned from his father. Apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Do it.

  28. Mauren says:

    So anyone who sticks up Craig is Craig?
    Cliffy, cause that is you again, thats your little trick sir, not Glazers. I was said to be fake, til I explained who I was, and Hearne knows me and met me. Then Mermaid was me, she isn’t. Hearne knows her as well. Your intense hatered is base on your own misery in life. I’ll bet you do not know Craig or Stan. You may have seen them or met them, but don’t know them right? Hey Craig broke up with me, so at one time I was pissed at him. I even said some rude things about him at times, but nothing like this venom you spew. Even Harley who at times is funny goes too far. You force Glazer and others to jump you. Just be a little more cool with your comments. Is that so hard? I get it, you don’t think Craig is the almighty, neither do I, and guess what, neither does he. The man is of great interest to many others. Chuck is not Craig is he? Chuck seems to get it and has fun with it. Hey I got to go to tan, off this week, have a nice holiday Cliffy and all your other names.

  29. Cliffy says:

    Sorry, Maureen. I’m only me. I do not post under multiple handles although I suspect Craig does.

    So it’s OK for Craig to call me “white trash” and “fag” but I’m being a hater when I poke fun at his goofy looking hair? Seems to me a confident “bad boy” like Craig would be able to just ignore his detractors. Why should he give a damn what others think? But he takes the bait every time and fires back with bombastic claims such as comparing himself to Jesse James, Clyde Barrow, et al.

    Again, sorry. But as long as he insists on being such a clown I can’t resist commenting. Obviously others can’t either.

  30. Joesph says:

    Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic
    Wanting to no who is blogging what. The bottom line is, getting to the article. Footnotes. Mr. Glazer thinks he is famous.What a joke. Written Books. Ha. King of Sting. Ha ha. Made Movies. Ha ha ha. Tiny Tims Tip Toe Through The Tulips is much more of a “footnote”. HE will be remembered. Mr. Glazers work will never be remembered by anybody except Berkowitz and Maureen. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic.

  31. Maureen says:

    Cliffy You Just Proved It!
    Here it is, you proved me correct. There is no Joesph, its you again and again and again. Odd we never heard from him before and its the same venom from YOU as always, hair, shitty book, shitty movies. Cliffy,Harley, haters how many books on you are there? How many movies did you act in or produce? I think the Ali film is a big deal, just me I guess. But hey try some more names like Charlie and Bobby with the same exact lines as this one. PS, Craigs hair looks damn nice, I liked it. Guess I’m stupid huh. No I don’t forgive you guys, crap you said about me. Let me make it real simple, I fucked Craig cause he has cool and I liked his looks, I ‘d make you guys buy me a mansion first. Is that clear enough? God, Craig you should hire me as your PR lady. Done.

  32. HW says:

    Mr. Glazer is an actor
    now. Thats a new one. Mr. Glazer did not produce Ali. He bought from It from a guy that produced it. For 500 dollars if that much. The guy was mentally ill and down and out. Hollister Wentworth produced it. Mr Glazer being the good person that he is helped him out. For a price. Maureen that is a pretty dirty itty bitty. Mr. Glazer should be paying you Maureen!

  33. Maureen says:

    Stupid Liar
    Odd unlike you I saw it. Guess who is on camera interviewing Mr. Ali. A guy named Craig Glazer. Hey if he bought it for 500 dollars, he’s a genius. Oh his name is all over it. Guess they are all fake. Get a life loser Cliffy, this is all you over and over and over. I have to go to bed now and get back to planet Earth. Guess his book is fake too, like his hair, woman, radio,other films,TV, comedy club, the guys just a big faker. You must have little too do in life sir.

  34. H W says:

    I didnt no that Larry King
    I mean Mr. Glazer acted when he interviewed people. Not genius. He was dealing with a mentally ill guy. Basically he was dealing with a man that was okay when he produced the film. Hollister Wentworth. When Mr. Glazer was dealing with him he had a mind of an eight year old. Genius. I dont think so. Lucky. Probably. Being in the right place at the right time. Most likely. Fake hair. 101% no doubt about. Maureen he should be paying you! Dont hold your breath. Maureen you said you “fucked him” 3 articles up. If you dont no his hair is fake then Mr. Glazer is dealing with another adult with a mental capacity of an eight year old. Sad! More than likely Maureen is Mr. Glazer. Even sadder!!

  35. Mauren says:

    If He is He’s a Trannie
    Harley and or Cliffy, you got me. I’m a cross dresser. I looked on my movie box, there is no Wentworth. Learn to read. In fact come to Woodside Saturday I will be there. Blonde, 30, built baby and come say hi. I’ll throw my drink on you check it.

  36. H W says:

    Mr. Maureen Glazer your
    so pathetic. Never said anybody was a cross dresser. You finally described your shortcomings. Blonde. Were sorry. Bald is beautiful Mr. Glazer!

  37. mermaid says:

    Harley again do we know each other?
    I do not know you and you do not personally know me. So please stop making comments you have no idea about. In fact please refrain from talking about me at all.

  38. baxter says:

    I’m 55, born in KC, lived prolly 3/4 of my life here, and have never heard of Craig Glazer til I started reading “Confidential” to follow Greg Hall.

    I vaguely recall reading about how a Glazer, his dad I guess, welshed on the old “Wishbone” restaurant..but that’s about it.

    Some people are a legend in their own minds.

  39. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey Baxter You Must Be White Trash With No Education
    THE GLAZERS ARE THE MOST WRITTEN ABOUT FAMILY IN KC HISTORY, PERIOD, A FACT, END OF STORY. All you remember is my dad and Wishbone, but you missed TWO RUNS FOR MAYOR WITH 40 front page stories, cover of Pitch, on and on, 100 tv shows, news about it, kinda hard to miss. Me I AM THE MOST WRITTEN ABOUT KANSAS CITY GUY, there is no equal not even Jesse James, sorry to inform you haters, more than 30 front page stories, just here, from the 60’s to now. Might have kinda missed that little Vern Miller Scandal huh, 200 stories and several front page 1974-76 and trial. In the 90’s Stanfords took the press, in the 2000’s me again and Stan for mayor, plus me on national tv, on and on and on, plus four written about sports films I produced and or owned, Comedy Central doing a reality show pilot, page 2 KC star and more. I hate doing the resume, but for a dumb hick white trash loser, just being educational. I AM SO BIG THEY EVEN PRINTED MY ROAST IN THE STAR WITH PHOTOS, yep I’m hard to miss fuck wade.

    The question is will I be remembered as a very famous OUTLAW…..YOU BET….SADLY MORE AFTER I’m dead, but oh well…I have NO EQUAL….stick that in your butt white trash moron. I think the operative word here is white trash… the meantime How about those Royals? By the way I got plenty more if you like…

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    PS of course this doesn’t count sports page
    Yes Brett is way up there, but mostly just in sports with stats.

  41. Cowboy says:

    And Glaze About 20,000 Radio Shows
    Come on now hater, I think Glazer has a good point, you’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know these guys.

  42. frank says:

    No one cares whats
    written about you. I would write more but Hearne keeps knocking my good articles off. Hearne your nothing! 98% of your stories were by Hearne. MEANINGLESS STORIES! How about the pepsi wars. That was a great one. Hey Hearne come down for a drink. I got something you can write. MORE MEANINGLESS STORIES. You left out when Your dad got busted for picking up hookers on Main St. Also when you got busted with Vacha. Whos Vern Miller? Is he related to Dennis Miller. NO ONE CARES! Your roast was in the Star. Is it still open? NO ONE CARES. Jesse James. Ha ha ha!!! Whatever. You were not famous yesterday. You will not be famous in the future. If your so worried about fame do something like Casey Anthony. You need a shirt like superman. yours should say me me me me me me me me me me!! Whats worse about people not caring, they dont even no.

  43. mermaid says:

    Learn to spell and write intelligently!

  44. Cowboy says:

    Dude is This Your Life, Hatin on Glaze
    Grow up.

  45. harley says:

    And now….
    it’s about 50/50 the people who have respect for glaze and those who hate him.
    He gets off on the hate. I don’t want to walk on the street with anyone hating me
    …just the way I was brougt up.
    Whats more telling is that his own nephew is afraid of him for the reasons he outlines
    in his posts. Personally, I find that hard. I have 13 nieces and nephews and the
    legacy I leave to them and my family is not of a horrible dispicable con man but as
    a friend/uncle/father/and someone who they can look up to if they ever need help.
    For those who jump me for being two sided on glaze let me reiterate my point.
    As a man…he needs to change his life. What man wants to be known for the
    bad deeds he’s done…that he’s an outlaw…a bad person. For that I find it
    difficult to understand him and his outlook on life. He’s going to pass and people
    will remember him for being an outlaw?..fine…its his life.
    As a businessman he’s left much to be desired. Was handed a business from family
    and kept afloat by family. Thats not self made. But he has ssurvived some tough times
    and now appears to be somewhat in a good position financially with the new location in
    kansas city . kansas He’s persistent…very good at self promotion..and can run a business
    even thru tough times. He’d make an incredible p.r. rep for any company…the guy knows how to
    work the media…he is a wizard at it…but sometimes for the wrong reaqsons.
    We agree to disagree. I want to live a life tthat will be rememebered for the “mitzvahs” I
    do…he wants to be remembered for the bad things he does. To each his
    But whaty is so amazing is that glaze has so much talent being wasted that could be
    used to do something incredibnle. You can’t change people…they are who they are.
    So hopefully glaze will change his ways before they say the mourners prayer at his
    grave. As for all the people who despise the man I ccan understand your feelings about him
    and his ways. I do not despise the man…i find it interesting that he doesnt tell the whole
    story about himself. He is who he is and noone will change that.
    As far as mermaid…i can see how you can go for a guy like glazer. If thats what type of men you like…more power
    to you. You are a hot looking woman…and i wish you luck in the future.
    This site is for entertainment and education al purposes only….don’t take anything
    too seriously.
    And he’ll keep writing aritcles about himself…promote himself….even say things that are
    wrong and make statement that are wrong.
    But one thing he hasn’t doen…provided any facts or stats to dispute any claim or
    statement I have made. Not one. In a debate of ideas on current events/issues/
    any topic he’s shallow. His posts are so general and so full of incorrect facts and
    stats that he’s become the train wreck of this site. But we found his best subject is
    comedy and pussy. Okay …he wins in that arena bout outside that he’s lost!
    I do love this guy. He just doesn’t ever give up. And thats a grat quality unless it’s
    for the wrong reasons.
    I ask you glaze….when do you change your life. WWMD? Have you ever thought
    that when god comes to get you (if he does) and asks you “why should i let you into
    ABOUT YOU….tell us…its the most important question you can answer.

  46. Radio Man says:

    Harley Give It A Rest Man
    I think we have gone over all this Harley. Rest up, get a tan, find a gal. Be a good person, and be quiet. Thank You.

  47. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Why Do We Listen
    ” We listen to Howard Stern because we want to see what he will say next, we hate him.” “We listen to Howard Stern cause we want to see what he will say next, we love hm.” I rest my case.

  48. mermaid says:

    Harley please…
    You are giving me such a headache! Why do you think you are the know it all on my love life? Please stop! Craig and I are just friends – that’s all! I happen to be madly in love with someone else. One day I need a man – now today I am going for Craig- where do you get this information? Because you are making assumptions based on nothing. I have to go now and take a bottle of Excedrin.

  49. Craig Glazer says:

    I Don’t Believe In Heavan
    Or God. I believe this is it, here, now, and for always and ever. It’s brief, its both fun and sad, like that is….mostly about solving problems..ours, our families, friends, the city, the nation…problems will always, always be there to solve…I wish there were more to it, there just isn’t, thus the story I just wrote….about my nephews, Jake first off: He carries a 4.3 at East, just made National Honors Society and in the KC Star was named(third team honorable mention) to the ALL METRO HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS TEAM, he ranks top 20 in Missouri Valley(six state area) and is a great young man, never been in a spot of trouble, never, Jake is just now turning 16. Alex Glazer is going into 7th grade, will be 13, also has a 4.2 average, honors, point guard on the future SME bastketball team(Jr. High now) best player on his soccer team, top notch high school prospect baseball player also never been even close to a ‘phone call’ about being in trouble with anyone. I love them both and have left all I own to them. Alex loves me he is just a tad bit shy from all the stories and radio things he reads and hears(he’s still a kid), Jake gets it and we have nice times, as I do with Alex as well.You know if my brother Jeff and I are so evil/bad/awful why are these two young men so great? Maybe we are better role models than people thing, huh? Telling kids what not to do….what gets lost is I do this talk to many young people in schools, drug programs so on….My life as an outlaw, well it just was, thats the past, its exciting and in modern times not equaled. So it needs to be told, book, movie, tv series, pays me back for a tough road, but an interesting one, even a glorious one at times.

    PS. My brother, Jeff and Grandfather, Bennie Studna, bought the CLOSED Stanfords out of bankruptcy in 1990, from Shawnne Bank, my dad handed us well nothing, a thread worn, busted up, closed biz, we had to buy from the bank in a bidding battle with someone else. My dad sure didn’t hand me a living in LA, I did that with film sales and screenplays,later a studio post, producing post and dumb me federal time. Stan sure had nothing to do with OP or Legends. We opened Stanford and Sons together in 1975, I put in money and was 10% owner even then! Jeff and I invented comedy clubs in KC in 1989 by starting one without Stan up in the Treehouse Lounge above the restaurant. I left for LA in 81 and Stan and Jeff took it from there, til I took over in 1990 with Jeff…so nobody handed me anything. In fact my daddy never even bought me a car, even an old one. My grandpa was my go to man as a kid. Hey I love my Dad, but he is a different type of man. Well there you have it, sure it does no good, all this will come up over and over and over….Know what if and when there is a movie,tv show whatever it will never end….ever. thats showbiz

  50. bschloz says:

    This thread has good pin action….nice comment Glaze…never realized it was the Sons that started the comedy always assumed it was your Dad. Your nephews will come around when they hit’ll be the Vegas Uncle. Happy Holidays KCC

    Desiderata (Latin: “desired things”, plural of desideratum) is a 1927
    prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann (1872-1945)

    Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    As far as possible without surrender
    be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others,
    even the dull and the ignorant;
    they too have their story.
    Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
    they are vexations to the spirit.

    If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
    Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
    it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
    Exercise caution in your business affairs;
    for the world is full of trickery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
    many persons strive for high ideals;
    and everywhere life is full of heroism.

    Be yourself.
    Especially, do not feign affection.
    Neither be cynical about love;
    for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
    it is as perennial as the grass.

    Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Beyond a wholesome discipline,
    be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe,
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Therefore be at peace with God,
    whatever you conceive Him to be,
    and whatever your labors and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful.
    Strive to be happy.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    B Thank YOU
    Why can’t others be more like you and Chuck?

  52. Ted says:

    Nice comment Mr.
    Glazer, 4 articles up. People probably give you credit for being a good business man. From what I hear self made. Good business men are everywhere. The only business men that are “famous” are guys like Gates, Buffet, Trump etc. You are probably a good uncle also. Your nephews will most likely remember you when you take the ” dirty nap”. This article was about your “footnote”. Its nice that your a good family guy. Im sure your family thinks your famous or that you will be famous in the future. But its the masses that count for your fame. The masses dont have a clue who you are and unless you punch out the President they most likely never will. It doesnt make you a bad guy. All the articles you talk about.MEANINGLESS ARTICLES. Most of then were written by Hearne Christopher. Not exactly an award winning author. Or columnist. You need to get real on the fame bit. I wish you luck on it. Your going to need it.

  53. Craig Glazer says:

    White Trash Loser Guy/and You are All The Same Guy
    One Hearne wrote many articles about me, thats true for the Star, but see he never worked for LA Times, New York Times, Harlod Examiner, Wall Street Journal, Smart Money Magazine, Variety, ST. Lous Papers, any foreign newspapers, 500 other newspapers including Arizona Republic, THE Reader, High Times, who collectively have written (on google you can count) over 100,000 stories on me, my life on and on….Just King of Sting has been in 25,000 print media stories and countless online…so yeah I am one of the most written about Kansas Citians in History…glad you pointed it out. Hey know what punk, I go out and often sign autographs, you wouldn’t understand that huh?

    About my Mom, My very wonderful Mother died in 2007, If I find you or you had the balls and you can please bring back up and I mean this…call me at Stanfords or just SHOW UP WHITE TRASH MORON PUNK PUKE LOSER COWARD, COWARD, call me at 913 400 7500 anytime, and I mean it, I will beat you so bad, hopefully help end your loser life, hows that? I will have Hearne try and find out who you are and seek you out, got it, lets see how tough you are? But you are a coward like Dan Malarkie, Bowman, fake Cliffy, I know who a couple of you are, hiding in the dark, drunk, fat, girl less in the basement of your little lives….like I always have said, its simple I am easy to find ….bing it anytime…anytime…913 400 7500 I am at your service piss smeller!

  54. Cowboy says:

    Good Hunting Glazer
    Man oh man, you got our boy pissed off killer, I think he means it. RUN! Hey you saying things about my dead mother, I’d take you apart myself. Thats low down trash son.

  55. Ted says:

    You ought to set up a twitter account
    so all those people that read those “100000 articles”can follow your every whim. If one person remembers each different article. Well there you go. 100000 people at your command. That isnt going to happen. When you give autographs do people ask for them, or do you ask them if they want them? Hi black barbies mom, do ya want a autograph. Hold on I got to ga to tha bafroom. Here I iz. Hez yo autograph Black Barbies mom. I wonder if Hearne Christopher thinks your famous? Not the greatest writer but not brought up in a cave either. The answer there is a big no! He is not a moron. Tick tock tick tock time is running on you and your not famous yet. Fame seems to be eluding you. Just keep telling people that your famous. over and over and over and over. Maybe you will be famous for telling people your famous. Whos Vern Miller? Is he related to Dennis Miller?

  56. Black Barbie says:

    Hey White Loud Boy
    You Ted, Cliffman, the one who is calling out my old boyfriend Craig. The man, Glazer offered to face you off bitch ass punk ass, you didn’t take him up on the deal, huh. Cause you a sissy momma’s boy, who wants to put your betters down, like me or Craig or even Hearne. Who are you bitch? Le me help you out, my other boyfriend where’s red, dig? He a slingger. He still in business. I show him just now what you wrote on me punk ass bitch. He and his boys will be looking for you. Derek knows how to find folks. Since you don wanna go it with Craig, my friends will find you. Hows that boy? We done it before mothafucka. Sweet dreams punk ass.

  57. Cowboy says:

    Hey White Loud Boy
    OMG now you got Black Barbies Crip boyfriend on your butt Ted/Cliffy/and all the other names that say the same things to her. Just to clue you in Hearne if he wants can locate your emails/comments from where you got the Mac or whatever you use. They can run you down my friend, so maybe she is right, cool it off with that gal. I would. Just sayin.

  58. Monkey man says:

    Get That Man Baby
    He is a big racist Hater, I want his white racist ass myself, lets find him and teach him a lesson Black Barbie..hit me on facebook we’ll seek out this bitch ass punk.

  59. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Barbie Lighten Up
    Look I think you take this stuff to seriously Barbie. The guy was joking and i’m sure is sorry. Lets not go crazy here ok. Thank youl

  60. Hearne says:

    Memo to Loser Baxter
    Have a sick 4th!

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