Stargazing: City of Bad Plumbing, Ugly Fountains, Finest Phallus, Mi Ranchito Sentencing

World War I ended on this date in 1919.  The following day, someone in Kansas City thought it would be a great idea to build a giant PENIS to memorialize The First World War.

Liberty Memorail was named a finalist in 2003’s Most Phallic Building in the World contest.


Kansas City International airport has been hampered by two water main breaks in recent days. Terminal A parking was flooded and water service to US Airways disrupted.  Despite that, travelers say the water breaks were more enjoyable than the ugly fountain in the airport’s median.



A federal judge in Kansas has sentenced a Shawnee man to 10 years in prison for putting poison in the salsa at a Mi Ranchito in Lenexa.  He was upset because he lost his job at the restaurant and was sentenced to 10 years. Plus, every year on his birthday he has to wear a sombrero while his prison mates sing, "Feliz Cumpleaños."

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