Hearne: Did Jason Whitlock Bitch Slap Nick Wright? Please

Ruthless bitch slap or meaningless love tap?

You make the call. With Anthony Weiner‘s package in the rear view mirror, the Royals in the toilet and the Chiefs in limbo it almost had to be a slow sports news week. So much so that the local sports blogosphere jumped for joy over back-to-back call ins by all-but-forgotten former Star sport Jason Whitlock to 610 Sports afternoon host Nick Wright’s show.

Did Whitlock really take Wright "to the woodshed" or "bitch slap" him as one blogger breathlessly panted?

"No way," says KCC movie guy Jack Poessiger who listened to both broadcasts. "He tried, but he never was able to. It was just an on-air stroking of the mind. There was no bitch slapping on either side."

On a scale of one to ten – 10 being a major league bitch slapping, what would Poessiger rate it?

"Oh, maybe a four, or a three. I didn’t think (Whitlock) had much going for him – he was just fishing. I think Nick had the better comebacks. I hadn’t listened to Nick very much before and I was impressed by how intelligent and very well spoken he was."

Marketing maven and Kansas pol Tracy Thomas’s take?

"My answer is a one," Thomas says. "It was just a conversation. It was an interesting conversation, but it wasn’t a bitch slap at all."

The key elements of "bitch slapping" missing from Whitlock’s dialogue?

"Name calling, viciousness, complete putdowns – it wasn’t even clever," Thomas says. "I think Jason was ineptly trying to coach Nick, but it sure as heck wasn’t a bitch slapping.

"I think it was a slow news day and they were bored. Just like Greg Hall making a big deal out of something that he missed the point on – it’s like nevermind."

OK, put yourself in the mindset of the anti Nick Wright dudes who so delighted in Whitlock’s critique.

"You’re a hater and you’re looking for a reason to hate and then you pile on," Thomas says. "You’re like the guy watching a bar fight and you’re not going to join the fight. You’re just going to take a swig of your beer and say you were there."

Bottom line: One thing both agree upon – including Wright’s detractors – is the exchanges were highly entertaining. Which hardly qualifies as "disastrous" or implies in any way that Wright was censured by 610.

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31 Responses to Hearne: Did Jason Whitlock Bitch Slap Nick Wright? Please

  1. Don't pick up the snake says:

    What I learned from the Wright/ Whitlock/ Hall saga
    For starters you get bitch slapped on this BLOG more than an Indy Avenue hooker who keeps coming up short. You should be an authority on the subject, but you’ve had your ass handed to you so many times you’ve gone punchy. Wright got bitch slapped by proxy. He believes he was bitch slapped, thats why he spent 20 minutes the next day saying he was angry, and trying to convince his listeners that being a wigga is a natural thang for a lilly white joco prep school douche nozzle. It’s like when someone hits a nerve on this BLOG, you either try to come back with some snarky/lame comeback, or you just delete the comment and block the isp.
    But I already knew that.
    What I learned……
    You are all butt hurt that Hall left you high and dry and fled your non paying ass. So now you are taking a single blog post and grindinjg home the point that Hall was wrong. Over. and over…. Yolu also hate Whitlock because lets face it, the guy left the Star on his feet, while you were kicked out the door and landed on your narrow ass., Whitlock guests on National and Cable sports shows. He writes on a national level. He has national recognition. You on the other hand are an unknown former gossip hack, who has to get pro bono writers to fill this waste of bandwidth. You are fading fast, another over the hill, spiky haired, skinny jeans wearing, trust fund shit heel.

    Just in case you were wondering…You just got bitch slapped.

  2. scuse the typos says:

    Just trying to fit in
    My keys are sticky…..No Wiener

  3. Hearne Christopher says:

    And so accurately, too!

    Let’s see, I just ran a farewell column from Greg – who by the way was paid – and linked to his new site. Whitlock left on his feet? That’s why he was off and underground for like three plus months and practically crying on the air before they yanked him off? He continues to blog but is hinted now he wants to come back and get a gig on KC radio because, why? Because he’s doing so well continuing to blog for Fox like he was when the bottom dropped out at the Star?

    Hmmmm, if you already know I deleted and blocked your IP, what are you and the other haters doing on here now?

    Nice try, dogg!

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Far be it from me to prevent you from coming on here and making a fool of yourself

  5. new ip scooter says:

    you just proved my point Dogg
    You rise to the bait like a trout to a fly. I believe the farewell post was prior to your hit piece. No? Much like Nick( I wish I wasn’t white) Wright, I believe you protest too much silver spoons. You should take a cue from your boy Wright, embrace your inner ass hat. You love to do the hit piece, it’s ingrained in your dna. You had a hard on for Kellys, so you kept hammering home the supposition, based on gossip, that they over served that kid who got killed in westport. Now I expect you’ll write a few more hit pieces on Hall in the future. It’s just your nature to be a vindictive weasel. It’s not a coincidence that the majority of the comments on this BLOG are mostly potshots at you and your cracker jack writing staff. People come here for the train wreck, not because they think you are an actual journalist.

  6. smartman says:

    Saturday Sing a Long
    Time to lighten up a bit. Tits on this Whitlock Wright cow are dried up already.

    Sing to the tune of FEVER!

    Craig Glazer and Black Barbie had a very mad affair. Before she would let Craig mount her, she said you need to get down there and eat my BEAVER! C’mon Craigy…… eat it morning, noon and night. BEAVER! C’mon baby up and down left and right.

    You know that Craig likes the ladies. When it comes to age he don’t care. You know he really likes the young ones because they ain’t got no hair…ON THEIR BEAVER. Smooth a silky just like Cool Whip Lite. BEAVER….just like he likes it nice and pink, clean and tight!

  7. Jared says:

    Full disclosure: I cannot endure local sports talk any more. I’d rather pour molten lead in my ears. If Wright were to attempt to jump an explosive-laden steamroller over a flaming Kietzman, that’d be just fine by me.

    That said, Hearne, contributors to your site happen to agree with you? Now there’s a revelation.

  8. Tom Violence says:

    Ginned up controversy
    This tempest in a teaspoon is simply a John Landsberg-ian creation. Landsberg is giving Hall some Bottom Rung lovin’ after having claimed years ago that Hall had “successfully” been fired at the Star, as though he’d stood with scorched earth around him having survived repeated “unsuccessful” firings. Rather than admit he was wrong, Landsberg’s sucking up to Hall and the two are manufacturing this controversy because neither likes Wright for insignificant reasons.

    Landsberg’s breathlessly playing up this silly charade because he had to eat some deep-fried crow after seeing Wright’s numbers surged and deftly avoiding giving Wright credit for that fact.

  9. Rainbow Man says:

    whitlock will be back… here is why
    How old are the biggest radio stars in this country? They are 45 and up….many are in their 60’s. Stern is 56. The fact is that anyone who makes any amount of money does not give a shit about what a 27 year old has to say. They simply just do not know jack squat about anything. People want to listen to CREDIBILITY. I do.

    One thing Kietzman had when he started was BROADCASTING EXPERIENCE. Yes, it was TV.. But from the minute KK took the air on the radio…. he sounded authoritative. He sounded believable. Again…. 27 year olds get chummy with the bad boy athletes. KK was trying to bust their asses.

    Whitlock is still extremely relevant here. He is a star here. If he got a radio gig here there would be huge listenership. That is a fact. He would be stronger than before because he has matured. Life has this funny way about it. You have success… you get kicked in the ass… plateau… have success… and it is a cycle. You get smarter every time you cycle through it. Fact is… Whitlock is extremely talented. The fact is.. he is the most famous media member associated with Kansas City.

    KK was less famous than Whitlock, had fewer national connections than Whitlock, and kicked Whitlock’s ass. Why? Because Jason acted a lot like Nick Wright acts now…. But… I know JW is smarter than that now. I am not sainting KK. He comes off a little douchey… and I think he is known as a jerk. But he does know his craft.

    Jason can pull guests on his show KK could never get. As unlikable as Whitlock is, he is more charming than KK. Get him on the air. Preferably before Chief Football.

  10. Lori says:

    Who cares?
    And besides we all know Nick Wright is a big pu–y! I’m glad Whitlock did it and I hope he does it some more. Hearne quit defending Nick. Dentist appointment I am so sure. He was crying like the little wimp that he is. Somebody give him a shitty Cookies by Design cookie and some milk.

  11. harley says:

    SMARTMAN/scooter and snake just bitch slapped (whatever that is) both hearne and glaze.
    Those 3 guys have a way with words that is really brilliant at attacking others.
    My writings are tame compared to what they say…and the part of glaze and young
    girls was very funny.
    However…the whole matter of whitlock versus wright is so limited.
    Hearne is trying to light up the comments sections in this site and he’s done a great
    Glaze’s piece on hollywood money is worthless. he can do better. He’s written some
    good pieces and he’s capable of good writing but he’s so into inserting his own
    qualfications that his story gets blurred.
    Heanre needs some life in this site. Maybe get whitlock to write for you….because halls
    absence is getting pretty obvious in the coverage of sports even though he too
    was wrong a lot.
    The part about this site being a train wreck was right on. It is a train wreck. It’s fun to
    see what stories hearne puts up and the quality has definitely gone down.
    We knew hearne for his gossip which was fun to read. Now we get misinformation about
    radio stations….stories that noone cares about….bad jokes….this is a train wreck and
    I think that if hearne doesn’t improve the content he’s going to slide into irrelevancy.
    Overall its fun to read some of the comments on here. smartman, even though we diagree and
    you use some great lines to dissect me I still enjoy reading your stuff.
    I don’t take anythiing on here too seriously. Its an aberation from dealing with clients
    and work and stress and i get to express my opinion to someone besides my girlfriend
    who never listens to me anyway.
    So have some fun…this site is for entertainment purposes only and don’t take ourselves
    too seriously because we’re all in the same boat.
    God bless everyone..

  12. harley says:

    more news you whites don’t want to hear
    the birthrate of minorities has surpassed the brith rate of whites.
    so the people (black and hispanic) you people are attacking will be running the nation in
    about 10 years.
    And you and I better find a better way to help thos kids because its gonna be
    hell in america if we don’t help them out.
    We’re headed tov some serious problems folks. and we better start making changes
    now to avoid problems in the future.
    someone with guts and brains better figure it out…

  13. chuck says:

    I still havn’t listened to that interview.
    Sorry, the dog ate my podcast.

    Nick Wright should just get “Gold Fronts”, “Cornrow” his hair and beat the shit outta his girlfriend with his pimp hand, live on the radio.

  14. bschloz says:

    Don’t Judge My Tweets
    Chuck I know you “aint feelin it ” on this one but here you go –“http://www.610sports.com/pages/10086108.php”
    I listened to it last night –FML —-
    Whats that saying “you don’t get a job you make a job” All I can do is visualize Jason in his Ball St. jersey…thinking to himself –“What The Fuck Am I doing In LA” ? I’m a Superstar in KC. — Every month that goes by Whitlock becomes less relevant to this market. Come on home Jason…….cold calls baby hard cold calls. Rainbowman is right—Nick and Whit in the Afternoons! $$

    @smartman….I read that post– got in my car to Walgreens picked up a box of Muriel Cigars.

  15. chuck says:

    ok buddy, I’ll listen to it today.

    I think you and Rainbow man are right—JW and “If its White, it aint Wright” would kill.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck You Are A Crazy Genius
    First off I don’t think Jason is a racist, he liked me, I think. Second I don’t think he hates Nick. Third, Nick doesn’t hate Jason. Fourth, it’s great radio for them both. I think they enjoy arguing. If Nick is smart, and he is, he will have Jason on again and again, make sure you guys know it and when. Rating will climb when they tangle. Just the way it is. Likely our most popular shows on when I was on 98.9 with Dare are the ones we fight each other on. Thats most of them. People like it.

  17. smartman says:

    As Jeff Ross says, “We only ROAST the ones we LOVE”.

    It’s all in fun, ’cause let’s face it, Hearne is on to something. The comments are better than the posts…Isn’t that why we all tune in?

    Since it’s Sunday let’s give thanks to our Lord and Savior!

    Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other,just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.
    Ephesians 4:23

    God Bless!

  18. kcredsox says:

    Wrights Bitch Slapped Grill
    I find it ironic that Hearn believes word for word what Nick Wright is telling him. Here is a similar scenario that could put my job at risk similar to Nick

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m more than happy to rise to your “bait” and correct inaccurate information. Consider it a public service. Free of charge.

    Oh and thanks for the DNA read out. Whadda I owe you?

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, they have lives and paychecks that far exceed their involvement here. We don’t always agree, you may not have noticed. Like when Jack liked Hangover 2 and I followed him up by saying, don’t waste your money. Or when Tracy leaves comments dinging me under her actual name. You should try it some time.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    If indeed Whitlock wants to come back, that sounds like evidence that he’s not exactly knocking em out of the park with his continued blogging for Fox. He may well want to come back.

  22. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, this is no made up dental appointment. Nick has some serious issues and he’d talked about it on the air weeks before. Keep up, Lori!

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    Concentrate, brutha. Nick didn’t go to the denist for several years. He’s up shit creek with his teeth and (mainly) his gums. He had two days of major league back to back days in the chair. This was no picnic.

    Now go back and listen to the mostly innocuous, if amusing, radio run ins. Nothing happened, wild man. People don’t get knocked off the air for silliness such as this.

    There was no word for word involved. Before this bogus Nick got in trouble story was even hatched, I just happened to text to try and arrange and interview and that’s how I found out. Because Nick wasn’t going to be able to talk for like four to six hours after when the painkillers wore off.

    You must be ultra thin-skinned – if you even listened to these interviews – to think anybody got castrated. Like did you stay home from school when you got a boo-boo?

    Nick actually got tired of JW’s schtick at the end, told him off and then pulled the plug.

  24. chuck says:

    Thanks Glaze.
    Just listened to the first phone call from Whitlock to Wright. Not real scintillating. It really coulda been a tete a tete on the phone between two guys NOT on the radio.

    I am just another schmuck who listens to sports talk radio, and this is just my opinion, but…

    The most interesting thing about the entire phone call and subsequent events, was the fact that Greg Hall followed up with an erroneous report, where he implied that we should infer, Nick Wright took some time off to lick his wounds after his supposed trip to the woodshed. I really like Greg Hall, he got this one thing wrong, big deal.

    Whitlock told Wright he was a fake black guy, who would be more respected by those same black guys, if he quit acting like a fake black guy. We ALL already knew that. We all also remember, that at one time, we were striving to succeed, and were young.

    I think I heard Whitlock say Wright is 26 yrs old. Ok. He will be fine. When I was 26, my friends and I all rode Harleys, got in bar brawls every week, drank, did drugs and impregnated anything that wasn’t “on my 6”.

    bschloz is dead on the money, Google “The Silent Scream” by Edvard Munch, turn up the sound on the Whitlock-Wright phone call until it distorts, and, in the background you will not hear “Paul is Dead”, but you will hear Whitlock HOWLING FOR HIS JOB BACK!!! CAN I COME FUCKIN HOME DADDY!!! ITS COLD OUT HERE!! I AM BROKE!!! I HATE THE BAR B QUE HERE!!!


    Whitlock and Wright on in the afternoon, would put a fuckin stake in KK’s heart, or at least cut WAY back on those fuckin cookie comercials.

    I wanna hear Whitlock, on the radio with Wright, eat a whole fuckin case of those fuckin cookies the first afternoon they are on.

  25. JimmyD says:

    And let’s not forget…
    that Wright didn’t mention this dentist trip on this show wednesday for the sole purpose to set-up Greg Hall. That’s a good one. And to all the non-believers out there come join me anywhere but church to enjoy a glorious sunday! There’s a lot more of us than we realize. Rejoice!

  26. Hearne Christopher says:

    Anything is possible, Chuck. But it sounded like Nick had had enuff of Jason playing Godfather when he hung up on his ass at the end of that second phone call.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    He wasn’t just setting up Greg. And it wasn’t the first time he set up a local blogger to issue a bogus report. He’d already mentioned his teeth and gums problems on the air. He didn’t need to explain taking two days off in the summer.

    I don’t think anybody at the Star has ever explained taking time off.

    It’s just silly to take something this mundane and try to spin it into a conspiracy theory. But some people believe the world is flat, the earth was created in seven days and Obama is not a US citizen.

    See ya in church!

  28. kcredsox says:

    Hearne and his boy Wright
    Kind of interesting he was out playing wiffle ball at the K on Friday afternoon. Apparently the pain killers wore off by then?

  29. kcredsox says:

    BTW Hearne I never mentioned Nick was “knocked of the air” as you put it. I didn’t say he was suspended, I think he was licking the stitches where his balls were removed from. May want to read my post a little more carefully, all I stated was that if I just got punked on my own show, I would show up strong the next two days, postpone my dentist appointment. If he hasn’t been to the dentist since his days at Barstow, I’m sure a couple more days wouldn’t hurt his grill.

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sheesh! You want me to run my quote from Nick when I asked him if he was gonna do the charity game before it happened?

    Yeah, it takes like 4 to six hours for the painkillers to wear completely off but there’s a difference between playing wiffle ball and speaking into a radio microphone and hosting a show.

    You don’t get that?

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    Looks like Nick took your advice w/o your even having offered it!

    He did show up on his show the next two days after getting “punked” as you say on Monday.

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