Glazer: How to Not Get Rich Quick in Hollywood

"Show me the money" – seems that’s the new battle cry in LA these days…

An entertainer/actor can have a ton of credits on hit shows and still not make the huge bucks anymore. When I say huge I mean seven figures a year or more.

I’ll short sheet this.

Today when an actor is hired to play a part in a TV series or a major film, he or she is usually offered scale – however much a week plus 10% more. Scale is the decided minimum wage by SAG (Screen Actors Guild). And usually that starts at $1,500 a week. So when you do a couple weeks on a film as a feature actor thats what you get.

If you don’t like it, NEXT!

Sure, as you get hotter this goes up or is negotiable. Until about 1992 co-stars would negotiate their paydays. For example, my movie pal Sonny Landham (48 Hrs., Predator) was offered a set fee for those films plus bonus for overtime and extra weeks of work. Those were big films and he was in the top six names on the credits.

Yet he only got $50,000 for 48 Hours and $75,000 for the Arnold movie.

Lucky for Sonny they both went way over in shooting time so he got much more. Yes, you get a "backend" but thats usually NET profit money that nobody but maybe Tom Cruise ever sees. You do get the TV and DVD money which believe it or not is "favored nations" (all stars,co stars and feature actors get the same amount).

This can be your real payday.

It’s paid every 90 days after the movie is sold to TV, cable or DVD. So for guys like Sonny this can be six-figures over time. But don’t buy that home in Malibu yet.

Writers and producers are in the same boat these days.

The paydays have gone way down.

First you have to sell something or be hired to write or produce. Even though your quote (meaning what YOU usually get, established from your last deal if you have one) is less today. I had a quote of producing at $150,000 per film plus extras due to my former pay on Sports Films.

But I was only able to get a better deal on KING OF STING, because five major production companies bid on it.

However, you only get option money and story/book money up front until the movie is shot or goes into production. In 1982/3 when I sold OUTLAWS, based on my even earlier life to CBS, I got $15,000 up front against $300,000 if it went, plus backend, acting fee, book bonus etc. It was a decent deal in 1983 for a first timer.

Each year the movie didn’t go they had to re option, pay me, or let it go. Thats how that movie deal ended up at five different studios in 25 years

. Oddly I almost made a living optioning the project yearly. And yes, it went up.

Today most scripts are paid ZERO up front. Thats right, all the money is paid on GO/production. Tough way to make a living.

Sure the big boys have it better.

Guys with several hit films. In the 90’s hit film writers got around $750,000 to $1 million a script. A real biggy, like my friend Shane Black (Lethal Weapon series/ Last Action Hero) got $3 million for a script.

Today those same writers for similar size movies get less than half that. There are exceptions but very few.
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14 Responses to Glazer: How to Not Get Rich Quick in Hollywood

  1. smartman says:

    Paul Harvey Says
    It’s “favored nations” not favorite.

    Pay your agent, manager, accountant, publicist,union dues, whores, mistresses, drugs not to mention California taxes and then the IRS. You got shit left. If you’re in 7 figure territory you’re lucky if you net a quarter to a third when all is said and done.

  2. Jenifer B says:

    Very Interesting
    Well Glazer glad its not T and A for once. Though I do sometimes like those. Yeah, I thought anyone who did seveal films or TV series was getting millions. Dumb me. I feel better now. They ain’t all that.

  3. Man Hater says:

    I Don’t Care What Cruise Makes
    If he were blind,deat and dumb he could still sit on my face.

  4. Monkey Man says:

    Bet Black Actors Get Screwed
    Unless you are Will Smith, you get it up the ass. If you are black, right Glazer. Just like Westport.

  5. Toco Time says:

    Bunch of Rich Cry Asses
    Glazer you think I feel bad for you or your fag Hollywood pals getting ONLY SIX FIGURES. Try working for a living like me, makine 40,000 a year with a wife and two kids. I feel real bad for you and Sonny and Tom and all you spoiled rich people. Get real jobs and then complain asshole.

  6. Big Brother says:

    “Little Dick Bitch”
    Glazer Dare sure punked your butt. That song is so funny. We sing it at our office. Who is the black girl? Barbie?

  7. Natural Fitness Barbie says:

    Dare’s Song is Great
    Little Dick Bitch you forgot to leave the check OLD MAN. I pee myself when that comes on, just hilarious Glazer. You are a good sport. You and Johnny Dare are radio magic. Funny,funny,funny. I heard you a few times this week. Whats with the abortion stuff? Are you serious? I can’t tell when you are kidding. Even Dare was embarassed for you. Still laugh out loud funny guys. How can I get a copy of that little dick bitch thng?

  8. Tony Tubbs says:

    Bitch is On Dares Website
    Go to to hear “little dick bitch” under Glazer. Johnny has lots of interviews with celebrities on the site. Fun stuff, other glazer stuff too. Yeah its hilarious shit.

  9. Radio Man says:

    Is That a Real Call?
    Know what I think its real. That makes it even better. Glazer is a trip. Dare knows his shit.

  10. Rowdy roddy says:

    Glazer Unaware
    Glazer Leno’s show, Louie was talkin about Stanford and Sons and you guys smoking dope, listen and learn.

  11. Mauren says:

    Who Watchs Jay Leno Anymore
    Jes Louise. I’m sure Craig doesn’t watch Leno anymore, maybe Dave. I saw it cause I was at a bar in JO. that plays the show. Yeah I think Louie CK was kidding and was talking about hanging with the Glaze and brothers at Stanfords. I think. Anyone know how we can hear it again?

  12. Black Barbie says:

    I Got off to Model
    I’m not just a stripper come see me tonight at the show on Troost. I am the main model and they pay me 500 just to walk around. I bet Danzel get paid.

  13. Steveo says:

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  14. Black Barbie says:

    Who Cares Who needs you
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