Glazer: How Not to Get Rich Quick in Hollywood, Take Deux


I sat down for breatfast yesterday with hot film/tv star on the rise, comic Bryan Callen.

We talked about what we’re both up to. Bryan has about 12 projects he’s working on. He’s the star of the new MTV series DEATH VALLEY and a regular on IN PLAIN SIGHT.

In the 1990’s that would have meant seven figures a year for sure. Today, it’s like, "Hope it gets more seasons."

Don’t get me wrong, Bryan is making some nice money. But getting to where Bryan is can take years and several other starring or nearly starring roles. Hangover 1 and 2, which features Callen in the first, and co stars him in the second, are good examples of just how hard it is today.

Hey, the two films will gross well over one billion bucks. That’s great money sure. Ten or 20 years ago the three lead characters might have been paid more than double the $5 million they each got for each Hangover.

I’m not crying for them – they have back ends coming on the Hangovers and other films – but one false career move and it’s back to, "Now, what was he in before?"

Hey, I do that all the time with booking agents like, "So who’s this guy again?"

I’ll do a Part Three of this next week.

P.S. Callen was wonderful – had a full house Thursday, his first night, and got a standing ovation.

Great guy and he promises even with his new fame he’ll come back to Stanford’s.

Uh, but he never said how much.

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6 Responses to Glazer: How Not to Get Rich Quick in Hollywood, Take Deux

  1. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Glazer, what’s your opinion on Louis CK?
    Craig, are you gonna write a blog on Louis CK anytime soon? Would love to hear your thoughts on him tearing KC a new one on Leno the other night. It was completely unwarranted…told a story about the last time he got high, and it happened to be after a comedy show in KC. For no reason, he decided to go on and say what a terrible place Kansas City is. It was pretty brutal. C’mon, we’ve gotta get your take on that one! It was the worst thing I’ve ever heard said about us on national TV.

  2. Negative Nancy says:

    Be tough!
    > BS Nerdlaw

    Don’t take offense to that. That is CK’s brand of humor. He bags on all people, places, things and ideas.

    Plus, it was funny as hell.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Louie Struck Back, But too Mean
    We had Louie twice in the 90’s at Westport, we got along great and have the same agent. Seems all the good comics have Matt Blake at CAA, well almost all. From what I understand he is upset over not selling tickets to his show at the Midland earlier this year, I think in late Spring. As I remember he did the Uptown a few years back and struggled for sales. No doubt he is a talent, but he has the east coast sense of humor, that often doesn’t sell here. Oddly Lewis Black does very well in this market, he is also from New York. I think Louie had his feelings hurt. Still no reason to bash KC. Callen is here this week and went out of his way to say how he loves KC and especially the Plaza, wants to buy a second home here.

    Clearly Louie is done with KC. When we hung out in 99 he loved Westport and KC so after that, don’t know what the hell happened. I just think this is not yet or now ever will be his market. Yeah, he was out of line calling this a stinkhole. Come on!

    Oddly we have had Jay talk about Stanfords on the Tonight show at least l5 times in ten years. When he had Niki Glaser on from this area, Lewis Black told stories about Stanfords, KC and me on the show, very funny, JJ Walker same thing even the new guy Owen Benjamin loved KC and did two bits on KC and STanfords for the Jay Leno show. I got zero calls and no Star ink on it, nothing. Good news doesn’t travel just bad news or put downs. Sad to say.

  4. Robertoe says:

    Louis CK’s assessment of our shithole city
    For those of you who missed it….|home|featured|recent

    Opps, you have to cut and paste that, don’t you? I don’t know why it wouldn’t automatically hotlink. Oh yeah. That’s far too difficult. smirk.

  5. bschloz says:

    LouieCK / Comedian
    Thanks Robertoe for posting that.
    I’m a big fan of this guy….what he said about KC is an act….just like he flipped off his 4 year old daughter on FX last night.
    The guy is fresh and pushes the envelope all the time. He said KC just because he said KC —I’m not glad he said it but its still an act.
    I use to watch him on Colin Quinn…never would of guessed him to hit the big time. Funny guy.

    I’ve been watching this on Cable– good TV–

  6. Shamara says:

    Who Cares What He Thinks CK
    I saw it, he wasn’t kidding in my opinion. Something happened to him in KC, he didn’t like. Like Craig said maybe his show here was slow. It’s nice to know everyone is getting their pay cut not just me.

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