Today: The Case Against America’s Pub in Westport

The jury’s still out…

It remains to be seen whether controversial black dance club America’s Pub will be allowed to remain in Westport when its lease is up at year’s end. Many Westporters are convinced it’s a magnet for violent crime and the summer weekend night floods of African American youths who fill the streets and surrounding parking lots.

The Brian Euston killing last year, for example, went down in an altercation just outside America’s Pub.

To that end, they’ve initiated a campaign to close America’s Pub down, says its attorney Harris Wilder.

"What happened was some people in Westport were trying to get rid of America’s Pub and they demanded an investigation by Regulated Industries (liquor control) and we had no problem with that," Wilder says. "And when they conducted the investigation, Regulated Industries said, ‘You guys are running a good shop.’

"In approximately 1,500 incident reports, there was only one real police involvement and that was a year ago. And (Regulated Industries head) Gary Majors said to the ownership of America’ Pub, ‘Frankly, you guys deserve a medal for the way you have handled the situation.’ But this is a weird town, Hearne."

And at times, a small minded one…

"On one level it’s just pure jealousy," Wilder says. "Some people are unhappy that America’s Pub is making more money than they are. And America’s Pub is making more money than anybody in Westport. I’m not singling anybody out, but the bottom line is they run a very good operation."

As for Westport’s crowds of late night youth situation, "No one has solved that problem," Wilder says. "But the problem’s not inside America’s Pub. The problem is outside in the street in Westport."


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36 Responses to Today: The Case Against America’s Pub in Westport

  1. Westport Willie says:

    Hearne has a new bone.
    Like a dog with a bone, Hearne is now all in, keeping Westport at the top of this blog. Not content with his last one-sided post, now he gives Harris Wilder a new post. Of course, Harris is a paid hack for his client. And since this is not journalism in the least, there is no need for BALANCE, or even attempting to get quotes from the little merchants. besides, what’s the point? If they tell their side, Hearne will label them RACIST.

    Right, this from a boy who went to a private white school, and today still belongs to Kansas City Country Club. You wouldn’t know that from here, because he refuses to EVER write about their members, for fear of being kicked out of the club or thrown in the all-white swimming pool. So prejudiced is the Kansas City Country Club that they don’t admit blacks OR JEWS! That’s why Ewing Kauffman joined Elmwood Country Club.

    So this is sweet: I suppose Hearne could show his manhood by taking Harris Wilder to the dining room of his country club for his one-sided interviews, but of course Mr. Wilder, being a Jew, could never join the club.

    Merde, Chuck–s’il vous plait, please write that conversation for us.

    The result of all this “coverage” (not NEWS coverage, just Hearne’s tinkling on somebody) of Westport is this–Hearne is scaring off the whites from even going this summer. Fear of what MIGHT happen. Parents will order their 20 something live-at-home kids not to go there. That will only hasten the death of the small entrepreneurial businesses in Westport.

    We already know, from the comments on the original post, aka “Screw Gail Grant, who needs Ruckus Toasts or the Urban League–Hearne names himself the Civil Rights Hero of 2011”, that Harley ain’t gonna leave the Woodside Pool, where he is stalking Glazer, to go to Westport. Expecially (typo on purpose) to America’s Pub, because gosh, the patdown of his package at the door would draw snickers. Harley’s like Glazer’s squirrel–his nuts are all in his foul mouth.

    So, Westport merchants–keep those liquor orders in moderation. Don’t stock up. Hearne is eating your lunch. Way to go, privileged white boy.

  2. d says:

    4 + 3 = 8
    > Hearne is scaring off the whites from even going this summer.

    Hearne, stop scaring the whites!

  3. Cliffy says:

    “Hearne is scaring off the whites from even going this summer. Fear of what MIGHT happen. Parents will order their 20 something live-at-home kids not to go there. That will only hasten the death of the small entrepreneurial businesses in Westport.”

    You’re giving this site too much credit, Willie. Not that many people read it and even fewer taken it seriously.

    Me? I come here to polish my math skills.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    What To Do
    One, Westports crime is down this summer. Much better. Thanks to the caring uniformed police more than those who only try and use Westport for DUI stops and bar raids. Again some hard working cops have made it better no doubt. Nigro and a few other interested people who work and slave down there have pticed in as well. The Trollys have helped bring nicer crowd to the area. Kellys patio bar has put some new life in Kellys along with letting their popular daughter be out front and center to bring a new younger crowd to Westport. America’s Pub I’m afraid does cause issues. Not that all black people are criminals, but the majority of criminals down there tend to be of color. Thus the problem: perception is reality. Perception is simple, the better part of Westports crowds see the Pub as a problem and crime ladden and hip hop thugs, period. Yes Westport is surely better off without them at this time. It may not seem fair but its the way it is. OR THEY CHANGE FORMAT AND REMODEL THE PLACE…as others have said its pretty run down inside….It would help the area. HIP HOP SPOTS ARE A PROBLEM NATIONWIDE, VEGAS EVEN HAS GONE NO URBAN CLUBS FOR TEH MOST PART IN ALL MAJOR HOTELS, NO DANCING EVEN. I was in the same boat with the dance club at Stanfords, we had few problems in the club cause of our huge security staff, but outside, there were issues. Just the way it is, which is too bad.

  5. smartman says:

    Supply and Da Man
    So they close America’s Pub down, you don’t think somebody else will cater to the urban hip hop crowd and piss some other “fraidy-crackers’ off?

    It’s about the Benjamin’s bitches. Money doesn’t sleep. It’s green and doesn’t visualize in black and white.

    This perceived problem ain’t goin’ away. Gotta get along like Rodney King says. Fuck Uncle Tom. This is where Mayor Slyme needs to get his black ass involved and mediate cause the brothaz and sistaz aint’ gonna retreat-iate. Time to Come Together on this or we’re gonna have no justice and no peace. Perfect time for Nick Wright to do a live remote from America’s Pub and spread some Oreo love around.

  6. louis says:

    glazer what to do
    Glazer are you serious. Is this the same repeat felon who used his doorstaff as a goon squad to settle any scores. The same good old craig who snorted blow in the back office. I will tell you what to do when you have an opnion of what someone else should do write it down read it then throw it in the trash because no one gives a fuck what a degenerate like you thinks. And nice job trying to blame your “few problems” , shootings,assaults and drug deals gone bad, on your doorstaff who literally risked their lives to keep you partying.

  7. PB says:

    …shows how far out of the Westport loop I am. Black club? I thought America’s Pub was still a hard rock bar. Of course, I don’t stray outside of the Beach and never past 10pm.

  8. Ashley says:

    My youngest is mixed and I have taught all my kids that color doesnt exsist, I know that area well and I know its not just one race or place that has rowdy bunches. It just sickins me that ppl in this day still think that way….i have always seen wesport as a melting pot so to speak and it truly just makes me sad. It’s a shame tho, that you feel you need to attack those personally that are just voiceing thier opinion or that are defending where they work. Does it really matter who they are supporting, I mean if they have children and are supporting them is that so much a crime? Does it really matter if they are married or togeather even, what if they were divorced, as long as they are supporting those that they are supposed too, is that not the point. It’s more then I can say for alot of people out there. This tho is not about them, it’s about the belief that by removing a club who’s clientel is diverse,that it will benafit Wesport. I could make cases for all the bars down there. The pros and cons for each establisment would both shed positive and negative light. Instead of working against one club, why don’t you try working togeather to make the whole area better. Americas Pub happens to be on the cornner of a major intercetion and adjacnt to the parking lot and parking garage, so does that mean every time a violent crime occurs in the parking area we are to blame Americas Pub, well then shouldn’t Beaumont fall into that catagory too? They back up to the same parking garage. An the poor man who lost his life accross the street from the pub, well do you blame the vendors too who parking along that smae side of the street, or the club whos parking lot is on that side too? I could go on and on about the crimes you don’t hear about in Jonson County, dating back to the Olathe North, SM North shooting. The majority of those kids were white.Or the girl killed and throwen in Hillsdale lake, again another Johnson County crime. Crime happens no matter where you live by people of all races, and you would truly be ignorant if didnt think so. If bussinesses are having problems staying in bussiness then blame the economy, people are spending their money, it’s just costing more to stay in bussiness. To blame on race for the actions of people that belong to all races,color and creed is sad. Everybody needs to get over it.

  9. Robertoe says:

    wow. when hearne gets on a story, he beats it to death. I guess this is America’s Pub week!

    There’s lots of folks who post here that obviously don’t know Westport. Its anything but declining or dead. Nigro is doing a great promotion job. The McCoys /Foundry guys are kicking it. Harrys is a perennial summer favorite. And Aaron is upscaling it with a great new culinary addition- The Westport Cafe.

    Let me throw in my fav Westport spot which epitomises diversity. Its always a good mix of cohesive black/white, gay/straight, business/artsy and many other combinations. In business in Westport for 24 years under the same great family ownership (Terry Burns +kids + friends + relatives). Its in the old trolley system horse barn. +110 years old! The best back patio in town, especially increasingly on early Sundays. Its tough being in the restaurant business for 24 years, none-the-less in Westport.

    aok I’ll check in again tomorrow to see if anyone else called Hearne back on his Americas Pub diatribe.

  10. Tracy says:

    Robertoe, do you mean the old Prospect courtyard?
    You didn’t mention a name or an address.

  11. harley says:

    give americas pub free rent in the 18th and vine area. Blacks will be welcomed there.
    They are in their own environment. Less problems with the police.
    Theres plenty of space they can rent in the vine area to open up shop.
    Bring in other bars/restauratnts (sambos/popeyes/kfc/etc)….bring in some
    classy clubs….and let that become the entertainment center for buppies (black urban
    professionals)….perfect idea because they have their own area…no headaches and
    they won’t be hassled wearing those shorts that make whites angry.
    And it revives an area that needs an infusion of businesses and investors.
    The city would love it….and it starts to rejuvenate that area.
    Hearne I am brilliant. This is the ticket. This way everyone is happy…
    the white owners in westport cna rebuild their area….the blacks have their
    own area that caters to their wishes and desires…and the city doesnt have to
    spend millions on westport in trying to keep the blacks out of there.
    See….5 mniutes…a simple solution….now hearne you and glaze get on this
    and you can be the brains behind the whole program,.

  12. Eric says:

    ….. is what Robertoe is referring to. Great place.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks Willie!

    Btw, you understand the difference between a column and a straight news story? Didn’t think you.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for scaring off the whites. I don’t know what came over me.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks, Cliffy. I know I can always count on you for a kind word.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Louis Here is My Answer
    Yes angel, I like most prominent entertainment folks, Jack Nicholson,Richard Dryfus, Every Rock Band on The Planet, Every Hot female star, every hot male film and TV star(except Ronnie Howard) did blow then. So you got that part right. Wow was I awful. My crimes were against other criminals like angels like you. They were in the 70’s/80’s not in the 90’s 2000’s. I had a door staff mix of police, off duties, security guards and doormen(like Rob Riggle, featured in several films like THE HANGOVER) NOT REALLY A GOOD SQUAD. We kept the peace thats all. Nobody protected me, I did my own work. Never once did I send someone to do anything to protect me. Just the club.
    WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH AMERICA’S PUB, they invite the thug bug, maybe YOU. Not that Stanfords was perfect, but we had a nice place well cleaned bars etc..the Pub well not as nice. Hey in a way it is the kettle calling the other BLACK, but for the good of Westport its better off without the Pub. They took what was handed to them, the urban buck, can’t blame them for that, but its time to say goodnight they had their run, as we did. We had no shoot outs in front of Stanfords, none. They have had three I know of, saw two. But hey it happens, they didn’t want it too it just does. Someone said is this a racist city, gee, uh YES. Again, all people of color are surely not criminals or bad people, they are not, sadly nearly all of the major crimes in midtown from murder to rape have been people of color. That scares off too many other customers. Like Harley said, move it somewhere else. Thats fine. I don’t know of any urban, youth oriented dance club that has worked with no violence except the ones Sturart Soleman has done, oh yeah, he is a police officer.

    Nobody listens to me, well I beg to differ on that one. I am EXPERT at entertainment in this city, thats a fact, so is Bill Nigro and a few others. WE had a 31 year run in Westport, like no other run there, a multi purpose entertainment spot like none has ever been in KC. Ever. Like all good things it came to an end. I don’t miss the headaches. If you got a better idea go do it. I have moved on. So have many others. That was then, this is now.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    A (short) two-parter is a diatribe?

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hate to admit it, but I was thinking the same thing. I mean, wondering

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Segregation, huh? Run the blacks out of Westport like the Plaza, Crown Center, Ward Parkway and downtown have?

    What are you, some kind of progressive?

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Ah, you’re right. It is pretty cool back there.

  21. Rainbow Man says:

    Willie… Check your facts dude.
    Ewing Kauffman was not a Jew… He was a Presbyterian. And Elmwood Country Cub? Do you mean a cemetery? You are the one making racial assumptions.

  22. just john says:

    Please shut Glazier up
    This guy is killing me. What a dumb ass, self centered prick. While his point on closing AP is correct, he can’t make it without patting himself on the back. I really don’t get why he is on this site. I have checked it out a few times and am now completely done. Those of us that know what CG is really about understand his motivation, but not Hearne’s for having him as a contributor. Once an insecure, drug dealing, snake in the grass, piece of sh#t…….always one (at least in this case). Nigro is a good guy, don’t try to latch on to his goodwill. You don’t know shit about the entertainment biz, KC, showbiz, et al. Do everyone a favor and crawl back into your hole loser boy. Okay, I’m done.

  23. Rainbow Man says:

    The Kansas city country club
    But hey since Willie brought it up.

    I am okay with private clubs. They are private. I do not have to agree with their membership policies and I can even hate or protest them… but hey… it is their club. I like tradition. Even if I dislike A Holes.

    The Kansas City Country Club is pretty interesting in that it is a serious stalwart in that exclusive tradition. I do not even think they have a website. They are as private as Skull and Bones. It is very hard to get a Kansas Citian to even divulge that they are a member. Mission Hills lets people in that The KCCC won’t even sniff.

    People forget that KC during the Industrial/ Railroad Revolution in the 1800/1900s had uber rich people and there is still a lot of that money floating around here. We basically had captains of industry here… and their descendants… who are left… still summer in The Hamptons and Martha’a Vineyard.

    I would be curious about how the CC culture shift has affected the KCCC. Lots of younger people now do not want to be tied down to one course or club, the old school atmosphere, and membership is dropping at lots of them. I know people getting into Mission Hills, Blue Hills, and Indian Hills that are very new money. They need members.

    I do not get the feeling KCCC is desperate. I may be wrong. I do know a lot of rich Kansas Citians and they all say they don’t have a shot there.

    The only pseudo day -of-reckoning happened when Tom Watson dropped out temporarily after they refused Henry Bloch’s membership bid in 1990. The club reportedly relented in that case, and satisfied Watson, who rejoined. I still wonder who the “token” members are now.

    Interesting piece of KC Culture though. I would love to play the track… Someday I will get on there. It is on the list. Well.. Maybe not.

  24. tanya says:

    Okay, so I am truly trying to understand all sides of this. I am so disheartend by the way people are acting. As the wife of a member of Americas Pub staff, I cannot believe that you would want to affect the livelyhood of others. Do you really think closing down the pub will solve all of your problems? Kelly’s and other night clubs will be the places the “urban thugs” as they are being called, start to hang out. Is this not 2011, or have we gone back to the 1950s and segregation. As far as Glazer goes, really Craig, I just heard you this morning on 98.9 talking about the fact you are banging a african american female you named black barbie or was it chocolate something? Oh that’s right Johnny played the voice mails she left you. I find it very condisending of you to talk about the “thugs” at americas pub yet the females your sleeping with sound that way. I wonder also how the owners of other clubs would feel if all of a sudden people stopped patronizing their establishments, and started calling them racists. Now as far as violence goes, in the last couple of years, yes westport has had its share of crime. I know that people park in the parking garage and parking lots around the westport road and mill area. So people automatically assume that well it must be the crowd from americas pub. I truly feel for the family of the young man who died last summer. But how is it that Kelly’s bad press is not in the papers or on the news? I am so upset that the people of Kansas City, can be so single minded. I have spent many nights at the pub, let me tell you I am respected when I go in there, not just by staff but also by people who patronize the club. If Kansas City allows this to happen you are threatening the livelyhood of families. and as far as kellysman goes… grow up… your big and bad behind your keyboard telling people to get a real job and calling them a pussy, but did you ever think that not everyone works a nine to five. I think that if enough of us picketed places like kelly’s and other westport bars pushing the pub out maybe people would change their minds and leave the pub alone.

  25. chuck says:

    Couple things…
    Just John.

    Hey, Glazer has Howard Cosell disease. People love him or hate him but they sure notice the guy, and read his stories. His adventures would not be interesting unless he already had a brobingnagian ego. Think of it, as commercials during your favorite show. A necessary, but annoying interuption that provides the story itself. You don’t have to identify with the guy, just grin at some of the crazy shit he does, especially at such an advanced age. Dude is relentless.

    Ashley and Tanya

    This America’s Pub thing, is completely in context, in this year (NOT 1964). US Dept of Justice stats on crime, show Black on white murder at 50 to 1. Black on white rape at 565 to 1. The African American population is around 20% of the total, so per captia murder is 250 to 1 and rape around 2000 to 1.

    This is no joke, and the reason, in my opinion, that people don’t feel safe when they see hundreds of thugs congregating with pants around their asses, terrible music (Really fuckin stupid music, rappers steal all their rhymes outta Dr Zeus books.) and loud bass, is because, oh yeah, they aren’t stupid!!!

    The preposterous contention, that we should all send our kids, or make the trip ourselves, to an area where there has been murders, rapes, theft and violence, in the name of racial harmony and “Why can’t we all get along” is insane.

    Here is why we can’t all get along. Not just because of a refutation of previous standards of decency, and civility, its because of that pesky atavistic fight or flight response.

    If you guys decide to march, ala Martin Luther King, in front of Kellys (Those sanitation workers in Mississippi, now long gone, would sure be proud.), your really marching in protest of a white parasympathetic, atavistic, flight response.

    I for one, in the spirit of racial harmony, would like to apologise for all white people, who so unceremoniously run like rabbits at teh sound of gunfire, 50 cent, the smell of cordite and the big bass boom that accompanies same.

    Its so rude.

    I guess, if every white person in America is reincarnated as Ghandi, then we will eventually exsanguinate our way to racial harmony.

    Of course, like Ghandi, we can expect to die violently.

    Power to the people.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck could you co write my next book
    Well put Chuck. I liked that. As for the guy who doesn’t like me, uh, I’ll tell him when he comes in

  27. chuck says:

    Just John Just needs to Join…
    Team Glaze.

  28. harley says:

    not a racist or progressive.
    ethnic communities have their own areas….the hill in st. louis….chinatown in
    sf….strawberry hill…..little italy in ny and other cities….
    whites could go to 18th and vine…and it might be a cool lace to go to.
    Throw in some blues and jazz…open it u to everyone who wanted to go
    but what better way to revitalize an area with an existing popular and
    profitable operation.
    Let the market decide what hapens….but you have the negro museum there
    and white people go there….make it a focal point for theblack community.
    I never said white couldnt go there…they can if they choose…let them decide…
    but you alleviate problems in both areas…
    westort can begin anew with a upscale image….the vine area can become huge
    if someone with brains would open themselves up to new ideas.
    Glaze…this is right up your allley….get on this….and there would be no one better
    to promote the area than glaze.
    Think about it….it might work and solve some “problems” in the meantime.

  29. Boot says:

    Dumb fools leave em alone
    Relocate a landmark buisness because they changed there style are you freakin retarded or what – its been in westport for 25 years you biggets – Why if there has not been one arrestable offense inside the club would you want to run a profitable buisness out of the area – REALLY??? Why are people not screaming for better security outside if thats the problem. Oh yea doesnt westport have there own police down there?? Where are they at for the white people to feel so ” unsafe ” shouldnt we be finding better officers? Should we not be screaming for better protection against the darker skined thugs and hoodlums in the area. Hey I have an Idea. Lets give the money to the security inside the club to secure outside the club as well – according to regulated industries they are doing an AMAZING job for this type of club. I have only been there twice in the last year and a half and I went to get drunk and dance with all the women ( side note it was like 70 % to 30 % ratio women to men each time I have been in there – I say if you want to party go to Americas Pub it is a GREAT TIME! Craig didnt MR Dare run away from your scum bag drug dealing ass- I have listen to 98.9 for a long time and I Remember all his messed up comments about you douch bag – didnt you leave westport for kansas or was that your daddys idea? Must to ne honest

  30. Tanya says:

    really now…”The preposterous contention, that we should all send our kids, or make the trip ourselves, to an area where there has been murders, rapes, theft and violence, in the name of racial harmony and “Why can’t we all get along” is insane.”
    do you even live in kansas city.,. I do and I know that westport is not the only part of kansas city that this happens in. Hell I dont really care what your stupid little dept. of justice stats say. I am just thinking of the livelyhood of families who depend on the pay check they receive from americas pub. and let me just set this straight, i am a wife, and mother, college graduate and white married to a white man, so all this to me is not about black and white. it is about the fact that families including mine depend on that check. Yes that is my husbands part time job, but in this day and age it takes more than 1 bread winner to provide for a family. Mine included. We (my husband and myself) are upstanding citizens and work hard for every penny we earn. Better yet how many of you would open up your business to raise money for a cause like autism speaks? Last year americas pub allowed my walk team to hold a fundraiser on a friday and saturday night. I was proud that both the clientele and staff graciously donated money to support autism speaks and help children like my own diagnosed with an autsim spectrum disorder. So everyone should honestly give up and let them stay… When it comes down to it I would be both proud and honored to have them help us raise funds agian. What do ya say Pub?

  31. chuck says:

    Yes Tanya, I live in Kansas City Mo.
    I am glad your experience at America’s pub has been positive.

    I am glad your family has made money at America’s Pub.

    Congrats on your college degree, marriage and mother hood.

    Its really great that America’s Pub is contributing to the fight against Autism.

    That is a high quality list of non sequiturs and red herrings that are in no way mitigates the indictment against dance clubs like America’s Pub that draw thugs and killers into close proximity, and endangers innocent people.

    “Hell I dont really care what your stupid little dept. of justice stats say.”


    Those stats and the news we read EVERY DAY about thug fuckin pukes, are a celebration of a daily devil’s pentecost of murder, rape, theft, misogyny and chaos.

    Its ok to ignore the stats.

    Everybody does.

  32. bschloz says:

    Do The Right Thing
    A week dominated by dying and jealous bloggers – fat and skinny radio fucks– -Racial Profiling in Westport- man this shit is hard..must be summertime.
    Throwing a current, paying 20 yr tenant out of their lease? lol — is there some kind of bidding war to lease in Westport?
    Is Kenny Chesney ready to move in with his Bar and Grill?
    Where are the Animal spirits in this town…there is so much capital in this City that just sits Idle- earning 0%.
    Are you telling me real estate @ The Corner…Chili’s- Pennylane is not viable? Bullshit –before we get out this mess we are going back to the “Busting Ass” phase of our history. The FREE LUNCH at the Golden Corral will end harshly.
    Maybe this week Obama will reach into The Strategic Job Reserve and release about 500,000 jobs.

  33. chuck says:

    The banks ain’t loanin nuttin. A guy told me they took all the cash and turned it into T Bills.

    Really fuckin nice.

  34. harley says:

    and sent it overseas/offshore so they wouldn’t have to pay their fair share of
    taxes on profits like the 99% of businesses who can’t roll the profits into
    bermuda/switzerland etc.
    Want to solve our economic problem….put all the banksters in jail along with the
    politicians who helped them bring us down. Then force them to bring the
    profits they made and ay taxes…then eliminate the loopholes that give the
    big rip off their money subsidies (oil cos/insurance cos etc),
    Then make those making over half million pay their full and equal and fair
    share of taxes….then end the worthless wars we have….then find other revenue
    sources for the government…then sto giving away billions to our enemies….
    stop giveing comanies tax breaks to move jobs offshore…then stop sending
    billions on useless military toys….then regulate the oil speculators who have set the
    economy back 6 months with their tricks….then find and jail the criminals who set u
    p the housing crisis….
    All this would only affect about 99 er cent of the people and allow us to have the
    revenue to make america great again.
    As for americas pub….i don’t go there…would never go there….so until they have
    a major violence incident let them stay until their lease is up…then let them find
    another location. The thugs and hoodlums will follow that bar wherever they are…
    and lets get back to the real probolems we have.
    As for glaze being an entertainment expert I say no way. Too many failed restaurants/
    bars/clubs/bad biz decisions/failed ideas etc. I’d say he might have some idea on what
    to do but his track record is very sketchy. Standfords failed…johnny dare’s failed…the black
    club failed…overland park location failed…hopefully legends location will be successful and the
    guy stays in business. I would hate to see him go down again…i like his battling spirit
    but so much is to be said about him that has not been written that its probably best that he
    leaves the issues alone.
    As far as whitlock and his next ste in kc…i think he’s done…but he would be interesting on
    the radio. Team him with wright on an action packed show and you’d put whb out of
    biz in 30 days. People love controversey and these 2 egos would be the biggest
    thing in radio in 30 years.
    Diversity in every part of the city is hapening. Blacks are moving into johnson county and
    can be seen in every mall/store/restaurant/bar. Its just the changing demograhic.
    Either we get used to living with minorities or we move south.
    If you have kids under 10 they will be a minority withiin 12 years. White population stagnant
    in america while the black and hispanic populations are booming. Its a fact you have to live
    SM south once a bastion of upscale wealthy whites is now one third to one half black.
    So get used to living with the problems the blacks bring with them because its happening
    all over america.
    God bless everyone.

  35. chuck says:

    I would like to be more eloquent Harley,
    but actually, I pretty much agree with most all of that shit.

  36. Gal says:

    Nice plug for your crappy restaurant Burns family. After I heard a family member say not once, but twice “I hate N’s” – I’ve never given them another cent. Yes it’s a great outdoor space if you can get past the wobbly tables (that they can’t or won’t fix), bad service and over-priced mediocre food.

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