Today: The Racial Profiling of America’s Pub in Westport

It’s no secret many Westport property owners and merchants want America’s Pub to curl up and die.

Their fingers tightly crossed that owners of Manor Square will not renew the predominantly African-American themed dance club’s lease at year’s end.

"I bet they won’t be there after their lease is up at the end of the year," says one Westporter.

America’s Pub attorney Harris Wilder has another take.

"America’s Pub has had a very successful run and they’ve done very well under somewhat difficult circumstances," Wilder says. "And if the lease is not renewed, it will be Westport’s loss. I mean, who else can they get to go in there? Any new tenant will have to completely renovate the place. I don’t see how they can replace America’s Pub easily, but that’s not our decision."

Let’s cut to the chase…

Like the Harris House in the early 1990s and Stanford’s Club 504 in the late ’90s, America’s Pub has been the neighborhood scapegoat for the throngs of African-Americans youth that pack the streets of Westport, primarily late at night on summer weekends.

"When you know the facts, the scapegoating that’s gone on about America’s Pub is just ridiculous," Wilder says. "if the club didn’t have a primarily African-American clientele, not a word would be said about this. But that’s the reality we live in."

"Here’s the thing. The people who dislike America’s Pub and its clientele desperately want it to work out that America’s Pub leaves and some white knight literally comes in and brings a clientele that’s primarily white."

Now the reality:

"Look, Kansas City has a substantial African-American population," Wilder says. "What, are we kidding ourselves? If we had a proportionately representative population in Westport, 25 percent of the people in Westport would be African-American. If you go a mile to a mile and a half to the east it’s a primarily African-American neighborhood. Or there are substantial numbers of African-Americans who live there. And what, they’re not going to want to go to the entertainment district?"

The bottom line:

"This is basically a southern town," Wilder says. "I mean, Kelly’s was a slave market. We’ve come a long way, so to speak, but these tribal, racial things are not easy to erase in a culture. I’ve been to America’s Pub many times in both official and unofficial capacities. And basically these are young people out to have a good time. They may not dress like preppies – they may not look like preppies – but they’re just young people wanting to do the things young people have always wanted to do; hang out, flirt with the opposite sex and have fun. That’s what young people want to do."

"Are there guys out driving around with guns? Occasionally. But they’re not in America’s Pub. There has not been a single incident requiring a police arrest inside America’s Pub – not one."

It’s not America’s Pub that attracted blacks to Westport. The Plaza has had its fair share of youthful black gatherings over the years, yet it doesn’t have a black nightclub. The main difference being that the Plaza has a wealthly, powerful, influential landlord that has been able to flex it muscles and drive the urban youth away.

Kinda like how Cordish keeps the wagons circled at the Power & Light District downtown.

However, Westport has neither the money nor the political clout.

"Here’s the great irony," Wilder adds. "Let’s just say America’s Pub’s lease is not renewed. Will fewer young black people be coming to Westport? Probably. But there will still be black people coming to Westport. That’s where I think people are kidding themselves."
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27 Responses to Today: The Racial Profiling of America’s Pub in Westport

  1. smartman says:

    Fear Factor
    Too many crackers just piss their pants when they see a group of urban youth from the “community”
    The kids get stoked ’cause they can smell the fear. They like it when whitey pisses day white Ralph Lauren pantzes

    Time to man up whitey ’cause black don’t crack. Move to the burbs, they’ll be their soon enough wif day systems and day rimz. They’ll be bangin’ your coal haulin wife and daughter while you at work.

    Ain’t no Huxtables these days, they all wanna be Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

    Either look ’em in the eye, spread the love and share the streets or keep your white asses home.

    This shit ain’t goin’ away and segregation ain’t comin’ back.

    It’s dawn in Africa and a gazelle wakes. The gazelle knows if it is to survive today it has to be faster than the fastest lion.

    Miles away a lion wakes. The lion knows that if it is to survive it must eat. To catch its’ meal it has to be faster than the slowest gazelle.

    So whether you’re a lion or whether you’re a gazelle when you get up in the morning you gotta run like hell.

  2. Matilda Marsh says:

    Here’s another irony: Wilder’s last name was WEINER!
    Honest to pete. Harris Wilder’s dad changed the family name, so his son would not be ridiculed.
    His birth name was Harris Weiner.
    Just like Anthony Weiner in NYC.

    Of course, Hearne lets this attorney run off forever about his PAID CLIENT.
    Guess what: if Harris Weiner Wilder’s client was Kelly’s or anybody else struggling to survive in Westport, his tune would change, 180.

    Smartman is wrong, whites don’t have to “get over it”. Westport’s Manor Square needs to change the mix of tenants and make Westport feel safer for white women. Or Westport will die. Take a look at the Jazz district, KCMO voters blew $22 million there, but guess what: if white women don’t feel safe walking to their car, they ain’t goin’ out. And the bars die. ’cause white men don’t dance. The end.

  3. Cliffy says:

    So … his nickname might have been Harry Weiner?

  4. Matilda Marsh says:

    You got it, Cliffy!!!
    So men: are you gonna let Harry Weiner push you around??

  5. smartman says:

    I’m White and I DANCE
    White men dance, just not very well. I submit the old people and young douchebag nightclub Touche’ in the OP as my only evidence necessary to support my thesis.

    I’m a move bustin’ mofo. Leanred how to dance from all my BLACK friends growing up, listening to Cameo, Brick and Slave. Jungle Love OHEEEOHEEOH!!!!!Bump and grind it ’til I find it.

    Talk show host Michael Savage’s real surname is WEINER too.

    There’s a gyno in Seattle named Harry Beaver. Lot’s of Harry Dick’s in the phone book. Met a guy once named Shorty Pecker. Worked with a guy named Huong Dong..HUNG DONG once.

    Get over it girlfriend the brothas and sistaz is here to stay. You can run and hide or you can get on the Love Train with all of your brothers over in Africa. One Love, One Heart.

    We’re just payin’ the price for being too nice with all that GREAT SOCIETY shit the Dems dreamed up in the 60’s. Slide, slide slippity slide!

    The Lord will protect you when you walk in the valley of darkness, or if you prefer you can get a conceal carry permit. Let’s be careful out there.

  6. katie s. says:

    i used to live in chicago in a poorer, blacker neighborhood that people used to fret over. i was much more concerned for my safety when i was in drunken, white, frat-boy lincoln park. i’m a white girl. i do not fear for my safety in westport, and live a few blocks away. i think the correct answer absolutely is get over it.

  7. Black Barbie says:

    Quit Hatin On Black Folks
    We made Westport hot, not you white people. Shit. We are the ones in line with 20’s. Not all of us are thugs.

  8. Monkey Man says:

    The Pub is A Dirt Hole
    Inside it smells. It ain’t been cleaned in years. I saw a rat in there a few weeks back behind the bar. Whats that got to do with Black people. The white owners are slum lords. I’d kick them out for not taking care of the place. It simply stinks. Don’t go in with the lights on people, you will RUN out. But none of that is black peoples fault.

  9. harley says:

    keep them in westport
    don’t let them out…build one big bad ass bar for them and let them shoot
    and murder each other. Have a shooting range where they can shoot each other.
    Smartman is right….blacks and hispanics will take over america and its coming
    faster than anyone admist.
    Went to a seminar 4 months ago held by a consulting firm for political campaigns.
    By 2016 blacks and hisanic voters will become the deciding factor in political
    campaigns….by 2020 (coming fast) the nomineee who get 65% of the
    hsipanic vote and 90% minimum of the black vote wins. They are going to take
    over america…and if you leave them at the bottom of the economic ladder
    you’re going to have problems that will make america crumble.
    Smartman is 100% correct…you whites better get used to diversity because
    as the song went “get ready cause here I come”….and I is the minority exloding
    population in the country.
    Why do you think obama will win by landslide…the hispanic vote will crush the
    repubs…georgia and texas will be in play for the first time in many many
    years for electoral votes (providing perry doesn’t run)…
    theyre coming….get used to it.
    Nice piece smartman.

  10. Nick Raines ( Turbo ) says:

    Americas Pub
    I just so happen to be white – I also have had the pleasure to work at Americas Pub for the last 3+ Years full time and on and off since 2001 – I am quite upset that in this day and age we are still battling over where whites and blacks can go and have a good time – I know Mr. Wilder personally and I thank god for him – With out Americas Pub My 3 year old daughter would not have shoes on her feet and food in her belly – Americas Pub has been getting some very bad press because of the actions of a few idiots that most of the time I won’t even let them into the club!!! Let me assure the residents of Kansas City and mainly westport Residents that We are the safest club around – Not only do we look inside EVERY purse that comes in we implament a pat down of every male entering!!! White or black you are getting patted down – I have a little girl to get home 2!!! If they do not renew the lease to Americas Pub I will be unemployed and my daughter will have to suffer – all because our customers are black – for 20 something years our management have been providng a wonderfull party expierience – and to be honest it is one of the best partys I have ever been a part of – We just don’t offer partys – We offer memorys people will tell there grandchildren about when they grow old!!! How sad it is that in 2011 I have to worry daddy mightbe unemployed because we host a hip-hop expeirience that attracts everyone but all they see is black – Is this what Elvis went through with Rock n Roll??? In my opinion this is the biggest racial atrocity in Kansas City history – Americas Pub is a landmark in Westport and tonot renew the lease because we changed the music well I will leave that to you Kansas City – Thank You Mr. Wilder for Everything you are doing to keep my daughters daddy employed!!! I will never forget you!!! Turbo aka Mr. Kick Your Butt Out Of The Club!!!

  11. Kellys Man says:

    Turbo Is A Punk
    Your club sucks and you are a pussy. You keep Westport down with gehhto blacks and thugs. YOu hurt Kellys. Leave asshole, take your daughter with you. Get a real job.

  12. Angus says:

    Been there done that
    I like the oppertunity to say what I feel since I have been to Americas Pub.
    I never felt threatend once and was handeled by the staff in a mature and respectfull manor. I would say I wish they would break down and put some of my rockers in there.A little change up don’t you know.The only thing hurting Kellys is bigoted young mislead white people.I am white and in my 60s’.That allows me to see the hatred and mistrust being spread by the right.If people would just learn to give Peace a chance we could all get along.That will come with or without the Haters being present.GOD does not care about the color of ones skin and neither do I.The time for Hope and Change is here.Get use to it.Stop complaining about everything.Start working toward real fellowship.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Learn the golden rule and live by it.I’m not saying that nothing can happen in a nightclub.I’m saying anything can happen in a nightclub and it makes no difference Black club or White.
    Alcohol and mean people don’t mix.As a matter of fact mean people suck.Americas Pub is a well run establishment.I would recommend it highly to anyong that feels like they want to witness the liveliest happining club in Kansas City.The atmosphere beats Kellys and Beaumonts so maybe thats why Kellys isn’t doing so well.Theres lots of reasons for clubs to fail.I know I own one.

  13. Matilda Marsh says:

    Angus, are you lost, dude?
    Angus, my dear man,
    if you want peace and love, I think this is the wrong blog website for you. This is the Mean Boys website. Thank God the posters and commenters work from their desks, so they can’t post and drive! Alcolhol and mean people don’t mix. But a gossip and hate blog and mean people, well, look in Wikipedia, and there is Hearne’s picture and the link to KCC!

    A dude named Angus who is 60 doesn’t feel threatened at America’s Pub. I get that. You probably have a white handlebar moustache and dress like an Irish boxer. The issue I speak of is 20 something women strolling Pennsylvania Avenue, they are the ones who don’t feel safe. Walking to your car–THAT”S where the violence happens, not in the club with the bouncer with the 2 year old to support. Where did that dude die?? Outside, after being overserved. It’s the street ambiance that’s all fucked up, because the poor little indie merchants don’t have the $$$ like the Plaza has or P&L has, to muster the Third Army on the sidewalks. The Plaza and P&L are laughing all the way to the bank because Westport takes the people who are not welcome in their neck of the woods.

  14. Rainbow Man says:

    I don’t want to question a man’s livelihood Turbs, but I hope the A-Pub is a second job. Do you support your wife and daughter? Or are you mailing a woman court ordered checks every month, who actually decides which shoes to buy? Fair question. You did not say your were supporting a family…. only a daughter. Anyway… The black community needs more dudes like Turbs here. Dudes that stay with the women they knock up, or dudes that took at least one biology class in seventh grade that explains those pesky little microscopic swimmers. Basically, a huge percentage of black kids living along the Troost corridor have either a mom working three jobs, or a mom getting her groove on with the next dude that will knock her up. Dads are usually long gone. They owe so much support by the time they are 24 they just hide. Nest thing you know, they are missing Juniors high school graduation. It is a horrible cycle. And we were passing out condoms in the 80s and 90s to protect against AIDS.

  15. Tanya says:

    I support americas pub. Turbo supports his family with his job at the pub. Do people judge you for your job? Let me just say my husband also works with Turbo, if at any time I felt he was in danger I wouldn’t want him there. However I know that he is safe and is respected. Keep the pub in Kansas City.

  16. chuck says:


    We are all whistling through the American graveyard today. On the one hand, admitting that a cultural sea change is imminent by way population trends and illegal immigration, and on the other hand acquiescence in the face of a malevolent fait accompli.

    And motherfuckers (Lets hop on the soul train, and embrace the vernacular too. Children, now come up to the board, and spell motherfucker.), it is, malevolent.

    Malevolence, violence and hatred for the here to fore morals, ideas, ethics, common cause and unwritten social contract that USED to be as much a part of America as the threads on Betsy’s flag, are being supplanted by a destructive necrotic subculture that is unwilling to mainstream. Why should they? The “Protected Class” which will soon dominate the voting booth, has been conditioned like Pavlaov’s dogs, to expect coin of the realm, in many forms, for free.

    Stupidity, violence and destruction are all part and parcel with diversity, multiculturalism and all the fuckin “rainbow” horse shit we have been force fed for the last 60 fuckin years.

    Are you fuckin people nuts??

    Racial harmony in Westport?

    You can all sit here, behind your keyboards and pretend that the preposterous idea that violence is not THE most salient aspect of this new cultural shift. But your fulla shit if you do, and if like smartman says you better look away or move (His implied meaning, is violent.) cause you can get on the love train, or get a conceal and carry.

    Conceal and carry folks.

    Violence is the catalyst of this cultural shift, in conjunction with pusillanimous elected officials, who are frozen in Flux Capacitor Time Machines from the 60’s, where we are all marching hand in hand for equality.

    Fuck that.

    Jesus, at least have the courage to look at the real Rapper/Hip/Hop/Holocaust murder, rapin, thievin soul train, that it is.

    Maybe with no one around, you could take a quick peek at US DEpt of Justice crime stats and see what you will really face as this culture continues to metasticize in our American body politic and on the streets of this formally great nation.

    One the one hand, banks and Wall Street Lizard Robber barons (Who would embarrass the shit outta Jay fuckin Gould) plutocrats, kleptocrats insiduoulsy steal our futures with mortgaged back securities, taxes and gutless laws, on the other hand, “protected class” zombies with the brains and tempraments of fuckin pit bulls pull the limbs from our bodies to the back beat of lil wayne.

    Gimme a fuckin break. If your gonna lay down and fuckin die, at least give yourself enough time for prayers, cause baby, this is the first strain of an American requiem.

    Fuck the scumbag thugs, they will win in the end, but I’m not gonna kiss thier ass while they load up the nine.

    How are things in South Africa?

    Can we move to Johannesburg?

  17. Jack says:

    Keep the Pub. in Westport….
    As a minority owner of America’s Pub, I hope we can stay right there for the next five-ten years. I love Westport and I believe the majority of poeple like us there. Not all years in Westport are strong financially, but we have been a survivor there since 1983. We’ve got staying power, a strong loyal client base that we really appreciate their loyalty and patronage and top employess who do a superb job of keeping AP safe and fun for our customers. Mr. Wilder has been a good advocate for us and we thank him.
    I have been involved in that location at 510 Westport Road since 1986 when it first opened as London’s. Being there since 1986 gives me over 25 years in Westport and with that perspective, I feel the area is poised for a strong revival over the next 12 months and onward. We want to be part of that. Westport is the true entertainmentt district for KC , not P&L.
    I hope our Landlord and our group can negotiate a good fair new Lease. Let’s keep the Pub in Westport.

    Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Jack

  18. harley says:

    i didn’t know
    americas pub had a good reputation. No fights (wrong)…no deaths (wrong)…no violence
    but you have to be patted down to get into the club.
    Sounds great! To go have a drink and some fun you gotta be patted down and
    walk thru a metal detector…sure the women like turbo running his hands up
    and down their legs and in their bras. Wow…that sounds like fun for an upscale
    white professional but if you’re black i guess you are used to this type of
    action to get into a bar.
    To me thats ridiculous. And it’s probably why you are seeing this raging fight
    over a bar in westport. Let it stay. Hell…blacks have money and they need places
    to pick up women.
    Glaze probably had a metal detector for his black club when he went black to
    stay afloat.
    To get on a plane you need searches and pat downs….whats the big deal in
    Could care less about westport…because the second time theres a problem I’m
    sure it will turn into a ghost town.
    Let the peole talk with their dollars

  19. biff bumphries says:

    If we could just keep those roving bands of crackas out
    Americas Pub isn’t the problem just a symptom of the problem. Practically every violent crime in the midtown area is at the hands of a teenage to 20 something black thug. From the young lady who got shot and killed a couple years back as she sat in her car to the kid who was killed outside americas pub, and had his body exhumed 2 or 3 times a day on this website, young black perps killed them. Closing Americas Pub won’t change shit, the streets will still crawl with droopy drawered, sleepy eyed predators who would just as soon shoot you and take what they want.

  20. potatoe hater says:

    hey kellys man
    Hey kellys man not sure you should waste your time on turbo you may want to focus on saving your beloved kelly s from themselves. Although you irish are notorious alchohalics not all who frequent there can handle their overservice. (Ex. Brian housten) good luck with that lawsuit maybe you can sneak into the jurypool and get your knee’s dirty to save your beloved kelly’s.

  21. Hot Rod says:

    For Turbo and Glazer
    If you want to see a picture of the “Kellys man” (yes, small “m”) find me in the neighborhood. If you find the goofy little prick please let me know. A little old school encouragement may shut his pie hole. If that doesn’t work we can take his library card away because I guarantee that jackoff doesn’t have a smart phone or a computer under his bridge.

  22. Carly Simon says:

    Chuck rules–fait accompli
    Say what you will, Chuck is educating us, in French, and in American culture. If you ever got together with Ed Hayes, the retired cop who fights illegal immigration in Ks, there’s no telling what you could do. He’s got the facts, man. You are a brilliant writer, the Paul Revere of KCC. We’ve been warned. Allez vous, Chuck.

  23. smartman says:

    Up Chuck
    Beautiful as always. Clock is ticking on whitey. The Muslims, Mexicans and Negroes are fucking like bunnies on viagra. We don’t stand a chance against the tsunami of color.

    Knowledge is power but Socratic argument doesn’t do much good when 10 guys are stomping your ass. That’s why your carry weapon has to have at least 21 rounds.

    Hearne, you need to change the math problems to questions like Tyrone has a kilo of blow and Shaniqua has two eight balls, if they cut it with a half pound of baby laxitive how much money will they make if they sell each gram for $125.00

    Jesus is the answer but what is the question?

  24. smartman says:

    Jack Hanrahan?
    There’s the reason to close the fucking club down,Jack Hanrahan is involved. Minority owner….funny, his WASPY Connecticut ass is a MINORITY owner. Just another white guy pimpin’ the “community” out of their ill gotten booty.

    Jack has fucked more people than Publishers Clearing House.

    Do a story about how Jack fucked some old lady out of all her money up at Ivy’s…I think…so he could cover his nuts before the place shut down.

    He makes Lloyd Blankfein look like Mister Rodgers.

  25. Voice of reason! says:

    What a heated topic. The blog did what it was intended to do. To strike a line in the sand black vs. white. The issue is’nt who made westport hot, or crackers hold’n down the black man. Truthfully westport can’t afford to loose another successfull buisness. Power and light all but crushed westport. And with the economy and westport buisnesses closing right and left it seems ignorant to stop a successfull buisness from getting there lease. Maybee I am biast. I worked at the evil notorious America’s Pub for about 8 years of my life. Through that time it was standfords was the problem child. They were the cause of all the undesirables in westport. Well Stanfords closed up shop. On to the next. Americas Pub. The article is right. It’s not a place very apealing to the johnson county soccer mom crowed. But it never has been. The ones who should be standing up and fighting to keep the Pub open are harpo’s, blaney’s and yes kelly’s. Reality check—-You are’nt going to run the people out that you don’t like by shutting down 1 bar. Truth is those people live there. And in all actuality at least the Pub is giving those people a place to go, so they stay of your shit hole kelly’s. Shut down the Pub and those people will find another place to go. Most likely just a few doors down. A challenge to all the undesirables that don’t want to loose the pub. This weekend take one night off of the pub. Go ahead and visit these other places of buisness. Hang out all night. Let them see the future of there actions. Show to them they will not run you out of your home. Your not trying to take there club house awa, tell them to leave yours alone. The article said “are there people driving around with guns”. 8 years I worked there. Not once did i have a gun pulled on me. I only saw one drive by and that started at a primarely white club “have a nice day cafe” that no longer there. Its amazing the ignorance of some people. Kelly’s man (I use man very loosely) Carma is a bitch. Not cool saying shit like that about some ones daughter. And lots of people have other jobs, and work in westport feeding your alchoholism as a secound job to make ends meet. Luckely enough I am fortunate enough to not need a secound job. But if I did I would probably go back to americas pub, If for no other reason to watch you destroy your life one drink at a time.

  26. Hearne Christopher says:

    Cliffy, please…

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dude the died was overserved in Kelly’s, not America’s Pub

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