OTC: The Top 10 Reasons Greg Hall Left KC Confidential

10. Glazer’s scandalous tales of juggling 20-something babes enticed Hall into trolling Westport. Haven’t seen that white boy since.

9. Hearne promised Hall a Fiat 500 but the delivery date turned out to be December 2015…in Rome.

8. The Kansas City Star called, "Hall?…Sorry, wrong number.”

7. The Kansas City Star called Hall back, "Would you like to purchase a subscription?”

6. Hall refused to take a job as a busboy at Jardine’s to augment his KCC income.

5. Simply no room for his OTC column anymore with all the flashing ads on KCC.

4. Hearne was making him click on Kelly Urich’s Starbeams column 100 times a day just to make Kelly feel good.

3. Hall was blackmailed into leaving KCC due to video that revealed his neck was the target of Mike Fannin at The Caddyshack Bar.

2. Nick Wright’s dad purchased KCC for $3.75 million just to get rid of that damn Greg Hall bastard.

1. Jason Whitlock was actually writing Hall’s stuff all these years.

I want to thank all my readers from KCConfidential over the past 2.5 years and let you know you can now read my (or Whitlock’s) OTC at my new website; http://greghallkc.com/ See you there.

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18 Responses to OTC: The Top 10 Reasons Greg Hall Left KC Confidential

  1. Hearne says:

    Okay, all you boys and girls out there in Commentville…
    Bring it!

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks Greg You Are A Talented Writer
    Greg thanks for leaving me with sports on KCC. Hey I would have gone out with you looking for some tail. Hey I always liked you, and think you are a good guy and fun to read, see you around the campus Greg. Best Wishes.

  3. bschloz says:

    *With Huskers moving to Big 10 …Hall wanted his own KC site to more adequately cover Ohio St. Michigan and Northwestern
    *Couldn’t make Car Payment with Free Appetizers from The Well
    * Wanted more journalistic freedom to cover Everything Royals
    * Didn’t understand Hearne when he was asked to write about his “BULLPEN”
    * His AM radio broke and Hearne wouldn’t replace it

    Greg congrats on your new site…can’t wait for Football season!

  4. Fili says:

    “Greg thanks for leaving me with sports on KCC”

    Oh, my.

    Sweet that you have your own site now, Greg. I won’t feel dirty for coming to KCC to read your stuff.

  5. smartman says:

    The Real Reasons
    Hearne got upset when Greg confused his girlfriend with the cleaning lady.

    Got a case of crabs after sitting next to Craig at last staff meeting. Crabs had shirts that said Team Glazer.

    Office romance with Tracy Thomas never blossomed.

    Tony Botello enrolled him in the churro of the month club. Was killing his 5K time

    Glazer kept insisting that Greg join The Club, not Woodside, The Hair Club

    Mrs. Hall tired of Black Barbie stopping by at 4:00 am.for chicken and waffles.

    Joe Miller just wasn’t that into him

    KCC Press Credentials only accepted at AA meetings.

    Wanted to move on to greener pastures like JOPO and Whitlock

    Will never have to lie again when Kelly Urich asks hims if he thinks his stuff is funny

  6. Tracy says:

    Say what you will, Hearne showed class posting this
    Good for Hearne, posting this, instead of leaving us all to Google Greg’s site.
    This was funnier that Kelly Urich, by far.
    One thing I’ve seen is that people leave Hearne for awhile, but sometimes come back, even just to post a few–eg Tony, Fitz, etc.
    We are all sorting out this blogosphere, be it blogs or web sites or whatever. Let’s play nice in this sandbox.
    I appreciate Greg’s writing so much, and will follow him.
    I also think the commenters are great, especially Chuck, Harley, Smartman, bschloz,

    Hearne–we need photo captions!
    I am glad Hearne added this math quiz, to keep the greeking spam out of the site. ’cause Greece may go down today at 5, so–who knows what might happen.

    Guess we can all trade barbs again at upcoming funerals–a beat that both Hearne and Greg seem to love.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Greg made you feel dirty?

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s true, but Greg always tears up and they just seem to piss me off!

  9. Lee says:

    Losing the best part of KCC
    Greg Hall was the main reason I went here every day. I have come to enjoy the schadenfreude of Hearn’s KC Star posts so I will still visit.

    And yes, it did show class to allow GH one final post to tell everyone where he can be found.

  10. Robertoe says:

    the real reason Greg left
    “Got a case of crabs after sitting next to Craig at last staff meeting. Crabs had shirts that said Team Glazer. “

  11. chuck says:

    Funny stuff Smartman. Team Glazer on Crab T Shirts…
    Look at that picture of Whitlock. I think that was right before they arrested him for eating Oprah Winfrey. Jesus, he is huge!!

    A wider angle lens (If that is possible) should show Princess Leia chained to his “Pork Chop” in a metal bikini.

    Those are probably all Nutrisystem books right behind him. Speakin of right behind him, what kind of lighting do you need for a picture of Whitlock these days? “Bring in the Vegas Luxor Pyramid 42.3 billion candle power bulb, we got Whitlock in studio.”

    I heard Whitlock dressed down little Nicky Wright pretty bad. If Whitlock is going to blast a guy with ad hominem insults, then, what the fuck, maybe little Nicky wright oughta swing at the low hanging fruit.

    Greg Hall should just keep writing for Hearne.

    The Platte City whatever the fuck doesn’t allow comments.

    I liked Greg’s stuff, I never had much to say when he wrote, but I loved reading the comments.

    People really commented on Greg’s stuff. I miss that.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    So I like Seafood Big Deal
    Crabs and Lobster Tail? Yum.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    You missed the link? You can comment on Greg’s new blog

  14. chuck says:

    Didn’t see it…
    I’m just not feelin it…

  15. TigerVIP says:

    Greg your site is such a pleasure to visit. Amazing how you can put something together in such a clean easily navigable format. Not to mention, one of the first things you addressed was a MOBILE VERSION!!!!

    Hearne you really have no clue when it comes to providing your readers content or format. If you weren’t so sensitive, you could have heeded the advice of your readers and tweaked this thing to perfection. Your only hope to salvage this two-trick pony, is to go outside of your beloved, sunshine pumping inner circle and ask the readers for suggestions. The idea of this site is great…your execution TERRIBLE. You just don’t have the editor chops to pull this off on your own.

  16. Robertoe says:

    new platform needed
    TigerVIP is right. Greg went with a professional platform that is all precoded and set-up for blogging. I didnt go into his header info but I’m betting its like WordPress or something similar. Its very professional.

    Hearne made the same mistake the KC Star did and had his platform custom coded from scratch. He hired the local firm-Lazarus Ouch! Big mistake. Nothing against Lazarus but its not the right approach. Now a year-plus later pictures dont have captions, no like buttons, it doesnt look very professional and you can’t add features without bringing in the big guy coders. Hearne nees to bite the bullet acknowledge the mistake and go with a pre-coded profesional platform thats had hours of professional use, tweaking and is all set to go. Come on Hearne! We’re pulling for you. Perservere. Everyone screws up. You have to learn from it. Acknowledge mistakes, rectify em and improve. New platform. Do it!

  17. I told him so says:

    Hearne thinks he’s Harley–always right
    but he is stubborn. Refuses to admit his mistakes.
    Robertoe, Harley, al the others who keep saying to fix this shit–amen, brother.

  18. Mike says:

    Ok, that was good.
    A damn funny Top 10.

    A nice gesture of you Hearne, for letting Greg pen one final satirical piece.

    I’ll still occasionally stop by KCC, even though Hall’s column moved. No reader grudge here.

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