New Jack City: SPICE RADIO Talks Dirty, Strokes Listeners!

SPICE RADIO‘s dubious slogan promises, "Where The Audience Comes First."

They’re not kidding!

The free SiriusXM subscription that came with my new Mercedes expired just a few days before Howard Stern‘s contract ran out. But after he renewed, I renewed.

Then came a notice that there would be a channel shuffle of stations and new ones added. So the other evening I really checked it all out.

That’s when I came upon SPICE RADIO, complete with its adult stories, language and reality & X-rated phone calls, which tops Playboy‘s radio channel by a country mile!

Happily dishing out everything sex around the clock, SiriusXM channel 103 offers something for about everybody’s taste!

There’s LIVE! AT THE MUSTANG RANCH, which brings listeners into the "mystical and magical world of America’s leading legal brothel and features candid conversations with the working girls, their customers….and provides intimate insights into the milieu of the world’s oldest profession."

Or you may want to give WHORE TALK a shot. This program hosted by Sunny Lane – like that’s her real name – who works at one of the Nevada ranches. Sunny answers questions about her career and "gives you a free taste of what so many have paid for."

Other fun programming offered on SPICE’s channel 103 includes STRIPPERTOWN, CHRISTY & GINGER’s SEX CIRCUS and LEGENDS OF PORN, described as "the only show on radio where the host and guest swap old war stories….before they swap spit."

But the breakthrough show on SPICE RADIO has to be something called – believe it or not – THE JERK BOX, during which the sexy-sounding hostesses not only take calls but "perform sexual radio dramas."

Here’s how it works!

You’re home alone or driving down the highway when the urge suddenly hits you. But you need stimulation. (Loosely translated: "Talk dirty to me.") You simply call the girls, tell them of your fantasy and they’ll act it out for you until you reach that magic moment.

And anything goes – no taboos!

Straight, anal, girl/girl, guy-girl/girl, sprinkle, spanking—all the fetishes. You want it, they’ll ‘act it’!

THE JERK BOX definitely gives an all new meaning to radio being, a Theatre Of The Mind….

They’ll even take it to the next level. When the girls notice that you’re getting close they may even offer an on-air countdown to the finish!

Go ahead and admit it THE JERK BOX brings back what we once referred to as a Full Service Station.
Check it out for yourselves. The show airs live on channel 103 at 9:00 p.m. and is rebroadcast at 3:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

So the next time you’re cruising Metcalf or Noland Road and see the guy in the car next to you with a big smile on his face—could it be? – he’s partaking of THE JERK BOX?

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10 Responses to New Jack City: SPICE RADIO Talks Dirty, Strokes Listeners!

  1. jon says:

    Hold on I’m coming
    How long will the girls keep on acting out a fantasy if there’s no happy ending in sight? They should’ve called the show Spanking the monkey. Sounds like a Glazer special.

  2. TIAD says:

    6 + 1 = 7
    And to think I pay to read the *stuff* on this website!

  3. smartman says:

    Spread Em!
    You want anal! I’ll give you anal. Jason Whitlock shoved a 2×10 up Nick Wrights ass yesterday, then he did a couple of 360’s with it before shoving some Louisville Sluggers up each side and busting his sphincter wide open, wishbone style, so that the Chiefs could have an indoor practice. It was classic “snuff” radio that was more disturbing both in delivery and acceptance than anything I’ve seen since I cancelled my subscription to Modern Warfare and Torture.

  4. Cliffy says:

    Gonna have to Scotchgard the drivers seat.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    So that’s been leaving off that envelope stuffed with cash on my front stoop every month!

  6. Hearne Christopher says:


  7. chuck says:

    If only Ryan Dunn had turned off “Whore Talk”
    while in his Porsche, he would still be with us.

    Texting and driving is illegal, but whipping out your dolphin, and floggin it in heavy traffic on Metcalf, WHILE YOUR ON THE PHONE, gets a pass.

    I gotta 4 speed shift, I stop by for a Big Gulp on the way to work every day, now, if I happen o turn on ‘Whore Talk”, get the “urge” shift, drink, text, talk and flog all at once, well, jesus, I don’t think a fuckin Starfish could whack off on Metcalf underway in those circumstances.

    Metcalf for chrissakes…

  8. Cliffy says:

    I gave this a try last evevning while driving across town. Still searching for a good reason to keep the Sirius subscription that came with my car.

    Ginger was interviewing three ladies. I assume they were porn actors but I missed the introductions. One of them was French. The women were blind-folded and they proceeded to play a game called “What’s in My Butt?” It was difficult to follow exactly what was going on as much of it was off mic and there was a lot of giggling and squealing. The rules were pretty tough. At one point, one of the girls guessed “small plastic ball” and she was ruled wrong because it was actually a ping pong ball. The end result involved winners spanking losers.

    Every time I try to cancel my Sirius subscription they offer me another six months for next to nothing.

  9. jack p says:

    Good Old Days
    What would Dr. Saper have made of it all?

  10. bschloz says:

    Metcalf COPS
    And then Chuck gets pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt?
    Be glad you don’t smoke (or have you ever checked?)

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