Sounds Good: Matt & Kim@Beaumont, Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt@Uptown, Bluegrass@Crossroads

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Wednesday, June 22nd

Matt & Kim at the Beaumont Club in KC

Matt & Kim is not a clever name for a band.  You know, clever like calling your band Ben Folds Five when there are really only three members.  No, Matt & Kim are actually just two people named Matt and Kim who play a weird brand of DIY electronic punk-ish type indie music.  They’re from Brooklyn and if you’re indie at all or claim to be a hipster then you really should know these guys.  C’mon hipster.  I can’t do everything for you. 

But even if you’re not a hip person type guy you will recognize some of their songs from a Bacardi commercial, Entourage, and NBA Live 2010 (plus some other video games).  So get out on a Wednesday night?  At the Beaumont? Hell yeah.  These guys always bring an energetic show, and don’t seem to take themselves quite so seriously.  It will be lo-fi fun.  You still like fun, right?

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt at the Uptown Theater in KC

So, this is the best thing to do this Wednesday night.  It features two legendary troubadours and probably a slightly different crowd than the Matt & Kim show.

"I’m not naturally comfortable in front of people," stated Lyle Lovett in a recent interview with the Seattle Times.  "In school, I didn’t speak up often in class. I was never the person to yell out an answer. If I knew it, I might whisper it to my buddy and let him answer. I kept quiet. Growing up, the last thing I ever thought I’d do is be an entertainer."

He’s been touring and playing with John Hiatt for the better part of two years now, and in the interview Lovett also spoke about their live show a bit. 

"The show that John and I do is not scripted in any way, and we do not discuss at all what we’re going to play," Lovett elaborated.  "John always plays first — we go in alphabetical order — and what I play is determined or suggested by what he plays first. And we just go from there. It’s very relaxed, a free exchange."

And it just so happens they let other people watch from time to time.


Saturday, June 25th

Missouri Chainsaw Grassacre with Split Lip Rayfield, Cornmeal, Mountain Sprout, The Wilders & more at Crossroads KC at Grinders

Okay, get your stompin’ boots spit polished up and your overalls cinched tight, this deal starts at noon and goes into the wee hours of the night – basically until the whiskey runs dry.  And it features a bunch of the best regional bluegrass and bluegrasas-related acts, including Kansas’ own favorites, Split Lip Rayfield

Free handful of mulch to the first 100 people through the door.
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