Hearne: He’s Out! Ex Star Sports Scribe Jeffrey Flanagan Flies KC Coop

Missing in action on Fox Sports Kansas City

Former Kansas City Star sports gossip columnist Jeffrey Flanagan. Flanangan’s column – Flanny’s Take – more-or-less dropped from site in the latter part of May. He did however post a "Minor League Report" recently after being contacted for this column following an apparent month or so writing hiatus.

So what’s the deal? Word is Flanagan pulled up stakes and moved back to from whence he came.

"Steve Penn at the Star told me that he was called back home several weeks ago to Minnesota or Wisconsin," says Stanford’s Craig Glazer. "And the word is, he’s not coming back. Steve said he saw him the day before he left and that (Jeff) told him that, given the situation at the Star, there really wasn’t much here for him anymore. He told Steve he had a couple sports books he wanted to write."

Flanagan declined to comment.

For Glazer, Flanagan’s departure marks the end of a remarkable, at times bizarre and bittersweet era.

"Well, now that he’s gone, the story can be told," Glazer says. "Jeff and I befriended one another in the mid 1990s. We met at a movie screening at Ameristar – a movie I produced – called ‘Latin (Boxing) Legends.’ He was covering the event and we had a lot in common. We were about the same age and both of us were into sports and we liked to drink and party a little bit.

"So we ran around together for about six years. I was friends with you then but you and I weren’t in party mode. So Jeff and I had a great time but it all came to a crashing halt in 2001 when I got busted. And it was Flanagan that called me and told me FBI agents were at the Star questioning him about me. What followed was me being indicted for things I never did. What it boiled down to was I was a partier – booze, weed and some blow."

So Glazer partied with Flanagan?

"Let’s just leave that unsaid," Glazer says. "I think it’s obvious. So once they indicted me, Jeff felt it was best for his career to separate from me as a friend. I mean, Jeff and I had been together for years – four or five nights a week – for better than half a decade. So it really disturbed me. Flanagan remained distant ever since, and I’ve never said this, but now that it’s a decade later, that disturbed me. I could appreciate his situation at the Star, but after I was cleared in 2003 and after he got laid off in 2008, he still never bothered to resolve the situation."

The awkwardness was compounded by the fact that both hung out at  Woodside Pool & Tennis.

"I would run into Jeff and we would speak, but it would be very light," Glazer says. "I think Jeff’s a good person but the way he treated our friendship wasn’t right."

If Glazer could send a message to his former running mate today, what might that be?

"I wish you well, Jeff. And I’m sorry for whatever problems you have back at home. And I hope you find the job in journalism that you want. Whether it’s writing books or a column somewhere. But I still don’t understand why you kept your distance with no real explanation and I think that was wrong of you. And I think you know that."

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14 Responses to Hearne: He’s Out! Ex Star Sports Scribe Jeffrey Flanagan Flies KC Coop

  1. smartman says:

    This is the Word of the Lord
    Let another praise you, and not your own mouth, a stranger and not your own lips.
    PROVERBS 27.2

  2. cowboy says:

    Know them both
    I always felt a little bit bad for Craig, the 2001 indictment was way out of line. He did what almost all of us had done, partied with rec drugs. Read his book, that was twenty years before this incident. So Glazer became the poster boy for coke in kC. I knew Jeff from radio, nice person. Sorry to hear that it ruined their friendship, but those kinds of problems will run some ‘friends’ off. It shouldn’t given as it turned out Glazer really did next to nothing, but it did in this case. Good luck to Jeff.

  3. Casey says:

    It’s No Surprise When
    It’s no surprise when people you party with run for the hills when Johnny Law casts an eye in your direction. Once the system has decided to screw ya, they judge you AND the company you keep.

    Assuming your side of the story though, if it was me, I would at least give you a quiet nod or a wink every once in a while. After all, between a journalist and Craig, I bet I can guess who was paying for the party, and who was the willing accomplice.

  4. chuck says:

    Really interesting story Craig Dickens
    You find out who really cares about you, in only the worst of times, not the best of times.

    Those betrayals, dissapointments, scar us deeply, for they reveal our own flaws through mistaken expectations.

    Its an easy thing to say, when you are talking about some one else.

    Way tougher, when you think about your own.

    Fuck it Glaze, knock back some whiskey, hop on a fresh horse and howl at the moon!

  5. Mid Town Man says:

    Jeff Will Be Missed
    Enjoyed his work, the Star’s sports section is boring except for the once in a while Sam stories. Jeff helped give our city some sports fun and inside details. As far as his relationship with Glazer, well those things happen in the fast lanes. Maybe they are both better off now.

  6. HARLEY says:

    1. saw gregs new website….excellent..clean…easy to follow. Hearne you should model
    you’rs after his…its very strong.
    2. Noone needs to read the star or any other local newspaer. The news is online
    in minutes and more concise and accurate. No longer do i depend on the
    “experts” in sports because i know more than they do. I don’t have to wait fro
    lezak or horner for the weather…i’ve got more accurate forecasts on my iphone.
    And its just a matter of time before a local news site comes up….
    3. flanagan: who cares…another long winded know nothing who was probably the
    lowest rated and lowest read writer at the star.
    4. Local news changes….i guessing wayne godsey leav ing means that kmbc tv 9
    is getting ready to clean house ……younger fresher faces but wayne has done an
    incredible job there leading them to continuous and consistent #1 finishes in ratings.
    And his editorials were excellent.
    5. Hearne…now that therre’s nooone left at star for you to bash…what will you do for
    content…..comeon everyone here’s looking for a new look and site.
    6. wish the guy luck in the future….hoefully he lands on his feet and gets a job and takes
    care of his family.
    7. Yost: still the reason the royals are struggling….this guy couldn’t put a 2 piece puzzle together
    if his life deended on it. Get rid of him now.
    Also…if someone understands the free agency? or negotiating the royals will do with homser and
    his agent boras please explan whats the future for the player and the royals. I don’t understand
    where they stand as far as long term with the player. Hoefully someone will know the situation.

  7. KU forever says:

    Nice Work Harley
    That was much better. I liked it compared to you just bashing on Glazer. Now its Hearne. I think Jeff was a good reporter and I don’t agree he was the least read either. You are entitled to your opinions. Greg’s site is nice. I agree.

  8. What do you think? says:

    leave a comment
    Seriously? Jeff Flanagan is leaving town and Glazer used to party with him? Thats’ fucking news? Who cares. This site is a joke and Hearne you have become so irrelevant it’s laughable.

  9. Rody Rody Piper says:

    Guy With No Name, uh, Cliffy
    Hey if you don’t care don’t read it. Me I liked Flanagan, sorry he is gone. I wish him all the best.

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    I love how all the druggies like to dismiss each other’s
    illegal behavior. The stuff was illegal — you all knew the risk when you decided you needed some ‘blow’ or ‘weed’ or ‘crank’ or whatever was your pleasure of the day. Craig was using illegal drugs and got busted for it — sorry, dude. If you didn’t want to get wrapped up in an FBI investigation maybe you shouldn’t have been using illegal substances. The “everyone was doing it” excuse is a joke. Maybe everyone around YOU was doing it, but most people were not and did not. I understand the indictment was for more than possession and use (or at least I think it was) but if you hadn’t been using illegal drugs you would have avoided the whole situation.

    Sounds like Flanagan could and should have handled your friendship differently but it seems to Craig should have as well. Why are you letting Hearne post your feeling of hurt and disappointment on a blog? Why don’t you call or email JF and tell him directly. I don’t understand Craig’s point or value in throwing it all out in the public. I understand Hearne’s — he’s a gossip columnist and this junk is in his wheelhouse — but I don’t see why Craig would do this. I guess to spite his former friend. If so, Craig’s taken no higher road than Jeff did.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    And that’s why you read this story and bothered to leave a comment, huh?

  12. Tony Tubbs says:

    Markus Take
    Interesting take Markus. Two things come to mind. Your holly er than thou attitude about people using drugs. EVERYONE, EVERYONE I have ever known has at least used one of the major drugs, for sure weed, if not coke. Surely in the entertainment business its near 100%. I have met a handful of peope who say they never tried it, but who knows. Given that, you are acting like Glazer is in a small group of do baders. Not true. As far as bringing it up now, well yeah Hearne might have left that out. Glazer never said Jeff did illegal drugs in his interview, but it did sound that way. However the guy waited like ten or more years to say something about it. Likely cause Jeff is gone now. Sounds like he cared for Jeff, but maybe should have just let it go as you mentioned. Not sure.
    You also hinted there was more going on with the case than using. NOT TRUE. I followed this in the papers and TV cause I hung out at Stanfords. Everyone and I mean everyone there knew the guy was not a drug dealer. I think the government wanted him to be cause he was going to run for office. It was a way to get rid of him. It sure worked. But the papers and TV news in the end said he just used and the government in the end agreed. Thus no jail time for the guy. The paper said ‘NO DRUGS WERE EVER FOUND ON HIM, THE CLUB OR HIS HOME’ wierd huh. Craig is an easy guy to dislike, he seems to have always got it going on. Life that is.

  13. Monkey Man says:

    Sounds like Two Girls
    First off Glazer, who needs a friend who runs and hides when you are in trouble? I understand why he did, but at some point the man should have sat down with you and gone over the stiuation. Maybe he did and you weren’t listening. But that time is gone, and you and Flanagan need to move on. Hope you two learned somthing from your experiences.

  14. Robertoe says:

    you can tell by the picture
    Isn’t it obvious? Look at his picture on the lead page. He’s obviously fuzzy drunk and e’ffed up.

    I heard he changed to a more profitable profession. He’s some sort of a metal dealer/ trader now. Drop him an email if you need any used copper plumbing.

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