Glazer: Toeing the Line on KC’s No. 1 Women’s Radio Show @ Mix 93.3 FM

Hey, Johnny Dare rules over men in the mornings (and lots of women as well), but it’s MIX 93.3 that truly has the women listeners.

That’s the station’s game plan. It’s advertisers want to target young to middle-aged women. And it’s a very large buying demographic.

But don’t get me wrong.

Men are sought after as well. Men buy lots of the big ticket items, cars, homes, boats. Maybe that’s why Dare has so many bike, car and home finance ads on his show. Because it’s male driven.

Meanwhile at the Mix,  Rocket, Teresa and Ponch have harvested a decade’s worth of fans and smiles. It’s Kansas City’s feel good, happy morning radio show. Teresa keeps everybody updated on the celebrity news while Rocket and Ponch make fun of it all.

Ponch being the wild card in the, uh, mix.

When I’m on the show, his favorite gimmick is to ask me a question, wait for my answer, then turn off my mic. So you can hear only music, not me. VERY FUNNY.

You guys have missed out on a ton of funny and important things I had to say, thanks to Ponch! I guess his feeling is I have a big mouth.

Go figure.

Teresa is the heart and soul of the Mix Morning Show. She’s a doll. We knew each other from a distance for years, because I’ve only been on the air with these guys for about two years now. Yeah, I did stop-bys but was never a regular like now.

Teresa read my book and actually felt bad for me – she thought it was sad – nobody else did.

Everybody else thought I was a jerk!

She always gives me a hug and a shoulder to cry on. Nice lady. And Teresa is involved in a load of charity work – probably more than anyone else on morning radio. Johnny has his "Bikers For Babies" and he’s all over that. But Teresa has several causes – mostly women’s issues – like breast cancer marathons. The morning show has raised a ton of money for several local charities over the years. Ponch and Rocket are deeply involved as well.

The Show’s upbeat and fun. I don’t talk as much on the Mix as I do with 98.9 and Q104, another excellent morning radio show (No 1 in country). But when I do, outside of Ponch, they’re reasonably respectful. Unlike with Dare.

Rocket, Teresa and Ponch are the most successful out of town morning crew.

Yes, they were imported into Kansas City. None of them grew up here. But they’re KC people now.

They’re the good guys. Q104 s more trying to find your funny spot, and Dare’s the bad boy. And while I fit in pretty well as a bad boy myself on 98.9 – I’ve been on the show for l5 years now – I sure enjoy mixing it up with the Mix Morning show.

For one thing, I don’t have to watch my back as much.

Besides all the girls at my bank and grocery store listen to the Mix and always say, "Heard you on the Mix, Craig" as they raise their eyebrows. No, it never usually gets me dates, they’re all too nice.

I did meet this hot peeler at Quick-Trip the other day on Roe. She was a big Dare fan, about 23, nice body…she came up to me and asked me to…..well you know.

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25 Responses to Glazer: Toeing the Line on KC’s No. 1 Women’s Radio Show @ Mix 93.3 FM

  1. maureen says:

    Teresa Is The Best
    I have been a Mix 93.3 fan for the last five years. Listen almost every morning on way to work. I love Teresa, she is such a nice lady and puts in so much heart into the program. All my friends love the show too. I even like when Craig is on, funny stuff guys.

  2. xxMillerTimexx says:

    smartman I read it before it was censored
    Funny and true

  3. Cowboy says:

    Funny We Had Glazer On alot, just him
    Glazer has done more radio than anyone I can think of, on everything from sports to talk to morning shows. The guy is just plain funny. The Mix is one of the cities stronger morning shows. Good people, they seem to always be having a good time on their show, that helps.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Nothing was True on That one, Nothing, Other than his hate
    Likely you are the same guy. It wasn’t smartman, he isn’t that hateful or stupid. We are on because we are very good. The comic and me. Simple as that. Don’t like it, don’t listen.

  5. Packers Nation says:

    Have Heard Glazer on KMBZ
    One of my all time favs was younger Glaze on KMBZ about race relations. He was dead on and took heat. Guy is smart and funny. You don’ think he is so much radio over his comics and money? Hell his Dad, Stan had his own show on KMBZ for a year or more, I only heard it a few times, but it was very good. They should have put them on together, the Glazers. Boy that would bring out the venom.

  6. Karl says:

    Mix is For Men Too
    Hey I am a guy, I listen to Mix 93.3. Love the show, Rocket is a gas.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Glad I saw smartman’s post before it disappeared. Classic.

  8. Tony Tubbs says:

    Why Is Everything On Glazer
    Ain’t this about the Mix? Why are the comments on Glazer?

  9. Monkey Man says:

    Teresa Is Built Boys
    She kinda smokin to me. I like that.

  10. Cool Tool says:

    Like Teresa and Rocket Not Music
    I enjoy the talk and games, but the music is lame. I go to Hot Jams for tunes Ladies.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s not censorship

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s funny, it wasn’t smartman

  13. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Hey Craig,
    Want to come over later on? We could hang out. Really. Come on over. Can’t wait!!

  14. smartman says:

    Not Moi
    Me and the boys are up to our asses rehabbing a six-plex in Dallas, Texas. Big bucks but only 10 days to complete. I’m not guilty this time. Sorry.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    to borrow on your half assed comment above; classic

  16. Cliffy says:

    How is it half-assed?
    I think I was pretty clear.

    Regardless of the author, it was classic.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    So you can dish it out in your feeble little hidden away, fake name world but you can’t take it, eh? Fancy that!

  18. Cliffy says:

    Please explain, Hearne. What is that I’m dishing out but can’t take? It’ s spineless on your part to delete comments from anyone who points out mistakes in your feeble writing. Fancy that!

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m sorry, cliffy. Did I hurt your feelings?

  20. Rainbow Man says:

    Is someone pretending to be smartman and posting as him? Wow smartman… you are number 1 on here if that happened.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    No, it was a dude who called himself Smartmouth

  22. Ponch says:

    Licking balls
    The reason Craig is on the air is: I found his book (King Of Sting) interesting. Craig brings in (for the most part) great comics. As I have always said; Craig is on Johnny’s nuts, and worried about what he thinks. Dare has a killer fan base. So do we. It’s like a pretend war. Stop! Stop with the fake stroke fest. Johnny has it locked down with Guys. KMXV Has the Women. We let your comics on, We don’t tell them what to say. We just go. This is the biggest problem with radio right now. We as radio folk don’t have the time to have a WAR. It is us against them. Talent Vs. Owner. As a Program Director I love that we can have comics on and not care about PPM or any other bullshit. This is supposed to be fun right?

  23. Kym says:

    Love Love Love Mix….been a loyal listener since they came to KC. Through Rockets daughter Jen becoming a college student & his young wifes, Beautiful Teresa having Chase & Christian & her Love 4 Billy Ed & last but not least Ponch going through his crazy party days, always being a devoted Dad & now a proud Husband to Beautiful Sarina! I was with them through the 911 & everyday since..Can’t imagine my mornings withot them….Love U Guys & Thanks for making me LOL!

  24. KU Forever says:

    Heard Show Today, Enjoyed it!
    Ponch, you right. Craig is on Dare so much he leans into him all the way. Did you hear the song Dare wrote about Glazer? OMG, and those two are pals? Go figure. It was funny at Glazer’s expense. I did hear the comic today with you guys. He was fun and funny. Craig was on a bit, and as always well he plays “himself.” I think he is just more comfortable with Johnny. I have heard him on other shows. I admit he’s often very entertaining, he says what others won’t and he seems serious about his comments. Some are way over the top. Ponch you are too at times. Teresa is the voice of reason and Rocket is a card. Keep up the good work, glad you guys are in KC.

  25. Man Hater says:

    Glazer is Funny if Your Not A Woman
    First off Craig Glazer gets away with bashing women at every turn. He just thinks his being a womanizer is hilarious. As a woman, I don’t. Johnny Dare is no better, thats why I listen to the Mix and not 98.9. I don’t want to hear about hookers, strippers, porno stars(like they are, right) and the like. I guess all that is humorous if you are a man with no taste or class. Someone needs to tell Glazer and Dare this is 2011 not 1965. We have rights. Teresa is a lovely morning voice, enjoy her very much. Guess you have to put up with our mister Craig. Sorry about that.

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