Glazer: Time for KCMO Police to Man UP & Fight Crime, Not Businesses

There is a serious problem in midtown and for once it’s not about crime.

It’s the raids Hearne talked about yesterday by liquor control and vice on the bars they don’t like.

Especially the ones in Westport. Westport is the only area that gets hit with as many as 15 officers weekly to check liquor cards, the business licenses on the walls, to ID minors, etc. It’s nearly a total waste of time and manpower.

We don’t get these sort of hassles at The Legends.

For years this has been a bad habit in Westport and NOWHERE ELSE other than a few black bars in KCMO.

Yes, once in a blue moon they hit Brookside or Waldo or Martini Corner. But they HAVE NEVER GONE TO THE PLAZA. EVER. And P&L also gets a pass.

They do a fake run on Kelly’s and then hit anything Bill Nigro has any connection whatsoever to.

Why don’t they like Westport and Nigro?

He’s too outspoken where the Kelly’s have always laid down for the law and been ass kissers.

Nigro, as I did, realizes that poor police work in Westport nearly led to its demise. That’s right. That’s a fact. Sure the buildings are getting older and lack of money and all the other issues. However had law enforcement kept the crime down and the young trouble making Urban crowds out, as they have for the most part on the Plaza, Westport would have done much much better over the years.

Before Nigro, Stanford & Sons was the target.

And this was before we opened the Black Dance Club and those issues in the mid 1990’s and beyond. We had a 100% college crowd before that.

But former liquor head Joe Heide and police chief at the time Stephen Bishop had Stanford’s raided like four times in two weeks to check for fake IDs’s. Of the over 1000 people they checked TWO were 20 not 21.

Thank God they got ’em. Call The White House.

They spent over $100,000 in one year just busting Stanford’s!

I mean, they raided us with 40 police officers at a time, for crying out loud.

They used helicoptors, undercover cops, you name it!. Why? They didn’t like us. We were just flashy Jews. And that’s a fact!. Again, that was before the Black Dance Club. Needless to say, it hurt our business greatly.


More than 75 raids in four years. We got a two week closing for the two minors.

Later I got along with the cops when Chief Jim Corwin took over. But sadly, we were only in Westport two more years. Just to attack Stanford’s all those years, the bill had to be nearly one million dollars.

For what? Nothing.

The city has given Westport less than 20% of that for upgrades.

In Kansas where the economy is much better in the restaurant and bar industry, the police usually work with the small businesses to make things better. Businesses are not treated like criminals.  As is the habit in KCMO.

Unless, of course, it’s the Plaza or P&L.

Legends has ONE officer check licenses and minors. One. And Legends has no problems with either. Same as KCMO – these are just not important issues. There are no useless liquor cards in Kansas. They mean nothing, nothing at all. It’s just a money grab by KCMO for, well, nothing.

And that’s why more new small businesses go to Kansas.

These vice cops need to go to work on the street and go after violent criminals, gang bangers, rapists.

The Chief needs to change this culture now before he leaves office.


In his first two months, WHERE IS THIS GUY?

I backed him. No more talk, do something. Make the needed changes THIS IS A BIG ONE.

Have cops be cops.

These same people can guard midtown from 11 PM til 4 AM on the streets. Period.

Nobody is worried about a UMKC student sneaking into Kelly’s for a beer. Christ! Get over it. It’s a waste of money and a joke. Work with leaders like Bill Nigro and Westport and Mid Town. You owe them some respect.

God knows you gave them little else over the years.

You know, if I was still in Westport I’d never have written this story. They’d be all over my ass! Fortunately, I don’t. So I can tell it like it is.

A footnote: it’s mid summer, 100 degree nights. Westport, with only one urban club left, has dropped the crime problem 100%. Great work, Bill and Westport and the caring police who do help.
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22 Responses to Glazer: Time for KCMO Police to Man UP & Fight Crime, Not Businesses

  1. kellys man says:

    Glazer You Blame Kellys For Your Problems
    So its Kellys fault you got raided? Bet it was Nigro. See he ain’t your friend. Kyle wouldn’t do that.

  2. Better Man says:

    Cry Babies
    You and Nigro are blaming everyone but yourselves. Glazer you opened the dance club not the police. You wanted that easy money not the police. I agree they need to stop this kind of wasted attack. Westport failed for many reasons, but just this one.

  3. Bill Nigro says:

    Ease up a little
    ‘Thanks for the support Craig, but the police aren’t targetting me. It’s the whole system that’s a little backward. We don’t need the checks, but we do need the police to continue being on the perimeters of all the late night entertainment areas. No bar owner wants problems at their places or we’ll get sued. KCPD has done a great job on weekend nights keeping a lid on crime in westport and the plaza. Coming into our businesses with 6 to 8 people and examining licenses and liquor cards is a little much. Have one agent sit at his computer and check to see who’s behind on their license and then call them and get it straitened out. Maybe the city could even help everyone stay in business. Isn’t that a novel thought. Bill Nigro

  4. Chicago Tony says:

    Westport needs police helping them stop crime, not look for a few minors with fake ID in a bar. That is stupid. We need those police officers on the street not in the bar looking at paperwork at midnight. That needs to change asap.

  5. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Good Article
    finally one thats not tits and ass. These are important issues that need t be looked at by the mayor and the chief of police. Corwin is leaving so don’t know if he can help or not.

  6. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    No Haters Glazer
    See what happens when you write about things people can’t hate on you for Craig. They got nothing to say. Except for Kellys guy who is a whack. You make a strong argument. What a waste of time and city tax money.

  7. Money ranks everything says:

    Wow Mr. Glazer they spent a lot of money on you, you must be REALLY important.

  8. Hot Rod says:

    Great Piece Craig
    Wow the Joe Heide days! He had a hard on for us at Fallout/Coliseum and never got us on anything either. What a jerk. Anyway, I don’t think Bill feels that he is being targeted or Kelly’s get’s a pass. He just wants an equal footing for the “non-subsidized” entertainment districts (not P&L and 18 & Vine) with the city. As far as Kelly’s goes I watched the three plainclothes liquor agents sit just inside the front door and drink water while the uniformed KCPD officers stood on the corner across the street waiting for them. Not quite as strong of prescence as at The Foundry or The Union got on their visits. I am sure the Kelly’s have all their ducks in a row all the time and have no problem with providing the necessary documentation to whoever wants to see it. Not to mention the policemen and women don’t want to dump over the apple cart in one of their favorite places. An idea to solve this problem is to let off-duty police work in bars and clubs in areas they don’t serve in. More police on the streets at no extra cost to the city, NO BRAINER!

  9. harley says:

    The perfect solution
    glaze you opened that black dance club in westport…you brought in the riff raff…you brought in the thugs
    and were part if not most of the reason for the downfall of westport.
    Stop blaming others for your business decision. You brought the bad people in…thje polilice just tried to
    contain them…what are you trying to do …fool us.
    wh oturned the otherr bars into black bars…who turned the other bars into black hip hop clubs..
    who changed grand emporium…who changed the clubs into hotbed for thugs.
    You and your gang of money hungry jews.
    You changed the area. Irembmerbed the area when there were no problems….lynn dickeys
    ….and the other decent bars that attracted a good clean crowd. The police didn’t turn the bars inoto
    ghetto hangouts….you and your bunch of money hungry con artists.
    You made the decision to go black…not the police. You made the dec ision to turn your
    operation from an upscale white operation to a low end thug hangout.
    Stop the blame game. Its you glaze….you and the others killed westport….
    noone cares about westport anymkore…old news…move on…i hate the area…
    close it down and make it a retail and restuarnt area…no more night clubs….
    thanks guys for ruining westport.
    Kellys didn’t go urban…they stayed the course and probably are paying the
    price for that consistency. You changed your club…you brought in the trash..
    now stop blaming others.
    As i mentioned….classy people with money and style don’t want to go places where they
    have to worry about walking to their cars…or standing in the areas by the places…
    we don’t want to worry about rape…murder…robbery….we’re taking our b usiness
    elsewhere….because guys like you ruined westport.
    People like me will not go into an area taking our classy women (not strippers) into
    areas like that. It might be fine for people like you and your associates but i WILL NOT
    go and take someone to that area that is crawling with trash and crime.
    the police are taking care of crime because the rapists/robbers frequent westport
    and they can get them down there and arrest them.
    Forgetv westportvalready. It’sv old and bad njews. And stop bringing up the jews
    because everyone in the jewish community knows the glaze story and stay away.
    You ruined the area…now stick in the legends until you ruin that area also…
    just stay out of johnson county…we don’t need that riff raff in our community.
    If people don’t like the scum of westport…i invite them to be citizens and classy
    people and come see how civilized people live in johns on county.

  10. harley says:

    i am jewish…and when i read what vpeople like you did and the fact that anything that happens
    you scream “i’m jewish…they harassed me” makes me sick and mad.
    Jewish families wre the original residents around the wesport area…I know…my family
    grew up in the general area. So stop using the “jew” card….its not because you’re
    jewish…its because you wouldn’t play the game.
    Kellys…they’ve had no problems…why…because they’re irish. Doubt it. italians
    don’t have problems…why…did they give free canoolis to the city inspectors?
    Stop the “jew” card…..people know about you and when you make money spouting that
    you conned people out of their money…when you scream of two timing people…when you
    proclaim you’re all this and that…..when you shout how great you are…when you brag about
    being in prison… great you are…you turn people off and they are either jealous or they
    despise your arrogance. You openly talk of using women like dishrags and personal property and
    animals….this is not right. No wonder people find you an easy target especially when you are proud
    of your actions and they way you treat women.
    Whatever the case …they dislike you and your personality. I find you amusing but many many people
    are put off by your word s and actions…….
    You get more with honey than with vinegar… stop the “jew” card…….its not worked
    in thousand of years…be a good person…do the right thing…treat people with respect and make your
    family proud. You have great tlalent and wisdom…use it to do the right things….you are wrong here…
    make peace with your soul….and most importantly follow the jewish law that says “do unto others……..”
    shalom and may peace reach your soul.

  11. chuck says:

    Harley is Jewish?!?!?!?!??!?!
    “Dealer, I will take a hit.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yep. Matter of fact, double me up.”

    If Harley is Jewish, the Maccabees were Irish.

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    It doesn’t happen often..
    But in this case, I agree with Harley. Westport is dead, quit crying about it. It’s over. Done. P&L is the hot spot now downtown. Not to mention the suburban areas like Zona Rosa. I work downtown and I’ll go to Westport once in awhile at lunch to the Flea Market for a big burger or Korma Sutra for some decent Indian food. But at night? Piss on that.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Allow me to weigh in on this one.

    Westport is far from dead. Anybody who lives here and gets out knows that. The Power & Light District may have superseded it, but on any given night you can find plenty of people in Westport.

    For many reasons, I agree, it is a shadow of what it once was. But things come and go. Look at Waldo now. A handful of years back it was little more than a tiny handful of hole-in-the-wall bars.

    If Westport was truly dead you wouldn’t have all those cops and liquor police raging around trying to ride herd over it.

  14. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Hearne, you to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to….
    You’re arguing over semantics. Compared to what it once was, Westport is dead and will never get back to what it once was. The City has changed. The Northland has developed on a massive scale. Wyandotte County has exploded out by the Speedway. Johnson County continues to grow. An already spread out city, suddenly now has more suburbs that are almost little entertainment districts unto themselves. There’s no reason to go to Westport anymore. P&L still draws people downtown because it’s still new and the Midland and Sprint have alot of concerts and other events. Heck, I’d rather go to the Crossroads than any place in Westport. Oh…and what’s with the stupid math problems in the comments section?

  15. harley says:

    the maccabbees are irish…
    westport is to be left to the thugs and thieves and rapists…
    let it die….maybe kellys will survive….but with all the bad people who destroyed the area..
    lets watch it die…..if not vtoday..maybe tomorow…but until they clean the thug infestation
    out noones going down there…maybe hearne and glaze but not the classy upscale
    customers westport really wants.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Westport Can Still Work
    In many ways you guys are right. Westport is far from what it once was….so are most things. Westport can revive with one thing happening, MONEY BEING SPENT TO UPGRADE IT AND MAKE IT NEW AND NICE. Period. It needs a major facelift. If not for the derpression Red Developement might have bought it, spent 100 million and brought it back as part of the Plaza. Like I wrote about last year. Tie it to the Plaza as the entertainment area for the Plaza since the Plaza no longer has much nightlife, nor wants it…

    It cost money and needs several new restaurants and shops, 95% of Westport would be demolished and rebuilt. It is still a good location, much better than dead downtown, which will completely die in a few years. NOBODY EVER MOVED THERE OR WILL. It’s too ugly and has no shops,stores,nothing it sucks. Yeah P&L is ok for now, but that will continue to slow down. Even they have zero weeknight biz, no daytime biz anywhere, its a fraud, its Friday and Saturday night at four places, period. The rest is bankrupt.

    Westport just needs to be new again, thats all. Hey it really is the Plaza if done right, downtown is shitville and always will be. Its ok for special events, but not to live or hang out much…I agree with you guys that the other areas of KC have grown and Westport likely will never be the “it” spot again. But it can do well. No not in the current situation. Nobody there makes money much except McCoy’s. Some break even like Kellys and the rest struggle to stay open. Nigro’s places do alright, like Buzzard Beach, but all that should be redone. Crime and time killed Westport.

  17. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley The Loudmouth Always Wrong Guy
    First off JoJo/Harley….I was in LA when Westport went BLACK in the mid 80’s, remember HeartThrob and LONDONS built for whites, they went Black in the mid 80’s Westport fell then.Stanfords was a restaurant/comedy club, not really a bigtime bar….By the time I got back to KC in 90, the damage was done. We had nothing to do with it. I was the one, oh wise one, who turned Westport back around with Nigro’s help…Red Fridays, New Comedy Club, 2 for 1’s for the white college kids, Beer Night for College kids(black kids don’t like beer night)…by kids I mean young 21-25….we were WHITE CENTRAL. I built a dance floor for the KU entourage in 93. Dumb me, dance clubs all go black at some point if they are for young people…so it went. This ten years after the first black attacks of the mid 80’s…PS.Stanfords closed the dance club in 98 trying to get rid of the hip hop crowd, went hard rock…didn’t work….oh yeah we opened a little bar called Johnny Dares in 04, that ran off all the black crowds in westport, one problem the jealous bastards in westpor gave us no support, no comedy club, no room, so it failed, this led by the wonderful Kellys’ your pals. The Jew haters and they are. Tell them I said so…I always thought lowly of them for their bad intentions for us and all of Westport. I have made that clear on this website. I blame them for the fall of westport mostly and the city for no financial aid…hows that always wrong pretend guy JoJo…

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    One More Correction Harley/JoJo
    Since you are not real, who knows what is true in what you say. But you have made it clear you swing, swap etc…you have gone into great detail on that one. I don’t do that, never have, hey thats your business. You keep saying you have class and you and is it your wife or girlfriend?, that you refer too, aren’t strippers like all my girlfriends. You are right, my girlfriends are young, maybe some are wild, but yours be it your wife or lady friend is a slut/free whore, that screws several men and woman at the same time, according to YOU….Dont try and act like a good guy to me or Hearne when your compliments are backhanded and not well meaning…followed by your petty attacks….hey Harley/JoJo lots of people read this site cause you write suck weird comments so have at it…to a point but don’t ever think we take you seriously much. Most people refer to you as a nut. That read the site. Except Cliffy the Nazi, your pal.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Glad you asked. It’s a spam blocker. Did you notice we were starting to get some weird spam dealies in the comments section? Kind of variation on those funny-looking letters and numbers you sometimes have to type in on Ticketmaster to prove you’re a live human being.

  20. mermaid says:

    Good backup Craig
    Craig won that round Harley. You certainly have a different side to you. I agree with Craig – you write alot of BS that you don’t follow through with. Who are you anyway? I don’t think you are what you say you are. Lots of contradictions.

  21. john elbert says:

    End the crimewaves JAIL THE GLAZERs!
    How many people out there realize the ridiculousness of Craig glazier bitching about KC crime? Hey Jack, whatja take from my car? Lettice Leaves?

    It’s like Madoff being offended on behalf of widows and orphans…..

    There’s always a running bet on which glazier is gonna wind up in jail next…. Maybe the four of you can hit Buzzes… teller stations all at once :). Those damned cameras…..

    Y’alls great for comic relief…. Your true lives are funnier than any of your clubs acts.

  22. Kellys Man says:

    Nigro Tonights The Night
    See you at the Trolly Stop at 11 PM big boy. This is gonna be the ass kicking you been waiting to get Nigro

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