Glazer: Hangover Star to Splash Down Next Week at the Legends!

Bryan Callen‘s worked about as much as any actor who’s NOT a household name.

He’s a co star of The Hangover 1 and 2 will be at Stanford’s next week doing stand up. Which is how he started his career. And he’s very sharp doing it, as well.

It’s Callen’s second time at Stanford’s in 10 years. He’s been scheduled several times but had to cancel due to film or TV work. I can’t list even a third of his work but go to IMDB (International movie data base) and check out all his credits.

But it’s his recent work in both Hangovers that’s finally put him at the top of the game.

Together they will gross nearly a billion dollars worldwide. Bryan plays the wedding chapel owner in the first film and in Hangover 2 (out now) he is Bangkok strip club owner Samir, an even larger part.

He’s also in those damn shaving commercials on TV every five minutes and he started his big move as a member of Mad TV in 1998. The next year he got a lead role on HBO’s Oz. Non stop from there. Movies like Old School and Bad Santa. A series regular on Fat Actress. Several appearances on Entourage and How I Met Your Mother. And he’s currently on Pretend Time on Comedy Central.

So come out and see Bryan Callen next week at Stanford’s. You will be glad you did.

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17 Responses to Glazer: Hangover Star to Splash Down Next Week at the Legends!

  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    A movie star!
    I’m sure this guy is a decent standup, and I recognize his mug as the guy who played Mary McCormack’s exhusband on In Plain Sight last week, but let’s ease up on the lame showbiz hype. It make you look foolish and desperate for Hollywood cred.

    I went to IMDB as you suggested. When someone is 19th on the call sheet (according to the Hangover II cast list), it’s a stretch to call him a “star” of the movie.

  2. craig glazer says:

    Dickwade Bostock
    Again I can say day and haters say ‘THAT WAS LAST WEEK’….CALLEN is a costar, thats how I wrote it, Hearne changed it to Star. Not sure why. However Callen as you saw has tons of major credits besides this one. I am not desperate for anything. Bryan has had a fantastic career so far, very funny, great guy with a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR career…wish I had his credits. Oh by the way he made more on the shaving blade spot than you will make in two years. Glad you recognize him as the guy who played Mary McCormack’s ex in Plain Sight last week, how about his other 50 shows and films. So yeah he’s as you said a nothing. Hangover, which people who saw it, YOU DIDN’T OBVIOUSLY, he is recognized for….so yeah lets put him down, and add me in on the list. Oh yeah, you forgot to add that Stanfords sucks, and what else? Again like all the haters YOU COULDN’T carry my left sock my friend. Let alone Callens.

    I know I am not suppose to respond to the low life loser have no life haters, but I kinda like putting them in their place. Attacking me or Stanfords is like saying, “The New England Patriots were OK but….” right! Yeah that works pretend Bostock guy.

  3. cowboy says:

    Saw The Hangover
    Saw it, he was hysterical in both movies. Craig you sure get pissed these days. Why not let it go, these people will never stop fucking with your ass. You are the somebody they wish they were thats all. So yeah they don’t like you. If you had Robin Williams they would say he’s past it and old. I think you had him like 20 years ago. Miami stunk it up

  4. d says:

    Thanks for the list of credentials and for telling me how much money he makes so I could learn how important this guy is.

  5. Gerald Bostock says:

    Ducks in a barrel
    Don’t care enough to hate, bubby. But it sure is fun to deflate the pompous and pretentious, especially when they respond pretentiously and pompously. I know I can’t carry your left sock, but maybe next time my parole officer lets me go to Woodside, I can get close enough to bask in your aura.

  6. Cliffy says:

    You already used the Patriots comparison, remember? You’re repeating yourself again.

  7. harley says:

    wheres the movie…
    wheres the movie….where the big movie…the big blockbuster…the biggest movie to hit
    the screen in a century….where the movie….the one with eastwood/stallone….
    where is it…..
    now come clean….more rubbish….more b.s.
    now…get back to pussy and jones pool and woodside…and don’t forget theblack strippers…
    and don’t forget mermaid…and maureen the golddigger…….and the rest of the small town
    gossip and bullshit that you know so much about………………….
    comeon….fess up………………tell us ……..remind us…’re the star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley Got an Idea Don’t comment or read this anymore
    Hey since we suck stop reading ok. In fact don’t comment, take Cliffy with you. Fine with me and Hearne. As far as Callen, please I can’t get the guy in early cause he is shooting a movie Wednesday and doing another national spot Tuesday. We pimp it everywhere cause guess what..THATS HOW YOU GET THE WORD OUT…THERE ARE lots of events besides ours. My movie, well I’ll Cling,Eisner, and Lorenz know how upset you are that they are fuck ups ok…in the meantime us losers will continue to try harder to please the peanut gallery you are in charge of….just your guys not the regular comment people. So I look forward to not ever seeing you comment again or read this site. Thank you Harley and Cliffy and all the other names you two use….you will be missed. Not by me though.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    You’re such a fan boy, Cliffy. That’s whatcha get for hanging on his every word. The Beatles used to repeat themselves in concert, I was told.

  10. downtown davey says:

    Great Act
    Saw him in Vegas, great show. He is far from small time.

  11. Rainbow Man says:

    Get me some baklava please! The dude helped make The Hangover what it is. The core characters were funny enough… but then you have Eddie, Mr. Chow, and Iron Mike. He is big time.

  12. chuck says:

    Glaze, take it easy man…
    Go hit the heavy bag, and, do NOT forget the tape.

    Heavy bag used to wear me out after 10 minutes.

    Takes the edge off. Think, Earnie Shavers.

    Remember, biblical strength and punching power, come from shifting your weight and short punches.

    4 + 8 = 17

  13. Bad ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Why, Why,Why Do you Listen to These Morons
    Glazer I am telling you for the last time. Harley and Cliffy and that group exist on every site. They enjoy getting you pissed off. Yes I think they really have an imaginary hate for you and people like you. Glazer you don’t hold back much and people get nervous around men like you. It may be why you had some issues in Hollywood Craig. Right? When you are the biggest dog in the room, you got to cool it a bit. In my opinion you could be in a meeting with Ron Howard or Cling Eastwood and think, “know what I’m better” see what I mean. These people don’t have your life or experience so its like anything we don’t understand. We hate it and fear it at the same time. They might even admire you on some issues. I thinnk Harley does. Cliffy well he would find cause to doubt or question you if you won the Academy Award or Medal of Honor. He is a true hater, sorry Cliff you are. Next time it happens, just don’t respond. Hearne either. I know way too many people who read this website weekly and enjoy it. Remember not everyone is going to agree with you or Hearne. Enjoy the summer boy.

  14. Bad ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Kidding About the Cling Thing
    See that pissed you off, thought I was making fun. Typos are a bitch Craig.

  15. harley says:

    I admire’ve overcome so much shit…but you tend to overexxagerate too much.
    You need to head to hollywood because someday you’ll lokk back and say i wish i did that.
    Be real…don’t try to b.s. us. We’re the show me crowd. I love reading about your
    pussy chassing and banging stories….they’re fun…but sometimes tone down the
    bragging. good people don’t have to brag….i ‘ve seen people like you…tons of talent that
    goes to waste…and you know its going to waste.
    Pack your bags…take the shot…head to la…my cousin has apartment complex in
    brentwood at san vicente and montana…down the street from simpsons condo where she
    was killed…they have beautiful apartments for rent. Take the chance….you’ll regret it
    Live the dream brother…but tone down the b.s…..
    as far as this site…i know it can be a winner…but hearne’s got to take it to another level..
    there’s hundreds of great writers in this town and all over the nation…
    what about a political column…that would wake this town up and really get some great comments…
    find another sports reporter…we all love sports and discussing this…
    the day you take this website personally is the day you need to move on….its for educational
    pursposes and entertainment only…..come on…lighten up…and remember…humility is
    a great virtue….and take the heat with a grain of salt….you’ve put yourself out there as a target…
    be man enough to take the shot at yourself….
    you’d be a really fun guy to hang with…someday lets fo to woodside and i’ll show you how
    a reall “pro” works the ladies. I may be a little rusty but I still know the tricks. May not have the
    tools of pimping you have…but i’ve done okay over the last 30 years….
    love ya…take care…and remember whate ver you do….you want to make your family proud of you.

  16. Sharri Zahnter says:

    Bryan Callen
    Bryan was by far the funniest you have had! I have followed you everywhere & while these jerks may want to piss in your Wheaties, its the people that are always there looking for the fun! Coming to the club is my escape & you shouldn’t let these guys get you down for what people like me look forward to. My escape from many serious illnesses is coming to your club to get away from the pain. Laughter cures all (at least for awhile)! Remember it was the few that became the many that made you who you are. I look forward to being back soon! Thanks for the laughter!

  17. Brandi says:

    To bostock: take a look at this…bryan callen is in a lot more shows and movies,he may not be the ‘stars’ of all of them, but he definitely has enough airtime to be considered a star. Not to mention,he’s funny as hell

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