Glazer: Miami’s LeBron Needs to Find Something Besides Basketball-Boxing Maybe

So I asked LeBron James if he had change for a dollar and he gave me back 3 quarters..

He looked all around and said to me, "Man, I just don’t have a fourth quarter."  And so he didn’t. In one of the most shocking finals in recent NBA history, the NBA’s biggest, new name was exposed as being way, way overrated.

The numbers tell the story.

In three straight championship games, James was absent when the game was on the line in quarter number four. So were most of the Miami Heat. The new world champs, Dallas, ran them off the court in Miami’s home, no less (The game was really never in doubt). Simply put Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh had no clue what to do to win. NONE. Nobody on their squad wanted the ball in the last minutes of the game. They gave up with about five minutes to go. Knew they were beat by a much better ball club.

MVP Dirk Nowitzki had a tough first half with only 3 points but smoked Miami in the more important second half. He ended with 21 points and had the team on his back most of the way with strong help from Terry and Barea. KU star Mario Chalmers scored 18 points and will clearly be a starter with the Heat next year. He also established himself as THE name in the NBA of recent KU grads.

Dallas won because they are the better team.

They’re built like the LA Lakers – one star and a veteran three point man in Jason Kidd (who is like Derek Fisher). Dirk is the matchup with Kobe of the Lakers. They play together and push each other. This of course is more the Lakers of the last three seasons, not this year’s Lakers.

Will Dalllas be back next year, don’t count them out folks.

Will Miami be back in it again next year? Not the way LeBron’s been playing.

He’s built more for another sport. Like football or boxing, not really basketball. He’s kinda tough, moves quickly straight ahead and over you. His shot is good, but not great. He is not graceful and often loses the ball or misfires. And he lacks confidence when it matters.

Same as when he was in Cleveland.

LeBron is far from the best in the NBA right now. This was a GIANT fall from grace. HUGE FOR HIM.

To make matters worse, Lebron said this after the game how he felt about the people who wanted him to lose, "Hey that don’t bother me. Dem people have to get back to their lives and I go back to mine. I can do anything I want. Anything, I am happy. Dem gots to be whatever da are in real life."

Meaning, "I am very rich and famous and you guys go back and work in the coal mines."

Brilliant comment, James.

In some ways it’s true, but damn. I don’t dislike James. He is a big talent, just half baked. I’m sure he could be the heavyweight champion of the world in boxing. Just not basketball.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Miami’s LeBron Needs to Find Something Besides Basketball-Boxing Maybe

  1. KU Forever says:

    James Put His Foot in His Mouth Again
    He just makes it worse on himself. No doubt he is a great athlete, but on the big stage he looked really scared and lost. Agree.

  2. Packers Nation says:

    Derk is MVP
    So glad it was Derk and not James. It’s hard to be one of the most recgnoized people on the planet and fail. Ask Tiger.

  3. Chet Gristler says:

    He said “dem” instead of “them”?? Show me the
    clip/quote, Glazer. Sounds to me like some racist tendencies are leaking out. Oh, and just because you like to get with black women doesn’t mean your not racist. There were plenty of slave owners that also liked to get with black women.

    Seriously, why did you use “dem” instead of “them” and “da” instead of “they”?? Why? Are you trying to use a racial stereotype to make Lebron look bad? Are you trying to be funny? I don’t get it. I don’t particularly like Lebron James after his decision to create ‘The Decision’ last year but my dislike for the guy has nothing to do with his skin color or his cultural upbringing. I’m sure you’ll try to blow off your “dem” and “day” comments as fluff but, if so, why are they in quotes? Where did you get this quote?

    I get tired of these kinds of back-handed denigrating comments that are thrown out there and then when someone is called on it they act like it was a joke or otherwise harmless.

    Looking forward to your reply and hoping you can stick my foot in my mouth and show me the error of my ways. If not, you’ll be knocked down a rung on my respect-o-meter for this kind of garbage.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I Like LeBron he has little if any real education
    I don’t hold the DECISION against him. That was his business and he was just playing the media game. It kinda backfired. I am not a racist at all. I have a problem with pro athletes who make millions have a public face and can’t speak english at all. To be fair LeBron who speaks at about a sixth grade level is higher than most. Too many black athletes embarass the black race when they try and speak to the media. LeBron is not the best. He did trip and stumble on his little post game talk..I was not doing a direct quote, but the idea is correct. He is at best a poor speaker.So I am sorry if you see this as racist. I am a realist. If you are like me and maybe you are not, it drives me CRAZY TO HEAR THESE COLLEGE GRADS(LeBron is not a grad) talk. They can’t. It is painful at best. Listen to the Chiefs Jamal Charles a Texas Grad, Christ.

  5. chuck says:

    Ruh Roh…Glazer gets called a racist.
    You can’t wipe your ass with white toilet paper without the PC PO PO calling you aout for racism.

    Hey, here is a thought, ARTICULATE!

    If you keep saying “dem” and “axe” vis a vis “them” and “ask”, there will be folks imitating your speech, especially if you are a public figure.

    I know we can all articulate when we want. I have heard very intricate and complicated rap lyrics (Mostly calling for death, destruction, rape and murder, but….) that are enunciated to a very finite degree by th same folks who can’t seem to get one consonant correct when ordering a cup of coffee.

    Guess what. It ain’t my fuckin fault, or my fuckin responsibility to understand your dumb ass, if you were born in America, and will not pronunciate your fuckin words.

    Don’t even go to fuckin school fuck head. Just turn on the TV. You can pick up the king’s (Pun intended) fuckin English off of Soap Operas, game shows and commercials (As long as your not watching BET).

    Probably half the Mexican illegals we have in the US, are picking up the language off of the TV.

    Make all the fuckin excuses you want to, for murdering the American vernacular, but don’t expect me at least, to stop laughing at your dumb ass.

  6. KCMONARCH says:

    Glazer calling somebody out for butchering the English language. The only difference? CG does it in print.

  7. HARLEY says:

    you must have just woke up from your afternooon nap. If you thought this guy was paid
    60 million dollars a year to be a public speaker you’re dumber than dirt. He plays basketball…
    been playing since he was a kid…he’s not paid to be a motivational speaker…he’s paid to put
    the ball into the basket…he’s paid to puthis name on sneakers…he’s paid to appear drinking
    sports drinks… come on…layoff him.
    And heres a simple prediction….lebron will win many championships…not this year but in the
    How many great ones lost in their first attempt then came back to win the big ones…too many to
    mention including george brett/lenny dawson/…so don’t get down on the kid too hard.
    It was not his fault they lost to dallas…it was that miami got outcouached by dallas. Miami made
    no adjustments to terry or thezone defense like they should have…
    the great ones did a lot of losing before they won their multiple titles…so lay off the kid…
    he can’t speak right…but he can sign a 4 million dollar check and it won’t bounce.

  8. smartman says:

    Lebron it’s Warren Buffet on line one!
    Yeah Lebron’s a real idiot. HE’S GOT WARREN BUFFET ON HIS SPEED DIAL!

    He can speak the King’s English when he wants. I’ve heard him flip the switch and sound like Cornell West.

    He’s 26, still a punk ass kid by NBA standards. He’ll win at least two rings before he hangs it up

    He’s got a paralyzing fear of failure that he needs to overcome. If he ever gets his head right he will be a stone cold John Shaft, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Chocolate Thunder, World B.Free, Artis Gilmore, Dr. J BALLIN’ ASS motherfucker.

    No way he could EVER be a BOXER. He’s too nice, ain’t got the kinda mean in him to even fight a punk ass bitch like Lenox Lewis. He couldn’t even lace ’em up with Man-Paq.

  9. monkey man says:

    You White Haters Are Punks
    WE just talk that way on purpose you white jealous haters. LeBron is cool. He got mo money than you white devil dogs will ever smell.

  10. chuck says:

    “White jealous haters”–“White Devil Dogs”
    Hey Chet, is MONKEY man gonna get a racist tag, for that?

    No, I didn’t think so.

    Its a one way street, with the racist tags.

  11. ittie bittie says:

    Wow did you make your Mark!
    Hi Stanly/Chuck…

    When my dog pisses, he leaves a more noticible mark on Earth than when you blog. Yours may stink a little worse though..,.


  12. chuck says:

    Andrew ittie bittie weeny
    tweet a pic of your dog’s dick.

    You know, the high point in your blogging oeurve.

  13. bschloz says:

    Whats Next?
    Looks like Its going to be a hot summer, no?

    Hosmer Watch 6/14…. .284 under looking better. Is there anymore of that available?

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