Glazer: Younger Grrrls Keep Rollin’ ‘Cross My Mind


Here’s how it went down…

Comedian Rich Vos and I had just finished doing radio in Westport at 9:30 AM Friday. And we had some time to kill before an appearance on KSHB TV near the Plaza. So I’ve made a habit of taking my out-of-town comics to breakfast at the Classic Cup. I like it and they get to check out the Plaza. Most of the talent we bring in is from LA and I want to show them that our Plaza is nicer than Beverly Hills.

Hey, it is.

So we pull up in front of the Cup – it’s always hard to find a place to park – and as we get out of the car, a black Mercedes pulls in next to us.

"Hey man, do you think my car will fit behind yours?"

It’s two hot girls with dark hair, maybe 25 or so. Sweet. Rich is very married and not interested in meeting girls, but he likes seeing me in action. And I said, "Rich,  was that chick hitting on us?" And he said, "No."

I said, watch the pro, baby.

I went back over to the ladies and I said, "Where you two going?" And they said, "Where are you going?"

Next thing you know, we’re going into the Classic Cup together.

They sat by us and immediately were on their cell phones texting. Turns out they’re both bartenders. Then I learned something. I asked where they worked. And the one by me – a tall, dark-haired 27 year-old American Indian anmed Liz, said, "Dude we are top notch bartenders, see the Mercedes she bought with her own money? We work at all the top spots in town every week, like all good bartenders."

Then it struck me that she was onto something.

With only a handful of clubs and bars that are busy anymore – and mostly only weekends – the good bartenders move around from one hot spot to another. Rather than just working at the same place.

So it’s THE JONES STORE pool on weekend days, Sol Cantina in Martini Cortner on Friday nights, The Point on Saturday night and on and on.

"Don’t your good bartenders work all over?" Liz asked. It occurred to me my top people do. Guess it’s old fashioned to be at just one bar and loyal.

Lke when Kelly’s in Westport used to be a happening place. The times have truly changed.

I asked if they had boyfriends.

"Nah, we have like the one main guy and meet, you know, different guys here and there. You know, and kinda talk to them too."

Translation: Have sex with them.

So it’s happened! The girls have figured it out. They’re doing what men do and have done.

They have one main man and spin the rest.

Both said marriage doesn’t work – none of their married friends were happy, NONE. By the way, it sounded as if they were wild. And to be honest, I think they’re kinda nice girls by today’s standards. I was impressed with their clothing, talk, car and attitude.

Hey, they had good jobs. Made good money. Said they weren’t strippers and were being honest.

I did get the Indian chick’s number and we’re suppose to hang out this week and, you know, uh, talk.
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36 Responses to Glazer: Younger Grrrls Keep Rollin’ ‘Cross My Mind

  1. Boomer says:

    Fun Tale, You Are A Funny Guy
    I always learn something from your personal stories Glazer. You may be older but you are wiser. I am thirty six and sometimes feel older. I gotta go to P&L and compete with the hard bodies of men ten years and more younger. Yeah this is the new wave, even a bit of a change for me and guys my age. I hope you can go on forever dude. Who is the big breasted blonde? Is she one of the girls?

  2. Packer Nation says:

    Holly Molly
    She is a blonde isn’t she? The girl in the story is dark haired no? Or is that her. I know a Liz at Jones Store Pool, very hot, she looks like maybe an Indian type. Party type girl. Yeah girls are more and more like guys today.

  3. kellys Man says:

    Glazer Never Use our Name
    Hey Glazer we told you not to mention Kellys in your stories. I already kicked Nigros ass you are next asshole.

  4. jack Bat says:

    Hot Bars?
    I can think of some hotter bars than those. Maybe I don’t get out enough.

  5. Rody Rody Piper says:

    Get That Girl Off My Back
    Is she one of the girls from the plaza? The squirell?

  6. Cool Tool says:

    Jones Pool
    Saturdays there are loaded. Everyone is drunk or high, dancing in the pool and other things. Been there once already this year. It was blazing.

  7. monkey man says:

    Who Cares About Plaza Anymore
    You think The Plaza is nicer then Beverly Hills. You on something brother.

  8. harley says:

    decent photo…are you puttin the pork to this girl….with a little work at woodside this
    girl would be a goddess….get her on a workout schedule and lose a little gut and
    thighs and she moves up to a 9.
    nice job…..did she know you shot this photo…appears like one of those
    voyeur shots……
    also…how’s jones on saturdays…haven’t been this year but will be there in 2 weeks…keep us

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Don’t Bash Girls
    I don’t bash girls, I make them a priority in my life But I will try and give you some more info on where to go.

  10. boomer says:

    He Loves Girls
    We all love you guys. He’s just telling it like it is lady

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Thats Whitney
    The blonde is not from the story she is Whitney. She was my date on New Years and in that story. Nice girl, hard worker. lives in midtown. We still go out. I will take her to woodside, yes.

  12. Hole cut in the bottom of his popcorn container says:

    Decent enough rack but that suit is 3 sizes too small
    That pic looks like it was taken on the sly. Kind of creepy. Then again a dude who qualifies for AARP discount hitting on 20 somethings probably doesn’t find creepy to be a bad thing. Prediction, Glazer gets busted on a metro bus at 70 with mirrors glued to his shoes.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Good call
    weird guy, yeah, it was too small, she is a large, at 6 feet tall. My bad. Brother when you show me a man my age, with what I got I will bow down. But that won’t happen, unless you know Johnny Depp.

  14. Orphan of the Road says:

    To steal a line, if your dates get any younger Craig will be dating sperm.

    But then again nobody ever busted Greenspan for dating and marrying a WAY younger chicklet.

  15. TIAD says:

    Oh, Look….
    The squirrel now has a pet. (From photo on main page.)

  16. Cliffy says:

    Sounds like a couple of nice girls …
    … who were respectful to an old man who helped them find a parking spot. Good for them.

  17. Hot Rod says:

    Douchebag Guy Besmirching the Good Name of Kelly’s
    Time and place slapnuts I’m available all hours. It’s time for you to grow some balls and step up. I haven’t put a good ass whippin on anyone in a while might as well start with you dickhead.

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Now You Are Talking Punk
    Ah now someone is talking my language. Look you pussy how about any night you pick! Say parking lot at Woodside outside! Say early evening you coward. I got 100 says you won’t show anywhere! You can bring back up..say one or two guys. I’m down for this fucker. Hows this Kellys is a shithole and you smell cause you drink there! Hows that.

  19. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy Hope Its you, but than its fake
    Cliffy hope that was you let me show you how old I am pussy.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    P.S. Liz is Cool
    Hey Liz, rightfully so, got a bit upset I used her name, she is a nice looking bright young lady and I am sorry I did that without asking. We do both agree its a fun and funny story. She is hot, and fun, my fault, sorry see you.

  21. Cliffy says:

    Dear Glazer,
    Respond in English and maybe I can respond accordingly.

    You are getting up there in years. Look in the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with it … just deal with it.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    In Years
    So thats the jealous hater battlecry on this site for lets see one year! How plain can I make it, I am what I am. I look beyond good, in great shape and plan to stay that way as long as possible. No I have no equal in my age group in KC, nobody. Thats a fact. So I get to continue to date young ladies. I work at it, its not a crime. All these comments are designed to retard that, even some stuff Dare does effects it. I have a choice stay in the media and take the hits or be quiet. I choose to stay. NO OTHER LOCAL CELEBRITY GETS THIS attack, nobody. I accept it. Its due to my playing the bad guy and scoring younger women. I get it. As I have written, it ain’t easy. Clearly the insults are not aimed at me, they are aimed at girls reading the site to back away from me, I get that as well. The other names in KC my age, which are few, have already left the scene. So they escape the body blows. Or they are married, or don’t look so great. So when you are the exception you will pay from the peanut gallery who are not able to keep up with you. Thats who does this, not cool guys. They don’t give a crap, they get theirs. Thats the truth. So go ahead, its the same attack on every story. If I write about Tiger Woods, its “yeah Glazer what about how old you are….etc” got it. Do I think anyone who does this can run with me, uh NO. Most guys 35 and up can’t.

  23. operation break down says:

    Take a deep breath killer
    Damn Glazer, you are taking shit way to seriously. I’m not the guy who called you out, although i’ll admit to taking a few shots at you from time to time. I’m just one of the many laughing at you for allowing an internet troll to own you. I’m going to try to help you out before you blow your wig. First rule of writing on the internet, Never lose your cool. When you let the comments get to you, when the sharks smell blood, you are done. You will never write another post without getting trolled. Ever. And all the I’ll beat your ass kid shit, cmon man, really? Last but not least, when 90 percent of the shit you write, is just repetitive blowing of your own horn, how fuckin awesome you are, how many chicks 30 years your junior you bag, how you are celeb, etc. How do you think people are going to respond? With each self agrandizing post, you open yourself up to the type of comments that piss you off. So maybe you should just let that shit roll off of you like water on a ducks back. Of course most people would stop reading your stuff, because the comments are the gold.

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Point Well Taken
    Good points, however its the same attack and after some time it gets old. I don’t think my stories do. Some of what you say is true, but thats what makes it unique and interesting. All my stories aren’t about ME. I try and tie into them when I can, thats all. But I don’t disagree with you.

  25. smartman says:

    Perception is not Reality
    Don’t matter who you are, somebody’s got more money, gettin’ more pussy, got a bigger house, faster car, longer yacht, bigger dick, lower blood pressure, higher cholesterol blah, blah, blah.

    I’ve busted more nuts than a North Korean Vo-Tech mechanic in training and none of ’em have ever felt better than the feeling I get from helping someone out who’s down on their luck. Whether I do it out of my pocket or as part of a group that’s the shit that matters. The hug you get, watching the tears of joy, just knowing that you’ve done something that made a difference that people will never forget. Something that if only for a day restores their faith in humanity. That’s the stuff that really matters, not bangin’ some barely legal poon that idolizes Snookie.

    We all die sooner or later and I doubt that one of the first things anybody is gonna judge you by in the afterlife is how many bearded clams you shucked.

    If all your karmic credit card is loaded up with is pussy points it’s gonna be tough to conduct any business.

  26. chuck says:

    Glaze is like the Jerimiah “Johnson” of pussy.
    He just keeps “coming”.

    AARP’s energizer bunny.

    IMO, Glaze is a force of nature. Here is why…

    I think I might be one of the oldest perps commenting here. You guys, imo, all see Glaze in terms of your own age and experience. Ok.

    I am a few years older than Glaze, and to me, its not so much reverence, as astonishment.

    Seriously, at a certain age, and its different for most guys, the energy, just ain’t there.

    Example: I work with a close friend all over town (About my age). We see hot girls, ladies, women all the time.

    “Wow!! Check out that chick!”

    “Man, she is smokin hot. What are we getting for lunch today?”

    THAT IS THE END OF IT. The idea, of someone my age, going and hitting on a 22, or 32, or 42 year old chick, is not gonna happen. It would be unpleasant, FOR ME. Uncomfortable, nothing in common, creepy (Glaze must not have daughters, no insult…)

    Most old guys I know, just ain’t up to such a huge pain in the ass. So Glaze, the anomaly that he is, is very interesting in his persistant pursuit of something that most guys his age, just bullshit about.

    The quid pro quo, with regard to women, just ain’t there in your old age. Thats not pejorative, its just like the weather. It gets hot in the summer time, and when you are pushing 60, you are usually just bullshittin about chicks and looking at them, not actually chasing them.

    If your younger, it is really difficult to understand this.

    Its actually a good thing. The chemicals in your body, quit demanding that you chase chicks, and you are more interested in Bar B Que.

    I realize I have opened myself up to some scathing insults, and I am cool with that, but my point stands, I think.

    Glaze’s incessant pursuit of the girls, is a good story.

  27. bschloz says:

    Uncle Chuck
    Waid’s or Perkins?
    DVD or VCR?
    CNN or Fox ?
    Windows or Apple?
    Sears or Wal-Mart?
    Palin or Hillary?

    Glazer you didn’t even come close to most consecutive comments in a row.. which I still think stands around 10.

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    I knew I could count on Chuck/bschloz
    Chuck,nice take, and yes you get it. It’s like the starter for the Yankees being 48 and carrying a 2.01 ERA and they guy looks very good. It just opens the door to when will it all end. It always does. We live in an age based society. Too young, too inexperienced,almost old enough, a bit past it, way past it, old, dead. Its never right one is it?

    I remember ten, hell fifteen years back going to clubs with my younger pals from work. It felt strange to see almost nobody you knew from the days when it was a nightly thing. A few years latter, it was NOBODY, just recent people you met, maybe from work or the media.
    Now its way unchartered waters. I like the “Johnson” reference. In a way, I represent all of us that want to do it, but for many reasons just can’t. So let the games continue. Til its over. Hey to be honest by that time, hope I find a nice gal to hang with and sit in the sun, enjoy poker, eat at nice restaurants, here or in Palm Desert. Or both.

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    There you have it, ladies and gentleman. Craig is mellowing

  30. Cliffy says:

    I have no problem with older guys chasing younger women. Older guys with money and a nice car attracting younger women is nothing new. If you want to play that game, more power to you. Have fun. It’s your life so do what you want.

    My problem is with an older guy thinking he’s attracting younger women because he’s “cool” and they are naturally attracted to him. That just ain’t the way it works.

    Have fun but keep it real.

  31. Craig Glazer says:

    Uh Yeah, they do Cliffy pretend guy
    If you met me and you likely haven’t you wouldn’t say that….it ain’t the car or the money brother, it is me. I do this in LA and all over. No not every 20 something likes me, but my looks and persona are what counts most. There are those rare birds who can do it, I have been that guy. My dad was til he left his 40’s. Sure in KC my name helps no doubt, but thanks to haters like you and what Dare puts out there it also drives some away. I like to win or lose on my own. So if it makes you feel better to think its money,car and title ok, than explain why NOBODY ELSE IN KC is at my level. There is nobody. Sure a few guys over say 45 with some dough and looks do well, but at 50 you need much more than money honey. You will never agree but thats the way it is….

  32. Cliffy says:

    Got it! (chuckle) 😉

  33. chuck says:

    Outta all the stuff you listed, the only thing I really like, is Sears. Everything else is ok, they, it, have their moments, but fuckin Sears is tits day and night!

    I’m gonna take a nap, its almost 2 PM.

  34. Matt says:

    Can’t believe the bartender was upset…
    considering you told your personal diary here that you were going to have casual sex with her. It shouldn’t be just an “apology” in the comments, her name should be taken out of the article (if she really is upset). If you are out and about often as I am, it is pretty obvious who you are talking about.

    And, I’m not trying to question how great you are, so please don’t get offended and defensive.

  35. Craig Glazer says:

    Shes Not Upset Anymore
    She never demanded an online apology or to take her name down. She thought it was funny. We spoke texted each other on this issue and we are both cool with it. No I didn’t sleep with her. I have not gone into details or names with anyone I slept with, its always just assumed with some of the girls I dated. Clearly longtime relationships not the one or two times. But on this one, no. She is a good girl.

  36. Melissa says:

    Hahaha My boos!!!! Love it! 😉

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