New Jack City: Tracy Morgan Rant Fuels Firestorm & Apology!

Did another comedian just crash and burn? Sure sounds like it!

Industry insider Web site Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood reports that about five years after Seinfeld star Michael Richard‘s racist rant at the Laugh Factory, 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan has come under fire for bashing gay people.

There’s no videoof Morgan’s rant available (yet), but Deadline Hollywood today reported that in his stand-up routine last weekend in Nashville Morgan said, "All this gay shit is crazy and that women are a gift from god and that Born This Way is bullshit."

"Gay is a choice," Morgen allegedly said, adding, "God don’t make no mistakes….Gay is something kids learn from the media and programming and bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers up that bully them, not whine about it."

Morgan also said that "if his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not (mimicking in a gay, high pitched voice) or he would pull out a knife and stab that little nigger to death."

Morgan then added that "He didn’t fucking care if he pissed off some gays because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass…they can take a fucking joke."

To say Morgan’s remarks created a firestorm is putting it mildly.

Morgan’s post show take?

"I want to apologize to my fans and the gay and lesbian community for my choice of words…I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context."

No reaction yet from NBC which airs ’30 Rock.’

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5 Responses to New Jack City: Tracy Morgan Rant Fuels Firestorm & Apology!

  1. bones says:

    Can’t wait til Glazer books him in his club.

  2. RickM says:

    false analogy
    The comparison with Richards (spelled here correctly) is inaccurate. Morgan made those comments as part of his act. Richards was provoked by hecklers and childishly lashed out. Distinction without a difference? Maybe, but context matters.

  3. smartman says:

    Truth or Consequences
    Good point Rick. Once again another celebrity/politician thinks a little mea culpa makes it all go away. I’m all for forgiveness and redemption but Tracy needs to pay a far greater price. This wasn’t Lisa Lampanelli-esque gay chiding this sounds pretty much like raw hatred.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    We had him five times in Westport over five years
    Yep Tracy was a once a year guy at Westport from 97-2002. He was truly crazy, show was weird, he did sell tix though. I got along with him ok, but since he got even bigger and cost more, we quit booking him. In KC he was only so popular, not a killer act so not worth 20,000 for four shows…a loveable nut.

  5. jack p. says:

    Gilbert Gottfried????
    Hey Craig are you ever going to book Gilbert Gottfried? I’ve been waiting to see him live for years and am currently reading his book.
    I know he still does clubs as his upcoming dates are listed on his website.

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