Glazer: Nick Wright & I Were Wrong About LeBron. Really Wrong!

My pal, 610 Sports major player voice, Nick Wright and I called it wrong on LeBron

We both felt he was maybe the third or fourth best player to come to the NBA, behind Michael Jordan and Kobe. But the Miami Heat got jacked again in Dallas by the real "new" name of super-super-stars Dirk Nowitzki.

Starting now a household name all over the planet.

Yes, Dirk is nearing the end of his long career. But he’s stopped by to let the world know that it’s Dirk’s, NOT LEBRON’S world right now.

Nick did a few one hour "defend LeBron James" spots on 610 over the last couple weeks. It was such a hot topic I couldn’t even get in on the hot line.

I wanted to back him up.

I too felt James would show up in the end and kill it – take down Dallas. With the Mavs now up 3 games to 2 that is not likely. It looks like they have LeBron’s number. The guy just kinda leaves the scene in the fourth and final quarter.

In two straight games at Dallas, with James saying, "This is my biggest game, OF MY LIFE," the biggest name in the NBA couldn’t save his team. Yes, he was double teamed on defense but the Heat did the same to Dirk and he did whatever he wanted when it mattered.

In game two at Miami, the Heat had a 16 point fourth quarter lead with just over five minutes to go. Until LeBron and Dwayne Wade (the other Heat super star) gave it all back and lost the game.

I can say this with total confidence, MICHAEL JORDAN would never have let that happen.

At home with the Bulls in the NBA finals, no chance. So this was my first thought that James might just be, well, a bit over rated. Maybe.

In Game four at Dallas the biggest name in basketball had 8 points.

Enough said on that one, and no he wasn’t hurt. Zero points in the fourth and final quarter. Last night, James did have a weak triple double. If there is such a thing as weak it was. All while missing 11 of 19 shots. Yes, he had 17 points but went bye-bye in the fourth quarter again.

Wade was injured and a bit off his game, not much though. Dirk, well he had his usual 29 points and was all over it in the fourth quarter. Dallas 112 Miami 103.

And oh, by the way the Heat led 99-95 early in the fourth quarter.

The good news: KU’s Mario Chalmers (he had the tying 3 pointer in the KU NCAA title game in ’08) is playing great and might become a baby star in the NBA next season or NOW  if the Heat can come back.

LeBron can end all this rough talk with TWO big comeback games in Miami. But I don’t see that happening.

Nick and I have holes in our pockets from being wrong on this one. Damn it.
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27 Responses to Glazer: Nick Wright & I Were Wrong About LeBron. Really Wrong!

  1. Bill says:

    What a joke…
    You may help your credibility if you could spell Kobe’s name right, and if Dirk wasn’t a household name before now then I give up. Also Chalmers had a good first half, check out his second half stats Glaze, what did he do? Just what I thought. Chalmers won’t hold Tyron Lue’s jock when it comes to NBA careers. That was a baby star right there.

  2. Skeptic says:

    What’s with the EE-EYE-EE-EYE-OO comments lately?

  3. kellys man says:

    You ARe Both Dumbasses
    You and Nick are stupid. I heard his fag defesne of James. You believed it? Dumb ass Glazer.

  4. Packers Nation says:

    Derk Is The Best Period
    James is a no show. Yep. Not near the greatest, not even the best player on his team.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    I gave up watching the NBA when they began using two sets of rules, one for the stars and one for the ham-and-eggers.

    Athleticism will only take you so far. You have to know how to play defense as well as offense. You need a knowledge of how the sport developed. Todays players are all about “showtime”, forget about your team and just try and get on the ESPN highlights.

  6. KU Forever says:

    He’s no Paul Pierce
    James is so so not the best. Remember those commericals from a few years back with him hitting shots across the gym. Maybe that should be Chalmers. He does it long shots, LeBron misses most of them. He stunk it up against Dallas and I think it ends on Sunday. Heat lose.

  7. Really? says:

    Household name
    I barely even follow basketball and I know that Dirk is one of the most recognized names and faces in the NBA.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good one, Cliffy!

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    I barely know basketball even less and trust me, for average, everyday people who are not sports fans, let alone NBA fans, he’s no household word. Michael Jordan, Wilt – those are household names. Name people who could care less about sports are very familiar with. Magic Johnson? Home run.

    Dirk? Do you mean Dirk Diggler?

  10. Bill says:

    No trust me…
    I am more ordinary than the both of you. Hearne, you are ridiculous. Arguing what “average, everyday people who are not sports fans, let alone NBA fans” think when the guy above you who is exactly an “average, everyday person” saying he knows who Dirk is.

  11. craig glazer says:

    Comment was made by on air broadcast of game five
    What was meant by HOUSEHOLD NOW, vs. before: Yes if you are sports fan of any kind you know who Dirk is, no doubt. They meant and I agree with all this NBA FINAL attention, Dirk is now a worldwide name. Meaning he wasn’t so well known across the world before. Nothing like LeBron,Magic,Kobe…now he is a name up with the biggest stars of modern times in the NBA, before and sorry to burst your bubble HE WAS NOT AT THAT LEVEL, simply put NO. He was a star but more known for failing to finish the big games. Here is a guy on the worldwide stage dropping EVERY FREE THROW, its simply incredable. He is hitting game winners in the fourth period with guys hanging all over him. James and Wade are not, at least not at his level in this series. SO YOU WILL DIRK in tons of commercials for cars, cream,soda and so on this fall…before almost not at all, thats the difference. So nobody meant he was unkown, he was not a SUPER STAR, now he is…ok.

  12. Gerald Bostock says:

    please stop
    Hearne and Craig: Just because the NBA Finals are going on does not mean you have to comment on them. Stick to things you know something about.

  13. craig Glazer says:

    Yeah LIke The NBA Finals
    Hearne didn’t write anything I did. I think I might just know a little about it, just a tad. I did produce five hit sports films, so maybe just maybe I know more than some of you guys about whats up in sports. Hey my last pix was to be guess what NBA, with all the top big men in the game…we shot some of it and than one player quit, over money…so Champions Forever NBA never happened. Five others did.

  14. Packers Nation says:

    Glazer picked all five post season NFL Games
    I am a Packer fan. Glazer picked them all year, and sorry gents he picked all five post season wins, with scores that were very close to final scores of those games. He has a point. Sides what did he write here that was wrong? He is right.

  15. downtown davey says:

    We Need An NBA Team IN KC
    Clearly the NBA is the number two pro sports attraction, not baseball. Lets get that NBA team for Sprint ASAP

  16. smartman says:

    Glazer Predicts Nowitzki Ad Man of The Year
    What do you mean by tons of commercials? How many is that? A ton is 2000 lbs and you said “tons” so at least….what three tons maybe?

    Are you saying Dirk is going to be in 6000 commercials. If not 6000 how many? Or how many brands…let’s keep it to consumer products outside the realm of sporting goods….. will use him as a spokesperson?

    For creme soda? Where did that come from? I don’t think anybody advertises for creme soda. At least none of the leading soft drink companies

    Unless you have a really high Q Rating you are not going to get more than one major brand to saddle you up for a national ad campaign. Peyton Manning is the current GOLD STANDARD, Sony, Reebok and Oreos, all national tv ad campaigns. Are you putting Dirk in that category?

    Only Magic, Bird Jordan and Shaq have REALLY been able to parlay their NBA fame into
    the consumer products ad game with big national campaigns. I don’t think that Dirk is in that league.

    Once again you are way over-reaching in your estimation of Dirk’s marketing value and name recognition….kinda like all the movie theaters shutting down because nobody goes to movies anymore.

  17. craig glazer says:

    Sadly for you and others I am correct as always
    Let me repeat, a large % of movie houses will close over the next three years, maybe as much as one third. Dirk, if they win it all and that seems likely, will be MVP……HE IS WHITE DUMBO…so yeah you will see him in many commercials, sorry maybe for just two or three major companies but they will pay him a boatload and run them over and over and over again. Like Brett Favre and his spots…the OLD LeBron spots…and yeah Payton Manning….that will all happen. See movies can’t continue with the product going to TV/online and available within a few weeks, there is no reason to run to a movie complex, none. Why bother…and soon, very soon, SEE FIRST RUN FILMS LIKE BATMAN #9 GO DIRECT TO PAY PER VIEW SO THEY CAN CHARGE 25 bucks for the first weekend of watching at home, over and over and over… why the nickname SMARTMAN, when you aren’t?

  18. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Now That Was Clever Glazer
    Good one!

  19. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I approve this column.

  20. smartman says:

    Woof Woof
    Well, well well…. just because YOU say it doesn’t make it so! I will actively track both issues and keep everyone informed.

    The Sumner Redstone owned National Amusements chain is going back into growth mode. I guess Sumner didn’t get your memo

    Oh by the way it’s PEYTON….learn to SPELL!

  21. chuck says:

    The NBA is Wall Street.
    You better know the refs and bet the calls. Rigged.

    Its all about the zebrazzz.

  22. Ptolemy says:

    Best Player?
    The best player in the NBA ever starts with Magic/Bird, Bird/Magic and then goes from there. Jordan was the best one-on-one player but nowhere near the best overall player. Bird and Magic made their teams championship quality immediately. It took Jordan and Kobe several years to get their teams there. LeBron hasn’t got there yet.

  23. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    LeBron Not The Man
    I am shocked at how poorly he has done in this NBA finals. Lost.

  24. harley says:

    putting together 4 bottom shelf movies does not make you a sports expert.
    Noone in kc has been more wrong about sports than you have been.
    Take it to the bank and bet against anything glaze says…plain and simple.
    doing a movie with ali does not make you a boxing expert.
    doing a movie about conning people out of money probably makes you an
    expert at conning people.
    Actually…there is no common sense in this pieces at all.
    Had you been the “expert” at bball…you would have known that every nba fan knows
    who dirk is. Of course he’s had some great games…but if you look over the whole body
    of work by dirk you also see a guy who tended to vanish in the fourth quarter in key games.
    Lets not forget there have been some lean years with dirk in dallas…including losing key
    playoff games when dirk failed to show up to play…(MOSTLY when smoking the herbs).
    If you were an expert so to speak you would also know stats. Its hard to win your first
    time in the championship game…any championlship game…world series…super bowl…
    nba playoffs…etc. Look at the stats and how many teams lost the first time in a
    championship game (chiefs and royals included) …then came back to win their second
    time. wont bore anyone with the facts…but an expert would know this.
    And you would know that dirk can’t play defense and the miami coach has done nothing
    to take advantage of this. If the miami coach goes and spends 6 hours watching the games
    where dirk fell apart he will see that dirk plays no defense…basically they say he is lazy.
    So what you dois take the ball right to him…i mean in his face 100% of the time in the
    first half. also note that dirk fouls…get this guy in early foul trouble and you have a good
    chance. If the miami coach does this…they have a chance to sweep 2 games…iif not
    ….they lose. But how stupid can this miami coach be to not let lebron handle the ball
    in at least 75% of the possessions. The problem is not lebron…the problem is not
    wade or bosch…this coach has no clue how to best use his triple threat.
    Tonite…watch lebron without the ball..if you “experts” watched him before you would see
    that he’s standing around because everyone thinks they need to score. And miaim needs to
    move their defense tighter to keep those layups from happeing
    This is not lebrons fault…he’s one player in his first big big time game…if the miami coach can’t
    change the patterns they are running…get the ball into lebrons hands and let him control the
    game like he did in his most successful games during the season….then he should be fired
    and bring pat riley back.
    Why riley isn’t directing more of this game I have no idea. Pat knows how to direct multiple
    talented teams to their advanatge…..
    my prediction….if miami listens to what i say they can win both games…if not…dirk
    and chalmers win it for dallas.
    I would love to see cuban dancing on the floor in miami with a win tonite…the guys the
    ultimate owner….used to play football in his living room with him….
    As for movie houses closing down glaze…you’re a little late there too. For the last 2 years
    anyone who went to a movie knew there were too many theatres in kc….cinemark in merriam
    is barely 1/3 filled….others are not filled……but its the product hollywood is putting out.
    For the last 3 years money has dried up….and for an expert you should have said this…
    with reality tv becomeing so popular the writers in hollywood and in canada (will explain that
    later) are out of work. So they have to do something else. But with cable making a huge
    comeback with very successful series and with over 500 channels needing programming
    writers can come back. The quality of films is so low and thats what will kill the movie theatres.
    As an expert you probably can remember the day when americans said the u.s. auto industry
    was dying. Was it because of the dealers…not it was the shitty product put out by the manufacturers
    that wasn’t selling. Now they changed the product lines and they are selling out. One major dealer
    herer in town is almost out of new ford vehicles on his lot because the vehicles sell as fast as they
    are delivered.
    So please do some research on your subjects and give us some noteworthy ind depth analysis
    of your positions..if not don’t claim to be an expert.
    And remember…if you need advice ….send me a note…because i make all you so called
    “experts” look like shlubs trying to discuss sports from an analytical standpoint.

  25. Rob Lane says:

    Harley Please
    Harley Glazers story is about he and your local sports guy, Nick, being wrong about LeBron and the Heat. You address everything but that. You say he is wrong about sports, doesn’t know anything. He may have the most credentials of anyone in your town for the subjects outside of a few ballplayers like Dawson. His movies, which you knock were and are in the top 10 alltime worldwide sales of sports films. Champions Forever is still in the top five of all time, Latin Legends number 7. I know I did marketing for him on both in LA back in the 90’s. I set up sales for posters and keepsake coffee mugs out of the east coast. Same ones who did Elvis. I no longer am in that business. You say my friend has little movie knowledge. Guess not, he was a studio producer on the lot at Universal with Dan York(Dragon The Bruce Lee Story) for three years. I know I was there. He is in business with the Eisners and Lorenz, reped by CAA, you are kidding me right Harley. Course you likely don’t know who CAA is do you?

    PS. I remember you calling Glazer out on the Super Bowl when he picked Green Bay and you were SURE IT WAS THE’d that come out?

  26. Bad ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Rob is On it
    Harley for Christ sake, cool it. Rob you read my mind. Rob Glaze also picked all the NFL post season games except he had KC over The Ravens in KC. ALL his other picks were correct. Harley give it up, you love hating on Glaze and writing your thoughts on his ideas. Just write your thoughts thats cool. Some of your things are decent.

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