Hearne: Would You believe MLS Attendence Better Than NBA & NHL?

It’s not exactly new, but with Sporting Kansas City’s first game in its new digs Thursday, it’s worth a reminder..

For all the red-blooded American sports fans who love to diss the sport we call soccer, attendence last year for Major League Soccer actually surpassed that of the NBA and NHL. That’s right, boys and girls. Lowly American professional soccer nosed out pro basketball and ice hockey early last year and appears to be hanging in there strong in the early going this year, according to futbolusa.net.

Bull hockey, you say?

Check it out.

  1. 1. NFL – 67,508.69 (2009 season)
  2. 2. MLB – 30,213.37 (2009 season)
  3. 3. MLS – 18,452.14 (2010 season, as of 04/11/2010)
  4. 4. NBA – 17,110.64 (2009/10 season)
  5. 5. NHL – 17,004.53 (2009/10 season)
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