Hearne: The Envelope, Please. KSHB Poised to Unveil New News Anchor


So much for focus groups…

It’s no secret that KSHB TV, Channel 41 has been on the lookout to hire a replacement for veteran, outgoing news anchor Elizabeth Alex. Alex is slated to bail at month’s end for a position at a local children’s shelter and to spend more time with her souvenir, boy toy husband from Romania.

So who’s gonna get the gig?

Word is KSHB brought in four candidates from outside the station, then initiated a focus group study to see which was  best (with luck they didn’t hire the same focus group firm that saddled the station with the wooden soldier otherwise known as Mark Clegg).

However, while the focus group ruminated, one by one the candidates in question landed jobs at other stations, leaving Channel 41 stuck essentially with a choice between weekend anchor Cynthia Newsome and fellow anchor and Kansan, Christa Dubill.

Of course, KSHB could commit ratings suicide as the Star reported and let Clegg solo fly the position.

But, nah…

Insiders say Dubill should fill the bill.

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2 Responses to Hearne: The Envelope, Please. KSHB Poised to Unveil New News Anchor

  1. smartman says:

    Play Date
    Harley’s got a boy toy. Maybe he and Elizabeth can get together for play dates.

    What’s the story on the mail order husband? Romanians don’t do Brazillians so it’s gonna be pretty musty around the tentpole. Like a keilbasa comin’ up out of Glazers weave. Ewwwww!

    Elizabeth seems more like a smoothie drinker than a salad eater.

  2. Dylan says:

    Alex Not Leaving Completely
    Elizabeth Alex is only quitting the 10:00 news. This has already happened. She’ll still be doing the six. And Christa Dubill is not well liked in the building. Can’t imagine she’s the one.

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