Donnelly: It’s Go Time – LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Debuts Thursday Night

 The Victory Suite (aka owner’s suite).  Notice the yellow chair.  That’s Lance Armstrong‘s.









 View of the south end and the huge HD screen. —>



The locker room.







 Inside the Victory Suite.  Yes, they have their own wood fired pizza oven.  —–>




 View from the Victory Suite.





 One of the clubs for suite level ticket holders.  —->



The Members’ Club. 







 Suite level.  —->
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9 Responses to Donnelly: It’s Go Time – LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Debuts Thursday Night

  1. Hibby says:

    Beautiful Stadium
    Can’t wait to see it tomorrow for the opening.

  2. smartman says:

    Suckers Here To Stay
    You’re obviously still high from Wakarusa. Go back and read Tim Finn’s review of MMJ at the Uptown the last time they played there. That’s how to write a review!

    You can polish the SKC knob all you want but SKC is BIG HAT no cattle. The Beverly Hillbillies of MLS, which will NEVER EVER be on par with the Beautiful Game the rest of the world plays. Sure, they’ll have a one year honeymoon with the new digs but then what? The team will be mediocre at best. Can’t wait until they change the stadium name to LIESTRONG…only gotta lose the V.

    And God forbid that the rest of the world decide to stop using the US Dollar as a reserve currency, because if that happens you can bet that of all the US sports leagues that MLS will be the first to fail.

  3. bschloz says:

    Are You Running Vista?
    Apple is the greatest most exciting retailer on the planet earth.
    And soccer is kind of boring ..don’t get the connection.

  4. Chet Gristler says:

    wow, the negators are quick to reply….
    Just because you don’t like soccer doesn’t mean you have to criticize and trash on other people’s freedom to enjoy it. Talk about intolerant. Might as well go join Fred Phelps crew with all your hate-filled negativity. My mother taught me if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all….

  5. Fred says:

    God Hates Soccer.

  6. smartman says:

    Your mother was a smart woman and you’re a better man than I if you can live out that virtue. God Bless you and your Mom!

    Like many others I’M PISSED about the continued mediocrity of our sports teams. I understand up and down years but not up and down decades.

    I’m not a fan anymore I’m a Customer and when I don’t like the product I’m gonna complain.

    I’m also tired of MLS comparing itself to the game the rest of the world plays. That’s like comparing the WNBA to the NBA.

    KC has some of the best sports fans in the WORLD, witnessed by the fact that we still show up to watch crap football, baseball and soccer.

    We deserve better.

  7. jjskck says:

    Middle Ground
    For the record, I’m neither fan nor hater. I’ve tried to watch both MLS and World Cup, and it didn’t hold my interest.

    Soccer is still a niche spectator sport in the US, but there’s no denying that the niche is growing. That said, the average MLS attendance last year (16,000+) isn’t significantly more than the Comets–yes, the Comets–drew to Kemper in the 1980s (averaging over 12,000 fans per game).

    I will say, though, that there is no comparison between the MLS and NBA’s respective financial situations. MLS has a salary structure that is sustainable for the ownership groups, and with revenue continuing to increase the league is on good footing to exist for years to come.

  8. jjskck says:

    …and the new stadium is friggin’ amazing.

  9. Jack White says:

    Looking Forward to Tonight
    I’ll be there tonight and the rest of the season. I’ll never understand guys who feel the need to bag on a sport. The quality of MLS isn’t the same as European soccer. So what? Neither is the quality of college football compared to the NFL. Yet Missouri still gets 50,000 or better and KU 40,000 most games.

    As far as SKC being mediocre, if memory serves, in the past 11 seasons they have won the MLS championship, played in the championship game another time, and played in the conference finals two additional times. If the Chiefs or Royals had done that we’d all be doing back flips. Since SKC’s birth, even KU basketball has made the final four less times than SKC.

    I wish we had Messi and Ronaldo just like I wish the Chiefs had Aaron Rodgers. But for me, the quality of SKC play is still more than good enough to offer good value for the dollar. If you feel otherwise, that’s your prerogative.

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