Glazer: Don’t Kid Yourselves, Maria Shriver Totally Knew Arnold Was Fooling Around

I’ve met Arnold Schwarzenegger a few times…

Arnold co starred with my former girlfriend Sandhal Bergman in Conan as well as Red Sonja. Classics. And my best pal, Sonny Landham co-starred with Arnold in Predator. But it wasn’t until Mickey Rourke had a party for the opening of a hair salon in Beverly Hills, that I really met Arnold. Because he had worked with Bergman and Landham we were all seated at the same table at Rourke’s party.  It was in the early 90’s, so Arnold was still one of the top film stars on the planet at the time.

Even though he had been married to Maria Shriver for years, it was clear he openly dated at that time.

He spoke and joked about his desires. In fact, he slept with Sandhal during Conan, she admitted to me.

"Who wouldn’t?" she said to me. 

Don’t forget Arnold had a body to die for and was a monster star. I was not dating her during those films, only after after.

So Arnold’s marriage to Maria was already a joke – he openly dated.

She was never with him for the most part. Early on she realized their marriage was all about him moving up in his career. It was a cruel move on his part, one Maria has had to live with all those years. The stories are too many to tell.

One that stood out: My KC pal, Jeff Spero‘s wife was involved with the openings of Planet Hollywood, which Arnold was an owner of. Maria made it clear when the stores opened that they both had to be there. But to put them in separate dining rooms after they walked in together.

She knew. Everyone knew.

Now we have John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, "Baby Arnold" – the list is endless.

Why? It’s not the lying, it’s the fact that they had sex outside the marriage – and often. Ask Bill Clinton on that one. Comedian Darrell Hammond (who did Clinton’s voice and more on Saturday Night Live) visited Clinton in the White House. Darrell said, "The guy had so much charisma, it was scary."  The President showed Darrell clip after clip of ‘hot’ chicks he had slept with, besides Monica.

"Why did I have to be caught with her, couldn’t it have been one of these babes?" Clinton told him. "At least I wouldn’t haven’t felt quite as bad."

This was after he was busted, of course.

Maybe we need to consider five year contracts with marriage since almost none seem to work out.

Those who stay married but have options cheat and hurt each other as well as their children. Those who stay married, on both sides and don’t cheat are usually miserable. For the few marraiges that work they can re-up after each five year agreement.

NO HARM, NO FOUL, OTHER THAN CHILD SUPPORT and agree on bucks before the fall.

I feel these situations are between a husband and a wife. Not the public, the husband and the wife. These are not crimes, just people being human.

As far as Weiner stepping down, he should let the voters decide in the next election. Bill Clinton would have been re-elected had he been able to go for a third term. Oddly he and his wife, who don’t even live together, are best pals and love each other in their own way.

It’s none of our Damn business.

We need to stop savoring these national leader’s family issues when they unfold.
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21 Responses to Glazer: Don’t Kid Yourselves, Maria Shriver Totally Knew Arnold Was Fooling Around

  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    It’s none of our Damn business.
    And yet, here you are, writing about it.

  2. downtown davey says:

    I agree with you
    Now that was interesting Glazer. Point well taken. Marriage is always a tough road, but one worth traveling with the right person. i hope you find that person one day. That said, I like the five year plan, as for me, I would have reupped four times.

  3. jack Bat says:

    Everyone Cheats
    Sadly with this damn media world we live in, you gotta live on a farm not to cheat. Course there are always sheep.

  4. maureen says:

    So Tragic
    Has it come down to this for God’s sake. Maybe it has. There are no more good guys, just people who don’t get caught.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    Gerald Bostock
    Winner winner chicken dinner

    These folks spend an enormous amount of money to attract us all to their movies, films, tv, music and then when the shit hits the fan we are supposed to just turn our heads.

    It’s no skin off my ass but quit being so hypocritical about publicity.

  6. packers Nation says:

    Brett Favre Got Jacked
    How about my boy Brett, so what if he wants to mail his dick photo, who’s he hurting. Just himself and his family, which is terrible, but thats his decision. A bad one, but none of the NFL’s beeswax.

  7. Bad ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Don’t Agree
    Lying is just that. Clinton should have come clean and he would have looked much better.

  8. Kerouac says:

    All my heroes faithfully retired… or died
    ‘Men are so easy’… at least most of them, according an adage expressed often by ‘like’ females. On the other, no less an ‘authority the ten-thousands’ the late Wilt Chamberlain said

  9. bschloz says:

    Clinton championed many great causes….brought Dockers pants into the workplace…made BJ’s on demand mainstream.
    Poor A.Weiner will always just be that guy who tweeted his d**k. Sad.
    Come on… lets have a little differential between Hollywood and Washington D.C.

  10. Rat Boob says:

    bschloz whats the dif?

  11. bschloz says:

    Good point….just seems to me that Ashton Kutcher sleeping around on Demi is going to have less impact on all of us… than an elected official, who shows a lack of judgement, lack of common sense and is liar. Par for the course I guess.

  12. chuck says:

    Ruh roh…
    MARIA SHRIVER: “Hey asshole, get ready for some Collateral Damage, I got some papers for ya.”

    ARNOLD: “Did ya hear about Weiner?”

    MARIA SHRIVER: Yeah, I have, how would ya say it, Total Recall, of course I heard about the beaner asshole, you had two kids with her!!”

    ARNOLD: “Not beaner, Weiner, congressman Anthony Weiner. Look at this picture *under his breath, ‘I always go Commando’*.

    MARIA SHRIVER: ” He’s a Democrat from the left.”

    ARNOLD: “Left, right.”

    MARIA SHRIVER: “This is why I hate you, you duplicitious fuck! Is he left or right!!”

    ARNOLD: “Not that, look at the fuckin picture!”

    MARIA SHRIVER: “Whats the *walks over to Arnold, looks at pic*…, oh he is a Democrat.” *Gives Arnold legal papers*

    ARNOLD: “Whats this?”

    MARIA SHRIVER: “Remember End Of Days?”

    ARNOLD: “Thats bullshit, Glazer told me it was a great script! Plus we needed the money!”

    MARIA SHRIVER: “Between me and the new family, your gonna need even more money Octodad. Jesus, you got more fuckin kids than Shawn Kemp out there.”

    ARNOLD: “They will be a comfort to me in my old age.”

    MARIA SHRIVER: Bullshit, they will be just like Tony Botello, probably watching Chyna in the basement, flogging their dolphins.”

    ARNOLD: “I love a good immigration rags to riches story. You think they will move to China?”

    MARIA SHRIVER: “Jesus. Asta La Vista asshole!”

  13. smartman says:

    Sharia Maria
    Lot’s of accusations in this piece that didn’t come out in the celebrity gossip gaggle. I forwarded this to Harvey Levin at TMZ. Seems you’ve got better inside info than many that cover that beat for a living.

    Hopefully Arnold never banged my sweety Nina Hartley.

  14. craig glazer says:

    Like What?
    What is so unreal here?

  15. smartman says:

    Craig, you’re basically saying that it was well known inside Hollywood circles that Arnold had his dick in everything during his ENTIRE marriage to Maria. The fact that that never came up during his campaign for governor and basically stayed off the radar for a substantial amount of time is unfuckingbelievable! That’s HUGE! Only dead men keep secrets. He was never a favorite of the California Dems or the left leaning media. Hell, even Bill Clinton had bimbo erruptions during both his campaigns and terms in office. How the fuck did Arnold keep all this shit buried for so long?

    Even Michael Ovitz, once the most POWERFUL man in Hollywood got his balls handed to him in the ego wars. Same with Gerald Levin.

    So, in my opinion, for this kind of info about Arnold to not have blown up his political career before it even got started speaks to all sorts of conspiracy and collusion. Dontcha think?

  16. craig glazer says:

    You Should know huh
    Uh huh.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, there were some women who stepped forward and said he’d groped them. A number of them. It got fairly wide reporting but he kinda slipped the punch and nobody ever delivered the knockout punch goods.

    You can see why in the case of Bergman. She had something to lose too in a kiss-and-tell dust up.

  18. smartman says:

    Craig isn’t talking about groping. He said that Arnold openly dated during his entire marriage to Maria and was banging everything he could and that everybody, including Maria knew.

    Arnold was openly “doing it” and didn’t get busted while John Edwards gets busted by The National Enquirer despite doing his best to cover his tracks with millions of dollars?

    Given the bloodsport that politics is, particularly when the transgressors are of the right wing ilk I’m wondering how Arnold’s “open dating” was such a well kept secret… CAH-LEE-FORN-YAH of all places. You’d think that Huffington Post and The Daily Kos, well funded by George Soros, would have been all over this….or did they let it pass because of the Kennedy connection?

    Doesn’t that raise your journalist’s antennae?

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    It does but what Craig saw and perceived as an insider may have been far less obvious to mainstream media types. Plus he wasn’t running for president alongside a wife who was dying of cancer.

    If Arnold limited his thrashings to women who also had something to lose – like Bergman and the maid – rather than hitting on every middlesex cocktail waitress and stripper, the likelihood of getting outed by the regular media would be lessened perhaps.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    When You run with big dogs
    Smartman, he openly had several relationships. Widely known, widely, widely. Sorry. But again its a world I lived in and still do so maybe just maybe I might know more about it than some of you guys. Of course Sandhal might be lying. I never met Arnold or Sly, Sonny didn’t costar in movies with both, Landham is a D MOVIE STAR RIGHT, Bergman sucks too, so on and so on. Arnold fucked several other woman is that clear enough. He was a movie star, guess what, almost all of them do, almost all.

  21. Slutdog says:

    who cares
    Man scored the pussy. Oldest game on the planet. Bimbos who latter had something to lose clamed up. Nothing new there.
    Congrats to Arnie… may you drive the shaft home whenever. Man is a frigging cocksmans hero and should be emulated openly. Fuck the rest of the whiners as nothing more then some wannabe lib-leftist hypocrisy to cover for a Kennedy.

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