New Jack City: The Sorry State of Movie Funding in Hollywood

With much of movie production financing sources dried up, Hollywood’s been turning increasingly to sure bets.

In other words SEQUELS!

Network television by comparison has cut way back on filmed entertainment shows which can cost up to $2.5 million per episode. Opting instead for those cheap-to-produce, dreadful reality, amateur talent and cheesy dance shows with price tags at a mere fraction.

Think in the neighborhood of $250K for today’s TV reality fluff.

Hard to believe, but when it comes to making movies it’s easier for studios to get a high-priced tentpole motion picture financed than an unknown, mid-priced property. Regardless of its storyline or quality.

Don’t believe me? Then ask Craig "King of Sting" Glazer sometime. He’ll give you an earful.

And if that tentpole project falls into the catagory of one of the major franchise properties, then watch the Brinks truck pull up to the studio’s finance department.

And thus sequels, in the eyes of corporate Hollywood, are like insurance policies.

The original film may have opened to good boxoffice grosses and held on for weeks in theatres. But by comparison the sequel now has the built-in ‘Want to See’ factor and more likely than not will open even bigger than the original. Not to mention that the studio already owns the rights to the property.

Which begs the question of whether to give fans more of the same or make major changes in the sequel.

And 9 out of 10 times the studios will play it safe and try to give the audience more—or at least the same—of what made the original a hit in the first place (the same thinking has gone into pop music follow-ups for years).

Example: THE HANGOVER vs. THE HANGOVER Part 2 in which the surprise and freshness-factor was pretty well shot. And if HANGOVER 3 ends up as formulaic as is rumored in Amsterdam, how much you wanna bet the boys get into similar trouble there as well?

They’ll probably end up sticking a finger in a dyke……

Filmmaker Michael Bay recently apologized for TRANSFORMERS 2.

Sure it was huge in worldwide ticket sales—but pretty lame compared to the original. Bay blamed # 2 on a then pending strike in Hollywood which allegedly forced him to rush the project through. He’s promising a much improved TRANSFORMERS 3 when it opens here on June 29th.

We’ll see!

Make no mistake, the industry would love to see a return to the good old days of the 80’s and 90’s when Europe’s lavish production funding for American films were unlimited and governments like Germany’s extended tremendous tax breaks to the big spenders.

I doubt we’ll ever see that again.

The closest funding tools today are Canadian tax incentives—but only if the movies are shot up north! That’s why we all too often see cities like Vancouver and Toronto doubling for New York and Chicago.

So get used to Hollywood playing it safe with its continued franchises and sequels.

It’s today’s sorry film entertainment state-of-reality.
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5 Responses to New Jack City: The Sorry State of Movie Funding in Hollywood

  1. chuck says:

    Really interesting read.

  2. smartman says:

    If the hedge funds and studio heads would stop trying to fuck each other with Enron style accounting there’s plenty of money to make GOOD movies.

    When you consider that the studios and hedge funds are run by Jews….that’s all you need to know to explain the myopic constipation. They’re more concerned about the business than the movie
    What’s the difference between a Jew and a canoe? Jews NEVER tip!

    Granted, the returns might not be as juicy as they once were but very few movies lose money after a 10 year ROI analysis.

    Box office,dvd sales,dvd rentals, cable, network, online, Vulcan mind transfer, etc. Plenty of dough rolls in when the clock is ticking. It takes most people 30 years to pay for their house and these greedy pricks wanna pay for their movie in 21 days.

    You could make a 2 minute movie called Jennifer Aniston
    Shows her Tits and make 100 million. The sequel, Jennifer Aniston Pinches Her Nipples, another 100 million.

    It’s not that hard. As a matter of fact I’m working on a Broadway play called the King of Sting and I. James Gandolfini is gonna be Glazer and Black Barbie will play her self. I’m trying to get Kevin Bacon to sign on and play Craig’s hair. He could get a Tony for that.

  3. jon says:

    Excellent movie biz expose Jack! Some national media outlet should pick it up. Tip of the hat Herr Possiger.

  4. harley says:

    smartman is an asshole
    your comments are not only wrong>>>but they are racist>
    you think you know everything about everything>>>but you know nothing about everything>
    so go fuck yourself and your stupid jokes because you have not one single fact to back up the
    shit you say>
    this was an interesting article

  5. smartman says:

    Take your own advice and LIGHTEN UP! It’s entertainment you insipid numbfuck!.

    I never said it wasn’t an interestin article.

    Go clean your dentures and put some Just For Men Hair Color on your gray pubes.

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