Glazer: There’s Just One Reason to Watch the Royals, a Million Not to


The Royals have one of the most exciting rookies in baseball, Eric Hosmer.

Hey, the guy is in the No. 3 spot already and batting .300. He’s likely to be the American League Rookie of the Year. In fact, he likely will be our only ALL STAR this year, outside of long shots for Billy Butler or Alex Gordon,

Total long shots.

The Royals have at least measured by the team’s stats a decent hitting line-up.
They lead off with Gordon, hitting just under .290. Then Cabrera hitting .273,  Hosmer at .300, Franceur at .276 with some power and Butler at .305. Even our No. 6 guy Betemit is hitting .297.
Impressive huh? No, not at all. We still stink. 
The hitting is almost NEVER TIMELY.
Butler loves to leave guys on third with one out, so does the rest of the team when they aren’t hitting into double plays. That said, things are better.
Yes I know we lead the league in walk off hits/home runs for wins. I also know WE DID IT BY JUNE 1st.
The Royals have the American League’s worst record, the worst. Save for the Minnesota Twins who just swept us at home. Oh I’m sorry, did I not mention that two teams by only two games have even worse records than the Royals in the National League, Chicago and Houston Both have just 23 wins, we have 25. Sorry that wasn’t fair.
The Royals have NOT ONE pitcher that matters, nobody.
Not starting or in the bullpen. Yes we are the worst pitching team in baseball and for that reason will finish last, lose at least 90 games and be what they have been, unwatchable.
Except for Hosmer. At least you can go to the park and enjoy seeing an up and coming star. Something we haven’t had in 4 million years. And that does include Beltron and Damon. They were just good, not great.
This kid may be great.
Since my last Royals report, there’s news; we’ve gotten even worse!
Swept by the last place Twins at home. Oh yeah, the farm system is awesome.
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22 Responses to Glazer: There’s Just One Reason to Watch the Royals, a Million Not to

  1. Cool Tool says:

    Funny Glazer
    You are right. They are a joke again. I’d hate to have to cover that group of losers. Don’t see anything good happening for this team this year or even next. No pitchin, no winning.

  2. cowboy says:

    Glad to Not Have to Lie About Royals Anymore
    What a horrible organization. We’d have to pretend they were on the brink of winning. That started nine years ago with us. Winning is not in the Royals future, sorry KC. It’s just not there. Maybe in three years you guys finish third or second, good luck.

  3. Kellys man says:

    You Should Be Run Outta Town Glazer
    What kind of fan are you? Kick us when we are down. This team will still be .500 this year. You’ll see, you f..g dumb ass.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I hear the Royals got 75 MILLION handed to them by MLB
    And yet, the payroll stands at 35 million. This franchise is doomed to the toilet until David Glass is removed as owner.

  5. honky Tonk Man says:

    The Draft Is Tonight Joy
    Now we can see who will NOT be on this team anytime soon. We will never get out of this hole. I don’t think this team can compete today or five years from now, they are losers.

  6. ku forever says:

    Hosmer Has a Long Way to go
    Glazer you are a littel quick on the draw with Hosmer. Lets give it a month or so buddy. All Star? Rookie of the Year? By August he will be hitting 250 with maybe 15 homers. He is another Royals make believe savior. He is ok, but no George Brett.

  7. downtown davey says:

    Who Needs Greg Hall
    What more need be said about the Royals? Its already over guys.

  8. chuck says:

    I don’t think so Glaze.
    The won loss record is, as usual, pathetic.

    Still, there is a light year of difference between this team, and the teams fielded over the last 7 or 8 years.

    There be dragons, er…., studs on this team.

    True, its not scarin anyone off yet, and, I know there will be a shitstorm of “Chuck is an idiot” comments. Thats cool.

    This team, has talent (With the exception of starting pitching, which should start ot come up after the break).

    I am in no way making excuses for our two owners in this town. The Chiefs and Royals have the lowest or almost the lowest payroll each year, and they don’t go for spit in the offseason with regard to free agents.

    Glass, is going to have a competative team for the next 6 years. He doesn’t deserve it, but, life ain’t fair, and he is going to make a truckload MORE money than he already has, lying his ass off to us, through Royals PR, that “THIS IS THE YEAR!”

    Cause (I am ready for my crucifixion, go ahead, rip into me.), thats right, because, it IS going to turn around in the short term.

    Ok, let her rip…

  9. rody Rody Piper says:

    Royals Getting Better
    I agree with Chuck. This season will not be so great, but they are moving in the right direction. Its been a long wait but it will happen.

  10. Tiger Tail says:

    Royals Draft
    I like their number one pick,but paying six million for a guy who may not ever play on the major league team, man? Bubba Starling is still thinkin of playing football? What?

  11. bschloz says:

    Sell Your Bet
    Went last night had a good time even though it was a boring game. Looks like Hosmer (pronounced HA’Smer) is going to be a Yankee.
    Really glad we got Bubba Starling…easily the greatest name in history of sports. I swear Bubba Starling played for the North Dallas Forty.

    What a great time to be a blogger…Weiner jokes never get old!

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Saw ST. Louis Casino Ad During Royals Game
    I had to laugh. Last night, I checked in on the Royals game. A casino in St. Louis was running an ad for ALL KC FANS GOING TO THE BIG SERIES TO STAY AT THEIR HOTEL. I was thinking man they could have a poker tournament for all 68 people going from KC to that big important series over the weekend. Maybe they could put all the Royals fans in two big hot tubs in the casino for grins. They would all fit. The cost of the ad was more than the hotel will take in during the series from KC fans going to St. Louis for the series. What will they think of next, hey how about a Chiefs/Oakland weekend at Disney land with comp bus rides back and forth, when the Chiefs roll into that town next winter. That will be huge.

  13. PB says:

    …how the same guy talking up Hosmer now, was shitting on him just a week or so ago after just 68 ABs. Anyone who knows baseball can SEE the guy is going to be a player. There are also others in place and in the pipeline. Although I’m still concerned about the pitching going forward, this WILL be a good team in the coming years. The early flirt with .500 ball was an aberration. This team wasn’t supposed to be good this year. Again, ANYONE who knows baseball knew that. Vegas knew that. Preseason predictors knew that. The current record might be the same old song, but the way this team and farm system is being put together is anything but the same old. Call me a Kool-Aid drinker for buying in, but as a longtime baseball fan that can actually see some progress with my eyes instead of one that just runs his mouth with the same tired David Glass Walmartisms, this organization finally has some direction.

    Now they’re going to have to fork over $6-$8 million in signing bonuses for Bubba (not to mention hefty sums for Moose, Crow, Hosmer, etc.), but there are still idiots who can’t see past the current big league payroll loaded with young players that will insist Glass is cheap. Clowns like Glazer should stay away from sports and stick to subjects they actually know something about, like pool parties and D-level Hollywood stars.

  14. craig glazer says:

    PB Shmuck
    I said Hosmer was a star, he is, I said All Star, this year, he will be, I said rookie of the year, thats likely. So more than a moron, what part did you not get? The team still stinks, I didn’t address Vegas did I. They won’t be much better next year either. So am I suppose to jump up and down that in two more years they finish second or third? Big deal, yeah one day, they will win the division it only took a lifetime! American League Champs, World Series, long shot with this franchise. Nobody will argue that one. Winning is a culture this city does not have and hasn’t since the Dawson Chiefs and somewhat with Brett. That was long ago and far away. Only KU Basketball can brag, just them nobody else around here, nobody. So will the Royals get better, yes, are they better now, in some ways yes….are they still a mess, YES. NO PITCHING, kinda hard to win without that don’t ya think? Dude i know a little more about life than pool parties and ‘D-list Hollywood Star’ uh, seems there is a book out about my LIFE THAT ADDRESSES neither! Right, it did pretty well…..nationally. What have you done to make you so much smarter than I am? I’ll wait for your answer or is it Cliffy, Super Dave or who?

  15. smartman says:

    U Haul Effink Crazy
    In order to keep the assembled talent together will require a payroll that will approach 80 million a year or more. David Glass ain’t gonna do that. His passion is making money, not being a WINNER. A leopard can’t change its’ spots and even though a snake can shed its’ skin it’s still a snake.

    Put this team in the hands of someone like Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones and it’s PARTY TIME!

  16. red says:

    Is Greg on vacation? He is the reason I follow this site and I have not seen anything explaining his absence.

  17. Cliffy says:

    PB …
    Glazer’s written the same thing a dozen times or more. Just wait a couple of weeks, he’ll write the same damn thing again. He’s like your elderly uncle who forgot what he said ten minutes ago so he says it again.

    Wait … Glazer kind of LOOKS like my elderly uncle, too!! (Except my uncle doesn’t color his hair.)

  18. BadassJewBerkowitz says:

    Cliffy I’ll bet a grand you look like shit
    Bet Glazer,who we have seen on this site,tv and in the star, looks way better than you. Post a photo and we will all vote. I’ll take Glazer at ten to one.

  19. Cliffy says:

    I’m glad you find Glazer so attractive, Badass. I agree. He looks pretty good for an old guy trying to look young again.

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s kinda hard not to be a bit repetitive when the team continues down the same, lame, losing road week after week, year after year. But as things worsen, change for the better or fall completely apart, there is still something to be thought and said.

    You don’t see WHB and 610 Sports going off the air. The Star folding its sports station.

    Those poor radio dudes have to wring their hands over-and-over for three or four hours apiece five days a week. Or pretend, like the Star, that hope springs eternal.

    Presume you saw what Cowboy had to say a couple comments up.

  21. maureen says:

    Glazer is maybe the best for the over 50 crowd
    Glazer, Lowery, a guy named Kevin who hangs at Cigar Box, are the top three in this city for over 50. Add J.Dare to the over 40 and thats the ones. I know I dated a couple of these men. Not Dare, he dated my friend, he is hot.

  22. pappy says:

    Kellys man is a dope. He thinks the Royals are going to be 500. What a joke.

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