Hearne: Top KC Jazz Guns Mysterious Brush with Buckethead @ Beaumont

On the surface, it was an unlikely match….

To say the very least. Two of Kansas City’s top jazz musicians opening for serial killer-looking guitar god Buckethead at the Beaumont Club last night.

"You know, I opened up for him," said piano man Mark Lowrey, as Buckethead wailed away onstage. "He’s awesome. He’s probably the biggest star I’ve ever opened for. I mean, I closed for Max Weinberg at Jardine’s. But Buckethead’s a mutha fu…I mean, he’s a mofo – I don’t cuss on the record. But I mean, check him out, man."

Accompanying Lowrey was KC drummer extraordinaire Brandon Draper.

Here’s how the pair’s Buckethead schmooze unfolded.

"We saw his white van pull up before the show and he got out in a white mask carrying a white five gallon paint bucket," Lowrey says. "I think it was empty."

Did they get to speak to him at all?

"No, it’s in the contract rider that we’re not allowed to approach Buckethead," Lowrey says.

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2 Responses to Hearne: Top KC Jazz Guns Mysterious Brush with Buckethead @ Beaumont

  1. That Guy says:

    Oh hearne!!!
    Oh hearne!!! come on man, that is not a story…
    what the muck is a fucket head and why the bucket does
    e wear a fucket on his head?, what is the deal, inquiring minds want to know..

    PLUS….did you go to the show???…… will there be a review?

    is it rock?, why did these guys open?,…who are they? what is the deal? come on hearne.

    come on man, write full thingy deal.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    The full thingy deal?

    Uh, huh. OK. You must have a ball reading, watching TV and listening to radio and shouting into the emptiness about what you wish had been written, shown, asked and/or said. Can’t wait to slide up next to you some time on a barstool!

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