Glazer: Surprise, Surprise! Memorial Weekend Hottie Homecoming at Woodside


It all went down Sunday at Woodside Health and Tennis Club…

Just this side of State Line – yes – in Kansas. The girls were there and once again Woodside proved why it’s No. 1 in hot bodies and poolside fun. Don’t believe me? Check the pics.

I got there before just 11 AM, worked out and hit the pool.

One thing that sets Woodside apart is it has three large pools behind the main clubhouse. Two for adults only, the other a family pool. One pool has cocktail service and a bar. It also has some of Kansas City’s finest ladies.

Now I know some of you like the Jones Store Pool.

But that is basically a public pool that anyone can get into for a few bucks. Not so with Woodside. It’s members only or member guests. There were a ton of guests Sunday our first real summer day this year. And it was 90 degrees of fun.

At 11 AM only a few of the 20-somethings were out.

I took this group shot of some of the first to get there. Yes, it includes 2011 finalist on ABC’s The Bachelor, Lisa M. She’s the girl in the middle with the black and white swim suit. Nice, very nice.

We spoke about her show this past season. "Well it was very nice, I loved it in fact. The Bachelor was handsome and sweet but not my type. I was only 23 and he was 37 – too old for me."

Guess that leaves me out, huh?

She was bright and clean cut; so was her entourage. All of whom were KU types. She ran track at KU.

By 1 PM the pool was getting packed – maybe 300 people. The chairs were about gone. Then it happened, the poolside return of Black Barbie and her smaller cousin.

Yep, they were the only black girls at the pool.

They caused quite a stir. Barbie told me that she is better now and that we should start dating again. She’s more mature now at age 22. When I met her she was 19. Go figure.

She’s a fun girl, though. To make it even odder, another lady many of us know from around the bar scene, Kristin Morgan showed up with her new boyfriend, one of the Martini Corner owners. No, not Chris Seferyn – they’re broken up. His partner is the new boyfriend. Kristin is best known for dating millionaire times 50-plus in dough, Mark Morgan. She’s the one in the middle with Barbie and her little cousin.

Yep, by 3 PM they were all out there.

Maybe 200 new members were in the under 25 club. Mostly ladies, very nice. Even former All-American from MU Bill Whitaker showed up (he later played for Green Bay). The KC Star was repped by Local section columnist Steve Penn.

It was fun and there was plenty to see and look over.

It must be spring fever – or is it summer fever?

After Barbie went home, I got a call from physical fitness model Holli. She wanted to make up with me. Hmmm.

They all must have had too much fun and sun.

Jones is coming soon. It’ll be hard to beat Woodside and it’s only gonna get better as summer starts next week.
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59 Responses to Glazer: Surprise, Surprise! Memorial Weekend Hottie Homecoming at Woodside

  1. dolip says:

    Anyone have anyfun?
    For some reason glazier, no one seems to be having much fun in any of the pictures you posted. In the pic of you and yo greasy, fake hair, the vapid-gals look like they’ll be there say, up to 5 seconds after the flash…… I smell the overdose of GQ aftershave stink cover-up as this shuttle drops outa orbit for the very last time. Please don’t pollute the water. Yuck.

  2. chuck says:

    Here come the haters, not me though…
    I like to think, that in the very first picture, the girl in the top right hand corner, is one of Glaze’s stringers he just dumped face down on a lawn chair after a night of debauchery. “Hey babe, luv ya, be right back, I think I see my sister.”

  3. chuck says:

    Looks like fun. Where is “Buckethead”?
    No pictures of “Buckethead”?

    How would “Buckethead” do at the pool?

    He could bring lunch.

    I wanna see a picture of Black Barbie and “Buckethead” holdin hands in a lawn chair by the pool.

  4. harley says:

    We all thought you had all the babes…but what do we get….2 black strippers….an almost empty woodside (when i
    went there it was alwasy crowded in the pit…and we only hot hot women)….2 girls who look like they
    eat carrots everyday….the 4 young ones with no cleavage (and young enough to be your grandchildren)….wtf ….what is going on…
    You’ve ruined your reputation. Sorry but if you classify these women as hot you need glasses.
    Wheres the “A” team….wheres the first team of hotties you brag about….where’s the young dong hunters you’ve talked about
    all winter.
    Please…glaze…we all love your writing about hotties but this is not a good way to start the summer.
    These girls are cute…but come on…they look like they’re right from oak park mall.
    Bring it on. Step it up….move on up to the south side (as the song goes)…but please …this is a major
    disappointment for starting the summer…..hopefully we will get better columns from you in the near
    future because this is not a good way to start off the season.
    However…keep us informed on the fitness chick….hopefully your columns will get better as the
    heat wave sets in…
    good luck….and remember…floss after eating!
    by the way…is black barbies cousin wearing a wig…..

  5. harley says:

    Glaze….some fact checks
    Mark morgan is worth more than 50 million.
    His first wife is a real nice girl….had some problems but is doing great today.
    give us update on jones….although we still think the woodside pool has some great potential this summer.

  6. bschloz says:

    Whatch You Talkin Bout….
    Willis….Woodside?? JONES STORE?? Glaze who are you talking to? This site is bunch of 40-70 year men with man tits and Jock itch.
    “Honey did you look thru the PREVIEW what are we gonna do this weekend…how bout The Jones Pool? Sounds great…call The Kerouac’s and have them meet us there”!….
    Good God what a scary thought…no thanks I’m savin up for Mandalay Bay… NO, check that more like The Luxor.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Woodside just called. They said, “Tell Glazer to please stop posting this stuff. It is embarrassing and is chasing off business.”

  8. chuck says:

    Harley is killin me, “…dong hunters…” heh, heh.
    I think that was a TV show back in the 80s, with Fred Dryer and Jenna Jameson.

    There is actually a guy on “Linkedin” named Dong Hunter, I shit you not., who is a civil engineer in Ft. Worth. He is “Not open to receiving introductions or InMail”. Go figure…

    Poor fucker will probably move to Kansas City and accidentally buy a house next to the Liberty Memorial.


  9. harley says:

    are you doing? 5/6/…all of them…comeon….tell us the truth.

  10. smartman says:

    We interrupt this coitus
    Can we finally bottom out on the Glazer poontang connection? If you need to live vicariously through Craig let me suggest a 9mm hollow point in the side of the head. His idea of a healthy relationship is banging some chick with a curable STD. I was at Woodside once last year and thought I was at a Jenny Craig convention with all the cellulite and stretch marks. And that was just the guys. Don’t get me started on the women. Cottage cheese anyone?

  11. Some black chick says:

    I had wit choo yu dum old man! Find sum 1 else 2 play games wit BITCH! YU sed it wuz unda da RUG. Did not no yu ment RUG on yo hed!

  12. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Dare Is So Funny
    Glazer I listened to Dare, those tapes are hilarious man. Who is that girl? Is that Barbie? You could make a living on these damn calls. I never used to listen to Dare til I read this website and tuned in months ago. That guy is awesome. You and him are major funny. As for the girls at the pool, looked like fun. Have a ‘hot’ summer Glazer. Keep us posted.

  13. Monkey Man says:

    Black Girls At Woodside?
    Yeah, if you didn’t bring them none would be there. They are lookers. Black Barbie is kinda famous cause of radio, she works at Temptations still. Only likes the White boys.

  14. Packers Nation says:

    Billy Whit Is The Man
    Billy was a corner back/safety with the Pack. Billy is a card man. Bet he loves the scene at the pool. Knew him at MU, great guy.

  15. harley says:

    remember…this is for entertainment purposes onlyu
    this isnt for real…as i’ve said…don’t take this stuff too seriously…just 8-10 people creating
    comedic fun….we’ve all been hammered on this site so its all tongue in cheek…
    glaze…love your stories…love the photos…but i think you’re holding back the best pics for
    future use…..
    tell us more about that testossterone you’re taking…i’ve heard its incredible…i’m in good
    shpae but i heard its a ball buster….and how do you get insurance to pay for it.
    keep the stories coming…and keep us filled in on the action around town…
    biilly whitaker…crazy guy…funny guy…
    stay out of the sun too much…its too dangerous with sun cancer….
    what about downing…he still down there….
    everyone stay safe….stay somewhat sober…and have agreat summer.
    Headed to texas for vacation then to playa del car….everyone be safe….

  16. downtown davey says:

    Why Did That Girl Not Win On The Bachlor?
    Watched the show, she was very classy. Did she say why she thought she lost out in the end? Is it fixed? Love to know.

  17. Big Brother says:

    You Need One Girl
    Hows about just one gal Craig. One good one, instead of six bad ones. When you gonna learn. These types are not keepers. You need to settle down, get a good woman and enjoy your life more. Seems you won’t stop trying to be “the greatest”. Maybe you learned that from Ali. Where did that get him in his late middle age til now? You can’t be a young man forever Craig. I give you credit for staying in a tough game at your age so well, but declare victory and move on. I’d hate to see you marry one of these dopes and be stuck with them til the divorce and lose a boatload of money. These are girls, not woman. You know the difference by now. Maybe you just think its too much fun to quit, but as you said, “lots of work.” Have a nice summer.

  18. Mauren says:

    I want to go to the pool
    You won’t be unhappy with my body in a small bikini, promise. You need to see me now. I will put those girls to shame. Promise. It just takes a phone call.

  19. adog1010 says:

    Beast of Burdon
    Do the good Christian thing and grow up already. Who do you think you are Glazer. You and your buddy Dare. You two think its real funny to put woman down, like they are all sluts. He eggs you on and you roll with it, you damn well know its all so you can both belittle these poor dumb girls. Playing a tape of a black girl mad at you for not leaving her some money to pay her bills, come on Glazer. You and Mister Dare need to go to Church and get with god.

  20. cowboy says:

    Your Royals Suck
    Royals are a big joke. Thought you said they would be better Glazer. I say they lose 90 games or more. Woodside is fun in the summer. Went last year, nice bod’s abound. Who is the blonde with big tata’s?

  21. chuck says:

    Jesus Glaze, throw Mermaid a bone.
    She’s so ready she can’t spell her own fuckin name.

    Call her!!

  22. Gordon Gecko says:

    Wheres The Money
    Glazer you should move to Palm Springs, with your gift of gab and looks, maybe you could marry a multi millionaire divorced gal. Take her money and move to Rio, marry a young hot thing move back to KC and there you go!

  23. Shamara says:

    You Kill Me Craig
    This is why you and I never ended up together. Whenever your name comes up I get shit about you. I even defend you and say all the nice things you did for me back when we dated. People love to hate on you Craig. That must be a burdon, huh? Glad I moved to a small town, I got to start over. Maybe you should move to the Ozarks. Kidding.

  24. Tony Tubbs says:

    Die AHOle
    So sick of you being mister cool Glazer. You treat these black girls like they are objects for your jokes. Barbie probably really cared about your fool ass and you jerked that poor young lady around. Hope her boyfriend fucks you up.

  25. Westport Lover says:

    Woodside Is The Best
    I used to hang out there years back, great place. I knew David and Chris, the whole gang that works there. Good people, I miss the weekends at the pool, this reminded me of the crazy drunk fun days. To be honest with the bad economy I had to leave the club. Might rejoin this year. See you there.

  26. Kellys man says:

    Kristin Santi is Morgan
    She worked at Torre’s Pizza years ago with me and Nigro. She used to love my ass. Bill fired me for no reason. He was jealous I think. Her boobs grew. She’s rich now? How’d that happen?

  27. KU Forever says:

    The Bachlor Girl Is a KU Star
    That girl does run track at KU. We have the best basketball team and the hottest girls. She proves it you guys.

  28. chuck says:

    Glaze, post some fat pasty white girls for Tony Tubbs.
    Gotta be more inclusive.

    You don’t want Tony’s Flash Mob rollin up on yo ass.

  29. mermaid says:

    Have we met Chuck…
    Throw me a bone! If I wanted a bone I would take it. I can take care of my own social life Chuck. And trust me there will never be a time when I’m desperate enough that I’m waiting around for a call from Glazer. If I wanted him I would be with him. I’m not exactly the shy type. When I want something I get it. Got it?

  30. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Why hatin on Chuck he didn’t say anything about you! Get your tit out of the ringer.

  31. Hot Rod says:

    Hey Kellysguy
    When did you work at Torres or Kelly’s or anywhere else in the neighborhood jackoff?

  32. mermaid says:

    Henry get your p—- out of …
    the rubber doll you call your girlfriend! Check 10 comments up you bafoon.

  33. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nice fantasy

  34. chuck says:

    ok. sorry got u so mad—:)

  35. chuck says:

    no diss.
    Smiles. 🙂

  36. does her cooter look like she sat in grape bubblegum says:

    has anybody seen Trigger
    As to the weaves on those two black chicks, I’ll wager that JoCo cuntree club hasn’t seen that much horse hair since the Lippizaner Stallions performed for the annual Woodside Melanoma benefit and bake sale. What I really want to know; if you lick black Barbies lips can you stick her to a wall?

  37. chuck says:

    Sorry your mad Mermaid, but, I’m just sayin…
    “I want to go to the pool
    Mauren 02:19:00 PM – Wed. Jun 1. 2011

    You won’t be unhappy with my body in a small bikini, promise. You need to see me now. I will put those girls to shame. Promise. It just takes a phone call.”

    If ya wanna go to the fuckin pool, get in the car and go. Does Glaze work the door or something?

    It would take liquid oxygen to get to the bottom of your issues. I mean Jesus, who wants ticket on this boatride??

    Seriously, its enough to make me wanna take a break from our imaginary sexual relationship. Be careful or I am outta here!

    Remember, my fundamental attribution errors have happy endings, and I want them to stay that way.

    This is your last chance.

    “You won’t be unhappy with my body in a small bikini, promise.”

    I believe ya.


  38. mermaid says:

    Are you mixing me up with milktoast Maureen? Two different people Chuckie! If I ever wrote that pathetic letter I would shoot myself. Yea she does need a bone. But I’m not Maureen. Different girl. Get your facts straight before you start writing on here.

  39. chuck says:

    Mea Culpa

  40. harley says:

    mermaid…maureen….fitness chick…
    i see that glazers got some classy girls he runs with. Spoke with one of my
    girlfriends best friends and she claims there’s no real men in this town.
    she’s right. I see single guys all the time hanging drinking cheap beer at
    bars while hot women just sit there waiting to be talked to.
    Whats the matter with you guys. When i was younger i wonked the best of the
    best…if they were sitting at a bar they were like easy pickings.
    Whats happened…have the guys becom so into online dating and waiting for women
    to pikc them up that they ae no longer aggressive.
    I think there are so many hot successful women in this town that they scare off the
    guys. The guys go for second tier women and those women get used to the
    trash and the abuse that its all they crave.
    mermaid…maureen…fit chick….i know lots of top notch guys (single/divorced) in this
    town who got money…looks….and their shit together….respond and we can all
    meet up one night for one hellacious epxensive blow out….

  41. maureen says:

    No Issues Guys
    First off I am not mermaid. Second I don’t have any issues. Third, Harley person, I have no trouble with dates or handsome young men. Dating Craig was unusal for me, he was older but the guy is cool and very nice looking. I know its fun to poke jokes at him and he gets pissed, who wouldn’t. Craig is nicely built, funny and the guy has done way too much in his life. Thats why he’s so confused, he wants to stay 30 when he is in his 50’s. Don’t blame him, but boy is he gonna hate getting older. It’s too bad, Craig has had several women who would have made him a great wife. Including me, maybe Mermaid(I will forgive her for calling me out,she has never met me). The two ladies in his book sounded fine and looked wonderful. He will never be happy with anyone. Well maybe one day, who knows. I just wanted to hang with him a time or two thats all, no crime in that. I am now in my early 30’s and yeah would like to settle down. Tired of the bar scene and, which I used like twice, hated it and the guys I went out with. So I am not a crazy if thats what you thought Chuck and Harley guy. Good hunting to all of you.

  42. Kellys man says:

    Nigro I worked for you in the kitchen
    Hateful Billy Bob, I worked in the kitchen for you from 81 to 83. I had a nickname. You are so full of yourself you dont even remember me. When I saw you in the parking lot and gave me the evil eye, I was upset you had forgotten me Billy Bob. Now I hate you and Torres. I think I’ll piss on your wall again Friday night. How you like that Nigro.

  43. Gamer says:

    Trojan Man
    Heard you and Dare talking about protection. Rubbers. You don’t believe in them? You are crazy. Hope you were just joking. Hey I like all these stories with girly photos. Thanks for that, keep that all coming, helps on the cloudy days.

  44. a walking bacteria frappe says:

    you would have to be a retard
    unsafe sex with some hood rat, strippers, and the desperate and obsessed moreen , muareen, what evs. What amazes me is that anyone would bang one of these tramps without a double wrapping of lead condom. And Moron Muareen, what evs, you sound desperate. Frankly, Im not convinced you are even real, I get the feeling you have a hairy back, a bad toup, and a shitty comedy club.

  45. mermaid says:

    Call Channel 4,5 , and 9
    Harley really? You’re going to be the savior! This is KC not Miami or La. Believe me you aren’t going to find anyone I would ever be interested in in this town. But thanks for trying!

  46. mermaid says:

    You are right Harley
    Guys in this town aren’t aggressive enough. When I go to the coasts guys are all over me. First off I can name the good looking guys in this town and it isn’t more than 10. I can’t remember the last time my jaw ever dropped or I took a second look at anything here in KC. But that’s OK because I don’t plan on sticking around. Harley where do you keep these guys? In your basement?

  47. craig glazer says:

    Child porn guy/no name creepy man
    Radio is entertainment, guess what? Lots of what is said is done to be funny. This to walking bacteria low life. My God how jealous do you need to be son. Get out and find some homely woman down on the farm to raise your ugly kid and make you a bowl of hot soup. My well placed photos make it clear what I look like. Put yours up creepy sewer rat. I love you little cowards, like I say all the time, I am so easy to find, do so, see how that works out for you sewer rat.

  48. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Glaze Chill
    Glazer temper, temper. Why for lords sake do you let some of these comments get to you? You only make that low life happy when you respond. Im sure he couldn’t carry your old sock let alone your jock. You are a joy to read and follow, hot girls, great inside stories about KC celebs.Hollywood on and on. Most of us enjoy you, really. We all know who you are and what you look like. So why do you let this kind of thing bug you. The higher you go, the more haters that show! I think enough woman fight over you to prove you are a handsome dude, OK! So stop it. next time this happens don’t respond, learn to be a national star ok, I know you are close to that. Do you think Charlie Sheen would respond to this idiot? No. so you shouldn’t.

  49. Packer Nation says:

    Dude is Right Craig
    yeah don’t give that punk any house Glazer. I dig you thats all that matters.

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now that’s what I call comment!

    “Creepy sewer rat” and “walking bacteria low life”

    Check it out, Foul Mouthed Dude in the Caitlin column. You don’t have to make an ass of yourself and talk like a complete low life to get your point across

  51. I was waiting until Hearne quit gushing over his man Glazer says:

    Skin thinner than a zig zag
    And here we go with the tired ass tough Guy routine. Let me try to splain something to you two tools. Every time you rise to the bait you reveal just how small time you really are. This is the internet. 99.999 percent of the comments are made anonymously. People don’t generally post their personal info in a comment section, retards. Of course we all know your names, where to find you, blah, blah, and blah. I shouldnt have to tell you this, but you are “The Writers” and I use that term as loosely as Black Barbies sausage , and being the writers you have to put your name to what you write. It doesnt make you brave or above the fray. I don’t see anyone posting their full name and “Where to find em” in the comment section. So stop all the tough guy meet me in the street shit. And Hearne, stop swinging off of Glazers ball sack like Mary Lou Retton working the rings for Olympic gold. Here’s the deal, You clowns are a couple of arrogant douche nozzles, you respond to comments like a couple of retards when the comments are clearly shooting for just such a reaction. If either of you had a clue you would realize that responding to negative comments with your panties in a wad just makes you look like second rate hacks and first rate clowns. So come back with some new material besides the tired old tough guy routine, it just makes you look like clowns. For a guy who “wrote a book” and another that wrote a gossip column, neither of you have much in the way of comebacks or witty retorts.

  52. a correction says:

    I need to rectifiy an error
    In the above comment I wrote “I use that term as loosely as Black Barbies sausage “. I did not intend to insinuate that Black Barbie was a chick with a kickstand, although the other black chick does resemble Gary Coleman on estrogen. I meant to write “I use that term as loosely as Black Barbies sausage Wallet”. Aside from that typographical error, I stand behind everything I wrote with the same integrity and fortitude as a washed up gossip columnist and his felonious creepy old guy bud, who thinks dating young broads with daddy issues and cold sores somehow makes him a stud.

  53. harley says:

    mermaid….come on now…
    Don’t try to be something you’re not. As far as guys inthis town don’t knock them because
    the truth is some guys want classy intelligent articulate well brought up women as partners.
    Putting up comments like you have is pretty bad for a woman.
    we’ve probably met before so if you don’t like kc the greyhound leaves every hour onf the
    hour. Both you and glaze are always cutting everything in this town down and maybe it is
    time for you both to pack your bags and head to greener pastures. Truth is neither of
    you will be missed.
    Stop trying and hanging out in bars. Maybe open a suntan store or become a
    pesonal trainer at lifetime fitness. It seems thats the place where all the hot girls in
    kc are at…you’d meet lots of men and women (depending on your preference) and you
    could make some money while doing it.
    Your negativity is hurting you…its the aura around you that is probably turning guys off.
    and it might be the people you hang with who are hurting your chances at love.
    As i said…someday lets me and you and the fitness chic and maureen in her new
    bikini go out and i’ll make sure all of your fall ins love….there are good people out there…
    you’re just “lookin for love in all the wrong places”…..
    take care…sta y cool this weekend and i may see ya at woodside this sunday…

  54. harley says:

    see hearne..i told you how to light up this website….
    sex…glazer…pics from the pools….glazer….but where’s hall been?
    you put black strippers with some decent looking white girls in bikinis…trhow in
    some good comments by some overzealous and undersexed women…add a dash of
    glazers columns….mix in some columns for the high brow people…..blend in
    a bunch of columns that are about sports by people who know nothing about sports…
    bring in some good gossip and pics of criminal and poof…your web site is on fire and the
    comments are reaching record levels…..way to go.
    You should have listened to me months agao and you would have been even bigger
    and better website…..congrats and good luck in the future.

  55. black barbie says:

    I Look Hot As Hell
    Yeah, I look damn good huh? Craig put my new modeling pictures on here ok. Now you see why all the white men at Temptations love my butt.

  56. Former Girlfriend says:

    Barbie You Are A Loser
    So high class of you to be a well known stripper in this city. I’ll bet mom is proud. You date rich men for what, money? You have a kid or two, what will they think when they grow up? Great life lady or is it bitch.

  57. Cool Tool says:

    I think I banged the little one
    That little cousin looks darn familiar. I swear I picked her up and did her from Westport. Hot body.

  58. UpJohn says:

    More Girls,Girls,Girls
    Glazer lets see this weekends pool scene. PLEASE.

  59. jack Bat says:

    My Point exactly
    See, its all about girls, not hits and runs.

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