Caitlin: The Making of a Fashion Run to Wakarusa

I kind of hate to admit it, but I’ve listened to jam bands.

I’ve attended concerts like Phish, Galactic, and Widespread Panic and I’ve driven all the way to Tennessee to go camping at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Three times!

You see, if you grow up in Lawrence and there is an unwritten mandate: at one point in your life – typically before you can legally purchase alcohol – you will think you are a hippie—a cool one, that is.

You will insist to your mother that you need five pairs of $100 Birkenstocks (your other tan pair is caked with mud from that field party last weekend).  You will buy long flowy skirts and wide-leg corduroys from Urban Outfitters (just hide the bag, tell your friends they were ‘thrifted’).

You will wear graphic t-shirts that say, “I go to Free State High.”

The good thing is, this phase doesn’t always last.

The concert crowd is redundant and the scene gets old. And unless you are that guy whirling in circles, hitting everyone around him at the show with his long, sweaty ponytail, the endless guitar solos and 20-minute free-form, on-stage jam sessions lose their appeal.

You go to college, you find a different niche. You deny that you know every lyric of every Grateful Dead song, retire your Birkenstocks, and joke with your new friends about camping with a bunch of ‘hippies’ at a music festival.


So, with this in mind… I return from my lovely hiatus and plunge back into the festival scene.

You ask me, are you attending Wakarusa Music Festival? Yes I am.
You ask me, are you excited about this?

I’m sleeping on the ground people.
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23 Responses to Caitlin: The Making of a Fashion Run to Wakarusa

  1. Hearne says:

    It’s one thing to be ignorant…
    Another to be crude. Oh and tasteless. But people who leave depraved comments like the ones I just erased are all of the above and cowardly. Grow up or get help. Really.

  2. Dude says:

    Dude, I was only posting about a well known fact, and beings this chick was going on and on and ranting and raving abut how much she loves being a jam band loving hippie chick….. well I thought she would want some appreciation for her talent…… YOU SHOULD ASK HER…. go ask her, Ill wait here…..

    I bet should would like my comments…. I dont know why S.M. was calling her a bitch, but I was complimenting and offering tips to fellow readers (carry “the kind”)…….and I guess you too hearne… and you delte it……… sigh 🙁 have you not spent much time in Lawrence?…. maybe you should…. OR….. you can just go finish the bucket head story.

    I love jam band loving hippy chicks….A LOT!!!!

    hmmmmm….after pondering this for a second,
    You allow that moron idiot bullshitting glazer to post
    all of his BS comments about women, and that fuckhead names names… and you delete these comments??… thats not cool…. please try to be consistant

  3. Uh says:

    “”Another to be crude. Oh and tasteless. But people who leave depraved comments like the ones I just erased are all of the above and cowardly. Grow up or get help. Really.””

    uh are you the same person who allows that stupid fucking douchebag glazer to name names….. AND post pictures of women without permission? Just because he is your good good friend does NOT make it OK,,,, and then you delete innocent cmments and tell US to seek help…. I wonder….. what the fuck do you say to that retarded, cop loving, narc piece of shit glazer?…… Please be consistent.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    You wait right there…

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Innocent comments, huh?

    Why don’t you sign your loser name to them like Craig does if they’re so innocent and you feel so passionately. I’ll confirm your identity with you then repost them under your name.

    Cat got your tongue?

  6. Super Dave says:

    Yes Hearne Worked For The Star It Shows
    A friend of mine posted this on his blog where he covers events in Kansas City the other day funny in ways how it should apply here.

    Virtually every day- I read dozens of Central States newspaper Websites to find stories that might be of some interest to you readers.

    Many of those Websites allow for comments/discussions of the stories found there- and those that do almost always allow readers to post their comments on EVERY story.

    Except one- The KANSAS CITY STAR.

    On The STAR’s Website- you may or may not be allowed to post a comment on a story- which in all fairness is their right since they own/operate the site.

    I MIGHT be able to understand not allowing comments on stories involving dead people- but a recent story reporting the head of The STAR- Mark Zieman- taking a corporate position with the owner of the newspaper didn’t allow anyone to post their opinion.

    Maybe the few staffers left at The STAR were afraid of what many of their readers might say about the departing Zieman and what The STAR itself had become during his tenure.

    Although I don’t actually own this CSW site- I operate it- and I allow comments on every article that is posted.

    Although I WILL delete or dis-allow comments that are obviously spam- I trust people commenting on posts that even regard dead people will be mature and sensible- for to me the notion of free speech rules here.

    But even if not- I’m not nor do I try to be Mr. Censorship.

    To be fair- I even envision that free speech is important to The KANSAS CITY STAR too- but it seems so ONLY when it suits them.

    So if you’re ever confronted by a STAR staffer wanting a comment on something- feel free to do as they do- comment or simply tell them the comments are closed on your story.

    My view of your censorship action Hearne is simply this you own the site do as you please. At the same time to censor some and not others who post like comments is to play Boss Man with the the words freedom of speech.

    Anyone who reads anything on ths site and makes a comment or for that matter writes a story knows they are open to what ever in the comments section of it. And I have seen some raw tasteless comments not only by your writers but readers as well. I saw the comments you deleted and rank them as par with so many others I have seen on here. You have just made my list of site owners and people who don’t know how to handle freespeech when they want to appear they run an open site for posting and commenting on. You have to now decide if you are going to allow anything and everything or start with your writers by first censoring any comments and stories related to sex or sexual remarks in anyway.

    By the way I am known by many people as Super Dave and am called that all the time in fact way more than by my given name and if you knew me you would know for the most part that is really my name. Want to check that out just ask Kelly Urich he can back what I just told you.

  7. chuck says:

    She is obviously a nice kid.
    Hope she has fun at her concerts and is careful.


  8. smartman says:

    Yeah, nice KID. Needs to be writing for Blue Valley Northwest school paper, not a bunch of middle age semi-cultured but still evolving neanderthals. Despite the attempt to BROADEN the audience at KCC I don’t think she’s the answer. One story about some fashion show, another about drunkies milling about in Lawrence and then this dreck about being a wanna be hippy.

    No Maureen Dowd this one. That’s for sure.

    Where in the hell is GREG HALL? We want Fonzie, not Lenny and Squiggy!

  9. chuck says:

    Well, ok…
    This is kind of a rough crowd.

  10. chuck says:

    By the way,
    Why is that guy in the water drinking a bottle of ketchup?

  11. chuck says:

    The man is drinking ketchup.
    outta the bottle.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Appreciate your comments but while this is very open forum, there are limits. And the comments I deleted were in massively bad taste.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Get a clue.

    The reason I challenged you to use your name is because you made a direct comparison to Craig Glazer being allowed to write whatever on the site.

    First of all, Craig has never come even close to writing anything as crude and tasteless as you did. And second, he’s man enough to face the music.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    You were out of line. Deal with it. Move on.

    Got life?

  15. CMac says:

    I love how these kids think they’re “hippies” because they wear birkenstocks, listen to jam bands and don’t shower. Unless you grew up in the mid to late 60’s YOU’RE NOT A HIPPY!

  16. smartman says:

    Grace says it’s AMAZING
    Father, Son, HOLY COW! Way to get worked up over a silly, innocent Donny Osmond song PARODY and some give and take over occupational felatio-ism. REALLY!

    While this issue has turned into an obsession TKC is lighting it up with FRESH takes on a wide variety of subjects….none of which are Buckethead. Hell, Tony even stepped out of his comfort zone and reported on the piss poor ticket sales for Kanrocksas

    Where is Greg Hall?
    For that matter where is EVERBODY ELSE? Are we down to Hearne, Craig and Matthew?

    Where oh where are the bloggers tonite? There’s 15 names up on the masthead.
    Seems like most of ’em have thrown in the ol’ towel. Not much more longer and this site is dead.

  17. lmao says:

    man enough?
    “”First of all, Craig has never come even close to writing anything as crude and tasteless as you did. And second, he’s man enough to face the music.””

    Are you fucking kidding me? did YOU just use the term … “man enough”?….. that is pretty funny….

    Have you ever read (without having your rose colored glasses on) the tasteless shit drivel your buddy glazer has written here….have you EVER read the high percentage negative reactions to it?…. dude, you need to buy a clue. I have posted many times agreeing with you, when I agreed…… and vice versa… but if you cant handle to truth….. just censor it through deletion….

    you and glazer have fun…. lmao.

    “KCC” losing fans….. one reader at a time…

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Easy, Breezy.

    This site was started as a solo blog for moi. As I’ve said before, people come and people go.

    If you’re going to try and do a count, how can you leave out Jack, Kelly, Caitlin, even Tony (he’s agreed to a once a week sched now that the elections are o-v-e-r. How about Joe Miller?

    You ran out of fingers and toes at 3?

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Look, here’s the bottom line; you fucked up and were way outta line in what you wrote. Deal with it.

  20. Glow1 says:

    Hearne, tell me Greg Hall is still around. Your people come and go comment has me thinking perhaps he might have went as he has been relatively silent this week. Witthout Hall, I’m bailing.

  21. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Glow1 02:28:32 PM – Thu. Jun 2. 2011

    Hearne, tell me Greg Hall is still around. Your people come and go comment has me thinking perhaps he might have went as he has been relatively silent this week. Witthout Hall, I’m bailing.

    He is the only reason I read this blog. The rest is….well not my cup of tea.

  22. Greg Hall fan says:

    GH status
    According to his twitter feed posted on My 31st. “I am contemplating whether or not to continue w/ KCC,” his handle is greghall24.

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    Say it ain’t so!

    No xxMillerTimexx. Awwww, and to think you’ll have to come up with a new alias to try and make this comment stick.

    It would make for some pretty routine days and nights not having the pleasure of turning around and finding your knife jammed into my back! Please don’t go!

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