Glazer: Couch Potato Epidemic Will Kill Off Movie Theaters, Live Entertainment


Coming soon, entertainment armageddon…

Take the movie biz. There’s no urgency to go see a movie at a theater because they’re available on TV in matter of weeks. Pay per view, Netflix, etc.

So movie houses will begin closing in two years.

They’ll be like drive-in theaters are now. Remember, younger folks didn’t grow up with dinner and a movie being a big deal so agiant  screen and pricey popcorn mean zip.

The same in some ways applies to football and baseball. We televise just about all of the home games for both, SO WHY FIGHT THE CROWD, THE WEATHER, THE PARKING PRICES, THE HIGH FOOD AND BEER PRICES, THE TRAFFIC, THE GAS PRICES.

Come on now.

It’s clear that the live gate is falling like the stock market did a year ago. The long cold summer is here and it’s getting colder. And I don’t see it getting much, if any, better. The Facebook generation isn’t that interested in going to live events. TV, online, iPhones get it all. Why bother going anywhere to do anything?

Sadly, we are seeing the ending of what many of us grew up with. Sure there will be games and scandals, but the live attendance will soon be in a free fall. College football and basketball will overcome this for some time with the support of cash-strapped students trapped within walking distance of the stadium or fieldhouse.

College football and basketball games are still an event…for now.
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32 Responses to Glazer: Couch Potato Epidemic Will Kill Off Movie Theaters, Live Entertainment

  1. smartman says:

    Wanna Bet?
    So AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Rave, National Amusements, etc are all gonna start closing in two years ’cause you said so?

    I think I just found a new way to fund my early retirement.

    I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that runs a HUGE hedge fund. He’s my bank on this.

    Lay out the terms and conditions for consideration; as in what percentage of screens will be closed, starting when and by what date and how much of the Glazer fortune you want to wager.

    My buddy is down with Taboo Jungle Love so if you wanna toss Black Barbie in as part of the deal that’s cool. If we lose we’ll get her a car more befitting a HOT SISTAH than a lame ass 2000 Benz.

  2. Johnny Utah says:

    hollywood suicide
    if hollywood produced decent movies and movie theaters were a good value, they’d have no problem. it’s an old model, like the daily newspaper. coincidently, old hollywood and old media are both exceeding left-wing and purposely alienate more than half the population.

    the free market is alive and well.

  3. Fred Flintstone says:

    Glazer’s an idiot
    So, there’s no movies to go see out there, that can’t be seen on NetFlix, or whatever, eh’? Then why did my kids go to the opening of “The Hangover II” last night AT MIDNIGHT?

    You’re an idiot Glazer.

  4. d says:

    Nice Timing
    Jack writes an article saying Hangover 2 set a record for an opening.

    Craig writes an article saying nobody goes to movies anymore.

  5. PB says:

    Why oh why can’t things just stay the same?

    Yeesh, anymore seemingly every new post is nothing more than way past their prime, middle-aged white guys lamenting the fact that the world is changing around them and they can’t keep up. Judging by Mr.Hollywood’s other timely posts, I’m guessing the last movie he actually saw in the theatre, starred a young Ann Margaret. It’s somewhat comforting to know that I should have no trouble finding a seat to The Hangover 2 this weekend.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Thanks …
    … for once again emptying your pea sized brain for all to see. You’re a regular Nostra-fucking-damus.

    Acutally, since you’re such a Hollywood insider why not call one of your bigshot friends and get some “real” information to share about why the big screen industry is going to die in two years? Because this post contained absolutely nothing.

  7. TIAD says:

    And that picture on the main page looks a lot like the Overland Park/Fine Arts Rio Theatre before its renovation some how many years back now?

    Nothing like timely and accurate journalism on Jr.’s site here. LOL!

  8. nothing new says:

    Seriously, does anyone expect much of it on this blog?

  9. P says:

    When I was a youngster…..
    the movies were always a great place to get a little fish sticks.

  10. chuck says:

    Ann Margaret was so fuckin hot.
    Movies suck Glaze.

    The Lincoln Lawyer is the last good flick I’ve seen.

    Green Lantern?


    Vacuous, inane, bovine bullshit for buttholes with bird brains.

    Shit Glaze, you should know, its all about the writers.

    I was thinking just today, up on a ladder, with my cukin head in the pink stuff (Fiberglass Glaze, fiberglass…) that if Hollywood has to come up with great story lines, not great special effects. I was thinking about some of Hemingway’s films that were cool. Islands in the Stream” with G C Scott, “Death in the Afternoon”, or was it “Blood in the Sand” (Remember, bullfighters back then fought 1800 lb bulls, not the 1000 lb ones they fight today-Manolete…) with Tyrone Power, ” A Farewell To Arms with Gary Cooper” and thats just what I can remember off of the top of my head.

    Ck this–“Sometimes he would put the lamp out and lie on the rug on the floor and watch the edges of color that the sea salt and the sand in the wood made in the flame as they burned. On the floor his eyes were even with the line of the burning wood and he could see the line of the flame when it left the wood and it made him both sad and happy. All wood that burned affected him in this way. But burning driftwood did something to him that he could not define. He thought that is was probably wrong to burn it when he was so fond of it; but he felt no guilt about it…” Fuckin Hemingway!!

    My foavorite part of Francis Macomber—35 yards into the bush….

    Fuckin awesome.

    Glaze, Hollywood is a great American institution, that can be petty, stupid, and sure as hell practices bad politics on both sides, but when its good, when it is firing on all cylinders, when the gods smile down and the forces align, its fuckin etherial, beautiful, trancendental. Its fuckin magic baby!!!

    Cheer up!!

  11. smartman says:

    Hee Haw
    Right on Chuck! As a matter of fact one of the BIG movies screened at Cannes came out of Hong Kong. It’s about a Ming Dynasty scholar who gets a donkey penis transplant. That’s gotta mean there is still hope for The King of Sting.

  12. craig glazer says:

    Since I am in The Business and You Aren’t
    Interesting. So Hollywood is doing just fine huh. Box office was down 25% this year. Movies aren’t as good as they should be cause th e studios who are all in deep debt now, all of them, try and produce movies that the public might go see. Since people over 40 dont go to movies at all, there are few films that equal what we used to see. In other words THE GODFATHER does not get made today, not way, to young audiences its slow and boring, and older people never go to see films unless they are taking their kid to a family film so the little one will shut the fuck up all day. So yeah family films dominate the screens. Crime films are few and far between. Comedies do well and are not as expensive. then there are the “hey I didn’t know I was a super hero, I can’t marry my girlfriend I have to save the world and oh yeah my best friend will become my worst nightmare, the bad guy”….sound familiar.

    TV is getting more quality shows, almost all crime shows. Oddly there almost no crime movies anymore, like two a year that matter. Last year just THE TOWN, well done and a hit.

    Most top notch directors and film-makers can’t get their films made today, and top notch name actors have no film work, since they don’t have roles for them anymore. So many have also turned to TV series roles.

    Yeah it sucks and yeah theatres will begin to close, not an opinion a sad fact. Try seeing the Hangover 2 wednesday or thursday night, it will be you and the screen. Its dying out. Hey I don’t like it either.

  13. smartman says:

    Glazer Joins Ranks of Hendricks and Penn
    Sarah Palin is in politics and I’m not but I’d rip her ass wide open in a debate on anything from furniture polish to Middle East religious history.

    People over 40 don’t go to movies? Do you have any idea how assinine of a statement that is? I’m over 40 and I see at least 30 movies a year. You need to dose down on the HGH. It’s destroying the part of your brain that stops stupid shit you think from coming out of your mouth.

  14. Super Dave says:

    You On Drugs Again Glazer?
    Well Glazer you are a part of why I and people my age don’t go to live events and movies as much anymore. For that matter any age group. I may be close to sixty but I still like to have fun.

    GREED!……………Yes I said Greed.

    40 years ago I use to go to concerts, movies, ball games, fuck you name it we did it. And we did it all the time. We had a great time going to events. As well we had some great damn TV to watch about as many nights a week as we have now.

    But all you fuckers in the live event game and in sports started fucking raising the costs to attend events all the time till a lot of people at last had to say enough is enough.

    Now it’s planning a monthly event around this house when years past it was planning weekend events. Hell I remember going to a show on Friday night and it was so good we turned around and went on Saturday night as well. I am glad I got to see what I did years ago because even making a hell of a lot more money than I did 30 years ago I still can’t afford to see events like I did then. Guess what I sure wish I could still do that. I loved going to live events till you entertainment people got to trying to fuck us cost wise all the time.

    Concert prices are way out of control 100 dollar plus ticket prices unless you want to sit in crappy seats and fuck that why bother to go.

    Sure costs are up but I am sorry not to many people out there who I think are worth paying as much as or more than seventy-five dollars an hour to sit and listen to or to watch chase a fucking ball somewhere.

    Going to see some movies here and there is about it for me anymore. But sure don’t see them like I use to either.
    The days of great quality entertainment at affordable prices is long gone. Now it

  15. mermaid says:

    Craig this is by far one of the less intelligent pieces you have written. AOL said two days ago that Kansas City was one of the best markets in the country probably because that is all there is to do in this lame city but nonetheless I don’t believe there will be closings in 2 yrs. Other markets maybe a few but going to movies will always be a fav pastime to everyone. I can bet the bank on this one- no closings in KC and I will make it 5 yrs. By the way thanks for the Carlos tickets. Your a great guy.

  16. chuck says:

    Ok Glaze, ridle me this…
    If De Niro pushees hard, and he wants a Godfather 4, and the production values are great, the story is great, the writers kick ass, say its got Joe Pecci, Ray Liotta and a killer cast with a great director, No ONE SHOWS UP??? Just to make sure it kicks ass, they whack Hayden Chritensen before they start filiming (He is actually Italian.) No one buys a ticket??

    How about this, they make a Sopranos movie. It bombs???

    Come on buddy, cheer up.

    We are all, dtting off our asses and seeing those flicks the first day they come out.

    Hollywood is on its ass, because of shit products and a lack of courage.

    Cheer up dude!!

    Look, I’ll shoot Hayden fuckin Christensen if it will make ya feel better.

  17. chuck says:

    Even that picture of the theater reminds me
    of “The Last Picture Show”.

    We need a little more of “Sam the Lion”, and a little less of Spencer Pratt.

    Cheer UP!!

  18. Cliffy says:

    “Box office was down 25% this year.”
    Where did you get that information? Care to back it up with a source, please? Check out this link;

    The article says box office sales were off 15% through the first four months of the year but there was a nice rebound in April. There’s a link at the bottom of the article to a YTD chart. Looks like the box office is off about 12% so far this year compared to last and 9% compared to 2009. Not good, but in this economy I wouldn’t call it a shocker.

    It took me about five minutes to look this up. Hanging out with Robert Conrad and stalking Liz Taylor doesn’t make you a Hollywood insider.

    “They’re not making crime movies anymore.” Translation: “Nobody wants my book.”

  19. bschloz says:

    Great thread….I have know idea if Movie Theaters will make it or not—Is it possible to agree with everybody.
    It appears the models of entertainment are indeed changing rapidly…see $AAPL $NFLX $AMZN $AKAM $DIS $GOOG for starters.
    Surely we understand why Borders Books went dark— why Pennylane is gone…why the Star is fading— things are changing….models are changing.
    We are seeing a convergence of home entertainment ,mobile entertainment, sports entertainment—Promoters will have make the events WIFI friendly while everybody plays with their fucking tablets. The games and events will become even more interactive with these devices. So everybody can keep up with the Fantasy / Betting action.
    It is good to see theaters innovate with reclining seats…and food service…IMAX. Hope it works.

  20. Sean says:

    Among other things
    Going to comedy clubs with the the seats so close one can eat off anothers plate or confuse drinks. Or maybe it a partially decoranted lobby? I’m not saying I’m just saying

  21. PB says:

    So “True”
    “Concert prices are way out of control 100 dollar plus ticket prices unless you want to sit in crappy seats and fuck that why bother to go”

    Yeah, the $27.50 per ticket that I paid for 14th row center tickets for the Warren Haynes Band @ The Uptown and his amazing 2 hour 45 minute show just about broke me.

    Please, I’m a broke-ass 50-year old with a couple of kids and a mortgage and I STILL go out and enjoy first-run movies in the theatre (Cinemark Plaza & Merriam…$4 seven days a week before 6pm) and going to concerts (albeit the more affordable small-theatre and club variety). It’s fine if you want to hang around the house and watch Murder She Wrote in your old age, but with advanced age should come a certain degree of smarts. Instead of bitching on the internet, use it as a tool to find affordable movies and non-Sprint Center shows (Knuckleheads, Crossroads, Record Bar, etc.). There are deals to be had outside of your AARP discount at the local Perkins. Enjoy your creamed corn casserole while I rock my old ass off for $20 w/ $3 beers along with a couple of hundred other gray-hairs to Wishbone Ash at Knuckleheads.

  22. harley says:

    with the crappy comics you keep brining in how do you expect to stay in busiiness
    any longer. I ‘d rather go to a movie and spend $10 than go see some old washed up
    comics you promote.
    Strictly business glaze but your lineups are pretty bad. this carlos guy might be the
    exception but how are you staying in business.
    If people are getting to be couch potatos and don’t want to fight crowds and parking..
    why the hell will they go to kck to see old washed up comics. You take some $10
    an hour comic and promote him like he’s big time…”he was on last comic standing”…well
    i could be on that show i aint got no jokes.
    Live entertainment going down you say? Well get ready because that includes your
    place in the hood.
    I can watch comedy channel…hbo…other stations and catch all the comedians I need.
    Now with 102.5 a great station i get free comedy and the ones there put the ones on your
    stage to shame. I can get on the internet and watch great ones like seinfeld/rosie/black and
    others and not spend a dime. So now you are predicting your club will be gone in 2 years.
    I love some of your posts but sometimes you step outside your mental zone with comments
    likie this.
    As I’ve said before…stick to poon tang…black strippers…mermaid and her large ta ta’s…
    the fitness girl….fantasizing buying a car….talking about your dog…etc… and stay away from
    any intellectual argument or conversation because glaze…i luv ya ….but you’re out of your
    league with guys like me and smartman and cliffy….we see thru the smoke and mirrors.
    give us a report from woodside…saw one of your girls the other night…she looked rough..
    but i have high hopes for her…..maybe I’ll come down to wood side….wuld love to talk
    old time swith you. take care…be careful….cops out big time for dui’s this weekend….

  23. harley says:



  24. smartman says:

    Harley Returns From The Dark Side
    Welcome home!

  25. craig glazer says:

    Guys/Girls/get a grip
    All movie houses will not close, some than it will steamroll. Its just the way it is, films go to TV to fast now, no URGENCY, kills the moves. Enough said. This has nothing to do with King of Sting. P.S. for the “Stanfords” sucks people. Again this is far too dumb, this club is rankied top five in the nation every year, based on WHO WE BOOK, and attendance…recently over the past two or three years and this year…Lewis Black,Rob Riggle,Carlos Mencia,Rob Schneider, John Reep,Whitney Cummings, Jim Jeffries,Dov Davidoff,Ralphie May,Caroline Rey,Ralphie May,Josh Wolf, on and on….Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui….I could do this all day…..please, that like saying “New England Patriots” have been just ok these past 7 years…right.

  26. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, in fairness, clearly they go to the huge blockbuster, summer kickoff movies. Especially the first week. Jack was telling me most movie box offices fall off by 50 percent the second week.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good luck with that plan!

  28. Hearne Christopher says:

    close but no cigar!

  29. Super Dave says:

    What Ranking Was That Craig
    Only ranking I could find for comedy clubs listed top ten and Stanfords wasn’t on it.

    Please post the link to back what you are saying.

  30. jack p says:

    Gilbert Gottfried?
    Hey Craig,
    Are you ever going to have Gilbert Gottfried at the club? Just picked up his new book. Would love to see him live!!!!!!!

  31. Marc Dubowy says:

    Super Dave They are maybe Number One
    Craig has a big ego. Give him and his place credit. I now live in Arizona, was from KC. I hear about stanfords on Chelsea,Tonight Show,Letterman,even in books and TV shows, I think its fair to say they are one of the best known and famous comedy places ever. Hey I saw Tommy Chong’s movie on Showtime, Stanfords was the only club in it and Chong said they were the best and the first place he would play after prison. I assume he did.

  32. smartman says:

    Reality Check
    It’s customary for TV hosts to mention where their comedian guests will be performing over the next couple of weeks. No big deal if Stanfords gets named. No way in hell it’s a Top 5 club based on annual attendance or ticket revenue. Based on those two criteria it might not even be a Top 20 club. Sure, they’ll get BIG NAMES every now and then but the majority of the acts are bottom feeders, people not good enough to get into a troupe like Second City or ready to give up on the dream of being the next Seinfeld and taking a job at WalMart.

    I could write comedy bits that people could perform using sign language that would be funnier than 50% of the acts on the chitlin’ circuit today.

    Dad, can I borrow the car? Sure sweetie but you know you gotta blow your daddy first. OK, whip it out. EEWWWWW, dad your cock tastes like shit. Oh yeah, your brother needed to borrow the car earlier.

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