Today: KMBZ’s Move to FM Simulcast Fails to Impress

Guess who didn’t fare so well in the April radio ratings…

News Radio KMBZ, that’s who.

It was the station’s first month of simulcasting on both 980 AM and sister station KUDL FM’s former signal at 98.1 FM.

The game plan: lure lots of new, news-talk listeners on the FM dial. Boost ratings. Attract younger, more affluent listeners. Pass those ratings wins on to advertisers via higher ad rates. Make lotsa money with less out-of-pocket.

However, here’s how things shook out in adult listeners ages 25 to 54, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. until midnight:

1)  The Rock 98.9 FM with a 10.2 share of the listening audience.

2)  The Fox KCFX FM with a 7.3 share

3)  The Buzz with a 6.6 share

4)  Mix 93.3 FM with a 5.7 share

5)  Q104 FM with a 5.3 share

6)  KCMO-FM with a 5.2 share

7)  Funny 102.5 FM with a 4.8 share

8)  KPRS FM with a 4.6 share

9) The Vibe with a 4.4 share

10) Sports Radio WHB with a 4.0 share

So where did News Radio KMBZ land?

Back in the No. 19 slot with a 2.6 share.

There’s more…

Not only did KMBZ fail take off like a rocket broadcasting on two frequencies, it fell well short of last April’s 4.0 share.

All of this during a month loaded with reasonably sexy and major breaking news stories both local and national.

Prompting some to wonder aloud about the station’s talent and programming.

“You gotta think about programming changes,” says one radio insider. “Because sooner or later sales are going to follow.”

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7 Responses to Today: KMBZ’s Move to FM Simulcast Fails to Impress

  1. kansas karl says:

    Where does KCUR fit?
    At one point I saw numbers with KCUR above KMBZ, any truth?

  2. Super Dave says:

    I knew those idiots at Entercom was making a huge mistake doing what they did.

    Like to be paid what they are making and allowed to get away with idiot ideas as they have had the past couple of years.

    They best be kissing Dares ass real good because if he bails they be history.

    They sure have pissed off many loyal listeners of late.

  3. Fairplay says:

    Block Programming Killer
    I see you posted the whole week, including the weekend. I wonder how much the bad block programming on Saturday and Sunday dragged things down? Do you have the weekday only numbers? Were they just as bad?

  4. Harry Balczak says:

    The Buzz is #3!
    It wasn’t long ago it was going to be canned because of low ratings. Bring back smooth Jazz the City 106

  5. Anonymous says:

  6. Hmmm says:

    Why do you remove comments that call you out on the carpet? Censorship? or your ego?

  7. Hey says:

    someone removed my post
    Hey someone removed my post from Friday. Theses numbers are bogus. On Friday I posted real “listener” numbers that show KMBZ growing 21% in total listeners. and not this tainted Bob Z fed garbage and Hearne removed my post.!

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