OTC: Nick Says 610/810 Ratings Hubbub Ain’t Wright


“I don’t know if you guys (frequent) those local sports media sites, but there’s been some misinformation.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: This statement in itself was absolutely shocking. Misinformation on a local sports media website??!! Al Gore just rolled over in his gravy!
“Some (of this misinformation) was good for this radio station and some bad about ratings going on. I just want to clear it up.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Nick never alluded to what local sports media websites he was referring, which I believe to be a tad unprofessional. I am going to assume at least one of those sites was this one you are currently reading.
“The ratings numbers (for April 2011) came out and I saw some of the reaction on Twitter which led me to some of the blogs.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Translation: “I, much like Bill Self, would never stoop to paying attention to what my critics might say or write unless I happen to stumble across it via someone else’s Twit fit.”
“The ratings numbers that always get posted are the most general ratings possible. They are everyone who is listening of every demographic. It’s nice, but really not that important. So 610 beat 810 in the most recent ratings. And people were surprised by this I suppose. And people had different theories for why this was happening.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Wright never named the one theory most often mentioned – that the boost 610 received from broadcasting the Royals in April is what handed 610 their rating’s bump. Just as it has done for the past three April rating’s books.
“Anyone who is posting on the Internet that 810 beat us last month is wrong. And anyone posting on the Internet that I beat (Kietzman) is wrong as well.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: It appears to be everyone is wrong except Wright. Right? Here is what I know as far as the April ratings in the male demo that all sports talk advertising sales is based on. Wright’s afternoon drive slot posted a terrific 7.3 to finish in 4th place in that time slot. If this was October those would be startling numbers. But it’s April when the Royals always draw a larger radio audience to whatever station holds its rights.
“I assume Danny Parkins is doing great and I assume people love Fescoe.”
Nick Wright, commenting on 610 Sports’ mid-morning and early-morning hosts, 610 AM
GH: Parkins just replaced Shan Shariff April 1st and has had little time to make himself memorable. Parkins finished 11th in his time slot with a 3.0 rating. Fescoe proved to be about the same with a 3.9 and a 10th-place finish. Fescoe has got to be sweating his job if he can’t pull a better number than Parkins, a guy who has only been on the job one month.
“Let me make this very, very clear. (Kietzman) is kicking my ass. He has been kicking my ass for the past six months. This last month I did a little bit better. … I’m holding onto my job by a thread. That’s what people need to understand.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I am not positive Wright’s job is in as much jeopardy as he continues to state – but he is one radio host who is uncommonly frank when it comes to discussing his personal failings. He could very well be close to hitting the unemployment line come football season.
“People are always asking about the ratings. Just email me. I’ll let you know what’s good. And I might ask you for a job.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
“I like all those guys (at 810). The only two guys who I talk trash on at times are Kietzman and Petro. And the only guy I really don’t like is Petro.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Petro’s and Wright’s feud was well publicized by Wright when he covered it blow by blow a couple of years back. Petro now refuses to even acknowledge Wright exists. A listener asked Wright if it is awkward when they run into each other. Read on.
“It would be super awkward if I saw Petro but I don’t frequent Hardy’s or Mr. Goodcents.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I’m just guessing Petro doesn’t cruise the neighborhoods of Chiefs’ players’ homes as well.
“It would be awkward if I ever saw (Petro or Kietzman) but I never see them. I’ve been doing this in Kansas City for four years. I’ve seen Kietzman thrice! … He’s like a ghost! It would be awkward (if I ran into them) but they never go anywhere!”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Obviously, Wright has never been to Smoke & Fire, Falcon Ridge Golf Course or Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium..
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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25 Responses to OTC: Nick Says 610/810 Ratings Hubbub Ain’t Wright

  1. smartman says:

    Wright for a change
    From well placed and highly credible sources the whole 610 staff is on the firing line. Ad dollars are getting tight. It’s not like the good old days where people would just split the buy between the two stations. Too many options available to allow brands to more effectively laser target their customers.

    It would not be too hard for 610 to find better talent and give 810 a little more competition in all day-parts.

    Nick will fail in KC and the GOD COUPLE, Glazer and Harley, will put Jimmy Connors topspin on it. He’ll find a smaller market job where he will either develop and acquire the skills to become a better host or he will fail again and daddy will pull some strings and he’ll be a firefighter.

    Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes.

    I’ve asked friends from all over the country to tune into Nick on the web. They all agree that’s he’s WEAK.

    I think he has the potential to be a Max Kellerman kind of personality. Right now he’s more like Helen Keller.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Nick Wright is…..
    a no talent douchenozzle who looks like he’s got John Holmes’ knob firmly ensconced in his esophagus.

  3. Cliffy says:

    Even though Nick confirms he’s getting his butt kicked, I won’t believe it until Hearne, Glazer and Harley say it is so. They seem to be the gurus of ratings analysis.

  4. John says:

    Agreed Smartman.
    There’s a reason why Wright wasn’t hired at 810 after his internship, they knew he wasn’t good enough to be a on-air talent for them.

    Wright should of went to a smaller city like Omaha, Des Moines or Little Rock. Or at least a city that only has one pro sports team with a couple college teams.

    Wright is over his head. And lets be honest, he got his spot because he was the last one standing, Four years ago he was doing overnight spot, then Marty got fired…then Neal got fired..then 610 couldn’t lue Petro back…then Rodger Twibell got fired…then Whitlock wanted too much money to come back…then Chris and Cowboy got fired.

    He was just next on the list to get his KK ass kicking.

    But listing to him a few times, just got me thinking how in the hell did he get his job at 610 anyway? Something tells me someone’s rich dad pulled a few strings at Entercom.

  5. chuck says:

    I believe smartman, he seems to have his sources
    right, again and again. (Actually, Harley has some good insider stuff too.)

    So, I just know what I read in the newsp….er, blogs.

    With that said, I gotta give some big ups to Wright for facing his circumstances, straight on, and, on the air.

    No excuses, he says KK is kicking his ass on the air, and his job is in jeopardy. Candor and truth in journalism, even sports journalism, is pretty cool.

    We all are learning on the job, no matter how old we are. Smartman thinks he will learn from this failure, me too.

    I bet he makes it.

  6. MoCrash says:

    Entercom gets a heap of blame here
    It’s really not hard understanding how Wright got hired: he’s a young, fresh local guy who brings a take, which makes sense on the Jim Rome affiliate, and is willing to work. However, Entercom has hung him out to dry as a largely solo act, for which he doesn’t have sufficient experience — and isn’t so immensely talented as to overcome. Wright has always needed the type of sidemike(s) enjoyed by the main WHB hosts, who provide a little more balance to their programs. While St. John, Petro and Kietzman are the focal points, and drive the narrative, the contributions of guys like Bukaty, Leabo, Stewart and Clinkscales — along with all the regular guests — heighten the overall production value. Entercom should find Wright’s diametric opposite in terms of sound and perspective, put them together and allow conflict to happen. Nick Wright doesn’t work well for this older male demograph, but I could listen to his foil.

  7. chuck says:

    Yep. Good idea.

  8. cheshire says:

    please, please, let their be some firings
    I really don’t want someone to lose their job in a line of work that many think of endangered, but if someone has to go first can it please be Fescoe. I don’t understand how he continues to hold that time slot. Morning drive shouldn’t sound like your grandpa has the mike. Ok, boring grandpa. I find him unlistenable and frequently wrong about his subject matter. I stopped following him on twitter because must of his “sources” were often wrong on big news. If you’re going for the Jim Rome, demo grandpa shouldn’t be leading your morning off.

    But 610 has got to figure their $hit out. Whb needs the push, in particular BTL. KK seems to be mailing it in more often and there’s getting to be too much infomericalism going on. I know they got to pay the bills, but I want to hear about KC sports talk, not decking, flooring, or golf courses.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey! I resemble that

  10. The Independent Rage says:

    “I don’t frequent Hardees or Mr. Goodcents”
    Wonder if Wright has any inclination how off-putting such a condescending statement is likely to be to many who might happen to be listening. For a guy who holds himself out as Mr. Liberal and Mr. Cool-20-Something, statements like that represent anything but. It’s why I’ve never been able to stomach more than 5 minutes of his arrogant ass, and it’s the reason why he fails (or is apparently about to). Good riddance. Arrogance can work if it’s a part of an obvious act or character that happens to be entertaining, or if the person has a clear basis or track record to back up the arrogance. Wright ain’t got NONE of that going for him. 610 should consider bringing back Chris and Cowboy, whom I found to be at least a decent alternative to Wright’s pompous, annoying equal, KK.

  11. Lee says:

    Wright vs. Petro
    So what was the feud? Enquiring and shallow minds want to know.

  12. HEY GREG says:

    Hey Paul Splitttorff died, could you go get us some pictures of the body, or a finger from his pitching hand, perhaps?

    You know, something right up your alley.

  13. Ptere says:

    tears in my eyes
    RIP Paul Splittorff

    For the record,
    thanks Greg Hall for prepping us for this last week.
    I dont understand the nasty assholes and their snide
    comments directed at you. I appreciate your efforts on this.

    I will be first in line to throw shit your way when you deserve it, like when you only bash on my Jayhawks, and never say anything good about them….but in this case I have only prise ….”Good job reporting, thanks for the heads up, you made the correct call to break the story”

  14. shecky says:

    Thank you Greg…
    for getting both the Splitt story and the Nick Wright/610 story correct. Hopefully Hearne will learn to leave the sports and radio analysis to the guy on the site who understands it.

    MoCrash makes a great point about Nick needing some help. Too much too soon for him and he clearly wasn’t ready. Think back to St. John 8-10 years ago. He was obviously very funny, but no where near ready to carry a show. Union brought him along slowly, pairing him up with other talent along the way. Now, he may be the best all-around sports talker in KC. Funny, entertaining, reasonable, and knowledgable about KC sports. I personally don’t think Nick has anywhere near that kind of ability, but perhaps he would develop in a similar fashion to SSJ if handled appropriately.

    Thanks again, Greg, and keep up the good work.

  15. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA says:

    No, Greg – slip into the visitation, get some pictures of the grieving family and THEN STEAL HIS 1980 ALCS RING!

    RIP Honorable Journalism among decent people.

  16. harley says:

    1. 610 SALES are decent….business is good for all media right now (tv/radio/online)
    as auto sales crank up (which wwe give credit to Pres. Obama who had he listened to the
    right wing crap nuts the entire auto industry would be in shambles and another 2.8 million
    unemployed) The station is doing well…even with some tough ratings they can make money
    with the low overhead.
    2. Wright: the underdog…and I love underdogs. Hopefully the kid stays around and creates some
    great coverage of the chiefs this season…he’s young…fresh…and I’m pulling for the kid to
    make it…. he’s up against huge odds and the stations has as mentioned not given him the support
    he needs but if royals continue to play decent ball thru june it will help him.
    3. Scottie McCreery wins american idol. The guy has matured on the show and he’s going to
    sell lots and lots of music in the future. Only in america could a teenager be a grocery store
    clerk then 3 months later be ready for the big time….wow~
    4. Royals need new manager…yost is not the guy. I mentioned this a long time ago and I
    still believe that with this young talent they need a new winning coach who knows how to
    evaluate talent. The rotating of players won’t cut it…yost must go.
    5. Jopline recovers. IN just a few seconds everything these families worked for
    is gone. I can’t comprehend it. During times like these it’s real hard to get excited about
    anything when all of our priorities are so jaded and out of focus.
    6. Splitt gets statue at the K. No reason to deny this guy what he deserves. They don’t
    make them like the splitt anymore. RIP splitt…we’ll miss you on the field and in our
    living rooms….the definition of class and talent….more than any other local sports “expert”
    will every have.
    7. NFL: shows how money corrupts. Hopefully we have football but truth is i could still have
    a great fall without it…more time to study….learn…reconnect with family….having watched the
    disasters across the country lately I’m starting to think that all this shit in my life is really
    worthless at the end of the day. Think what 80,000 volunteers on a sunday could do to make
    this city even better….wow!
    8. Glazer: glazer will find his true love. It’s out there…and its closeer than he realizes. Al l the
    dancer and hookers and hotties combined don’t cut it. Closing in on 60 years old the guy needs
    to find someone who will understand him…they’re out there…as michael buble said…”he just hasn’t
    met her yet”.
    9. The soccer stadium will be huge. I can’t stand soccer but its going to be huge. KCK did a
    great job and hopefully it prospers with all the tax dollars kansass has dumped into the area.
    10. Lance Armstrong: if he used ped’s come out and admit it. Your personal invovlement in
    fighting cancer is muc h more important than any tour d france win. If you’re right…fight…if not
    come out and announce to the world the truth…we are vbery forgiving people.
    11. Oprah retires today. another great american story….small time tv anchor becomes the
    leading female on tv…she changed lives….she changed an entire generation…and she showed
    how great things can be done by women of collor…right on oprah….
    12. Republicans take huge hit on medicare. Now they need to ban all cigarettes and if someone
    is obese they have to be enrolled in weight loss program or they don’t participate. by eliminating
    cigarettes/fighting obesity we can cut health care costs by 60% and ne ver have to worry about
    funding the program again…that plus putting the cheats in jail for long periods of times.
    13. Schwarzenegger meets hot young blond. Movie career goes sideways because hes
    nto in shape and a physical wreck. He can still have his movie “spermanator” and it will
    sell big time.
    14. Obama gains strength in the next 12 months. Eco0nomy is starting to boom. Tax revenues
    at fed and state levels are growing and the politicians will find more wasteful ways to spend it.
    Republican candidates for president just fade away….they’re all damaged goods. No big time
    repub wants to run against obama and his billion dollar warchest…..it will be a boring presidential
    election but obama will win by landslide.
    15. More bad weather. We’ve abused mother nature…she’s getting even. Regardless of whether you
    believe in climate change…something is happening…and with the warm gulf wind coming from the
    south its gonna be a tough season.
    16. Water is running out. Saw a show that I had never seen before where the earth is running out of
    fresh water for the population. It’s going to get serious. It already is in southwest u.s. Who would have
    thought we’d have this problem with 3/4 of earth water.
    17. Radio will die. young listeners are turning out and off. someone needs to change the radio
    landscape before it goes the way of print.
    18. America will continue to be #1. The chinese are still controlled by us…we have the massive economic
    engine that fuels the world. If the chinese fuck with us…we just turn off the tap and they go back to
    a third world country.
    19. The world won’t end on May 21…or may 22…or even June 6. What fools believed this crap.
    20. Babies will be born….our parents will pass away and life will continue. Lots of bumps in the road
    ahead for all of us…but if we work together there is nothing we can’t do.


  17. Cliffy says:

    Harley …
    You ALMOST touched on everything. You forgot to weigh in on why the Papa Murphy’s in Liberty shut down. That’s what really has me pissed off.

    RIP, Split.

  18. Ptere says:

    Mark Haines died too? mutafkr!! what is going on?
    Veteran journalist Mark Haines, a fixture on CNBC for 22 years, died unexpectedly Tuesday evening. He was 65 years old.


  19. smartman says:

    Harley Forgets Meds Again
    Harley, you need to reach out to Bruce Jenner and figure out how he keeps all the mindless drivel he could spew locked inside his head. You are starting to sound like one of those psychic hotline fools.

    We are all here by the Grace of God with no promise or guarantee of anything. Only when we are willing to accept that as the Truth will things get better for all mankind.

    The Great Society social engineering program has failed. So tear down your pictures of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Marx, Lenin, Castro, Glazer and Che and get your head in the game you sad pathetic little shell of a man.

    Oh, by the way I sent a fecal sample to MU and they offered it a full ride academic scholarship.

    Eternal rest grant unto Splitt oh Lord. May perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the dearly departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

  20. harley says:

    great society failed….greatest legislation in history of mandkind….ask the 300 million seniors…the
    families who could sleep knowing their parents had a safety net for 50 years…the money you won’t
    have to put out to pay for your parents health care (your parents were probably were so disappointed when
    you were born they abandoned you on a street corner…so you have no parents)…
    the expanded lifespan of americans….the safety net that saved milllions of the “greatest generation”..
    come on ass man…you’re showing your ignorance and stupidity…i would expect more class and quality
    from someone with your talent.
    If you disagree with my comments…stick to that without the personal attacks…not needed now…show you
    intelligence .

  21. craig glazer says:

    At least you have me in good company smartman
    Thanks. I lke it.

  22. nick says:

    Nick Wright’s Foil
    MOCRASH said: “(Wright is) young, fresh local guy who brings a take and is willing to work. However, Entercom has hung him out to dry as a largely solo act, for which he doesn’t have sufficient experience — and isn’t so immensely talented as to overcome. Wright has always needed the type of sidemike(s) enjoyed by the main WHB hosts, who provide a little more balance to their programs. While St. John, Petro and Kietzman are the focal points, and drive the narrative, the contributions of guys like Bukaty, Leabo, Stewart and Clinkscales — along with all the regular guests — heighten the overall production value. Entercom should find Wright’s diametric opposite in terms of sound and perspective, put them together and allow conflict to happen.”

    I agree with this. Wright’s open-nes and candor is very refreshing. And he has a decent sense of humor….something HUGLEY lacking on KK’s show (has anybody EVER laughed while listening to Between the Lines?). Over time, he might develop into a great lead host. But adding a “foil” would seem like a good move. Mark Carman currently does a decent job of keeping Wright in check when Wright goes off the rails. Guest like Bill Maas and Jeff Passan (I love his segments) are good foils to Wright.

    I get irritated when I keep hearing KK’s name mentioned like he’s the end-all-be-all personality of sports talk. KK’s great at breaking and investigating big sports stories. I like to listen to KK’s first daily segment (I tune in 10 minutes after 2:00 so I don’t have to hear him tell me to go spend my money at whatever local establishment he’s at), ’cause I know if something’s up in the KC sports world, I’ll find out then. After that, I only listen when I know a good guest is coming on. In my opinion, KK can’t carry a radio audience on his personality. I find Shannon and Parks 20 times more funny and interesting…and I’m not a fan of politics. KK gets ratings from shock and hyperbole. I find it old and dull, but I’m obviously in the minority.

    I think there’s potential for 610 to have a very good and consistent afternoon show with Nick Wright as a major part of it. Somebody smarter than me would have to figure out if that means adding a “foil” for Wright, or simply letting Nick figure it out himself, which he maybe could do. I hope Nick stays around for the football season….his show is a nice alternative to KK’s Fall shows.

    As for Petro, I’m AMAZED that his ratings are so good. I think most people just don’t “get” Rome’s style and brash-ness, and they’d rather listen to a local guy. Parkins ain’t bad, but being from the East coast, it’s gonna take him awhile to learn how to cater to local fans.

  23. chuck says:

    Funny stuff.
    “Oh, by the way I sent a fecal sample to MU and they offered it a full ride academic scholarship.”

    A BA in Scatology. Heh, heh…

    JIM ROME: “Harley in Kansas City sure as fuck has takes!!! Harley whats up?” *Rome goes, drops off kids at the pool, makes coffee, has a hot dog, comes back in to studio, adjusts headphones.*

    HARLEY: “…………..so any way, Rome, you gotta bang YOUR monkey, and get your butt to Kansas City and check out some of our local talent. I got just the guy to take ya around to the hottest spots. His name is Glaze and he gets more girls than Wilt Chamberlain!!”

    JIM ROME: “You bet Harley!! RACK ‘EM!!!!!”

    Just a little humor guys, no hurt feelings. 🙂

  24. smartman says:

    @harley and glazer
    Like in The Godfather, it ain’t personal, it’s just business. Lose the thin skin. If we don’t break balls in the comments section no one is gonna read this digital rag. KCC is like Playboy, people don’t read it for the articles.

    And Harley, how in the fuck do you come up with 300 million seniors? Is that a retroactive number or something?

    You know that 20 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week can have more positive health benefits and impact than all of the blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medications combined.

    Grandma and grandpa need to get off the meds and start sweatin’ to the oldies.

    Fuck all the synthetic meds we feed our seniors. There are plenty of homeopathic and naturopathic cures available that are far less expensive and less harmfull. The only problem is the AMA and big pharma don’t make billions of dollars off of natural anti-virals like olive leaf and isatis.

    Healthy people are bad for the medical and pharma business.
    You kool-aid drinking Democrats are more fucked up than Charlie Sheen and Andy Dick hangin’ with Tony Montana and Sammy Hagar at Cabo Wabo during the AVN Convention..

  25. John Doe says:

    Harley is the Bomb
    Reading Harley’s comments is a major hoot. In his latest 1,000 word soliloquy, point number five refers to Joplin and “jaded and out of focus priorities”. And what are the four points that Harley makes before getting to Joplin? Auto ad sales on 610, Nick Wright’s performance and future, predicting the American Idol winner, and the Royals’ manager.

    Unintentional comedy at its finest.

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