OTC: Ray Lewis Warns Of “Evil” If NFL Lockout Continues


“Do this research if we don’t have a (NFL) season — watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game.”
Ray Lewis, Ravens All-Pro linebacker, in an interview with Sal Paolantonio, ESPN
GH: Read this quote from Lewis again, I’ll wait. Sounds like a threat, right? Is Lewis saying we are all going to hit the streets and start boosting cars, looting stores and rolling old people just because we have our Sundays free this fall? Hey Ray, we don’t all live in Oakland.
“Maybe Lewis meant the players would turn to crime.”
Soren Petro, who said this in jest but was taken seriously by at least one caller, 810 AM
GH: Petro fielded a call from a person who identified himself as having a chance to make the Chiefs in the 90s. He explained that the way players receive their paychecks only during the season would leave some players desperate for cash if the players remain locked out. To the point of turning to crime? These NFL coaches and GMs don’t make enough money if they are dealing with an element of society that is this stupid.
“There’s nothing else to do, Sal."
Ray Lewis, when asked by Sal why he thought crime would increase without the NFL games, ESPN
GH: Lewis beat a murder rap early in his career when he was playing. Maybe he’ll turn into OJ if he sits out the season to avoid boredom.
"There’s no other reason the (labor) issue is going on. That’s why I don’t get into words and all that other stuff, because it takes away from life … itself. There’s people who are really struggling for real. There’s real struggles out there."
Ray Lewis, ESPN
GH: It looks like getting into “words” is exactly why Lewis is making headlines today. Words are best left to those who not only can pronounce them, Ray, but also understand them.  

“I found myself casing a 7-11 on the way home. I hope there’s football.”
Jay Bilas, Twitter

“The players are what built this league to what it is. The players before us and the (players who will come after us). We’re ready to fight for what we think is right. We as players think this should be a partnership.”
Matt Cassel, in and interview with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

GH: Cassel is making the same mistake every athlete makes when he attempts to take on the owners – he is assuming he is important to the success of the product. He is not. Ray Lewis is not. Peyton Manning is not. The ONLY part of this equation that matters is the money people – also known as the owners. Players are nothing more than replaceable parts.
“We’re not going to sit here and just get stepped on and walked over when it comes to everything that’s going on. We’re in a labor disagreement right now. We’re both very strong-willed in what we believe in.”
Matt Cassel, in and interview with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: The players are going to get stepped on and walked over as much as the owners want to step on and walk over them. They players’ value is so minimal to the success of the NFL it is almost nonexistent. Yes, the league needs players to be successful. But almost any competent players will do. How else do you explain the financial Kansas City Chiefs the past 18 years?
“Keep The K Blue! …Unless we can make a buck.”
Nick Wright, who was appalled that vendors at The K were selling red foam fingers to Cardinal fans this weekend, 610 AM
GH: Another reason why professional sports are not quite as authentic as college sports. This would never happen in Columbia, Lawrence or Manhattan.
“I literally didn’t know we were selling big foam fingers in the stadium that were anything but the Royals. …Apparently there were some big foam fingers sold. But I never saw it.”
Toby Cook, in an interview with Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Sorry, Toby – but you HAVE to know this. Does anybody think you’ll be able to buy a Royals foam finger in St. Louis next month?
 “Joakim Soria may have lost his stuff, his command, his bite, I don’t know what. But he hasn’t lost his unflappability.”
Rany Jazayerli, Twitter
GH: Unflappability is a bit difficult to measure, even for a sabermetrician. What is not so difficult to measure is Soria’s fading effectiveness. Is it temporary or a sign?
“The reality is that right now Joakim Soria does not have a ton of trade value.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I’m not sure where Wright got this information but I’m not so sure he is accurate. Soria might not hold as much value as he did in March but I think he would still bring a number of interested suitors if the Royals made him available. I think he will be fine.
“The best thing you can do is donate to the Red Cross.”
Kara Marxer, 610 AM
GH: Am I the only person who cringes when we are told to donate money to the Red Cross every time a disaster hits? I don’t trust the Red Cross any more than I do the Catholic Church – another entity who has never missed a chance to use a disaster to separate you from your money.
“Saturday, without any question, it was the Cardinals by at least a 2:1 margin.”
Nick Wright, on the Cardinal fans outnumbering Royals fans at The K, 810 AM
GH: I was not at Saturday’s game but did the Cardinal fans really double the number of Royals fans? That sounds impossible but Wright says “without any question.” Hell, maybe that’s why they broke out the red foam fingers – the ancient law of demand and supply.
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11 Responses to OTC: Ray Lewis Warns Of “Evil” If NFL Lockout Continues

  1. Gavin says:

    NFL Player Value

    I don’t think you’re right about the players having no value to the NFL. The problem is that the players lack the discipline to prove their own value. Unlike in MLB players, the NFLPA has historically shown a willingness to talk a tough game, but when it’s time for the checks to show up and they don’t, they’re willing to cross picket lines before they can figure out whether the league would make it without them. Even Joe Montana was a scab.

    I am trying to imagine some superstar in baseball crossing a picket line and I just don’t see it. And that is why the MLBPA keeps kicking the owner’s collective asses is every labor battle since Marvin Miller took over. If the players could stay strong, they might prove they have a lot of value too, but they just won’t do it.

    As for donations to the Red Cross is the wake of a tragedy like Joplin, I understand your reticence. But what else is there to do? People of good will want to help. Should we just send money to a random address in Joplin? I have no doubt that the Red Cross is using this to make a buck, but, depending on what they do with that buck, is that so awful? Is it better if I just don’t make any donations and cynically tell myself I’m only enabling some bunch of corrupt do-gooders if I send any money to the Red Cross?

  2. butch says:

    disaster assistance
    People have been separated from their homes and from their loved ones and neighbors. You choose not to be separated from your money. Okay, but for those that want to help Joplin and Reading, Red Cross and the Catholic Church can be trusted. UMCOR provides 100% of what folks give to disaster relief directly to relief. No salaries. No advertising. Most church groups have disaster relief arms that provide assistance. You can check your charity’s giving record at Charity Navigator. Greg, you write good sports material. Keep it there.

  3. smartman says:

    What other “industry” has employees that break the law at roughly 3 times the national average? DUI’s, domestic violence, assault and battery, sodomy, rape, illegal firearms posession, drug use, dog killing, etc.

    That doesn’t even get into the whole baby daddy , bitches on the side, making it rain situation.

    Take the white guys out of the NFL and that rate goes to 5 times the national average.

    The NFL is nothing but an upscale version of welfare for athletically inclined negroes.

    The majority piss their money away on houses, cars, rims,bitches, whores and posses and we idolize them. How fucked up are we? The world didn’t end on Saturday but 33AD is just right around the corner.

    Let these thug life wanna be pricks turn to crime during the lock-out. When they get tossed in Corcoran or Rikers or some other hell-hole prison run by Latino or Arayan gangs we’ll see how tough they are with a shiv in their neck and a broom handle up their ass. Sweep that floor bitch!

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    The same thought has crossed my mind more than once. How will I be able to resist the temptation to knock over a gas station or two if this NFL lockout continues. And I’d bet I’m not alone out here. Do this research after people start getting whacked out during bank jobs.

  5. nkkc says:

    Joplin Relief
    Greg, since you are not a fan of the Red Cross, here are other ways to help those in our own state:

    Heart of Missouri United Way (Columbia, MO) has stepped up and established the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund. 100% of donations will go directly to Joplin United Way, with ZERO overhead. Donate online or by calling 573-443-4523. You can also donate $10 to Joplin Relief Fund by texting Joplin to 864833. http://www.clear99.com/joplin-tornado-relief/

    In Kansas City, there are numerous areas set up to donate blood. Many people are already showing up in KC hospitals, and blood is needed. Here’s one list: https://www.esavealifenow.org/index.cfm?group=op&sr=1&prev=true

    Or go to http://www.esavealifenow.org and search for areas near your own home.

  6. nick says:

    The Name on Front of the Jersey
    Greg, your phrase “replaceable parts” sounds a bit harsh, but it’s true.

    That’s not to say players should be under-valued by the owners, but it’s NEAR IMPOSSIBLE for the average NFL fan to think the current NFL player is being under-valued in any way by the owners. In fact, my jaw hits the floor when I hear such talk.

    Owners risk MILLIONS on draft picks who’ve yet to play a down. Millions more for star players who are a twisted knee away from being near-useless.

    ALSO, with the number of amazing athletes on the rise, it’s getting harder and harder for the best athletes to separate themselves. NFL games are so close now. Most games come down to good or poor execution of a handful of plays by the players or play-calling from the coaches. With exception of QB play and the occassional freak of nature on defense, the players DO appear inter-changeable.

    Personally, I’m a fan of the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. I’d like it more if Matt Cassel leads the team, but if he were to feel to mis-treated and the Iowa QB ends up taking the reigns, then that’s the guy I’m rooting like heck for.

  7. chuck says:

    I am all for Ray Lewison Mt. Rushmore.
    God what a genius.

    “Four score and 20 years ago…” Lincoln

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Jefferson

    “Walk softly, but carry a big stick.” TR

    ‘ Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. ” Washington.

    “Do this research if we don’t have a (NFL) season — watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game. There is nothing else to do Sal.” RAY LEWIS



    Smartmean is right, the stupid fuck is 20 minutes and one twitter away from joining a Flash Mob.

    “Nothing to do.”

    Now we gotta build a rec center and have mid night hoops for Ray fuckin Lewis.

    The fuckin douche gets 10 or 15 million a year, and, “Nothing to do.”

    Does this fuck even have a pulse above the neck?

    Fuck the Black Roman mob.

  8. cheshire says:

    Greg’s right on this one
    I don’t give to the red cross anymore either. I forget if it was Hurricane Andrew or Katrina, but turns out a lot of the money being sent in for that a specific catastrophe went to national coffers, not the local disaster relief efforts. They are not the only charitable group that does this, you have to carefully check over a group’s information on their website to try to determine if the money will go to a local disaster. Some charities let you specify which disaster to give to. Of course you’re trusting that they are using your money where you specified. Other charitable groups are upfront and tell you they only have a general fund. I also only give to groups that have “boots on the ground”. Many people or groups try to scam people during disasters.

    I gave to heart to heart which is working with the Royals and Cardinals to send supplies to Joplin.

  9. cheshire says:

    Greg’s right again
    ” Cassel is making the same mistake every athlete makes when he attempts to take on the owners

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    The equation
    There are about 2000 players and there are about 30 owners. It seems to me that an owner is harder to find than a player. I am with the owners. We in KC happen to have an excellent owner. Not only have the Hunts carried this team… they have invested millions in businesses here and employ many, many Kansas Citians. We need more Clark Hunt… less Ray Lewis.

  11. Johnny Utah says:

    Salvation Army
    I won’t give to corrupt, top heavy charities like red cross or united way. far too many scandals.

    The Salvation Army has been clean and productive for years. Low overhead. Give there.

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