Hearne: KC Star Sportsbabe 68 Lands New Job, Jettisons Former ‘Friends’

Turns out there is life after the Kansas City Star...

Even for folks who leave under a cloud. Take the case of former sports editor Holly Lawton aka Sportsbabe 68 on Twitter. Lawton’s sudden and unexplained resignation from the newspaper last summer went down amidst a growing controversy that culminated with sports scribe Jason Whitlock leaving the paper. 

But not before Whitlock made it perfectly clear in a radio and television interview that he and other Star staffers were convinced Lawton and bad boy Star editor Mike Fannin were involved in an "inappropriate relationship."

Lawton’s abrupt bailing from a high dollar position at the Star to go job hunting in the worst recession in decades added to the mystery.

Turns out Sportsbabe68 is staying in sports.

Kinda. She’s landed a job at ad agency VML, her Facebook page says.

"Editorial Copywriter/Editor for Gatorade sports initiative at VML,"  Lawton’s Facebook description reads.

As for clues to Lawton’s life after a Kansas City Star scandal of sorts, she apparently reads the New York Times online, hangs with someone who drives a motorcycle with saddlebags that sports the license plate "Peace." Oh, and her Facebook profile pic is of an unidentified pussy.

One last detail…

Of Lawton’s 207 Facebook "friends" – 50 of which are past or present Star staffers – two are conspicuous by their absence; her former bosses Mike Fannin and Mark Zieman.

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5 Responses to Hearne: KC Star Sportsbabe 68 Lands New Job, Jettisons Former ‘Friends’

  1. JAYHAWK TONY says:

    Hearne, You May Want A Recount
    Hearne, you may want to recount how many of Holly’s Facebook friends are current or former Star staffers—I counted 64, and I might very well be missing a few.

  2. Hearne says:

    I was trying to make sure I didn’t overcount
    I know/knew a lot of people at the Star but not everybody. And I hit a solid 50 with a handful of others I didn’t want to risk miscounting. The point being that 50 (or 50-plus) is a lot. And the two people you worked directly under (don’t read that the wrong way) didn’t make the cut?

  3. Jayhawk Tony says:

    Notwithstanding the rumor that Holly and Fannin were hooking up, there are countless people who don’t have their boss(es) as friends on Facebook. So Holly not having Zieman nor Fannin as a friend doesn’t surprise me—besides, are either even on Facebook (I can’t find them).

  4. Hearne says:

    Were you there when all of this was going down?
    Not so sure you’d be this unsure if you were

  5. Murdock says:

    I suppose…
    …the fact that neither Zieman nor Fannin have Facebook pages would have nothing to do with this? You can’t “jettison” someone if they were never there.

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