Today: 610 Sports Dethrones WHB, Wright Closing on Kietzman

Here’s a sports shocker to everyone with the possible exception of Nick Wright

Entercom’s 610 Sports blew by sports radio powerhouse WHB 810-AM in listeners 12 and older, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight for the month of April.

Blew past, you say?

610 Sports won with a 3.3 share and a weekly cume of 266,800 listeners.  To WHB’s 3.2 and 176,100 listeners.

There’s more…

In the key demo of men 25-54  during afternoon drive, Monday thru Friday, Wright is closing fast on superstar Kevin Kietzman. WHB and Kietzman is ranked third with an 8.6 share to Wright’s 5th place showing and 6.7 share.

Lest anyone doubt Wright’s stuff, check out morning drive: WHB is No. 3 with an 8.4 share to 610 Sports No. 10 with a 3.2 share. In other words, it’s Wright that is leading the charge and taking it to WHB.

Remember this quote on KCC from Wright one year ago?

"I will win. Oh, I’ll win. Absolutely. But winning just isn’t beating Kevin Kietzman. Winning means winning."

Stay tuned….

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32 Responses to Today: 610 Sports Dethrones WHB, Wright Closing on Kietzman

  1. harley says:

    again…harley was right…
    despite your radio experts….despite the doomsday predictions about wrights demise..
    despite the fact that a long standing station like whb was strong…harley said this
    back almost 8 months ago that the wrigth kid was on a roll.
    Noone paid attention…they just continued to hack away at the kid. I listened to
    whb and found it stale/old/slow/and lacking any energy. If you watch todays sports
    broadcasts on tv they are fast moving…bang…they are quick…lots of pizzaz…
    lots of quick moves and hits….and lots of upbeat presentatation.
    WHB lacks this. The announcers have become complacent and their views
    old hat. The commercials are strung together like a long long boring story…
    and i’m sure the advertisers feel it.
    WHB would be smart to shake it up…too many old old people with an old old take
    on todays sports. They talk about the good ole days…when noone cares to remember
    them and those days are boring and forgotten.
    I predicted wrights success. Go back and see what I wrote back in Octobeor/
    November of 2010. Even go back to the summer of 2010.
    Until whb shakes up its lineup it will dwindle. The presentation is old and worn out
    and too much emphasis on those cookies and the bar b q grill huckster who talks about
    hand made sausage.
    610 will grow…and the fact that the royals were on then has helped them. But this
    kid is goodand fresh…not stale/old/boring/shlocky like the seniors on whb.

  2. jjskck says:

    Lather, rinse, repeat. In a month, please post May’s results.

  3. Jim says:

    Harley….kinda right
    I’m with you about 90% on WHB, Harley. i understand how the bills get paid on a radio station, but the first 30 minutes of every program on WHB is shilling for BBQ joints, Mr. Goodcent’s, The 810 Zone, some car/motorcycle dealer or KK and his freakin’ cookies! No reason to tune into Petro until 10:30am or KK until 2:30pm when their whoring is over. However, I’ve tried to listen to NW over and over. Just can’t do it. A. his voice is like nails on a chalkboard B. He’s too much of a jock-sniffer. He talks about and defends athletes like they are Gods. He’s a professional athlete sycophant. I can’t jock worshippers. The vast majority of these guys were blessed with million dollar bodies and 10 cent brains. So, it’s a catch 22 for me. Both leave alot to be desired. Now, SSJ in the morning? That dude cracks me up!

  4. Chuck D says:

    This is the same thing that happened last year when the Royals season started. 610 has the Royals broadcast rights and that gave them a huge boost at the beginning of last season until, as always, the Royals went in the tank. The same thing is clearly happening this year as well. Let’s check back in June and see where the numbers are.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t forget about May. But look at Nick making his move.

  6. Royals Radio says:

    That’s right Chuck D
    I don’t think it’s Nick leading this charge, I think it’s Royals Radio. What else could explain such a jump from March to April ratings? Nick will be right back where he belongs once October rolls around. Of course, Nick will say this is all due to his success, and that the Royals broadcasts have nothing to do with it. I think Hearne missed a huge point by failing to point out that 610 maintains exclusive broadcast rights to Royals broadcasts during their best start since 2003.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s obvious that 610 has the Royals. Just as it was when WHB had ’em. But look at Nick’s afternoon numbers versus the morning show.

  8. Royals Radio says:

    Hourly Breaks
    Hearne, I don’t know enough about the ratings to even know if it’s possible to see an hourly breakdown in the ratings broadcast, but I’d be very interested to see how Nick’s numbers compare to the Royals broadcasts, or even the pre-game show.

  9. Royals Radio says:

    No Question
    It’s no question that Nick is the star at 610 Sports, but I still rank him as #4 (at best) in the city. He’d lose the head to head to any of the lineups on WHB, in my opinion. Hell, I can’t even name the guys who host any of the other shows on 610, except for Rome of course.

    Is it even possible to see how Nick’s numbers compare on his regular broadcast day, versus a Roylas day game? In your experience, is it even close? I really don’t know, but would very interested to learn more about that break.

    I’m jaded though, I think Nick is a complete ass and nearly impossible to listen to. He just spends too much trying to convince us that he’s right, rather than letting us build our own level of confidence in his opinions.

  10. craig glazer says:

    WEll Harley and I agree for once
    Yep, I argued Nick would be number one within two years, that was a year back on this website. So I see Harley and I agree on something for once. Nick had me on alot his first year. Great guy. Fun show. I like his entourage. Its young and fresh. Used to do Petro and KK but they stopped having me on in the early 2000’s. Guess I was too wild for their pure bread, clean living taste. Right. So I am not a fan of theirs at all. I think KK is pretty good, Petro has studied the numbers and does well with that. Nick is more like me, shoots from the hip and heart. I am one who likes that. He hits more than he misses. Nick good call on Heat last night, I had Bulls you were right, and yeah now they likely to finals with Dallas. That will be a tough call, I think…Dallas.

  11. smartman says:

    When is a cow not a cow
    A cow is not a cow when it’s a BULL, and that’s what this is! Holy Shit Stretch Armstrong! WTF? No one with half a fucking cranium is gonna buy this hypothesis, other than Harley and that right there is your sign Bill Engval!

    As mentioned by others this is all about the ROYALS.

    Nick Wright is the Spencer Pratt of radio. No game, no mojo, no vibe, NOTHING. He’s still painful to listen to. Kevin Keitzman is entering his Don Fortune days but Nick’s not the guy who is going to take him down.

    Kevin is Charlie Sheen, Nick is Ashton Kutcher’s left nut. Tiger, or maybe Wildcat blood beats cougar milk every time.

  12. Ptolemy says:

    It’s hilarious how much significance people place in these ratings systems. I used to carry a ppm last year. It was so damn annoying carrying that thing around that I clipped it to the dog’s collar when I left in the morning and left the radio on all day. They PLEADED with me to keep carrying it this year, but it just wasn’t worth it. Fascinating that 610’s ratings shot up AFTER I stopped carrying the meter, ’cause that frequency never graced my ears when I did.

    And who is this Nick Wright you are speaking of?

  13. Ster says:

    Agree with the majority of posts above, the ratings surge is obviously the Royals. I listened to 610 in the afternoon’s more than I have since last April because the Royals were on several times in the afternoon, not because of Nick. So gee could Nick’s boost in ratings have anything to do with serveral Royals games right in his time slot, hmmm only a coincidence just another sign of Nick taking over the talk radio game with his mad swagger………give me a freaking break. And…….now that the boys in blue are returning to old form i don’t think the dial will not be tuned to MC white guilt in the afternoon Royals game on or not.

  14. Max says:

    I’d wager it has more to do with KK being stale than Nick being all that fresh or great.

  15. TIAD says:

    Wow, two big stories about radio back-to-back!

    Radio: “It’s your grandpa’s internet.”

    Cutting edge stuff, Jr.

  16. JP says:

    2 points to this story
    First, I think WHB has become a stale and blase station. The Border Patrol is the only show worth listening to anymore. Petro’s show has become a whine fest for stats geeks, and if you don’t follow sports 24/7 like he appears to do, you won’t find his show interesting. Plus he constantly interrupts guests with his own takes. Why have guests if you are going to be rude and interrupt constantly. Finally, KK is stale. His K-State pimping is getting old, and while he does have some interesting takes, his show feels too familiar, he needs to shake up his show. 810’s reduction in ratings is overwhelimingly due to the same tired boring presentation that Petro and KK have done to their shows.

    Second, 610’s ratings are because of the Royals. Nick Wright is too full of himself and unlistenable at times. I do enjoy Fescoe’s show (I wish it wasn’t up against the Border Patrol). They are getting the Royals bump and it will soon collapse as the Royals have become…well the Royals we know and love. A lot of people are either listening to music or switching to 102.5 the all comedy station.

  17. codylshs00 says:

    Could you pimp Nick Wright anymore?
    We understand you have a crush on Nick Wright…It is hilarous to me the self promotion and a$$ kissing that goes on with this blog. Kietzman is a db@g too but Wright is nothing great. Why you guys continue to slob on him is beyond me…but you never know with a blog that employs Glazer, lol

  18. JimmyD says:

    Just like last april…
    Wright was patting himself on the back for a slim win over KK. About that time Glazer asked the KCC message board if anyone wanted to bet $100 that Wright would still have the edge come october. I couldn’t post fast enough and accepted his bet. I still haven’t seen my $100. Remember that bet Glazer?

  19. craig glazer says:

    Don’t get your comment JimmyD
    Are you saying you bet on Nick? I picked Nick. So how did you win a bet? Explain. And if you did win anything, who can pay a pretend name and person anything?

  20. chuck says:

    Listening to Nick Wright kiss ass during
    athlete interviews is brutal.

    In person it must look like Nosferatu channeling Milburn Drysdale talking to Jed Clampett.

    Fuck its brutal.

    Not to mention, if you are interested in sports, or gamble on sports (I might a little.), the last fuckin thing in the world you need to hear, is an opinion of take from parties who are subjectively interested in the outcome by way of a paycheck.

    Count Von Count has a fuckin face for radio, I’ll say that.

  21. Dave says:

    Nick – Kevin
    It is a race to the bottom in some respects. Nick uses the long pauses like Jim Rome. I give him credit for overcoming his disabilities and many a name for himself. And yes his voice grates on you, painfully.

    But other than his looks, voice and attitude and presentation, I tolerate listening too him because Kevin K has his issues.

  22. chuck says:

    Guess that was kinda negative (Kinda blurted it out)
    No matter what your criticism of his last interview with Jason Whitlock, no matter what you think he should have said or question he should have asked—it was fuckin awesome.

    Now I feel better.

    Time for a beer.

  23. shecky says:

    Please Hearne…can you explain why you keep deleting my comments?

  24. RickM says:

    Boring and Forgotten?
    Anyone who claims to be a fan of major-league team sports better have at least a surface awareness of their history or be left in the dust. Just watch ‘PTI’ on ESPN. Hosted by two old guys, the show’s been on for nearly a decade and is the perfect mixture of sports’ past and your precious “fresh takes.”

  25. smartman says:

    Bee-you-tee-full! I’m goin’ to Prrrrice Chopperrrrrr

  26. chuck says:

    I’m older than Bill Grigsby’s big brother.
    People say I look like Robert Duvall on Chemo Therapy (True).

    What I don’t look like, is “Barlow” in Salem’s Lot.

    That guy never said a word in the whole movie.

    Wright should screen that baby today.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sure, read ’em back for content, then go take a look in the mirrior. Nuff said?

  28. Pay attention. says:

    “It’s obvious that 610 has the Royals. Just as it was when WHB had ’em. But look at Nick’s afternoon numbers versus the morning show.”

    Exactly, you just made the guys point for him. Its called day games. Last year day games carried Nick through April and he went and jerked off on the air about it. We didn’t hear anymore about it because1. He broke some rules doing that. 2. He didn’t win another month for the rest of the year and it wasn’t close. The reason he isn’t beating Keitzman in April like he did last year is because of fewer day games.

    Trust me, no one is tuning in to hear Nick’s ignorant opinions on the Royals which he has readily admitted he doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to compete with his counterparts in the business. The one sport he prides himself on kicking everyones ass at in the business is football and he got absolutely stomped all season.

    Don’t just go off of info that people are feeding you, Hearne. Demand to see the numbers on days when there are no day games and you’ll see a drastic difference. OR you can go ahead and copy this post that you’ve made and keep it on file for next April.

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hmmmmm, that’s a lot of venom and pointed opinion. You wouldn’t have a dog in this fight would you?

  30. Hearne says:

    Actually, Nick didn’t beat Kietzman last year in April
    So your assertion is wrong. WHB won the men 25-54 ratings from 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday thru Friday in 2010.

  31. shecky says:

    Thanks for the response, Hearne
    I reviewed my posts as you suggested. There wasn’t anything I said that merited deletion. Many posts above were more mean spirited than anything I wrote.

    This is a sincere question – is questioning your facts and interpretation of such out of bounds for discussion here? My posts very clearly did that, but I assumed that was fair game so long as broached appropriately. My comments were direct, to be sure, but in a manner of two guys having a spirited discussion in a bar. If the standard here is more formal/cordial, then I apologize.

    And btw….I believe Nick himself was the one who proclaimed he beat KK last April or May. Not disputing your numbers, since I didn’t believe Nick back then.

  32. Hearne says:

    Nick did not beat KK in April 2010
    Nor this time

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