Starbeams: Royals Help Usher in End of World, Google & Saks @ Indian Springs?

Some Christian radio stations are claiming the world will end on May 21st.  The prediction is based on actual calculations.  Saturday is supposedly the 7,000th anniversary of Noah and the Great Flood, and we’re due for the apocalypse that day. 

Plus, it’s mid-May and the Royals are still in contention.



Kansas City, Mo., will be also getting Google’s ultrafast Internet connections. At roughly the same time Kansas City, Kansas was to debut the service. Leaders in Kansas are said to be irate. They’re offering Google incentives to keep the Google deal on the Kansas side.


Sak’s Fifth Avenue will return to Kansas City.  The retailer used to be on the Country Club Plaza but this time it will be in KCK.  They initially weren’t saying where the location would be, but then announced it would go to the Legends. Too bad. It could have been the shot in the arm Indian Springs Mall has been waiting for.

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4 Responses to Starbeams: Royals Help Usher in End of World, Google & Saks @ Indian Springs?

  1. MoCrash says:

    Apocalypse Now?
    I wonder if those same Christian radio stations predicting the end of days May 21 believe their bullshit enough to not bother posting an employee schedule Saturday. Or are they planning on post-apocalyptic broadcasting?

  2. Jim says:

    Go crazy folks, go crazy!
    Since I only have 3 more days until it’s all over, I’m going to do some crazy things! Federal law be damned, I’m ripping the tag off my mattress TONIGHT!

  3. E says:

    The only thing funny on this blog is Jim’s post. Nice!

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    A few things to consider
    1. The google thing is a cool deal….. But not earth shattering for either community. KCK got epic press out of a decent piece of news. KCMO looks like a hanger on.
    2. What is a big freaking deal is the Cerner office coming to KCK…. Now that will change everything. That is HUGE.
    3. The only way anyone considers Indian Springs is when it gets bulldozed.

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